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  1. My 3 word player analysis V Brisbane

    Pederson - can rely on Jones - can rely on the rest - Nah, not really and started with Vince - traditional dud kickout
  2. Changes v Brisbane

    That would be good but I do not think that he has it in him. That is my prediction of the future as is that the Swans are going to crush the Crows. Another opinion is that he represents better value as a trade to those he played well against. I would be chuffed if he won the Norm Smith medal but that is going to Nathan S.
  3. Changes v Brisbane

    No point in dropping Watts for one game if he doesn't repent at Casey. I can see him not playing again this year and being traded. It's time to move on with our (football) lives.
  4. The Dom Barry Thread

    Pass Bring back Dan Nicholson
  5. Changes vs St Kilda

    Thankfully the game wasn't on free to air and I saw no vision. BUT how can Garlett have one kick and two handpasses? Really! How! Was he running away? One of the three disposals was effective. How can he be up for selection?
  6. Jack Watts (again)

    Each player is debriefed after each game or they were 10 years ago. It would be interested to hear his. Why didn't you run to help? Can we have our money back please?
  7. Barrett Article on AFL.COM

    I still have an issue with the theory that only designated leaders should be expected to show leadership esp. when it gets tough. Hannan should have a deep and meaningful with Vince.
  8. Our best 22 if we make it.

    If he gets some games under his belt, I expect that Wagner will edge ahead of Tyson Bugg/Harmes ANB.
  9. Critiquing the content not the person

    They want to call home and have a glowing finger.
  10. Our best 22 if we make it.

    Ray Biffen?
  11. Also Wagner and possibly Hannan. Excusing them for this weekend in their first dozen games. And easier to say who is not a lock - Frost, Garlett, Hogan, OMac, Petracca, Tyson, Vince, Salem
  12. AFL ask Hird to present Norm Smith Medal

    This is madness. The crowd or a portion thereof will boo and Hird will be tempted to self-medicate again. As surely as night follows day.
  13. some of my best friends are white. damn. you could be right.
  14. Changes v Adelaide

    Just Kennedy for Kent to maintain vitamin K levels. Just got my brotherinlaw back from the grave. Watt and Tyson sound underdone for a trip away against a pushy team such as Adelaide. Hogan and Gawn were already too sluggish. Kent was generally unable to gather the ball when leading in the chase and misdirected quite a few handpasses. He was hard at the ball nearby but didn't move around much. Perhaps he needs to lose 3 or 4 kilograms. Stretch was OK and did his job.
  15. What I meant was that the profile for Corey Maynard on the MFC site actually refers to Lachlan Filipovic, Refer http://www.melbournefc.com.au/player-profile/corey-maynard. That of Lachlan Filipovic is blank. After two emails to the club, this has not been corrected and is a blight on the history of Australian football. I am consulting my books on etiquette to discover the appropriate truckload to back up and dump at the club.