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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    Tttt. Nothing surprises me about this. Have no idea what page it was on but i did make the comment we would take this pick... take any pick really So much is not what it seems. Alas...water flowing under the bridge now.... hopefully not down the drain.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    Spot poll/ pop quiz Just a curiosity here. It's not about sides...ok Who still holds the same views about this adventure/farce/ circus /list management ( call it whatever suits ) as you did ...say .. at the end of season ? Its a serious question....well...a real curiosity
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    An irony for mine is that whilst the Thread's title is about Watts, whilst we talk of Watts and what's what. What has happened and the 'what' that all this is really about is not Jack. In much measure its about a package of expectations,a club,its failures its tribulations, its politics its ability to do things. Jack just happened to be a very convenient whipping boy and eventual scapegoat . His last act was as the sacrifice to the alter of ' truth and realities' I wish you luck Jack. I wish our club well. I most fervently above all hope that we sort through this debacle Out damn spot...
  4. Trade rumours

    Only so many Jack Levers !! etc The wisdom of trading for talentv(known ) as against speculative drafting is surely dependent on your needs, available players, and ability to get them. The proverb...bird in hand etc often holds up.
  5. Trade rumours

    Trade week: The application of Chicken and Egg dichotomy towards shopping lists
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    Has it ? The foundations of this debacle were laid some time ago. A bit of cowboy diplomacy hasn't helped. Those that suggest it could have been done very differently should consider who's involved. It might have been done differently were different folk involved, but then its unlikely this would ever have occurred were they there. Watts done is done.
  7. Trade rumours

    I think some folk need to understand and distinguish between the idea that the JW trade might be delaying things...and JW delaying things. Its now at that silly stage of dominoes. A lot of clubs Actually on pretty much same page...just different corners. Not expecting much before about 10 tomorrow now....unless a 'balancing' trade falters...or signed off in next 2-3 hours. ( And that's not JW btw ) Fun isn't it lol
  8. Trade rumours

    some much older lists needing to get some kiddies in..some lists struggling as past picks unable to muster the coin needed to make the trades worth. A few chooks coming home to roost. Combine that with some clubs better at trading than others...some clubs trade..some really dont ( much ). There's , as usual , one or three trades holding up everything also. it's a marketplace...some days better than others
  9. The Josh Schache Thread

    volumes can't wait
  10. WESTERN Bulldogs have poached Melbourne AFLW footy boss Debbie Lee. Are we getting slack here MFC ? Whats the story I wonder ?
  11. Tim Watson's outrageous faux pas

    If you look up despot fwit in your Funk and Wagnell's guess wholl be staring back at ya. That's right....ASADA father of the year !!! Meh...can this fool get any more stupid ??
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    Maybe i just wont say it in black and white... somewhat appropriate for a Melb site. Maybe youre too dim or frankly fn lazy to apply the grey matter Maybe you take the MFC at face value. More fool you. There is a Trojan horse. Now run along and pretend youre intelligent.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Good Dr. I know what i know..and there's what im told. There's also what im prepared to deduce and surmise. Im not prepared to breach confidences nor betray those that might impart. What i am saying is straight forward. As often the case things are not what they may seem. Football clubs lie. Its the first language of this sport. The many are being sold a story. One that fits a particular narrative but its validity falls apart upon furtive inspection. About 75-90% of what i understand to be the case has quite amazingly been spelt out in this very thread, just not by one poster in one post. As ive suggested before ill suggest again. Forget Jack per se but look to the club, the one spinning this garbage and look at timelines. Look at personnel, look at where elements of the narrative start, stop, or change. There are others , both here on these very boards as well as just out in footy land who either know many elements, but possibly not the whole picture. I don't know the whole picture. Ive a fair idea of the artist, the muse and the gallery. I dont care whether you believe me. I don't care whether you can or indeed be bothered to look/ think further. I do care that club's successful. I'll finish by saying that im abou %99 sure Jack's departure is both predetermined and a part of a course of action, and it just hasn't happened as a result of some 'misunderstandings"
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    🤔 Youve missed your calling... Or .... perhaps not !!
  15. Trade rumours

    That sort of infers it's not there yet !
  16. Farewell Jack Watts

    wow...some first post....Welcome to the fray. Interesting
  17. Farewell Jack Watts

    @ChewyOnMyBoot et al Can the many actually handle the truth ? Look forward to a book about this era of the club. It might join other illustriou tomes. In the meantime I'll settle for some eminently successful footy.
  18. Farewell Jack Watts

    Swyl... The problem is...they cut Jack's vein and found it Burgundy... He just doesn't bleed Red & Blue in the right manner. He's now off to a land of Stobie Poles, Pie Floaters and Southwark .... Where Reds are plentiful , well nurtured and cultivated. Even Burgundy is understood there.
  19. Farewell Jack Watts

    250..250 anyone ?? Any Shakespearian devotees here ?