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  1. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Quick question A "concession" ticket - Understand juniors fall into this category but is an elder statesman with a Seniors card able to use this ticket??
  2. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    GF Ballot Barcode

    It's random allocation so ensure you have the funds available for all categories
  3. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    Expansion teams

  4. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    If we beat the Eagles in the prelim I will ...

    If we beat the Eagles in the Prelim I will..... 😮
  5. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    Oliver doesn't care if you don't like him

    Spoke to Clayton for 5 minutes at the Casey match on Saturday and was telling him my lad and I were driving back to Adelaide after the match after making the trip for both finals so far. Clayton "So are you coming to Perth?" Me "Probably not, I'm going to save my coin for the week after" <cheekily> Clayton "Great idea! Don't stress - We got this! See you in a couple of weeks" <with some serious confidence> I don't like Clarry..... I LOVE HIM!
  6. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    Where to watch the game - Melbourne V WCE

    Mods, Any chance this could be pinned to the top of this thread and potentially kept updated by some legends?
  7. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    GF Ballot Barcode

    I spoke with an extremely helpful team member this morning... If I register my 9yr old son (p2) separatly from myself and 5 yr old daughter (P3) then I run the risk of him getting a "concession" ticket and us missing out - If I attempt to use his concession ticket and get asked for proof my ticket will get taken and my membership cancelled. I can opt to register all 3 of us but will be P3 only. As it's only him and myself who would even go I'm going to register us all in our priority levels. If he gets the P2 and we miss out then I will look to use that "concession" ticket as a "bargaining chip" to hopefully secure an adult ticket in return. If he misses out and we get 2 from P3 then my daughter can go shopping with her Mum while us boys go to the GF 😁 If we all miss out then it's Fed square for all of us... If the Dees miss out then it's already been one helluva ride! 👍
  8. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    GF Ballot Barcode

    It's crazy! 😳 But as it's a real possibility we are forced to think ahead... I'm totally confused though... My 9yr old is a P2 while my 5yr old daughter and myself are P3 🤔 All I need is 1 adult + 1 concession for my son and I... But if I register myself with him then we both end up P3 🤔 Do I bite the bullet and register his P2 separately and then myself and daughter P3? Then what if he gets a P2 and we miss out 😂 I'll beefarked if I'm sending him on his own 😂
  9. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Either that or scalp a finder 😁
  10. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    GF Ballot Barcode

    I haven't read through all the fine print yet but my 9 year old Son is a Priority 2 and I'm a Priority 3 😳 Hoping the fine print explains how I register to give us both a chance to go... Surely they don't expect him to go on his own? Although he would! Haha
  11. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    Where to watch the game - Melbourne V WCE

    SA venue anyone? Saving my coin for next week after 2 return drives to Melbourne for the first finals 😁
  12. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    James Frawley v Nathan Jones - ‘ultimate’ success

    The Hawks faithful have never warmed to Frawley anyway... An example of this was a text message I received during the 2nd quarter from a die hard Hawks mate which simply said.... "Can you please ask one of your players to take Frawley out - Thanks!"
  13. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Semi Final

    🖕🖕🖕 Aptly named! 😂😂
  14. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    Maxy Relishing Hawks Dynamic Duo Clash

    As my 9 year old Son told me last night after I spoke to him around our Rnd 4 loss to the Hawks.... Keep in mind he has a mind like Bruce McAvaney Dad - "Gawn will have his work cut out for him in the ruck against McEvoy & Ceglar" Son - "What? Gawn had 66 hit outs against McEvoy in Round 4 and Ceglar is $.hit!" Dad - "Ok then 😯"
  15. Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara

