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  1. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Hope the SCG is not Arnhem either.
  2. Josh Kelly to Dees?

    Many things to like about this . Can't see it happen, but i like it.
  3. Buckley's Demise

    Interesting ( read ...delicious ) dilemma for the Poies !! Either they turf Bucks, or they keep him. But if keeping him they can't just sign him for another year, nor would I suspect Bucks agree to that. So any which way they are now faced with rolling Dice big time....all with no certainty. Wonderful watching someone ELSE stare into the abyss !!
  4. Vote for Pig ... or not... http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-08-22/afl-fan-awards-vote-for-best-defender
  5. Changes versus Collingwood

    i can't see the FD risking Viney for this game.... We can win it without him ( easier with , still probable without ) He'll be better for the rest to come back in Elim 1
  6. Josh Kelly to Dees?

    We seem to be everyone's destination club now
  7. Buckley's Demise

    Hardwick was already contracted. To dispense with his services would have seriously hurt Richmond's ledger so they went the way they did. Seems to have worked ( for them ). Different at WobblyWorld. So they don't have to go this way at all. They could well get a new fresh start...and build a dept around whoever.. I dont really care as long as the filth stay down where they belong
  8. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    Cam has made team of the week again...2 weeks running !! Well done lad. Brave(stupid ) FD that drops this bloke
  9. The Jake Lever Thread

    well...if he joins us, let's hope not and if he doesn't...let's hope so !!
  10. The Final Finals Poll

    Quantifiably , certainly. To a degree. If that were to transpire. Personally I can't see the Crows losing to the Weagles at this juncture. I put it to yo though that to fall into the finals in that manner is akin to getting a comp pass at HSC/VCE. Yes yo 're there...but really ? and for how long ?
  11. Max Gawn

    Seems hard to fathom that really doesn't it Is that because without him we play a more multi dimensional style which is harder to negate ? With Max the oppo's coaching seems to easier pinpoint a method of neutralising his effectiveness. I'd still wager if Max was playing his "A" game we'd be better. He seems distracted and annoyed currently. The maggots aren''t helping. A sense of deja vu...reffing taking away our rucking advantages !!
  12. The Final Finals Poll

    Please take no offence. That's an apologist's stance. You are where you are and yo do what you can do. Right now we can cement a place in the finals and THAT is the litmus. If we dont.It is undeniably a failure because , for the simple reason, we can. If we couldnt then yo might apply all those other parameters and regurgitate it into a "well we did better than last year" This for mine is where much of this falls into disrepute as argument. Success or failure is really about the now. It's what you CAN achieve NOW, and whether you do. The goal posts literally move in this debate.
  13. The Final Finals Poll

    website ?? ...Parallel dimension !!
  14. Buckley's Demise

    Whilst their seems screaming logic to this , I'm not so convinced. There comes a time....so the words go. There's only SO much any club can stomach. I wonder how much irony will come to be appreciated about Sat's game from a Pie perspective ? i.e It's US playing on into Sept glory, whilst they aren't even also rans, they are the crud that makes up the rubble we stand upon. That will gnaw at them intensely. Should Sat go to current plans and I sit among ex Pies whilst watching them squirm as we have them on toast I might just be able to garner a sense of what their inner sanctum are experiencing. What a great day looms
  15. Changes versus Collingwood

    Wells, if included, will break down inside the first 15 mins*.. Superb pickup for the Pies * game will start at breakneck speed...sure to test a few players !!
  16. The Jake Lever Thread

    Yes. He's in a better side. Conversely the side is better for him being in it. The comparison is there because quite simply it is. It's been part of this discussion for along while and is nothing new. Part of the Omac critique over the journey was to compare him to the likes of Lever even before it seemed a possibility that Lever may indeed be on our radar and a possible get. At this point it gained another dimension. It would , I agree , be more than likely that Omac will develop into a role somewhat augmented than the one he is charged with currently. He sort of needs to. Lever is already quite accomplished. I see no reason why he would plateau.
  17. The Final Finals Poll

    Simon and the Lads will be most happy to hear of that. Done deal
  18. The Jake Lever Thread

    Possibly a little too succinctly. STMJ ..whilst possibly overstating his position is right to suggest its not just better...but more a case of chalk and cheese. That's all
  19. Innovative Club

  20. Changes versus Collingwood

    You've got me trumped
  21. The Jake Lever Thread

    That is fair appraisal Its also fair actually to acknowledge that these two are particularly comparable.
  22. Changes versus Collingwood

    This is all about just getting a job done...In reality it's only EVER about getting a job done. Ppl need to put away their 'allegiances" and their 'enmity' towards others. Just pick for the job. Saturdays game will be full of niggle. It wont be a pushover. Buckley is coaching for his survival. He'll rev up his charges to put the sword to these heathen Demons. They can put ALL their eggs into one basket as that basket only has to last til about 4.30 on Sat arvo. This is not necessarily about picking your 'wondrous" best 22 . It IS about picking a side to get a job done and then preparing itself for the next four games!! There will be casualties...indeed sacrifices along the way.