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    Ollie Wines

    Ill just leave this little gem here , and let you salivate. Is being reported Ollie is LESS likely than supposed to sign a new contract at Port. Have no doubt sources and rumours will start appearing out of the woodwork soon. Memo to MFC...get Ollie....fix the [censored] UP !!!
  2. beelzebub

    Marc Murphy at the Dees.

    MM - No
  3. beelzebub

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    I have absolutely no idea as to the good , bad or otherwise as to this. I had none either regarding Jackson. Id be inclined to think very few do...but some will. Personally im glad we're still looking outside the club at this stage. There's no denying Pert's pedigree and it was probably better than anyone currently with our club. Thats not to say we haven't anyone with good ability...but GP probably has more and the experience in those positions to go with it. We'll have no idea for some whiles. Do well Mr Pert, welcome to your new home. Continue to make it better. I wonder if there will be any fallout ? Go Dees
  4. beelzebub

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    A wonderful realisation about Bananas...among the few really safe things to eat while traveling...come with own protection
  5. beelzebub

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Northey is no nong ADC..he would be astute sufficient to note things we need to address and how. I wasn't requiring the entire solution just his view.
  6. beelzebub

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Did Northey offer an opinion as to what we were doing wrong....and what we should be doing differently ?
  7. beelzebub

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    And that goes to coaching. We were outfoxed...and had no comeback from the box... pretty average stuff. Have only managed a couple of quarters on replays...but testimonials from others ring true watching these.. Smacks of flat track bullying and no plan B when countering decent opposition. Not a lot's changed in some important areas. Narrative from club after game is echoing past rubbish....but that's what pressers and player commentary is...meh We look good playing our game.... it's a bit naieve.
  8. beelzebub

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Whilst that funny sideline ..( the QB debacle was on ...) I was speeding through China . The previous day at the Zoo I enjoyed a rather refreshing Ice cream on a stick....very ingenious these Chinese ( Chinese net rules preclude me from adding a picture lol )
  9. beelzebub

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Well.. missed the whole thing... could only grabs scores from time to time. Fell in a hole. Much work still ahead. A few of the cocky might want to adjust their glasses. Judging by the scores..and albeitly that all i have...they towelled us A wake up reality check.... we're far from 'there' yet. Hopefully better after a rest.
  10. beelzebub

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Beijing saying hello back, though in actuality I'll be on a train to Hangzhou whilst game on. Here's hoping the wifi works lol... otherwise i might be only able to check scores occasionally . Pies won't be bucking the trend today. Dees by 13 in a tussle.
  11. beelzebub

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Just to advise that even whilst attending the Panda House at Beijing Zoo...one can always practice the art of the Banana Icypole Someone very astute.... that's some serious exposure...no faking
  12. beelzebub


    Can of Worms-Nth °
  13. beelzebub


    This has all the potential to lift to a whole new level of interesting. Nowhere to hide....that day cometh !!
  14. beelzebub

    Meanwhile . . . over at the Kennel

    When else you suggest ?
  15. beelzebub

    Last Man Standing: A Goal in Every Game

    Who cares...they won't. It's a non sequitur
  16. beelzebub

    Round 11 Non-MFC Games

    Giants are up and down. They needed to make a statement. Thats all. They have no consistency at all. Giants ?? Midgets !!! but i do like their song 🤣🤣🤣
  17. beelzebub

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Desperation ? ..just posing it
  18. beelzebub

    Round 11 Non-MFC Games

    What thoughts folks: Fyffe gone ? or the duplicity of the MRP to prevail ?
  19. beelzebub

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Thanks @Webber Not what I or any I imagine want to hear. At least he should be reasobably ok going forward ?
  20. beelzebub

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    That long !! That's a while . You're up on these things so don't doubt you for a second. It's the nature and type of tear/etc ?? I had hoped these things were a little quicker these days. That's a blow ..for all. Again.. good luck Jake.
  21. beelzebub

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Bugger. A full and speedy recovery Jake. Cya at preseason i suppose. Bugger
  22. beelzebub

    Gateway errors

    Hi guys... having issues ( often recently ) connecting to Dland. Gateway errors. You guys having issues ? Cheers
  23. beelzebub

    Tom Lynch (Adelaide)

    You'd expect the Aints to go hard ball here.If Vic bound i could see him going to StKilda. Good fit
  24. beelzebub


    If we win...we win. The generally expected outcome , but not a foregone conclusion. Shows we ARE on track If we lose...the "narrative" will return to doubting our bona fide contention of being finals bound. I would think it not damned if we do, damned if we don't. We'll just be damned if we don't.
  25. beelzebub

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Something has changed. Very interested to see the makeup of FD going into trade/eos etc ( After the flag of course )