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  1. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    It is actually the first time I have ever had anything like a dig at Saty, my comment was made as I found the “ex-basketballer goggles” comment quite condescending (though I actually agree with the point he was making, to me it is ludicrous to be worrying about a category B rookie in his first few weeks of training)
  2. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    Please do post it, I am sure that this one picture will be more than enough to change DrDee’s mind, surely your pic will provide him with more evidence than what he would get from watching live training for over an hour.
  3. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    5 even 6 years. Are those posts serious? 3 years should make all parties very happy.
  4. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Our Tall Forwards

    2017 suggests he can 2018 he can’t
  5. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    2019 Fixture

    Really? Living here, I had never noticed. (Get the sarcasm this time?)
  6. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    2019 Fixture

    A great alliance for both the club and the NT, long may it continue. Love the way you talk about the “climate” in the NT, because Alice and Darwi; have very similar climates😂
  7. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Trengove to Debut for Port

    Don didn’t play again in the seniors, had a six week ‘suspension’, after a bit of a drunken run in with team officials after the game in Shanghai, where he was the traveling emergency
  8. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    AFLW 2018 Draft Day

    Haven’t seen her play, but she is a very popular teaches aide at my daughters school, leaves for Melbourne tomorrow, something she is nervous about having always lived here in Alice. Good luck to her, she will be missed by the school up here.
  9. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    2019 Leadership Group

    With respect to Jack, it wasn’t his peers that chose him as captain.
  10. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Daniel Menzel

    We can’t make him defend, no-one can
  11. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Daniel Menzel

    Menzel is a very smart medium forward who can really hurt teams on the scoreboard, he will get a gig somewhere, that said, not with us. He doesn’t fit with our game style, so would be staggered if we were to recruit him. Neade in the other hand, may be worth considering, but I haven’t seen him enough to have an informed opinion
  12. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    While I get, understand and agree with most of your post, he was talked up from season one big time as what he did in his first season on the ground put others to shame, he just hasn’t really put the foot down, but if and when he does, he will be a scary opponent to play against
  13. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Random MFC encounters

    Have seen a Demons members scarf for sale in a department store in Hyderabad, India
  14. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Sorry mate, have no recollection of where I read it.
  15. Rod Grinter Riot Squad

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Have read that the Pies were his first choice, but knew the chance of them being able to trade for him was minimal at best, we were his second (and better) choice