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  1. The hypocrisy being piled upon hypocrisy is near beyond belief. I do believe it however as the AFL has form. One rule for one...........
  2. Am surprised ( leave it there )
  3. He still can... following up on his tear away from HB
  4. Said elsewhere THIS is the lesson here. Contest the MRP !! People often argue it's impossible to defend the implausible....well, here we have exhibit A We play too nice.
  5. Isnt Hunt that very speed out of the back ?
  6. Lesson to be learnt. Melbourne must contest everything in future. MRP..weak as plss !!
  7. Trying to think of something suitable to describe Grace
  8. All i can say re Eagles farce Liar Liar pants on fire !!! Fmd...these clowns actually believe their own bullshlt ??
  9. But don't rate them ? Once there were Three Wise Monkeys.... and then there was 3 examples of what monkeys throw !!!
  10. Ducks and drakes as it were. Amazing how short some's memories are @Nasher I do concur that possibly the testimony of doctors subsequent to events might help curb their incidence but can we have fully impartial ones ? Not that i don't trust Carlton.... actually....i dont trust Carlton...any part of it !!
  11. Somewhere i read he'd be Roo'ting for us. His bias is understandable. I'm biased
  12. I think Garry Lyon is now officially dead to me. Irrelevance , in a ' jumped the shark' kinda way.
  13. Talking Footy... talking SHlT
  14. Interesting aspect. So much upon a visual snippet... where's context ? Schofield has form. Old school 'bully' . That was deliberate and concerted. If ppl had watched him , capable player he is, he's also thuggish. His role was to iron out Clarry. He did this.. quite well really given public reaction. I wonder how many here have actually played competitive gets nasty...often
  15. I can see now where i erred re Alice and Darwin. However. As original post references Darwin I can see where I derailed. Still. If to keep buckeroos then ( for mine ) only Alice as away in season. Darwin...well well well No one gives a reasonable equation for Darwin during h/a
  16. 🤔 ✓
  17. Rather partial to mine as well...your point ? lol Good on Roosey.....shove it up 'em!!
  18. Indeed...upside big. Not always realised... here's hoping though.
  19. Any credibility...... Hmmm...let me ponder that for a whiles..
  20. Yep. As i suggested earlier... there's a jolly good reason boxers like to land one across a chin !!
  21. Pop the corks laddies ( and ladies ) The planets are aligning !!
  22. Yes... immediately noticed the all but 'subject to Calscums doctors' effect. Am learning a new level of despision for these cheats.
  23. As they say... don't hold breath my friend.
  24. Can the AFL make itself look any more foolish ?? (Well there is always next week I suppose, but for now they've reached the current zenith )
  25. Ya know... there's a reason a boxer might like to whack you on the chin