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  1. When all's said and done, there's no one like your dad. Jesse will have some grieving to do. Sympathy to him and his family.
  2. Bring back Chip Frawley. He always had Riewoldt's measure.
  3. 'And at quarter time, the game is effectively over with Melbourne scoring 12.4 to nil in a crushing opening stanza.'
  4. Deny that we lost, talk up our great win, pay tribute to Richmond's gallant but losing effort, insist that no changes are made for next week's game - never change a winning team - and have 'Grand Old Flag' on constant repeat. The world of alternative facts is a great one.
  5. Has the club told us how Gawn's surgery went?
  6. We lost by less than a goal. Changes will be minimal.
  7. He was there at the end. I saw him heading down the stairs, just after the siren.
  8. There are different rules for Brownlow medallists, apparently.
  9. No switching, no spread.
  10. Would like to see him kick a few more goals. But, then again, I'd like to see them all kick a few more goals.
  11. Last week - could have lost. This week - could have won. All I want it to win every week, by lots. Is that too much to ask?
  12. Let's see if he can break the 'Feature Article in the media - dud game follows' hoodoo.
  13. We played like millionaires in the first quarter but didn't put enough goals on the board. Game went downhill after that.
  14. Because you barrack for Melbourne.