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  1. The Weed

    Many young players look uncertain because they're still learning to blend their natural game with the coach's instructions/game plan. Takes a long time, because they can't just go on pure instinct any more.
  2. GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Saw a three-eyed crow this morning. It croaked: 'Dees by 32 points'.
  3. Reality Check

    I don't want reality. I want the Melbourne dream.
  4. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    When the moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.This is the dawning of the age of the MFC,Age of the MFCMFCMFC. Dees by 17 points.
  5. Queens Birthday 2018

    Well, the QB game is their Grand Final, after all.
  6. Places not to go as a dees fan

    Hurstbridge line train was full of MFC supporters on Saturday ...
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    We got in front and we stayed in front. I'm not used to this strange game pattern.
  8. GAMEDAY - Round 18

    You cannot step into the same river twice. You are not the same man, nor is it the same river. Therefore, Dees by 22 points.

    Three Jacks coming into the team, good. Our Jack quotient has been down for a while, and that's been a problem.
  10. The Colour of the Ball

    I thought I was the only one who remembered Green Ghost!
  11. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Looking closely at the two sides, an anagram of Adelaide Crows is 'Caseload Weird' - real backline issues at crowland? - while an anagram for 'Melbourne Demons' is 'Norsemen mould be' which obviously points to our Viking berserker approach to the game. Plainly, this all suggests a Dees win by 13 points.

    'Arise, Sir Neville.'
  13. GAMEDAY - Round 16

    How'd we win that?
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 16

    The cards are unsettled today, my friends. The minor arcana hint at difficulties with opposing forces, and the revealing of the Chariot was perplexing, to say the least. The adjacency of the Hanged Man and The World could suggest a fast, open game but, then again, when The Magician appeared, could it imply a slog, with too many defensive roles for an attractive game. Dees by 13 points.
  15. Demon Injuries 2017 season

    Nope, he flew there and back. And his arms weren't even tired.