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    Training - Saturday 12th January, 2019

    Toe joint?
  2. buck_nekkid

    Complacency is Dees Biggest Hurdle

    One thing they must avoid.... really? Der! no evidence this is remotely in play. we should also avoid playing with funnel web spiders, drinking bleach and dwarf burning. Idiotic piece of summer filler journalism.
  3. buck_nekkid

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    I was in a ZZ Top phase and this song was playing when I signed up. Liked the idea that to be a demon tragic often feels like you got no clothes on. People stare and wonder aloud how small your stocks are. Not any more, proud to have my membership out at every opportunity. Avatar is from the tv show the Banana Splits.
  4. buck_nekkid

    What's up with Gus?

    An article on the famous 100 100’s run by the 4 Brayshaw boys, but Angus says ‘this year I will be watching on, unfortunately...’ Does anyone know what is going on with Angus that he would miss? Is he carrying an injury, being load managed, or ??? I cant recall having surgery post season (but could be wrong). Would welcome any insight....
  5. I just watched the video ‘inside the top 4 picks’ posted by the AFL. On AFL.com.au if you can stand it. Some points: Carlton delayed making their first selection for several minutes for no reason. Gold Coast were about as interested as someone inspecting someone else’s tinea. They all think they are comedians. Saint reckon drafting King was worth 10000 members! Shows what a complete and utter toss-fest the event was. Poorly delivered viewing experience, and stage managed by idiots. THis should have been footage that should never have been allowed out. Awful stuff.
  6. buck_nekkid

    Training - Wednesday, 12th December 2018

    I love the fact that there is so much competition for spots, that you have to start now and go hard to get a spot in the team. We have competition at all lines in the squad now (although Gawn is a cert for 1st Ruck). Great environment to take it to the next level. Lets see what we do with the new rules (666). Thanks to all for the training reports and pics!
  7. buck_nekkid

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    I am interested to know how they will train for the 6:6:6. (I know the devil is in the detail, but it seems like on name alone, this system should suit the Demons?) I would be keen to hear if we are doing specific drills for this, or if this will come much later just before JLT??
  8. buck_nekkid

    Training - Wednesday, 28th November 2018

    Thanks Saty for the pics, and DL for posting them here. Keep up the great (and much appreciated) work!
  9. buck_nekkid

    DRAFT STORY: THE BYSTANDERS by Whispering Jack

    I would summarise our drafting as ‘Smoke gets in your eyes’. At every pick, there were kids available that we would have been slated to take. Instead, we read from our own hymn sheet and picked absolute Smokey’s. Half the kids had no profiles, and were taken well out of where they were expected to go. But I love that we do what is right, not what is expected. And overall, we have added most of what we needed. I still think we are one project big man shy, but we have addressed a lot of needs with May, KK and Preuss, adding Midfield depth with Sparrow, adding potential small forwards, and building more depth across the lines. Overall, we will probably be rated as mid-level in the draft/trade period, but that is actually a good thing. We are sharpening the axe, not racing around Bunnings trying to find one.
  10. I wonder what the philosophy behind this choice was?
  11. buck_nekkid


    How is that Syd/wce action not draft tampering? Park a second rounder at wce, so bundle lower picks, then trade it straight back after the lower picks have been used. How is this fair or in the spirit of the draft? I know it cost them a later round downgrade next year, but this means they get Blakey and a second rounder for peanuts.
  12. buck_nekkid

    Pass Mark 2019

    Finals: first hurdle to pass. Means making the 8. Double chance: significant benefit. Means top 4, much more difficult with our draw, and will be a big improvement on 18. the big dance: means winning at the right time, in good form, few injuries. A distinction effort flag: wowee! Smashing expectations.
  13. buck_nekkid

    Draft Needs Analysis

    Tim Smith. Played forward this year with some success...
  14. buck_nekkid

    The 2019 Hype Ladder

    It is a hype ladder. Teams with the most hype up top etc etc. I think bummers are definitely over-hyped, and lions are right up there. We should be mid table (I think we have had to earn every accolade, and the media only jumped on the bandwagon right at the very end). Eagles going about it all fairly quietly should be down lower. Carlton are just a joke and be relegated to a different table all together.
  15. buck_nekkid

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    70,000 complete tossbag members is what will do it. They will turn up and tune in, regardless of what a cheating pile of shyte this organisation is. With even a faint sniff of success, that is enough to get the AFL warm and moist to the idea of marquee time slots.
  16. buck_nekkid


    Do we have to ‘nominate’ him beforehand like father son nominations? If so, by when?
  17. buck_nekkid

    Frank Anderson

    He will fit right in to our culture of having Frank conversations
  18. buck_nekkid

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    he wants to be in WA, but will spend half his time travelling to play footy!
  19. buck_nekkid

    Jason Taylor Resume

    So we got what we wanted, and upgraded a pick so we now have 2 reasonable second rounders. Seems to be a successful trading period, only losing Hogan and Kent, both who wanted out, plus our delisted and retiring players. Listening to him speak it sounds like it all went to plan, thank you very much. Intersting to see if there are any late ‘hail mary’s’ to liven up the telecast. Otherwise I think our queue is firmly in the rack. I rate it a successful trade period, given what we were starting with. On a separate note, Peter Bell is a flat out liar and cannot be trusted.
  20. Tumbleweeds and crickets.
  21. buck_nekkid

    Recruiting a 3rd tall forward to find another 50 goals?

    We also have the Cat B rookie Walker, being lined up as a developing tall forward.
  22. buck_nekkid

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    Wrong way!! Are you Peter Bell??
  23. buck_nekkid

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    What do 23 and 28 get us? A further upgrade?
  24. buck_nekkid

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    What has he done to be worth more than 6 and 23? When has he put together an uninterrupted season? (not counting Casey as a 17 YO) When has he absolutely dominated a game? How many B&F's? He is not without risk. He is a talent, and has potential. Lets just take what we can get, and move on.