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  1. NFL

    Well done mate. Chose the one I hoped for. See you again in playoffs. I wouldn't want to face the Rams again. No way. Saints probably next most feared, followed by the Vikes... If Packers did somehow get in, I would put them just after the Rams in the most scary category. It's gonna be an intriguing time. I think in some ways the pressure is sort of off. At least as fans. Many have given up the idea that they seriously can threaten. I've spoken to some who thought they were so far ahead they couldn't miss a superbowl... and now they're just back in the pack. Most are just hoping, but resigned to a manful defeat.
  2. NFL

    Tell you what. Not so easy to find a silly picture of him... I kind of like the second one though. Just cos the greying old dude is the only Fisher I've ever seen.
  3. NFL

    Tell you what. Not so easy to find a silly picture of him... I kind of like the second one though. Just cos the greying old dude is the only Fisher I've ever seen.
  4. NFL

    I love Kupp. Took him on waivers in week two and haven't looked back. I reckon next year he'll improve again. how will they fit all those guys in. Woods, Watkins, Kupp, Gurley... Did we settle on a good embarrassing pic of Fisher looking drunk or something?
  5. NFL

    I'd like to disagree... but Hundley has let me down with what I've seen so far, no doubt. I thought he'd hold it together ok, and he just hasn't. Ah jeez. Ok. I'll be honest I haven't been able to take a look at standings and playoff predictors... I can't make out my keyboard through the tears... But I have no shame in admitting... I'd love it if Packers got in and got to the superbowl... Only QB besides Brees out there who can take down Brady. Wilson hasn't got enough help...
  6. NFL

    http://www.espn.com.au/nfl/story/_/page/Barnwellx171211/nine-questions-answers-carson-wentz-knee-injury-super-bowl-lii-chances-philadelphia-eagles-more-nfl-2017 Very interesting article from one of the better analysts out there. He's with you on the Foles thing.
  7. NFL

    Yeah. Again, like I said, the "keys" to Foles having some degree of success really does feel like clawing for positives. They didn't get to where they got solely on Wentz. So they'll still show a bit. Hell, it's only the Giants next week to find some form... But... I could bore you with Foles comparisons and stats etc... I think bottom line though is that Wentz gets blitzed more than anyone which, because he can escape, means he has options downfield. He also makes his O line look good because he doesn't get caught as often as Foles will. Ultimately you might be right with those intermediate routes. Eagles have the guys, Jefferey, Ertz and Agholor to make it work. My feeling though is that the long balls, and the 3rd and 11s that Wentz seemed to get out of so often won't happen with Foles. An immobile QB you can get to. Eagles will go from a 30+ point team to a Vikings-like 21 point a game team. If there's one thing we saw this week against the Rams it's that they can score. Saints, Rams, Falcons... they put up 30+ point games regularly. Eagles D has been great against the run, and gotten to 11-2 based off that. Gurley put up 100+ yards from scrimmage and Seahawks smoked them on the run as well. Foles may battle manfully... but against those high scoring teams... Eagles will get done handily. Foles' only real class was shown in a weird-ass hurry-up Chip Kelly operation. Look. They'll sort out some issues against the next 3 teams... It'll be like a mini pre-season. But let's not kid ourselves... Wentz might not be Rodgers... but he's 100% as important to his squads success as Rodgers is. How would you say Hundley affects games? How would you guess Foles will? About the same as Hundley? Eagles probably have the better D to support him. But still... You know in your heart what has to be done to win the tough ones, win playoffs, and win against the Pats in the superbowl. Eagles were showing they had enough to threaten with Wentz... threaten, but still probably lose... Foles aint got it. I'm not saying I'm not glad to have one of the better backups in there... I think though it's fair to lower expectations. Philly sports radio, and all Philly sports fans, would have been rightly disappointed to NOT make the superbowl. Any time you spend most of the year as the #1 seed, you should be. As of now, and even if Foles goes 3-0 to close out the season... I'd be pleased just to make the NFC championship game. Aint no way we are a shot at a title this year now. The home-field factor won't mean squat with Foles in there now. We do have to switch subjects at some point to the Rodgers thing... Packers are alive. Confirmed ACL. Yeah the penalties got Eagles back in shape at the death there. I'm still surprised we won after Wentz got hurt. I thought Rams had the time. I reckon they're a shot to beat anyone the Rams, just have a few little teething things that Goff does that are VERY learnable, but needs 50 games under his belt before you see them. TBH Wentz is still doing them as well. Like staying in the pocket too long. Diving instead of sliding. Rams are super though. The D, those receivers... the O line did really well. Jeez the Rams score fast. Gurley is terrifying. And of course the all conquering special teams. At the start of the 3rd quarter, Eagles by ten... 3 minutes later Rams winning. We really missed out on a classic game and classic finish there cos of the acl. I wouldn't be quite so down on it being a year to wait for them. Who else in the playoffs would you definitely lose to? I'd say Saints should feel confident of beating anyone. Vikings should probably feel slightly ahead of Rams. But Panthers, Eagles, Falcons haven't shown as much. Seattle is the big one though, as you say. Keep them out... and keep the Packers and Dallas out and I think Rams are nestled at 3rd. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. NFL

    Yeah. That's what I'm afraid of. So it'll be Foles for 2018... Anyone Got Romo's number? Kaep's?
  9. NFL

    Feels very much like pushing [censored] uphill with Foles there. You look at Vikings... they have a backup playing lights out. As you say, there's not many backups with better pedigree out there... but you know what playoffs are like... Rams aren't even in the top few teams... and they came so close to beating Eagles... we need those 4 TDs from Wentz to beat Goff... Without them Rams smoke us, Seattle beats us, Vikings win, Saints will slaughter us... And that's saying nothing of a certain big-time QB who's coming back from injury for a late post season run.... The home field advantage thing, not gonna make enough of a difference to offset. It's a real shame. Before we're thinking superbowls. Now we're just thinking win a playoff. It's pretty heartbreaking. You think? Not all ACLs are Bridgewater types. He played another down on it, threw a TD... but all while stationary. Then walked into rooms. And also was seen walking around getting food post game.... Genuine question... If he's up and about like that (as opposed to the Bridgewater car crash) does that mean less severe injury?
  10. NFL

    After his 4th, the conversation was seriously about him and Brady as 1 and 2... with Wilson coming up quickly. Given the fact they have the 1 seed again now, and only the Giants, Oakland and Dallas to come... This could be the worst thing to happen to the Eagles ever.
  11. NFL

    Yeah Eagles camp saying ACL. They were making all those noises within 10 minutes of him going off. He took one more play, record breaking Eagles TD to Jefferey... ridiculous play... unbelievably gutsy staying in the pocket that long. Insane throw. Then done... What a horrible season for injuries.
  12. NFL

    Wentz knee.... Rams will win. Eagles will be in real trouble now. Apparently doesn't look good.
  13. NFL

    Pats Cowboys and Eagles... fingers crossed my boys come through...
  14. NFL

    Yeah. We can't be posting on MFC threads with those. DONE!!!
  15. NFL

    For me? Sure. And for you? Hard to improve on Jeff Fischer. So for how long?