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  1. He's become one of our most important players.
  2. Demonised

    Robbie's Goal of the Century

    Imagine if he'd played in a team that won regularly ...
  3. Demonised

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Sunday's match is season defining game No. 8 for us ...
  4. Demonised

    Training - Thursday 16 August, 2018

    All true, but it's even more demoralising when l) the dinky pass goes astray or m) the player who marks the dinky pass misses a complete sitter of a set shot.
  5. Demonised

    Training - Thursday 16 August, 2018

    Oh yeah. Last week, f'rinstance, Salem had a good head of steam, crossed fifty, and then looked for a dinky pass. On one of Hunt's few dashes down the ground, same. Bang it home, son!
  6. Demonised

    Six Demons in 22Under22 squad

    Interesting. All our players on the list are midfielders. No key position players.
  7. Demonised

    In Game Influencers

    A bit of a surprise packet in this, especially in the second half of this year, seems to be James Harmes. When we're down, he consistently seems to dig in and try to break lines, throwing himself at tackles etc. Not always successfully, probably due to a ceiling on his skill level, but he does have a go. Tried hard on Sunday.
  8. Demonised

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    I anticipate another bout of crowd sourced decision making.
  9. Demonised


    It's a sign that we're a team in transition, the way our players so often are caught between team rules and their natural instincts. How often did one of our guys storm past the 50 metre line and then think 'Oh no, that's right, I have to lower my eyes and give it off' instead of just banging it home? More experience, more confidence and they'll get it right.
  10. Demonised


    That's a fair point. Just wondering how our game structures and systems are falling apart because players are going into games while hampered.
  11. Demonised

    Has Nicholls ever paid us a free?

    Bizarre free kicks paid is one thing, but what's incredibly frustrating is the blatant free kicks NOT paid, all in the name of 'keeping the game moving'. A free kick given quickly and diligent enforcing of the man on the mark will make the game flow better than the stumbling maul it often becomes now.
  12. Demonised


    How many of our players are playing injured? Max? Hogan? Tom Mac, maybe?
  13. Demonised

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    One day, after we've won 6 or 7 flags in a decade, I'd like to be that arrogant.
  14. Demonised

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    'Before The Flood' is one of the greatest live albums ever. B. Dylan and the Band at the height of their powers.
  15. Demonised

    What the Fritsch

    I worry that we're moving him around too much. Would like to see him given time to settle in a position a little. Given that, he's still had an excellent debut season.
  16. Demonised


    Anyone else startled at Ronny Lerner in The Age giving the Suns' Alex Sexton 8, equal BOG with Oliver? I mean, he was the Suns' best, but really?
  17. Demonised

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Come on, boys. Third quarter is our quarter.
  18. Demonised

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    9 goals and Tom Mac missed a sitter ...
  19. Demonised

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    It's a rule that you can't kick/punch the ball away from the boundary umpire once it's gone out of bounds. It's rarely paid.
  20. Demonised

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    He was looking right into the sun.
  21. Demonised

    Goodwin Presser (2/8)

    We were Grand Finalists that year.
  22. Demonised

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 20

    Some things just hurt my eye ...
  23. Demonised


    Especially under pressure.
  24. Demonised


    While I'm as disappointed as the next man, with a huge effort I'm going to try to put my emotion aside and pose this question. What would this thread have looked like if this had happened 2-3 years ago? Yes, there would have been anger and heartache, and outrage at the way Geelong stars get mollycoddled by umpires, but I reckon there would have been a consistent flavour in the posts, a tinge of 'that was a pretty good effort to get so close'. The fact that this is missing today is a sign of two things: Geelong isn't the side that it was. Neither are we - but in a good way. We're better than we were and we're continuing to improve. These are both good things. Our expectations of our current team are higher, and so our fury at the loss is more pronounced - but it means we're on the rise. This is good, surely?