    2018 Liston Trophy

    Some research found the below article.... Paul Amy, Leader - September 5, 2018 10:00am SAM Collins had a remarkable season for Werribee. He marked everything bar car tyres. Will he now grab the VFL’s JJ Liston Trophy, to be counted at Crown Palladium on Monday night? The way the Tigers see it, it would be appropriate recognition for one of the most dominant years seen from a VFL player. Twenty years ago people raved about Werribee left-footer Michael Frost’s season. The former Bulldog duly won the Liston. The Bees made the grand final that year, only to be upset by Springvale. Werribee won seven games this year and missed the finals, and there will be a query on Collins’ ability to pull votes in the 11 matches lost. Tiger Sam Collins in an aerial contest with Jordan Lisle of Port Melbourne. But as Bees football manager Stu Balloch pointed out, as a backman the former Fremantle Docker Collins was seeing a lot of play in the defeats. And with his marking he was catching eyes as well as the ball. “He’s one of the standout players of the competition, absolutely no doubt,’’ Balloch said. “The wins and losses, typically you look at those and say, righto, it may be hard in a losing side (to earn votes). However as a key defender and the ball being down there, his contested mark has got to be noticed, doesn’t it? So from that perspective he’s given himself every chance.’’ Collins, 24, finished the season with 195 marks from 18 matches. Sixty-four were contested. He was named in Werribee’s best 14 times, and will win the best and fairest by so far that binoculars will be needed to sight the runner-up. He will almost certainly be given a second chance at AFL level. “He’s too good for the VFL, I believe,’’ Balloch said. “He should be and hopefully will be given an opportunity in the AFL next year.’’ Seagulls Michael Gibbons and Lachie George. The same can be said about another leading Liston contender, Williamstown rover Michael Gibbons. AFL premiership coach Paul Roos fixed a spotlight on Gibbons two weeks ago and in his two matches since the right-footer has been best-afield. Gibbons is a proven votegetter, having won the 2016 Liston and finished runner-up last year, and he will go into this year’s count with big numbers behind him: 509 possessions from his 18 games (an equal league-high), and No 1 in the VFL for clearances and inside 50s. Willy assistant coach Peter Banfield is a big Gibbons fan and believes he’ll give the Liston a shake. “He’s had an outstanding year, tremendously consistent in terms of his ball-winning, creative,’’ he said. “He’d have to be a big chance.’’ Banfield noted that Brett Bewley had also had a mighty season — he finished fourth on the disposal count with 471 from his 18 games — and wondered if they would take votes from each other. Gibbons is also a candidate to win the newly badged Fothergill-Round-Mitchell Medal as the best player 23 years and under. The west will have a strong hand in the Liston. Aside from Collins of Werribee and Gibbons and Bewley of Willy, Footscray Bulldog Will Hayes had a superb season — and if the talk is right the Doggies will reward him with a rookie listing. Hayes, neat and nippy, was fifth on the VFL disposal count. Tiger Anthony Miles battles it out with Willy’s Brayden Monk. Another previous winner, 2015 recipient Nick Rippon, crossed to North Melbourne this year and featured in the best players in 15 of his 17 matches for a side that went 8-10. Richmond’s Anthony Miles was among last year’s Liston favourites, but another Tiger, Jacob Townsend, topped the leaderboard. Miles rounded out the top five with 13 votes and it’s easy to imagine him finishing higher this year. Like Collins, his level is above the VFL. If not for a suspension, Box Hill captain Andrew Moore would have been considered a fancy after his consistent season for the Hawks, where he shared standout billing with James Cousins and David Mirra. Cameron Pedersen of Casey Demons. Cameron Pedersen can be expected to poll well for the Casey Demons. The Melbourne man had 15 matches, was named in the best nine times and influenced games in a way few other players do in the VFL. Jay Lockhart and Corey Wagner, both mature-age draft prospects, should feature too. Ace defender Marty Hore appeals as Collingwood’s best Liston chance. But don’t be surprised to see former winner Alex Woodward rattle up some votes in the seven matches he played after making his return from another knee reconstruction late in the season. Captain Aaron Heppell, the dashing Nick Hind and ball magnet Dylan Clarke are likely to corner the most votes for Essendon, and Geelong skipper Tom Atkins will have his admirers based on 13 appearances in the list of best players. Atkins deserves a medal for laying 172 tackles this season. Port Melbourne midfielders Mack Rivett, Tom O’Sullivan, Eli Templeton and Shannen Lange will get some nods from the umpires. Ditto for Izzy Conway, who was among the Liston favourites before he went down with a knee injury in Round 15. Former AFL pair Josh Hill and Sam Fisher and captain Tom Wilson (Northern Blues), Brede Seccull (Sandringham), Marcus Lentini (Coburg) and Will Fordham (Frankston) appeal as their club’s best contenders. SELECTIONS Paul Amy (Leader): 1 Sam Collins, 2 Michael Gibbons, 3 Anthony Miles. Luke D’Anello (Leader): 1 Michael Gibbons, 2 Sam Collins, 3 Will Hayes Toby Prime (Leader): 1 Anthony Miles, 2 Michael Gibbons, 3 Andrew Moore Tim Michell (Leader): tie between Anthony Miles and Michael Gibbons. Roughie: Tom Atkins. Brendan “Jonty’’ Rhodes (Casey Radio): 1 Michael Gibbons, 2 Anthony Miles, 3 Tom Atkins