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  1. Statistics say that when it is 22 V 21, the 22 wins. When it is 22 V 20, you have very little chance. We are a better side than Richmond, and I don't know who is going to play in the ruck next week.
  2. 6. Hibberd 5. Oliver 4. Watts 3. Hunt 2. Petracca 1. Garlett.
  3. Hannan was a very good contributor today. He will not be dropped.
  4. This was a game we could have, should have, won. Had that happened, it would have papered over the abysmal third quarter, and got the players ahead of themselves. Whilst I, as a supporter who goes to the footy, would have liked to win, it is, methinks, a good game to have lost. That third quarter and the misses by Viney and Weideman, in particular, need to stick in the craw.
  5. Frost - I prefer Oscar
  6. 6. Hunt 5. Watts 4. Spencer 3. Garlett 2. Petracca 1. Oliver
  7. Looks like seven to me
  8. 6. Hunt 5. Watts 4. Jones 3. Stretch 2. ANB 1. Oliver
  9. 6. Salem 5. Oliver 4. Garlett 3. Jetta 2. TMac 1. Jones
  10. I listened to LO during the game, and had no problem hearing the commentary; I was up on level 3,
  11. 6. Oliver 5. TMac 4. Gawn 3. Jones 2. Hogan 1. Petracca
  12. Na, I've had a reserved seat for years. They don't care who you are, just that you have a valid ticket.
  13. I strained an Achilles stealing third base in baseball. The catcher overthrew the third baseman and I trotted home for a score. Didn't even know about my Achilles until after the game and I had cooled down. It took about 18 months before I could say I was totally over the strain.
  14. Now we know what the problem is. Salem has more than one thyroid gland.
  15. <pointless>Your xml would not parse</pointless>