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  1. Round 14 Non MFC games

    Richmond v Carlton is a must watch if only just to see how Richmond capitulate due to the fact their brains are like sweet potatoes in a pressure cooker!
  2. Queen's Birthday weekend - Adelaide style!

    After the win against the Pies I am posting this video we made to try and eliminate the pre-match nerves... This is a weekend that will be remembered for a long time in our house... Great fun followed by a massive win! Well played Demons!
  3. AFL Round 9 - Non MFC Games 2017

    I tend to agree...
  4. AFL Round 9 - Non MFC Games 2017

    That was thoroughly enjoyable! Our match tomorrow is massive! We can jump to 5th behind Port on percentage and keep our finals dream well and truly alive! C'mon Dees! Do this!
  5. Greatest highlights package of our Adelaide win!

    Planning a road trip from Adelaide to Canberra for the GWS match which will make for some interesting viewing! Will is shocked by the amount of views his video has reached... It's fair to say he is having a great week after the win on Saturday night... He wore his Jayden Hunt jumper to training tonight... And his coach may have even rocked the No 5 again
  6. Greatest highlights package of our Adelaide win!

    He knows that rent is expensive and at 8 years old I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to be homeless...
  7. Greatest highlights package of our Adelaide win!

    Thanks mate... We film a lot of stuff but this was the first time we've decided to head along and vlog at the footy! Was a lot of fun... I sort of feel a bit torn this morning as the win on the weekend was out of this world, but then the news this morning throws a cloud over the mood... Will make it all the sweeter when Jesse wins a flag with the boys in a few years!
  8. Greatest highlights package of our Adelaide win!

    For those who have never made the trip, do yourselves a favour... It's a magnificent venue that is wasted on these local tools... It's just nice to watch us take over for a few hours every year!
  9. The young fella and I decided we would take along our camera to the game on Saturday night.... We are so glad we did! After living in Adelaide for 10 years there is no sweeter sight than watching the Crows fans stream out of the ground before the final siren... The video is around 30 minutes long (with the official highlights footage thrown in at the breaks) Like it, Share it, Do whatever you want with it.... But most of all enjoy it! We certainly did! My personal highlight is around the 20 minute mark of the video
  10. Werribee Tigers v Casey Demons

    The first Melksham incident wasn't that bad, just a tap to the guts.... But the second one, after numerous views, was a roundhouse right to the head! A week is a good result! Silly by Jake after being a dead certainty to return to the AFL side on the back of his performance...
  11. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    For my take on Round 4 click on the link below As I've said, I will continue to drop these little gems (time permitting) If there's any particular topic you'd like me to give my ramblings on then feel free to let me know. Fire away with the questions and I will answer them during the next video. https://youtu.be/EQ_Y1EC_SiE
  12. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    Here it is.... I am stuck on call for work and my phone has been running hot... https://youtu.be/8gDQycFzbDg
  13. Port Melbourne 'The Borough' in Financial Troubles!

    Not sure if we can drum up 4,300 odd membership sales.... Oh well....
  14. Demon Injuries 2017 season

    Not sure anyone has mentioned it in all the chaos... but does anyone else think that this unfortunate injury could free our players of any pressure to make finals, thus allowing them to just go hell for leather in an all out assault on every opposition they come up against? This is what I am rolling with... Must be a silver lining somewhere in this [censored] storm!
  15. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    FULL REVIEW OF ROUND 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x73C3-nUgyM * I am in no way a professional video editor but I do enjoy talking and my young kids get a kick out of seeing themselves on YouTube - Feel free to subscribe if you like Pokemon, Shopkins and the odd random video. I will continue to review the UF rounds until someone tells me to stop because it's giving them the $hits