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  1. ๐Ÿค” If only...IF ONLY !! ๐Ÿ™„
  2. So this bloke.. he's left Melbourne ...yes ? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ‘
  3. The question supposed he's but an automon..and an exception. I simply think he's a very capable player that's now using his actual decision qualities better within the framework of team style.
  4. Ah yes...two wonderful clubs Meth Coast and Freebasemental
  5. As a bit of a segway in all of this the ol' gem of decision making comes up. I'm one who sits decidedly in the camp that this is seldom a quality that can be particularly improved, as it applies to this game. There is inherently, for mine , an erroneous belief that action and decisions are necessarily cut from the same cloth . Whilst it's very possible to train players to act in a certain way, take a particular course of disposal etc they aren't so much 'decisions' as learnt automations. True decision making sits above all that. It is imho a DNA like quality. I E you either can make very good snap decisions...or you can't. I don't think it's something capable of being 'learned' In that regard players who might have desirable qualities and abilities but poor decision making often stay exactly like that. They might become better players simply by becoming better automons...but not by considered action.
  6. This is a story about two clubs One knew exactly what it was doing. The other is Fremantle.
  7. Not all are suited to the roles they find themselves in. I really don't think AFL is his best home. The lad needs professional help.. and a new focus in life.
  8. Actually... factually inaccurate . Opinions are a personal interpretation of anything the owner considers relevant. Fact or not
  9. Ok Nearly fell off the bed.. New NAB Auskick ad. Girl featured wearing. MELBOURNE jumper. ....I like.. We're not leppers anymore
  10. I think a few clubs have gone past us.. already ๐Ÿ™„
  11. Just getting warmed up OD... The Footy's nearly here
  12. In real time you get a sense of how ridiculous the citation is. In slo-mo you see the evidence of why. Absolutely BS to be rubbed out for this.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen ...you can't keep them all. For all his efforts, and credit to the lad he's given it a good go, he at his best is among our top 30. perhaps. He has lots of competition from some with more upside and more tricks in the bag. Skuit sums up... it's all been said before. I wish the bloke a full and speedy recovery but just don't see him as being a keeper. Cheers
  14. Of course life's a journey. You start somewhere.. venture through to another position. Some obviously find that hard to grasp. Maybe those that see things as only black and white are in the wrong place.
  15. He's a funny lad. Amazing to think he's only now about to play his 100th.....and already very accomplished. A few hundred more Maxy. Oh btw. I have two cats..Max and Ollie..... my Magpie wife has yet to twig
  16. God help the MFC is we come out with anything this stupid.
  17. Berry f'd up. May suspended. And the AFL wonders whats turning ppl off footy !!
  18. Happy if he's not suspended actually lol Understand the sentiments
  19. Yes And mean it I don't think we did this time...seemed half assed
  20. An aspect quite conveniently ignored/overlooked/disregarded by many. It was May who was effectively charged...he just came off better. But May is the transgressor ?? Ffs May did incredibly well to contain his motion whilst protecting himself imho. But the unwashed want to hang him.
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