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  1. For my take on Round 4 click on the link below As I've said, I will continue to drop these little gems (time permitting) If there's any particular topic you'd like me to give my ramblings on then feel free to let me know. Fire away with the questions and I will answer them during the next video.
  2. Here it is.... I am stuck on call for work and my phone has been running hot...
  3. Not sure if we can drum up 4,300 odd membership sales.... Oh well....
  4. Not sure anyone has mentioned it in all the chaos... but does anyone else think that this unfortunate injury could free our players of any pressure to make finals, thus allowing them to just go hell for leather in an all out assault on every opposition they come up against? This is what I am rolling with... Must be a silver lining somewhere in this [censored] storm!
  5. FULL REVIEW OF ROUND 3 * I am in no way a professional video editor but I do enjoy talking and my young kids get a kick out of seeing themselves on YouTube - Feel free to subscribe if you like Pokemon, Shopkins and the odd random video. I will continue to review the UF rounds until someone tells me to stop because it's giving them the $hits
  6. The link to my round 3 mid-round update vlog... I was bored
  7. I'm quietly confident but a little worried at the same time... We need to stand up and not fall into the Cats trap that I guarantee they will set for us... Geelong will often allow us to win the stoppage and the resulting clearance, but with enough pressure that it means we hack the ball forward out of the midfield where they will be planning to use their run out of the D50 to counter attack us... You watch how they do it... Winning the clearances WILL NOT win us this match! We need to be smart and our F50 pressure needs to be on point, which is why I think we have picked the side we have for this one... We will hit a lot of forward pocket space today and hopefully lock it in with our pressure. Geelong are not that good but their senior players are really good at structuring to a plan. Im excited to see how we go and have faith in our coaching staff to avoid an embarrassment but just not 100% confident of a win... We shall see soon enough
  8. If Hogan appealed he "may" get downgraded to 1 week... but at the end of the day he still misses the ONE week we need him most early this season! I'm more angry at our players than the bureaucracy
  9. Nice SF reference
  10. Hogan has his jumper sorted for when he returns...
  11. As angry and annoyed I am about this one, the "open palm" defence won't do anything... Does this mean I can go out and, with an open hand, smash my palm into the nose of my opponent, shattering it all in the thought that I will get off due to not having a closed fist? I think not...
  12. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, there's only two people who look like phlogs
  13. Great.... Now i'm out for 4-6 with a neck strain
  14. As frustrating as it is, I'm excited by the prospect of seeing how we go without a couple of key players over the coming weeks... I think we'll be fine! Let's not allow ourselves to be dee-railed by things we cannot undo. Learn, move forward and DEESTROY the opposition (legally of course)
  15. That's because we are!