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  1. Bit difference saying this to saying BS like he did it every week, and in '88 the ball was very much in play. unlike you, he wasn't a sniper.
  2. So full of it...
  3. Disagree. he deserves what he will get, about six weeks. He won't disagree that this will be fair, no sane person would. Am not calling for us to fire him or to never give him a chance to play for the red and blue again.
  4. Have never really warmed to Bugg, but am not going to hang him on one offence. That said, he deserves at least six weeks for the biggest dog act I have seen since Hall belted Staker. Disgusted with him.
  5. we didnt trade for Leon
  6. This sort of win leads to a flag!!!
  7. WTF? yeah a dive after the siren... good one
  8. Piece of [censored] will only get a fine. 4 weeks against another club
  9. Fast becoming???
  10. How sad is it that going into the last 50 points up and was still a touch nervous. Classic MFCSS! that said, this team is made of sterner stuff than any I can remember since the Northey days. thrilled with how we are looking, this team could really have a crack in what is one of the most open years in history. BTW, loving how Salem is going, but not a bit surprised
  11. Whorethorn 2nd laser having played an extra game than the rest of the bottom eight. Love it
  12. Watching the performance against the Suns, couldn't understand how there is not room in the team for an intelligent footballer who uses the ball well
  13. Overcast, cool day up here, mid-20s, some light showers threatening, but confident they will miss Alice and skies will clear up come 4pm. Bring it on!
  14. Says 4.35 on the tickets up here, though it starts at 4.05. Embarrassing stuff up by the jokers at the AFL
  15. Was so proud of my daughter, the Suns wanted a photo of May with some kids, got mine, the photographer got the kids to shout"Go Suns" for the pic, my daughter was the loudest, shouting "Go Dees"!