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  1. He's moved from the forward line to the midfield and done well... Could Fritsch play the role? Did he play back at all at Casey? A bit shorter but good overhead. Good disposal and reads the ball well. Would allow one of our mids or forwards in form to come into the team. Otherwise I'd give Pedo a go.
  2. w00dy

    Come on optimists, sell me hope

    As the dogs and tigers showed you don't want to peak too early. We have about 8 to 10 weeks to find our best form. As long as we beat the rubbish sides over that time then we'll be alright.
  3. w00dy

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    And what a shocking game that was...
  4. Got some reliable word on this. Won't post it for obvious reasons - but it's bad.
  5. w00dy

    Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Danny Frawley on the radio changed his tune this morning. Said this would be a moment that galvanised the playing group and that we'd make finals.
  6. w00dy


    I think they will now and try to package up 35 with Watts to get back in the first round.
  7. w00dy

    Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Whilst yesterday was horrible, I'd be disgusted if the bombers make it and we don't. Disgusted. C'mon Crows!
  8. w00dy

    Casey Demons v Williamstown

    Are Williamstown ready for Tommy Bugg?
  9. w00dy

    You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    This. For a period there he was our best target up forward. But it's hard to squeeze him in as Harmes and Melksham played well, and Hannan kicked those vital goals in the last. He'll be close to a game. Suspect he'll be in the 25, but play at Casey.
  10. w00dy

    Max Gawn

    Heard that interview. He said he kept giving frees away so he just gave up competing for the hit out.
  11. w00dy


    Increase the forward pressure and even if the entry is bad, you lock it in and have a stoppage. No forward pressure and it bounces straight out.
  12. w00dy


    I think Watts is out with the Weld to come in as the second tall in a small forward line. Reason why - forward pressure. Go in small in the forward line, and make sure the ball doesn't leave the forward 50 once we get it in there. We often played with that type of setup earlier in the year when Hogan and Gawn weren't playing. Remember Weid against the crows, didn't get much of it, but he laid some big tackles. Setup will be TMac/Pedo, Weid, Garlett, Trac, Hannan, ANB. Once the mids get it in there, it doesn't come out.
  13. w00dy

    Round 17 Non MFC matches

    So Essendon have a clash jumper. Does that mean we get a home game against them now?