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  1. 1/ The AFL has just announced former players for the MRP. - Former Cat, Blue join Match Review Panel. This is very undesirable. They will have a truck-load of emotional baggage about the camaraderie of the game. The ideal member would be selected for intelligence and logical thinking and have a touch of OCD . If the pencils on their desk vary by 2 degrees in orientation, they are not up to the job. 2/ The AFL laws are quite brief on the subject of culpability. Refer There is for example discussion on the meaning of reckless versus canreless. This should be distinguished in about half a page. The strength required to constitute a strike is not defined. With video of everything, this can be qualified to say, 2 m/s with the hand, 1 m/s with the elbow and 0.5 m/s with the foot. And so on and so on. On the other hand, do we just like the drama?
  2. Yes, we move the ball very rapidly forward from the center bounce and out of the back-line e.g. after quarter-time against the Saints. The up and under kicks from defence are poison as in the last quarter. Viney, Tyson and Oliver all need to improve their handball. Last year, we had the Blessed Pedersen up forward and we will be better for it until Weidemann masters clasping motions.
  3. IN - If they play out the match tomorrow OK, Pedersen and Hibberd, failing that Oscar and then keep Weidemann. Better of Brayshaw and Trengrove tomorrow. OUT - Melksham - he started the year quite well. Gee, if the ball is coming straight at your throat you should grab it in your sleep. Bugg - his stats are reasonable but in front of the members several times, he appeared to have what Sherlock Holmes would call a two-pipe problem. He would benefit playing as an onballer (is this still a thing?) and making quick decisions. Weidemann out if Pedersen is fit. Keep Frost and Hannan who were were passable. Keep then until someone at Casey impresses with pace and clean disposal. Vince should moved forward so the guys have more time to cover his stuff-ups.
  4. He is a crock.
  5. Impressive.
  6. Tim Lane 1912 (work that Botox, Tim) Tim Collins 1914 - 1915 (subject to correction by WJ) Thank you Mr. Google PS my favourite name is currently Ruggles on the Cats interchange bench. Imagine the Cahoonas to select an actual cat. This will seriously mess with the the minds of Goodwin et al.
  7. As did the Demons in the early nineties.
  8. Good to see the 鬼佬 (foreign devils) go 0 - 3. That Howe played well; lucky Hunt is a level higher. Gee Mayne is a shadow of him five years ago.
  9. On the positive, Watts bowled the umpy over without repercussions.
  10. My memory of Kim Smith is in the goal square at the Punt Road end with him literally head and shoulders above the pack trying to reach across to the ball. Great leap but not able to take position. Would not be Robinson Crusoe at the past players. The Bull should do well with his dash under the dome. I would expect the guys to execute the new style best indoors but would not be game to say it.
  11. I/C Dom Tyson, Dean Kent, Mitch Hannan, Alex Neal-Bullen, Jake Spencer, Ben Kennedy, James Harmes (Three to be omitted) Keep Hannan and ABN because they played quite well Keep Tyson because he can play C and HB not just forward Keep Kennedy so that we can have a better look at him. Kent and Harmes are known quantities.
  12. On the positive side, Nathan Jones was originally a poor kick. Then he started kicking more goals then points. Now his 50m kicks from HB are flat and centimeter-perfect. I would have given him BOG last week for this. In the meantime, the boys should not try to kick the ball to far.
  13. You must go to funerals to pay respects and comfort the family. Shame! I went to Watts' debut which was unremarkable for a player's debut. I cannot see what there is to agonise over. Bailey at times seemed competent but big wins and bigger losses. He accepted tanking which I too believed scarred the players which such abject betrayal should have. The management of MFC including Howcroft has seemed incapable of having an adult relationship with their senior coach. Furiously brown-nosing while the team meanders and finally goes over the 186 metre waterfall. A stout-hearted Board would have insisted that Daniher coach out the year. After the termination of Balme, Daniher, Bailey and Neeld, the season just got worst.
  14. Maybe. I seem to recall him also marking in a pack of various defenders and shall watch him with interest in the square under the roof.