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  1. back to back
  2. smells like Cheetah?
  3. The rules for the MRP need to be carved in stone rather than held in the mind of Gillon's goldfish.The players were jumper punching vigorously10 - 15 years until it was stopped.
  4. Reading the HUN this morning, I saw that OMac was our lucky charm and we usually win with him and not without him. He played well against the Crows but not Brown who is spessshhuul.
  5. will give him more time to work on his PhD dissertation. A real smart guy. Frost should similarly supported for giving away that free.
  6. deja vu all over again Note for round - just drop it when tackled
  7. I would put Wagner back for Hunt. Hunt was hit too hard to get over in a week. Weidemann and Hannan are doing a job for the coach and nobody tall is within cooee at Casey. The coach and his gameplan are a revelation. Harmes got more praise from Plapp and I expect him to come in instead of ANB. Sounds good with the backline settled not requiring ANB running off HB and prefering more grunt up forward and in the middle. Melksham is a very naughty boy and needs to put in at Casey on a horror day first. In Harmes Out Hunt The HUN suggests that there is no one at North worth tagging - Please keep Vince in the forward half.
  8. Are there any medical folk out there who whether the damage can be seen on the MRI or otherwise?
  9. The MRP are buffoons. Sorry guys but someone had to say it. I thought Guthrie would be properly crucified and Vince would get weeks to reinforce the lesson. But it turned out OK. Who will be first to jumper-punch the umpy .. hhmm?
  10. Vince farther forward. Hibberd, Lewis kicking out of backline instead. Demons to win by plenty.
  11. Au contraire Refer to Mr Google ->
  12. Apparently in the late 60's LA, a "doobie" was marijuana cigarette. Thank the Lord, there is a rational but yet irrational explanation. The simplest solution is for the Umpires not to read minds but instead to apply a simple criterion such as whether the ball crossed the line less than 15 metres from the the last contact by the player. If a player can kick for touch, they deserve our admiration and an offer by the Rabbitohs. PS my late father blamed Brian Dixon who would kick the ball into the crowd so that the Melbourne rucks could palm it out. PPS the anagram of "anagram" is "a ragman".
  13. Challenge for position at ball-ups/ins around the ground for 80% of the match leaving Watts to go forward. 10 hit-outs will do. Ragdoll the Essendon player to whom Bellchambers hits the ball at the centre-bounce. Make Bellchambers chase him by going forward. 14 disposals, 10 hit-outs, 6 tackles, 4 clearance, 3 shots on goal, 4 punch-aways in the Don's goal-square, 3 contested marks, 5 uncontested marks, 1.3 oranges at 3/4 time and wing 3 Essendon player's cars leaving the carpark.
  14. Try Like many club's song, it was originally written by George M. Cohan.
  15. 1/ The AFL has just announced former players for the MRP. - Former Cat, Blue join Match Review Panel. This is very undesirable. They will have a truck-load of emotional baggage about the camaraderie of the game. The ideal member would be selected for intelligence and logical thinking and have a touch of OCD . If the pencils on their desk vary by 2 degrees in orientation, they are not up to the job. 2/ The AFL laws are quite brief on the subject of culpability. Refer There is for example discussion on the meaning of reckless versus canreless. This should be distinguished in about half a page. The strength required to constitute a strike is not defined. With video of everything, this can be qualified to say, 2 m/s with the hand, 1 m/s with the elbow and 0.5 m/s with the foot. And so on and so on. On the other hand, do we just like the drama?