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  1. Dappa Dan

    Casey Demons v Footscray VFL - Round 15

    Always entertaining Trac.
  2. Dappa Dan

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Ordinarily I'd agree.... But we've seen Goody flinch at an unchanged side after travelling to the heat before. I'm thinking Bernie being the travelling emergency was a tactic to rest an old body. Lewis out I reckon, and not because of form or elbows.
  3. Dappa Dan


    Yeah, from what I've seen I think they deserve to be considered above us. They're not quite as powerful as they were this time last year as they went towards finals, but they have the quality, and their kids are doing a power of work. We haven't improved much at all... so based off last year's game where they humiliated us, I have them winning comfortably.
  4. Dappa Dan

    My 3 word player analysis V Fremantle

    I'm loving the Salem attention at the moment. His skill in this 22 is massive.
  5. Dappa Dan


    Run the sums... assuming we beat Dogs and Suns, and lose to Swans and WC... Then we'll basically need to beat two of the other games... Cats, Crows and GWS to make the finals. According to my predictor we'll be playing GWS in the last round to decide 8th and 9th, and our percentage won't help us as they already have a draw. Was a solid win, showing where we're at today, but we've learned nothing really about where we'll end up this year.
  6. Dappa Dan

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Jeez reading this thread... Who knew we'd win by ten goals.
  7. Dappa Dan

    Changes v St Kilda

    It's about giving the team the best chance to win. Hogan's had 2 bad games in an otherwise All Australian year. He's in the top 3 players in the team. Any talk of dropping him is absurd. I didn't say anything about Petracca. But since you brought him up, he's in a different boat to Hogan.
  8. Dappa Dan

    Changes v St Kilda

    Yeah. Laughter is the appropriate response. You don't take it seriously. I love the idea also that the couch-coaches in demonland have ignored. Imagine the Saints coaching department looking at the magnets on their boards, and they get the call through that Hogan's been dropped after 2 bad games. They would be doing cartwheels.
  9. Dappa Dan


    True, but surely that has more to do with the outrageously great year that year was, as opposed to how weak subsequent years were. We may never see a better draft than 2001. I have a feeling the high rating may have been because of the KP players available. We all know how the Roughie/Buddy draft worked out for Hawks when they had a go at the only good KP forwards in that period. I'm right into this. As usual in drafting the USA leagues learn all the lessons and we should benefit. For about 5 years (maybe longer in certain circles) the draft has taken on less importance as people look at the NBA and particularly the NFL systems. The draft age is the culprit. NBA get their guys slightly younger than the NFL. NFL you have to have gone through College and most players are taken at 21 when they're more-or-less known entities. As a result of the "sure things" the price of a first rounder has gotten massive. In the most famous case, the Redskins traded their first rounder and the next TWO first rounders (and a second) to move up just 4 selections. And the player they took was delisted within a few seasons. As a consequence of these examples set by leagues with even more pressure on the list managers than the AFL, draft capital has dropped in value. That's why I've been all for us going for guys like Melks and Hibberd with second rounders. They might not have been superstars at the time, but they were known entities that you wouldn't need to put 3-5 years into to find out what they had, like we have with guys like Weideman. Or ten years like Watts. Add to that we have Taylor who turns second and third rounders into key players, and you have yourself a great situation to trade away picks aggressively.
  10. Dappa Dan

    Changes v St Kilda

    lol @ people calling for Hogan to be dropped.
  11. Dappa Dan

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    (when was the last time we snagged a close one) I thought at many times in the last quarter it felt like WC over there last year. In and around the byes. Tough, physical contest. Lots at stake. 5-8 type team. Felt like we couldn't win it in the last quarter and then, somehow, we did... This time we didn't... but I dunno if it was THAT dissimilar. Lots to like in this game, unlike the Tigers, Hawks and Pies games.
  12. Dappa Dan

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    In hindsight, maybe. And that's a BIG maybe. Leading into the game we had the #1 scoring offence in the league, but had lost back to back games in the clearances by so much it was ridiculous. Goody's changes had the desired effect. Smashed the clearances, but the forwards who up til then had been dominant, went missing. My point is you can't crack the [censored] at selection when they're picking the in form players, putting out spot fires and doing it effectively. Noone in the league right now would have imagined the demons would score under 90 points against that mob. The selections were fine. We were beaten on the day by a pretty good team playing at home with massive crowd help and umpire bias.
  13. Dappa Dan

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Good post. And you're not wrong there (Petty in please)... but Smith can play. And can play tall as long as he's not expected to for a full 120 minutes. He'll be a good player. Just played out of position the last two games. No offense, but that's daft. JKH has shown nothing and is on the chopping block unfortunately. Spargo likes to go but he's a kid and would have been eaten alive. Garlett hasn't played a meaningful minute in AFL or VFL in months. This was a game for mature bodies. Tyson and Harmes are at least mature. We lost, but it wasn't because of coaching decisions.
  14. Dappa Dan

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Garlett's form in VFL has been below average. It's a tough position to get into this side. For all you know Garlett could have kicked 1 goal and been a passenger in a physical game (like he usually is in physical games). This one's not on the coaches. It's on Garlett for showing nothing when the heat was on earlier this year before he was dropped (and since). If they do ask the media, in the media, and get fined... then they're NOT doing their job. They can send please explains to them behind closed doors. For all we know they've been doing it all year. Worked with Maxie after last year. Umpires were shocking, but I give Goody no points for being an amateur.
  15. Dappa Dan

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    I'm with you. He's shown his worth in the weeks before he was hurt. The question is, can he reach enough contests. He's a good player though. Smart.