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  1. Just saw that Johnnie Walker is now an official partner. After last Sunday, perfect timing....
  2. Where to play TMac?

    Full forward, chopping out in ruck, swinging back only if needed.
  3. Training 19/4

    Seems to be the problem most teams have. Considering he gets away with murder by the umpires, too. perhaps it will be a case of tagging in the midfield and team defence in the back half.
  4. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    I didn’t know he is potentially out with a hammy. For the Chinese burns he will need to be over his wrist injury...
  5. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Chinese burns
  6. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Ok, Balic for pressure, then?
  7. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    Add Lewis (inj) and that is 7 from the game on Sunday. (Includes emergencies) would suggest it won’t be this drastic, but could see Hunt, stretch and Balic coming in for speed, Probably need one more tall for balance. If they all go back, then that sends a huge message....
  8. Training 19/4

    I know, right? Have to lift my game...
  9. Training 19/4

    Drove past Goshes Paddock between appointments, and it looked like MFC were training (or about to train). Unfortunately, in the interests of staying employed, I couldn’t stop in. Anyone else attend, and can offer some insights? I wonder who looks like coming in?
  10. Changes v Richmond

    Can we pop her on the rookie list? She is awesome, and would play with more heart than we saw on the weekend
  11. Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    I saw this article. Shows we are a work in progress. The ability to them to jam us up and destroy our forward entry was evident on the weekend. The review would be interesting this week - it seems we have a lot of 'external review' of our gameplan, and if we fail to learn from it, we deserve what we get. We have to learn to respond, and to hold our own structures for our own benefit - not get sucked into their plans. Seems that this change, made after qtr time, made a significant impact.
  12. Why Melbourne Can't Be Trusted

    and 14 our of 26 games we saluted the judges. If we LOST 21 from 26, there would be some value in this stat. On the other hand, it speaks to the way we set up, and the way that Goody is looking to derive his wins. High press, contested ball wins, hard running both ways. He believes this style will win finals. Any system has its strengths and weaknesses. When we play the system correctly, it works. When we jog and are second to the contest, it doesn't work.
  13. Changes v Richmond

    On reflection, I think this is actually about selecting for the next two games. Given the short timeframe between games, the way we select to give ourselves the best chance of winning both games, we will need to explore the depths of the roster. Selection has to be about what is going to serve us best across both games. We may need to look at resting certain players in the bombers game, particularly older hands that may not pull up as fast. I would expect a few changes for structure this week, and perhaps a significant number of changes for week 2. I could see guys like Bernie and maybe even Jones being spelled for one of the games. In terms of midfield, I could see us switching out 3 or 4 for rested types who played at Casey on the weeend, with an extra 3 or so days recovery. Maynard, Balic and the like will probably be subbed in. The bombers, who also have a short gap between games, will be in the same boat. It may be the fittest team/ one with the deepest roster wins. We may see a few debuts over the next two matches.
  14. Be Patient with Lever

    i read that they won’t be dropping him. Too cool for rules?
  15. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    I still don’t get it. If he was injured, why wasn’t he benched, and a fit player used? I do not question his endeavour, or even his bravery. My issue is with the medical team and coaching staff having on the field if he was injured, or Lewis not letting on that he was injured. I thought Goodwin wanted ‘fit’ players. Could have shuffled the deck chairs, and maybe seen something different from what we saw.