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  1. Some thoughts: Great to see Hogan keep his feet and put in a second effort - led to GOALS. OUr structure is so much better with Hannan and Trac operating (prowling) HF. Max much better, took some great marks. Oliver was already taking pain killers at the quarter time break. DOnt know what was up. Watts - rusty. Trengove - couldn't run with his man. Really wanted him to shine, but didn't. Jetta is a superstar. Lots of pressure. Love the 4 points. ALmost everyone contributed, a superb team effort. I have rarely witnessed such putrid umpiring ever. It was only because I was sitting near children today that the language was kept in check. It was not the number, but the blatant way that the maggots are umpiring for port, and against us. It was a frighteningly inept display. Last thought - get on board. Go Dees!
  2. Skies looking a bit greyer as I grab the gear and head to the door. I have hope. Looking forward to seeing us play like we did against the dogs - I'm not sure we have played anywhere near our standard since then. If we do, I will enjoy my afternoon at the G' GO DEES!
  3. We can only hope for a full house at the 'G...
  4. I imagine it will be a mix of taping and painkillers. Properly taped (and with orthotics) the role of the fascia is replaced externally. I imagine that limiting the ability of the foot to 'flex' in ways that would cause pain with taping would go a long way to helping. Perhaps pain killers for the next week or so??? It is J. Viney - perhaps just give him a sniff of the Sherrin 5 minutes before the bounce?
  5. I think with mids coming back, our HF line will look a lot better (Trac and Hannan), and our whole forward setup should be so much better. Add Watts into that, and our Forward 50 no longer has to be the twilight zone. Will miss Garlett, and dont know who we should play instead
  6. Seemed to be OK at getting a couple of goals. Maybe HFF??
  7. Interesting stuff. Seeing who is doing repeat sprints, who is fastest (Hunt) and defensive and offensive speeds. JKH showing lots of 'effort' - some here not sure of the impact, though.... Thanks for posting.
  8. We have to become so big that we are untouchable. At the moment we are easy pickings. When Bruce creams his dacks over our players (Cyyrriill!!), then they are safe from the MRP. We are a long way from this, and therefore easy picking when our players act inappropriately. Dusty Dickmuncher hits a guy in the face and gets a fine! Dangerfield could kill a bus load of pensioners and get off with a warning. It sucks, but it not a competition, but rather a circus.
  9. I did a really bad fart that smelled better than this mob. Why waste a moment thinking about them? It is galling that they (the club, not the players) used every tactic to avoid responsibility. Its even more galling that the AFL has never properly sanctioned the club because they are too pissweak and beholden to their favourites. I hope they have the Jab Watson curse that lasts 100 years.
  10. This is real tent-in-the- Fletcher-Jones stuff. I hope Brayshaw will be the 'recruit of 2018' - He would need to do something special to get on the AFL park in the next 5 weeks. We are really building something, and we have had a tough (and stupid, with the suspensions) 2017. Looking up by the day.
  11. I think Smith had surgery, which ruled him out for longer. If it was a simple sublux then maybe a few weeks and buckets of strapping. Lets see what Misson says. Interesting no follow up in the media at all (I suppose he ain't dangerfield)
  12. Perhaps 'rediscover ' our frantic attack and pressure??
  13. Structure involves 18 players. we have been stuffed the last few weeks because our medium forwards (Hannan and Trac) have been sucked into the middle to cover for fallen comrades. This leaves our best forward structure in tatters. Jesse and tmac then outnumbered, and the bombs into 50 are just trash. We get a few guys back in the middle, Trac and Hannan go further forward, Jesse roams at CHF, Jeffie as small forward running back and maybe TMC out of the square. then it looks strong. Or else Trac to FF to do a Dangerfield, and stuff the structure. we do not trade the best 'raging bull' CHF developing in the League. We develop him.
  14. What? There was a streaker? Now the thread is interesting!
  15. There was a Melbourne staffer standing right behind him. I'm sure the club showed appropriate care and attention