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  1. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Agree on both counts. And on the PR side, there was no way this wasn't going to get out as a story.
  2. Word was that Oscar was spotted later in the pool, thrashing his arms around as he managed to propel himself from one end to the other and back. Apparently some were saying that this was another poor effort, as it was clear proof that he had failed in his attempts to walk on water.
  3. Saty, it's like panning for gold on a good prospect - ya gotta ignore the dross and appreciate the nuggets, not the other way round. Keep up the good work!
  4. Nibbler - how good can he be?

    If memory serves me correctly....he finished 8th in the B&F on a votes per game basis (19 games). Suggests he's already up to his armpits in the best 22 of the coaches. Has been a surprise packet, and it's great to see. On the basis of what he's already done against expectations I would be hesitant to say that he's "topped out", and I look forward to more development next season.
  5. Jumper Numbers 2018

    Was wearing it out on the track when I was there briefly at end of session.
  6. Famous MFC jumper number

    #11 - Laurie Mithen. Gun.
  7. If memory serves me correctly... 1997 Doggy Brown 2002 Ryan Ferguson 2007 Tom McNamara 2009 Not Utilised We've made pick 66 our own over the years, although probably with decreasing effectiveness. Red, hoping your prediction comes good, and good luck to the young fella.
  8. Best MFC team in last 50 years

    This thread caused me to look up the stats in relation to Peter Moore. My recollection was he was in that small category of player who Brownlow'd, but didn't win the club B&F in the same year. In 1984 he scored 24 votes to win the Brownlow, with Robbie Flower 3rd on 19 votes. Gerard Healy won our B&F that year, and garnered 2 Brownlow votes. Amazing! Shades of Geoff Raines in 1980 scoring no votes after being raging pre-vote favorite. A rough equivalent in 2017 would be Toby Nankervis knocking off Dusty for the Jack Dyer. Fwiw, like most here I would not have Moore in the team .
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    The "like" button was not strong enough to express my agreement with all aspects of this post, including the sentiments in the last paragraph. I would add that the Lever/Watts deals are two sides of the same coin in terms of making sure you get what you want to build a list that can challenge for the flag. The pencil counters may cry "too much" or "not enough" paid for what we got/gave away, but I think it was the tough thing to do. Time will tell whether it was the right thing; mind you, entrenched positions are unlikely to be shifted whatever the football outcomes. Having set a clear path with these moves the task for the FD is to ensure that the Jack exit is well managed with the playing group.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Also telling, the high position of ANB in the vote, especially the votes per game (he ranked 8th, I think). Work hard, play your role, get the best out of yourself, impress coaches. Simple in principle.
  11. 11th in the Bluey - well done young Nibbler!

    If memory serves me correctly, Jack.... 6 in a row from late 1986, including the 1987 Victoria Park game where Athas Hrysoulakis manned up Robbie at the first bounce and told him he'd karate kick him if he touched the ball - a player ahead of his time. Must have worked, as Tulip only kicked 3 in a 10 goal win. High water mark is 7 from 1939 (including a GF), and from 2nd semi 1955 (two flags). Let's shoot for the record.
  13. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Like your thinking, VP!
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 19

  15. Another embarrassing record - been trying without success to win in Hobart since 14 June 1952 (Fitzroy took us down that day).