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  1. NFL

    This game pits one of the NFL's oldest teams (Cardinals, NFL's oldest roster) against one of its youngest (Rams, 3rd-youngest roster). In fact, the Cardinals have an NFL-high 10 players older than Rams head coach Sean McVay, including QB Carson Palmer (37), WR Larry Fitzgerald (34), and RB Adrian Peterson (32). From NFL.com... Brilliant. lol
  2. NFL

    Wow. I wonder what it was a week ago? Maybe that's what I was looking at. That's a crazy stat. What's weirder is it might be the only sport that is absolutely certain to have a tangible home ground advantage you can use that the other team can't.
  3. A very unhelpful guide to 2018

    The surprise packet one will be interesting. I don't think you can count teams like GWS and Crows as surprises. So I went with Pies outside the 8. Should have done better this year, and have the midfield grunt to win more games than it loses.
  4. NFL

    I read a stat somewhere that can't be right. Something like 60% winning away percentage for all teams.
  5. NFL

    Zeke reinstated. lol
  6. NFL

    Oh man I forgot. I was on the countdown a week ago, and it slipped my mind. Well done NFL fans, and Macca for the tipping comp that's responsible for about 170 of the 200. And yeah, I'm not saying it's all rosy. I just think wait and see. Funny things happen when the seconds come in sometimes. This is the first time in ever that Nelson, Adams, Ha Ha, and all their other good players can feel like the most important player on the team.
  7. NFL

    Sure has. But he's a trenches coach. Always has been. Get the big uglies organised and the rest will follow. Only problem with that is there's a reason he's never won a big one despite being successful. Back on Hundley, I look at a guy like Watson as a good marker. Doesn't play anything like the QBs that were starters ahead of him, but the coach adapted quickly. His line isn't anything to write home about, but he gets the job done. And I don't think it's right to say that Texas' receivers are better than GBs. Aside from Hopkins, they're not superstars. Where it falls down is that they have a pretty damn good run game with Foreman and Miller. I'm interested to see what GB do with Monty, who's shown plenty over the last couple of seasons, and Jones who's performed well in patches. The Giants lost 5 in a row, then decide to lean on the run game with a couple of duds... and look what happened there. It's all on McCarthy now as you say. Here's another fun stat. Since 1992 (??!!) Green Bay have played 9 games with a quarterback not named Favre or Rodgers. That's insane. Just imagine how many QBs Browns have had in that time.
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    Yeah he is, Jack. And TBH that's is the most important thing here. He's a good young man who will go on to better success... as he was stagnating at MFC. People lose sight of that part. In terms of list structure etc... we have a short-middle future here that is massively important. Jack wasn't a part of that. He had the opportunity to be, but wasn't. Pumped for 2018.
  9. NFL

    Fair enough. ie the Scott brothers. And yeah. On the plus side Hundley's been there, what, 3 years? McCarthy at least knows his man. And his man knows the playbook. Romo would have been terrific fun... but Hundley is your best chance.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    This is Goodwin and Viney's club now. Couldn't be happier. Picks Shmicks. We got the biggest fish available in trade time. Only really disappointing thing is that we lost next year's first rounder. But we'll still come out ahead with Lever. The kid is unbelievable. Watts time was done, it's that simple. We have things to achieve as a club and Watts wasn't going to help us. Onwards and upwards. Well done dees on having the gumption to make an unpopular choice. We're locked and loaded for the next 3 years.
  11. NFL

    I'm really interested to see what changes. I reckon your Displeasure at McCarthy will double if he rolls out the same system for what is essentially a completely different player. This sort of thing can be a great opportunity for growth. Imagine if, in the next 10 weeks, Hundley throws for 20TDs and 10Int and authors some good wins and gets his team to the playoffs. He'll find himself straight away into a starting job next year for someone, and you'll have a juicy new second round pick to get that Tight End you want so badly.
  12. NFL

    Everyone's worried about what it'll be like when the D start dominating. But the real news is that the offense and Goff/Gurley/McVay have created the buzz. Get used to it for the next 12-15 games. I love watching Rams right now, but don't get me wrong, I want Eagles to beat them. I keep secretly hoping pressure on Goff will make him wobble a bit, but he's getting it out so fast. Looking forward to 7 weeks from now... How has Rams OL been? Them vs Eagles DL...
  13. NFL

    McCarthy = Scott... lol So true. I had it as Falcons Dallas and Packers, throw a blanket over them. Seattle just a notch back. Now there's something like 8 teams and you can't confidently pick any. Super exciting. It's interesting with Rodgers. They did go out and get (the other) Rodgers, and Cook last year. I remember a lot was said about how many TEs he had as pass catchers... but you're right... None are known blockers who do amazing work in that regard. They also lost their tackles this season... so the OL has been disrupted. I reckon as an opposition supporter, the thing you're scared of most with Rodgers is when he scrambles laterally and throws on the run. In my time following the game, certainly noone has done it better. But yeah, I think I see your point. I'm getting it a bit with Wentz now. He moves great out of trouble, and gets 30-50 rushing yards a game often. That extra weapon is great when it works, but you're always fearful he's a few games away from being injured. I reckon in their early days, every NFL fan watches a read option QB and thinks they're what you want as a QB... then after a few seasons following an injured guy, you realise how great it is to watch a pure pocket passer like Manning or Brady. When you look at Rodgers, yes he's great on the move, but he's great in a clean pocket too. I reckon you see them go heavily for OL in the next couple of years as he reaches his late thirties.
  14. NFL

    I knew it was too good to be true, everyone picking both Pats and Pack. If there's one thing demonland NFL tipping has taught us is that if it's a sure thing, it probably won't happen. It would have been a perfect weekend had Skins lost to 49ers. And they very nearly did.
  15. NFL

    Yeah I see what you mean. I have Max Gawn in my head. If you predict an injury like that for, say, Eli... then you put him in cotton wool and see what your kids have got, given they're not going to the playoffs. But Rodgers? At 50%... You'd give it a go if you did your due diligence. Of course a lot depends on how Hundley/Romo go. lol