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  1. Ultimate Footy 2018 Norm Smith League

    Hey Goodvibes Hoping Poita reappears soon & sends out a comp code so we can join & sets the draft upπŸ‘ Poita are you out there?
  2. Ultimate Footy 2018 Norm Smith League

    Hey Poita Mate I'm happy for you to push the buttons again in 2018.... I will be OS twice throughout the season so will help when I can JCB we will fire πŸ”₯ this season upπŸ‘ I honestly can't remember last seasons scoring but think it was OK So far we have: Poita - OMR - JCB - Goody's Goats 🐐- Goodvibes & Wiseblood. Scarlett, Melissa, Robbo, Baconaters, Galah's, Krazy, 7UP are you guys out there & playing in 2018???????????
  3. Ultimate Footy 2018 Norm Smith League

    That time of year again lads. 7Up time to defend the title... Are we continuing the tradition & fronting up for our 8th consecutive season. Scarlett, Melissa, JCB, Poita, Robbo 24, Baconators, Krazy, Goody's Goat, Galah's, Goodvibes, PC 17, Mad Melbourne & anyone else I've missed or is interested . Who's Keen?
  4. Garry Lyon must go.

    I think I get this Angryfijian is Billy Brownless 😳
  5. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Grand Final Day πŸ˜€
  6. Greatest / most memorable MFC goals ever

    Every Jakovich goal Scissor kick is a gemπŸ‘
  7. Greatest highlights package of our Adelaide win!

    That was gold Krazy & Will...
  8. My 3 word player analysis V Richmond

    Could of, Should of, would of? Yes we dominated most of the game for the third week in a row & came up short. It's just not good enough anymore. Sure we have been smashed with injuries & suspensions but we need to start winning these games no matter what the circumstance. Good teams always find away to crawl over the line. Yes we have improved but we shouldn't be accepting these results.... We reload & go againπŸ‘Š
  9. Demonland Podcast will return for the Draft

    Good Fun tonight Some classic lines in the chat. πŸ˜€
  10. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    AgreeπŸ‘ Thursday night games make it hard to lock your teams in for Sat/Sun games
  11. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    You can't do more than that Poita. Good job mate πŸ‘Š
  12. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

  13. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    Good Question We need Ruck Emergency & Utility Emergency addedπŸ‘
  14. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    Good Job JCB Im wrapt you made tonight. Hopefully you are happy with your drafted squad. The bad news is I have done it again & OMR's AllStars are ready to defend the title.... Buddy, Jack Riewoldt & Tomahawk all in the same forward line... What where you blokes thinking?πŸ˜€
  15. Norm Smith Ultimate Football League 2017

    JCB makes some left field selection, he is every chance of nailing Jarrod Witts early. Fairly certain he will take Brent Stanton with his first round pick πŸ˜€