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  1. Wow.
  2. "Hogan is a star and Sam Weideman reminds me of Matthew Pavlich." Oh wow. lol
  3. Would be a horrible trade. Opposition teams are thinking he'll come cheap, for a second or third rounder... And there is nothing there for us. Even if he went, and retired the next day, it's still a loss. Only way we trade him is if he comes back and plays some good footy.
  4. Love Barrass. Love OMac more. I reckon you'd get 90% of each club support the guy that plays for their club. Then if we did a straight swap, the same would still be true. lol It must be said too that their other 11, the good ones... are super. Mitchell, Shuey, Gaff, Priddis, Yeo, Jetta, Darling, Sheed, McGovern... wowee.
  5. Yeah. Not going on past glories though, his production hasn't been scary by any stretch.
  6. I'd be interested to see everyone's picks for their worst 6 and our worst 6. Mackenzie, Cole, Schofield, Barrass, Sheppard, Duggan, Petrie, Hill, Karpany, Cripps, Hutchings would feature in many... Ours? Harmes, Hannan, Pedersen, Melksham, Frost, Bugg, ANB, Stretch. I'd take all 8 over the 11 WC players above. 11 being HALF THEIR SIDE.
  7. I reckon we might see more time than people think with Gawn forward. He takes great clunkers... and we know Goody's worried about 6 day breaks. If he spends 50% game time forward and we go back to sharking opposition ruckmen... might be a good thing.
  8. I really want to see what he does that puts him ahead of opposition players. Everyone else in the 22 have grabbed games by the scruff of the neck in one facet or another... even guys like Harmes have shown there's nothing they can't do athletically. Bugg has shown great smarts and workrate, as well as good inspiration for when you have a wall you need painted. I remember Billy's commanded maybe 2-3 games in his time, picking up kicks running off a wing or half back. But is that all? Good user without being prodigious? I'm interested in what people think he'll become, in terms of type.
  9. I thought custom was only 2?
  10. Is Weed the only tall we have left on the list that's played at AFL level? You'd assume him and Wags would go over.
  11. No of course not... but credit where credit's due. What kind of MFC supporters are we if we can't doff our tweed caps at a fellow supporter's insight?
  12. Well picked PF. Stretch and Gawn the ins. Watts and Jones out. I think it's a mistake. But I get the thinking. Stretch will run all day. Maybe alongside Gaff.
  13. How good is that. And it's not isolated. Tracca well known for taking time away from the club to deal with kids on his own.
  14. That whole post stresses me out. re: JLT. I'm interested in matchups mostly. Who played on Darling. How did they play him. Was it successful. That sort of thing. Jetta (WC version) is a real concern too, especially cos I dunno if anyone besides HIbberd and maybe Jetta have played next to him. If we leave him be he could carve us up. Nothing you can do about disposal like that. Aside from that, yeah. Those are interesting matchups. Jones has been in the midfield but also elsewhere... the amount he does including kicking a couple of sausages... we're gonna struggle to replicate that. I like your matchups... and TBH, you're as aware as I am that no one player plays 100% game time on another. Having said that, the man-on-man stuff that will define the game will be what gets us the win in the guts... I don't like Melksham on Shuey. Too heavy and too much breakaway speed. Heavy too. I'd love to see a Tracca-Shuey head-to-head. Trac is due a prolonged run in the middle like he had against Crows. Generally though, I hope Viney gets the job 50% or more of the time. Heavy enough to smash him. Quick enough to curtail him. I reckon Melksham on Gaff. Will run all day with him. Only negative there is how well he did on JJ. He even popped up for what should have been 2 goals. Might be an idea to have him tail Hurn? Or Yeo? Cut off their rebound. Agree generally with Gaff though. Cut them off at the source and he'll run around like a headless chook. Priddis interests me too. Vince? Someone mature and heavy? Or again... a younger kid like Oliver that can beat him at his own game. I have no idea... but I can't wait to see which way we go. I'm leaning towards Oliver. You always see Priddis plant his feet somewhere the ball will end up, then stand up in the tackle and distribute. That's Olly's game. And when he has a rival there, he generally tackles with great technique. I'm pumped about this week. We're gonna find out a whole lot about the team. And best of all, even if we lose, we have players coming back in all sorts of positions.