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  1. Demonised

    Robert Flower - Demon Legend

    For those with a historical perspective, we do have a Demon double Brownlow medallist - the extraordinary Ivor Warne-Smith. Surely he'd have a hand on third place.
  2. Demonised

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Grundy constantly grabbed, manhandled and dragged Max down, and none of the umpires were fussed by it.
  3. Demonised

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Brayshaw rarely seemed to be in for the centre bounces. After starring the last couple of weeks in this role, I found that strange.
  4. Demonised

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    I am Gawn!
  5. Demonised

    1998 Hotter Than Hell

    'Still Woewodin!"
  6. Demonised

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Three ravens on a fence there were, As black as black as black. Said one, 'Watch your defence, it's not all about attack.' 'Be sure to spread,' the second said, 'but keep one out the back.' 'The Blues aren't bad,' the third one said, 'they're sure to have a crack.' Talking birds upon a fence each with a football brain. Take their advice and perhaps today, The Dees will win again. Dees by 22 points.
  7. Demonised

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    What I'm taking away from this thread is that some people like one style of commentator and other people like a different style of commentator.
  8. He's overthinking it at the moment. He's been given a role - no idea what - and he's not playing confidently or fluently. Same as a lot of our players.
  9. Demonised

    Taking out the fend-off

    True, but will get Brownlow votes nonetheless.
  10. Demonised

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    After their premiership win, Richmond supporters are pretty insufferable. I'd like to be insufferable, too, one day.
  11. Demonised

    Backline Setup and Structure

    Keep an eye on the development of Harrison Petty. We could have a good one on our hands here.
  12. Demonised

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    The Hawks were the better side blah, blah, blah, but I couldn't believe the number of times that hacks off the ground, or fluky bounces, or wild punches out of packs landed in a Hawthorn lap. Incredible.
  13. Demonised

    Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    The Hawk I'm most worried about is Clarkson. I think he's a clever game day coach, while Goodwin is still learning. Clarkson might have a few tricks up his sleeve for first bounce and throughout the game.
  14. Demonised

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    For years, I've seen top teams play games against not so good teams, games where the not so good team does all right - but the top team eventually wins. Then, it's put down to 'undoubted quality', or 'talent under pressure' or just 'nous'. Top teams just continue to win games even when they play rubbish - and the lower teams can play really well and still lose to them. But when we have a game like last night, it's doom and gloom, highlighting our deficiencies and our lack of skill. I like to think we could be transitioning from a not so good team to a good team - and winning when we play badly. Yay.
  15. Demonised

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    After he kicked that pearler earlier, I had hopes.