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  1. All teams get the same number of draft picks, unless they trade them away or choose not to use them.
  2. MCG - 17,709 square metres Subi - 16,855 square metres More room on the MCG.
  3. The Collingwood supporters sound as angry about the umpires as I was after our North Melbourne match ...
  4. Great marks, but I couldn't help wincing at some of the olden day grabs, when after landing the opposition players simply drop their knees into the back of the player on the ground. I know the 'gotta make 'em earn it' mantra, but I always hated that as much as I hated the faux 'tryin' to spoil' smack in the head.
  5. Hit 'em in the guts and you won't get rubbed out. That's the clear message from the outcomes of the weekend, and it's just given carte blanche to thugs and snipers.
  6. Deliberate trips - and at significant moments. You used to get reported for that.
  7. Playing catch up football is the way to dusty death. Tomas Bugg kicks four goals instead of four points, we win. I despair, sometimes.
  8. First quarter, again.
  9. Must make a good, fast start this week - and hit the scoreboard in a meaningful way.
  10. Apparently James Comey has tapes of a covert operation - blacker than black ops - detailing secret Demons plans for tonight. Notable consultants are involved, rumoured to be Justin Trudeau, Colin Powell, Angela Merkel and someone only identified as 'Hi-vis Henry'. The strategies discussed are described as 'revolutionary', 'eye-opening' and 'scary'. Dees by 17 points.
  11. I feel the pain - oh, how I feel it - but let's get analytical. Why did we lose this one? My view - Hawthorn cut us apart with systematic footy, especially coming out of the backline with precision. When we played well, it was pretty raw and relying on some excellent individual feats. We didn't distribute well.
  12. As I approach the ground, a flock of ravens is being pursued by a single, pure white bird, and a cloud the size and shape of a UPS delivery van passes high overhead. I hear distant music, and its melancholy refrain reminds me of a time long ago, before the deliberate out of bounds rule was ruined. Two small figures perch in a tree overhead, speaking in a language unknown to me. I ignore them. Subtle movements in the earth beneath my feet trouble me, but patterns in the fallen leaves may suggest benign times ahead. The wind cries, 'Mary'. Dees by 24 points.
  13. There should never be a rule that requires an umpire to divine what a player's intent was. It's a ridiculous ask.
  14. I'd do it for one reason: to see how Hawthorn likes being raided for its players rather than preying on other clubs.
  15. Imagine if Barassi didn't go to Carlton.