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  1. Well. No. That's not a fact. That's an opinion. We have a lot of improvement left in us in the midfield, that much is true. But we've been smashing clearances, contested ball and tackles all year. We're one of the best sides in that regard. When we lose, it's not because the midfield is't pulling its weight. Another opinion: Our inside fifties have been appalling. We get slaughtered on the rebound every week. Our wins were on days when we curtailed the influence of opposition HBs (Saints), or when we were against sides that made errors when slingshotting the ball (dons). If we can hit a target going inside fifty consistently, THEN our results are different. Hence why Jesse up and running is of so much importance.
  2. That's what I'm thinking. The team has great depth throughout the whole list. Most times when we turn up our worst six are kids with great potential who can't play 4 quarters yet. Often they're not stars, but we sort of already have the talent at the pointy end. Hogan, Oliver, Trac, Viney, Gawn... I'd pit them against any teams best five in two years. That's I think why so many are in the Lever camp. We don't need to do a Salem/Tyson trade. We don't need to roll heaps of players into the team to get a list together. If we do go for a big time free agent or trade, make it a Lever type., but failing that... I really hope the club develops the players we already have. I have a bad feeling that if we did get May, we'd have to give up our first rounder... likely to be around pick 8-10... or even worse... We'd have to trade away, say, a couple of Kent, Harmes, Spencer, AVB or ANB... Each one of those guys could go on to play 100 games. ANB and Harmes possibly a lot more. That's just bad numbers for us. Giving up players with big AFL futures in terms of games played and potential, for just a few seasons of a good player.
  3. 3 JLTs, + 4 matches... only the surgery will affect him physically. The silver lining is he'll have energy where others won't in the late rounds.
  4. No. It's not. I didn't comment on how we played at all. I thought we were great. But they were massively down on form as well as us being massively up. Sloane had two bad weeks and we got one of them. I could go through player by player, but it's clear you disagree. I'm not saying we didn't deserve to win. I think we've deserved to win almost every week. I just can't see the Crows playing as badly as they did against North and us again this year. As I said. They'll be warm favourites anywhere they play, against anyone but GWS. That much isn't opinion. Yeah. Port will be tough anywhere. I think they're better than 5-4 that they are now. But who knows what they'll be like when we get them. I have a ton of respect for how they go about it right now though, so like with the Crows, I'm not pencilling in a win. Ok. Well the original point of the post I made was that we've improved across the board, but due to fixture and the fact we're 5-5... We won't make finals. Your point might have been the "we have a chance to beat anyone on any day," but that's not a rebuttal of what I said. I think we're on the same page oddly enough. I'll give us a chance any week after the Crows game. But I won't with confidence. One other thing noones mentioned... the old adage that young players tire as the season progresses. the kids doing the heavy lifting... some of them are still in their teens.
  5. Totally agree on the first one. I get that Weed has a big ten year future we need to get him 50 games into. But there's a time and place. Pedo has done very little wrong in the last two years. Can't agree on Frost though. He was pretty bad last year at times. He's one of our most improved this year. Yeah. Take a close look at Crows game at the end. Was in a bad way.
  6. You sure you know the sooks I'm talking about? I'm not sure you do. There's people who hate on Oscar. That's not a sook. I'm talking about the ones who get on and want to shoot down any supporter of his. There's only a few. And yes. I reckon you're right. With TMac, he wouldn't survive 22 games a year as a forward. Because of his bulk, speed, contested ball work in the air and ground he can be a sort of Casboult type... only without the marking. OMac is a coachable smart kid. But the assets he has aren't going to give him much separation on his opponents. I have the idea that he could be of some use due to his height out of the square. But as a link up man, nope.
  7. You'll cop it from the sooks... but I don't see why that isn't tried with every player. Especially in our current predicament. It's all about adding strings to your bow.
  8. Yeah exactly. How many of our players, with ball in hand open about 70 out do you find yourself rising off your seat to get a closer look at the whole forward line? Salem, Lewis, Viney for decision making, Watts for decision making and execution, Oliver, and Petracca from 100 out has an uncanny knack of finding Jeffy inside fifty. So many of our other players though, you look through the gap between your fingers....
  9. Yeah, he didn't play badly. But his game vs Crows is what we need from him. Actually, we need the midfield games of Oliver, Petracca and Viney from that week to roll through to finals.The mix of offensive and defensive stuff. Viney kicks a surprising amount of goals. We'll need all of them.
  10. I read that somewhere, that due to the evenness, that could happen. Have you done ladder predictor? Any way I shake it out it seems like 11-11 is 9th and 12-10 is 8th.
  11. So we agree then. Can win or lose any given week. ie... 6-6... equalling 11-11, which won't be enough. You're skewing your stats. Watch port closely. They look a strong side. I have them at 4th on ladder predictor. And yes we did catch Crows napping. Look at how they've played the last two weeks, specifically at names, compared to when we played them. The amount of good players they had in their side playing badly on that night, that are right back in form now. That won't happen again. If we played them now, even at the G, they'd be warm favourites. They've earned it. People can claim their own crystal ball is smarter than mine. That's the fun of it. But the sides there have shown they can dominate teams that are mentally on and off. And as you say, on and off describes us to a tee. So much comes down to Gawn and hogan. I love both of them, and have since their first games. But we're asking a lot for Jesse to kick 6 every week and Max to smash ruckman after ruckman after a couple of months off. I want to see Pies, Dogs and West Coast wins, and I'll get back on board. Pies we're better than (though they have the midfield and ruck to hurt us in our strength). Dogs absolutely slaughter us usually, but we did get a hold of them a couple of years ago. West Coast we should have beaten last year so I'm hopeful there too.
  12. Before round 1 most on here picked the Saints. People are kidding themselves if they think they've gotten bad suddenly. How many games have we won at the G this year? I'll give you Pies and Lions though. Having said that, I had us beating Tigers, Hawks and Freo handsomely. I can't see how anyone thinks the draw is easier on the back end, other than to say we get the Lions there. GWS, Crows, Dogs, Saints, WC, Sydney, Power and North would have been 8 goals up at half time in Darwin had they been our opposition this week. There's no picking anything this year. Any given week we can smash good teams interstate or lose to scrubs at home. We need to go 7-5. I think we go 6-6 and just miss out.
  13. The only game you're worried about is GWS? We have West Coast in perth who nearly beat GWS there yesterday. The reigning premiers playing pretty good footy. Crows are flat out better than us, and we won't catch them napping this time. Power are absolutely awesome this year IMO. On top of that other games like Sydney, North and Saints, if they turn up, can beat anyone. But this is more about us than the opposition. We've gotten a lot better over recent years, but we're not finished yet. And a lot of people have Gawn and Hogan coming back and playing the best footy of their careers. I don't see it that way. I reckon we're a chance any game. And we're a chance to flake out any game. With a SUPER favourable draw in the first 10 weeks, we're 5-5. The second half is nowhere near as helpful. Add to that this year is a nightmare for the tipsters. Who the hell knows what's what.
  14. They're all such obvious answers... Except one. Given we're 5-5 and getting Gawn and Hogan back you'd think we'd be a good chance to go at least 7-5. But take a look at the draw. Holy smokes do we have it tough. No finals this year.
  15. Errrrry day