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  1. Would be sad to see them fold
  2. Started too late, took a risk. my kids were still in the womb...
  3. What do we shout if he makes a big mistake then?
  4. Amateur! my kids knew the theme song before they were born. (Seriously!)
  5. Shocked at the severity. Not surprised by Carlscum's actions, a cesspool of a club with zero morals, cheating scumbag who spit thee dummy when things don't go there way. Carlton people generally have two wits, halfwits and f&$*wits
  6. Saints should have won easily, kicked themselves out of it and then a combination of running themselves into the ground and a disgracefully pathetic umpiring display conspired against them. I take away from this game the fact that the Saints are the real deal.
  7. So was it injuries that had him turning up late to trainings and meetings?
  8. How was that not a free against McKernan out of the ruck, as clear cut a decision as there is. The umpires are disgracing themselves this round
  9. He didn't commit fully for one. that said, he was good for us when he was the number one ruck, useless elsewhere. How many times will he have been number one ruck against Max Gawn? Stef is a good ruckman, not a gun. Max is a gun.
  10. 12 free kicks to 2 in favour of meth coast. What a farce
  11. Ridiculously early, but Hawks to miss the 8
  12. Freekickhawthorn
  13. Jesus how soft are we, Roo getting looked at, hahahaha. Nothing in it with Vince, though the morons will probably give him a week or fine.
  14. Salem- solid second half
  15. Bernie the most overt sniper since King finished. No need to elaborate...