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  1. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Now you're getting into semantics. I said "really bad." So I'll decide what I meant by it. Rounds 1-3 we played well for the majority of them. Against poor opposition, maybe. And we weren't at our absolute best, but we weren't horrendous. There was a reason we were the bookies favourites heading into last weekend. Going off last year, it was Freo, Hawks, North X2, Swans, GWS and Pies that were really bad games. If we ironed out 2 of the really bad performances, and got some injury luck we didn't get last year we'll have a different looking season. I reckon every side has a shocker or three every year. And very few sides play dominant footy for any calendar month. In other words. Don't panic. And sure, you can try to understand where we're going wrong. I already knew where we're going wrong, and last weekend didn't show me anything new. I won't say I expected a 10 goal loss, or for the Hawks to come 2 tackles from setting their in-club tackles record. I also don't expect us to ever lose the clearances, let alone lose the clearances by a big margin. We're a clearance team that got beaten by a better clearance team with much more mature bodies on the day. We'll still do well on inside fifties, and not score much til we get a bigger body inside fifty to help Hogan. And the defense has gone sour since Roos left. It's not that complicated. So I'll say again, these are all things we can mostly fix pretty quick. Get the midfield gelling again will paper over almost all those cracks. Get Tmac back in and make him a genuine swingman. We'll get back on track. Everyone needs to relax.
  2. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    lol Yeah. May never be back again. But in all seriousness. Every team in every season has the odd bad loss going all the way back to the Dons in 2000. I'll panic when we hit our 3rd or 4th really bad game. I tell you what though, to beat Tigers on Tuesday... if you said to me we had to get done by 10 goals by the Hawks to enable us the harsh reality check, then I'd just about take that. Just personal opinion. God I hate them.
  3. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I haven't read everything yet... but has the Tigers loss to Saints last year been brought up?
  4. I saw them. He's no prodigy when it comes to tapping to advantage. I've always felt that had more to do with the midfielders brains. Still... it's better if you get a hand to it. Also he identified we were struggling in clearances and would tap for distance, not finesse. And yes. It is good. Had he got 40 against a 4 quarter potential AA ruckman from last year that would have been great. 66 is insanely good, height or no.
  5. Everyone's quick to jump on Grundy after 4 good weeks. Max is the better player, more runs on the board, better ruckman... Give it half a season, Grundy won't play like that every week. Meanwhile Max has 66 hitouts against a class ruckman in big boy. 66 is ridiculous, even against a no-ruck team.
  6. NFL

    Yeah, but even among WRs he carries on like a pork chop. Hasn't been dangerous or scary since he did his ankle. Is worth more to opposition teams making it all about him, than he is to the teams he plays for. I reckon as a GM with the whole "Dallas for life" thing, it'd be hard to get excited about a player who has DIVA concerns but doesn't produce well enough to have them. Will have to be a Red Zone threat at best, like Jimmy Graham. I don't reckon he'll be able to choose where he goes nearly as easily as people are saying. At Rams for example he'd be third biggest target.
  7. NFL

    Dez says a lot of things... lol
  8. NFL

    My mate @Kraken is devastated. Jerruh put up the X on Dez... How much will he get and where will he end up? I'd love it if Eagles had the room and snaffled him. They don't of course.
  9. Bomb it long!

    Yeah. Shouldn't have included him as his best year was under Goody. Yeah. Like I say though, I think way too often they'll go looking for stats just to have something to talk about. And if your stats sound more considered and profound year after year it makes me think maybe they're looking a little too hard. This forward pressure thing... It's just a stat. Why are they defending so well? Why is the ball getting down there so often? Who and what were the matchups in terms of height? What style of opposition play did we observe? ie did they switch often? Did they bomb it long etc... I'm not saying it's a bad thing that we have these smaller guys that tackle and harass and compete. Obviously that's great. But I don't think it tells us we're a better defense. Or that we're a more attacking defense. I'll take a high possession redounding defense. I'm not sure one is better than the other. Still. interesting conversation.
  10. Bomb it long!

    It was Kingy and Scotty Lucas I think. And yeah you summed it up well. I always find those things a bit meh, as they really do go looking for something to get statistical on. But in terms of just us following our club, it was introduced as something that's a shift in how we play, at least through 3 weeks. It's also worth pointing out they said we were up there with Tigers, which is good... and GC. So you take it with a grain of salt.
  11. Hogan's Engine

    You know. I wouldn't put it past him.
  12. Bomb it long!

    Good post. My fear currently is the post Roos malaise. Under him he took 3 years getting a really super defensive game together. The mentality carried over into 2017, which is natural I guess. But now it's slipping. The narrative that Goody is all offense is starting to look accurate too. He's making inside fifty players look like All Australians that weren't before (Bugg, Melksham, Hogan, Tmac). Meanwhile class defenders are starting to look second rate (Lever, Hunt, Hibberd)... Omac and Jetta obviously a pass. Coaching up what amounts to a retooling of the Mick Malhouse press is ok... As long as it's mixed in with some other things. I hope you're right about the fact he's pushing this gameplan for now to drill it in. It's a small sample size, only three games... and two of those games were against developing teams. I feel like we're gonna be in for some Goody hate over the next couple of games though, on demonland at least.
  13. Hogan's Engine

    Miss? Handball in the square? Smile when his team's getting pumped? I'm intrigued. I reckon so. I'm not saying Hogan couldn't reel him in one day. But as of right now he's the most sought after KP forward going round not named Buddy.
  14. Hogan's Engine

    Where do you place Lynch?