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  1. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    Storm in teacup really. New recording is fine. Notsure what anyone's fussing about.
  2. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Hey....wattsa a mahler with you hey !!!
  3. As expansion comes we'll be diluted. We just missed the best opportunity to snag a cup and establish our real bone fide as a power club. Ive seen under 16's playva cleverer style of footy. I don't think the game coaching was at all where it needed to be. Wasted opportunity. Back to drawing board Dees. Have a good and proper think. Next year much harder.
  4. Boudicca and Joan say hello
  5. From what ive watched of this series we certainly did not lack ( in the main ) for endeavour and application. There are certainly those with some skill and footy prowess. That said there was a hell of a lot of fiddle-faht footy and the goalposts were a pretty safe spot to stand !! Melbourne...the glamour side. Not sure the coach has a clue tttt

    I read it as a childish ambit gamble. The AFL is using this as either leverage or a 'reason' it should leave ASADAS overseeing. The Great Dil cant stand that it's not really his bst and ball. Has there ever been such a lacklustre fool in charge of this game ? I wonder. Gil isnt really in this world...just his own delusional kindergarten.
  7. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    My....we are a diverse lot
  8. GAME DAY: JLT #2 vs St Kilda

    Relax. Dees by 35
  9. The Age Writers 2018 Predictions

    Stop reading the papers
  10. By seasons end therell be another 4 at around a 100.. as the Rouge one suggests its the swelling in the ranks at 50-75 that will impact ( gor us ) to a much greater degree.
  11. JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    doubt it...theyre closing Footy clubs faster than a disappearing qtr Pounder at a JennyCraig convention!!
  12. JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    Think Kangas Should just forfeit 2018 !!
  13. So is Cornes.... perhaps the two should catch up !
  14. AFL Players don't rate any Demons for a breakout year!!

    And here inlays the problem...of sorts. The suggested category..i.e 'player' Last time i looked it takes a team, a cohesive team , a consistent team to get anywhere. I couldn't care at all about players having ' breakout' seasons.... I'm more about a Team having a breakout season, our team. Let others concern themselves about individuals as I just want to see the team play a good and competitive brand of footy , week in - week out and the rest should follow. We can tell ourselves who's ramping things up at the Dees. Others might worry more about their own teams etc.
  15. My God it all becomes so laughable at this end of the season. Teams are burning down houses, training out of their skins and Media folk are exercising wrists over-time !! I honestly don't listen to any of the shows or read much of the absolute bullshlt offered up as "insight" These illustrious minds that are paid to produce clickbait and headlines are doing just that and no more. Why anyone pays the smallest skerrick of weight on any of it beggars belief. The JLT series is a full flight training run..that's its and that's all. Coaches get to see in real time against real opponents ( not your sisters ) how game plans and players are working out. THEN..... The real footy starts. Then we get to see who's come to the party ...and in what manner. In this vein come the final siren at the MCG on Mar 25 we will have some idea of what we're about and where we might be going (or not ). As others have already shown much of this ratbag lot of wannabe scions of secret knowledge are in fact just guessing. They're applying whatever they deem fit as a template and cast their runes accordingly. They will hunt with hounds and run with hares. There are only about 25 odd to whom I nod any sense of idea about who we are and how we're going and they oddly enough are the ones wearing those red and blue jumpers on game day. The only Stat that really impacts ANYTHING is the scoreboard. In this light I will continue my time honed practice of paying attention to ONLY these two parameters...an no more. Nothing said or offered other than by the team on game day matters a zac.
  16. Meh.... he's become such a Blight on football !

    Jimmy's a good bloke (Clarko )

    The West isn't renown for observing conventional protocols Somewhat ironic the Chemist is now in Windyville eh 🤔 Hard to get a really decent coffee over there... perhaps Jimmy can 'fix' the brew !!
  19. JLT Series - Non MFC Games

    There's a very Escher like quality to the Magpies
  20. Ablett may be sidelined for Round 1

    In all seriousness ...the older players are far more susceptible to soft tissues and general soreness...exh a ..one J Lewis. Ablett wont play a full season from here on. If hes a bit proppy now...wait til it ramps up
  21. Ablett may be sidelined for Round 1

    Can here them now.... we'd have beaten you with Gablett !!! Here kitty kitty kitty .....
  22. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Barnaby and Bayley....you trying to turn this thread into some kind of Circus
  23. AFLW: Rnd 4 vs Pies in Alice

    Against Collingwood....why why why
  24. New MFC facility?

    I happened to (once) be a neighbour to someone with very distinct AFL Park concerns. He, even after a while begrudgingly conceded it was a lemon...not by design or such...but by circumstances out of the leagues control. Big end of town dropped their gonads. It was also acknowledged it was too big. He didn't know why. ( I reckon someone simply fkuced up early on and it went unchallenged !! )
  25. New MFC facility?

    Good old artic park...very 18th century construct... Funny..we had nore trains in the latter 18th c 🤔