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  1. Killing the game
  2. We brought our game to Adelaide for effectively 90 out of 120 mins. We did very very well as a result. Most games this year wed be lucky to put more than 70 mins of top effort. Its a big reason we give away starts..a reason we let teams back into games and cant finish off. We've lost many a game because our opponent when pushed found another gear , starved us of oxygen with their dust. I dont relish any of this.I doubt the team does. Only they can do anything about it. Finals bound teams will apply themselves longer than those they plat. Premiership teams...even longer.
  3. Well not really WB....most teams turn up before qtr time When we start matching teams mentally for 120 mins ...maybe. Hasn't happened once this year.
  4. Im not sure really any team sees us as a threat. An inconsistent stumbling block...yes We'll win a few as a result of our up/down form but not through any team capitulating in fear
  5. No shlt Watson. Thanks, now i feel far better. Im fully aware of what all that nonsense is about and why. I still suggest they say less. Do more. If you continually draw attention to what you're not doing you run the risk of looking a tad silly.
  6. Lois's cousin...... can't play footy for shlt apparently
  7. That just gave us all a downer lol
  8. I don't mind creative mix it up a bit stuff. Are you tending towards Jack &anb up front with milkshake off the hb...or otherwise ?
  9. The more we observe .....the Less we KNOW
  10. You make sense TF.. of course they're too dim Out damn spot....
  11. I reckon we'll be ok with mediun fwds. A couple with training wheels currently. If one fell our way....well...silly not to take but the 1st cab off the rank has to be to plug that defence.(imho )
  12. Be a sport and wander over and ink that....jolly good
  13. We're a tall short there I'd think.
  14. Brad in ths fwd pocket,flank.. Ooooooooh noice he did wax and wane til he 'grew up' but never the 'where has he gone, is he still on ths field' impression Kent offers. Am just popping of to the naughty cnr
  15. dont really ever recall Brad have a 'flat period" ...might just be my fuzzy grey cells granted. Brad could be OK... Brad could be Brilliant. Kent can turn it on for 5 mins at a time...Kent can stink it up big time with a twist of "squib" Would love to have Tippa...dare I say , could there be such a thing..a fav EFC player ( I need a shower now )
  16. Dd, I'd certainly agree all won't/can't be fixed in one off season. I want to try to get the best available into each of our holes. If fit , our list has ,if not perfect a usuable fwd line, a midfield that's getting better ( but yes can use augmenting ) but its that key FB position that needs fixing. Priority 1
  17. WB ..the first one to hit their straps and perform ought to nail this gig. I agree no one is setting the world on fire but i can't see Goody &Co giving unlimited chances. Many are getting gift games but this can't last forever. If Kent crashes we might start seeing the FD getting 'creative' There would have to be a number of players on borrowed time.
  18. If Kent's dropped it'll need a miracle ( or more injuries 😥 ) for him to get back in. These lads really can't be that bright if they can't understand how this is going to play out. Dean, pick your socks up or you'll be packed off to wherever come seasons end.
  19. 33 666 7 only just noticed that
  20. A lateral thinker
  21. I'm not really fussed who's in or out. My observations of games this year suggests to me the personnel aren't the win/lose factor. The ability to read a watch is. In this regard could whoever are selected turn up for the first bounce !! Much appreciated A further note....the first 30 mins isn't actually a warm up and playing kick to kick with the 'other' fellows is now to stop. The team is also advised that unlike some junior underage comps we DO actually take into account the scores so could the players start this practice prior to the start of the second period. Thankyou
  22. what season is that ?....our Winter......of......
  23. I think it would be best for the players and the club to just stfu from here on in and let the footy do the talking
  24. I like your optimism Steve. I don't share it however.. but kudos
  25. I think theyve had to come up with an alternative to 4-6.. This phrase has always referred to the idea of a player being out for 4-6 weeks...( but we know better ) This season I think it now means any given week there are 4-6 PLAYERS out