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  1. Well said PD.
  2. Paddy Cripps - another MFC injury
  3. Update. Good get from Tatu - we picked the Toump. However, 2015 draft, pick 4 Melbourne: C. Oliver. Another addition to the "when do we break these embarrassing records" thread. Thankfully. (This because we bid on a certain Callum Mills with pick 3).
  4. Excellent summary, Melon, based on the half that I saw. I'll have a go. Thought JKH probably at front of queue in terms of form/match fitness, but Joel Smith with the most upside - in horse racing parlance he should take a lot of improvement out of a run that showed a lot anyway; the question with him is whether he needs another hit out for match fitness and sharpness. Joel looks set to pick up where he left off at around the 15 minute mark of round 1, which is exciting. Kent probably next, then Maynard, then BenKen. It's tricky to predict how Maynard will go at the next step at this stage, but has been strong at VFL level.
  5. Nail on head!
  6. James Harmes - career best game
  7. Please name a few more.....
  8. Probably his best game for the club.
  9. Great speech and well done, Goody!
  10. A particular part of his work that I liked was that in clutch games (esp finals) he was often up and about early when the game was there to be won, hitting the scoreboard in his exciting way.
  11. Just a view. Prefer to see him as a key back doing the strong job he's done there. I just think it's what he does best. Reminds me of the Harry Taylor experiment at Geelong - has been used successfully as a swing man during games, but doesn't seem to be a success as a permanent forward - a case of robbing Peter to rob Paul as well, the opposite of a win/win. The subject of this thread in fact was being used in his early days with us as a forward, but he just screamed defender, and his performance seems to confirm that; maybe he could pinch-hit up forward during games when we are in trouble, and it might work, but would be surprised if Project Send Frosty Forward proved successful.
  12. I've just "liked" Abe's post but also have this reservation about the McDonald move. At least it shows that pinch-hitting with Tom forward may be a tool to use. Frosty seems to have gone to another level in terms of confidence and capability with ball in hand, to add to his speed. A nice upgrade!
  13. Don't like to think about this one too much, but actually 2006. 15 in a row, mostly big losses. Closing in on the 16 in a row in the 70s/80s. There, I've dealt with it and will move on....
  14. And 2 votes from the coaches, so his work didn't go unnoticed by the football astute.