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  1. Winners special. $1.00 of a Halal snack pack.
  2. Just saw Lyndon Dunn will make his debut for the filth.
  3. Weaker and weaker is about right....
  4. How we win: outrun them. They may take us lightly given our outs, but they have had 20% less recovery time, and hopefully pressure acts all day and four quarters of running might just split it open. Our entries into 50 just have to improve. They have been a disaster.
  5. If JKH was to be replaced, it would be Bugg, followed by Kennedy. Both were reported to have had good games for Casey, and could fill the forward role and rotate into the midfield. It will be interesting to see how they mark JKH on that game as part of the new structure and 'fearless football' (where clangers seem less important) ethos. I cant see ANB going out, even if the OOF before half time was the stupidest thing sine 'tunnel ball '.
  6. He came...he went....
  7. Currently 2-3. If we can split the difference and turn at 5-6 we will still be mid-table, and making our own chances. We are not a top 4 side, otherwise we would 5-0 or 4-1. We are a developing side and will start to put this promising stuff together at some point. ATM we are learning the system. WHen we play it for 4 quarters, it will be a thing of beauty. But not yet... so 3-3 from the next 6 would be my call. Better than that - given our injuries and our learning curve - will be a bonus.
  8. Apparently, just a kid getting started. And a rookie to boot. The report suggested he really is a skinny kid with a long way to go. Suggest there is zero chance of him seeing seniors footy this year, and maybe even next. He hasn't played VFL for Casey 1sts yet. I know we are desperate, but he wouldn't even be on the landscape, let alone in the frame.
  9. Hogan needs to start leading, not trying to outbody one defender whilst a chop out defender floats across in front. Lead towards the footy! Stop sooking! Look at how Riewoldt gets back into the contest! This is a big change for next week. also, bombing the ball into 50 is stupid, and played directly into Tigers gameplan. We can win 50 contests, get 30 inside 50s and 10 goals kicked against us unless we fix this. We are simply not getting bang for our buck. Thats the other change.
  10. Lewis walks into the team before Kent
  11. Immediate outs: Smith and Spencer Under injury cloud: Petracca, Viney Immediate in: Jordan Lewis, Bugg (performance at VFL Level) Other immediate options: Pederson, Weids, O-Mac, Kennedy, Trengove, Kent Risky selections: King. White, Kielty (need more time) So, the selection panel will need to consider a few things: 1) what the hell do we do in the ruck? 2) what should our best forward structure look like? 3) How do we add skill and talent to the helter skelter the team offers 4) who needs a rest? Lets see how the team pulls up, but I can see 4-5 changes this week. Essensystematicdrugcheats should be gettable, even with the injury list we currently carry
  12. Agree. Think we are building something. Gotta keep at it. We are not losing by 10 goals, only a handful of points. I remember other teams that 'clicked'...hope that is in our near term future.
  13. do we bring in Mitch King, Dec Kielty or Pedo?
  14. As I said to a mate, good signs for the long term, but gee it gives me the sheets. the 2 rotations cost us - dead men walking. Martin is a protected species. Welcome Hibbard. bombing it into the 50 cost us and brought us undone. Damn. But we are on the up, for sure.
  15. I would love to hear BT choking on his tongue. I would love to hear Hamish McMuppet admit he wishes he was his brother. I dont want to hear Bruce go "Dusty, Dusty,Dusty, Duuuuuussstttyyy!" And have a self inflicted bukake moment like he does with Cyril. I wanna hear the skies open up and it pelt down after we get 10 goals in front.