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  1. "Your wish is our command, VP!"
  2. Craig Hutchison was all over this on FC: Saints should have picked Bontempelli instead of McCartin. Hutchy - the accurate one!
  3. Happy to knock that one off, but would settle for winning the actual flag. From 8th would be fine!
  4. Criterion was had to have played more than half their careers within the period. So Skilton out.
  5. I remember reading an article by Herald Sun sports writer Michael Horan a few years ago which gave a personal reminiscence on the Weed from the late 50's when Michael was around 11 years old. The young Michael was a mad Collingwood fan and became aware that his hero lived not far from where he lived in West Heidelberg. So one night after school he gathered up the courage to knock on the front door. Mrs Weed, a former Miss Victoria, answered and told the young fellow that the Weed was not home; she then asked him if he would like to go to the game with him on Saturday, and after receiving the obvious answer told him to come around at 11am. He was of course on time on Saturday, and helped the Great Man with his Gladstone bag of fresh footy gear. They drove down to Johnston Street and parked near the Yarra Hotel close to the ground. But here's the kicker to the 21st century sensibility - the Weed sat down and had a plate of steak and chips AND a couple of pots! (If memory serves me correctly - it was at least one pot anyway.) Anyway, it was a cute story. The softer side of the "Monster" that Demon supporters loved to hate. And the grog before the game!!
  6. Well spotted, Saty - the benefits of a classical education!
  7. In this Clayton's training thread, I'll hijack the thread to thank all the track watchers who have contributed some terrific reports over the pre-season, with loads of detail. Thanks everyone! I pass through the general area of Gosch's on a fairly regular basis in my day to day tasks, and have seen quite a few snippets of training; on 2 occasions I was there for a reasonable amount of time. Fwiw, I've seen enough to make the following general observations about the following who have caught my eye as likely to add significantly to what was on offer last season. Probably nothing that hasn't been noted here already, but here goes, in broadly number order: Hogan - just looks like he's going to go to another level this year if he stays injury free; fit, strong and skilful. Lewis - the kicking: it draws your eye when watching him in the group. Brayshaw - looks stronger and fitter, and a real presence in drills and match sims. Gawn - see Hogan entry. Could be scarily good this year - please stay fit, Max! Billy Stretch - looks to have progressed strongly in his physical development, and should step up to be a consistent and skilful player. Oscar - should be a more imposing presence on the ground with a body that's filling out. Jayden - there looks to be more of everything with him; seems to have taken the Olympic motto to heart ("Citius, altius, fortius"); also looks more confident in his work on the track - his break-out season has no doubt added to that. Exciting! Joel Smith - a bit like the J Hunt entry, with a lot of skill on show together with significant apparent physical development. In addition, Weideman looks bigger, but whether this is the year where he makes significant impact, time will tell. Oliver is interesting. Doesn't seem like a natural running machine like some other mids, but you'd like to think that his output would be improved from last year with the work that he's had to do over the summer. Petracca probably in a similar category. Both works in progress from point of view of fitness, but would expect both to be in a better to position to have more impact on the ground. As an overall observation, the intensity of work in terms of running and physical contact in drills and match sims is significantly higher than what I can recall seeing in previous pre-seasons. Which is all well and good, but who knows whether or not the increase in intensity is just keeping up with, or catching up to, the work of the leading clubs.
  8. Nice, George! Particularly liked the Demon father/son resonance going forward. T Viney, Stretch, Gus's old man doing kick out duties for the Roos, and Joel Smith's dad watching from the stands with the Roos.
  9. Broadly agree, fn, except for highlighted word.
  10. Yep, the architect and enabler.
  11. Interesting insight Mach. The benefits are not easy to quantify, and agree that one would have to trust the experience and judgement of Goodwin, Mahoney and co. as to the efficacy of such a camp.
  12. I understand it was in the week before Christmas. An actual closed session, it would seem!
  13. A very transitional number. By my count 10 of the last 13 were either from another club or on their way to one.