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  1. VFL Development League - competition to finish

    Hetetic ....burn
  2. Queens Birthday 2018

    Lyon lost his way years ago. On a personal basis that's his to deal with...all well and good. Opening your mouth in a public tome...well ...what a nuff nuff. Dead to me
  3. The Don's delusion!!!

    Shouldve decked the idiot Ash. I know i would have ( then get scolded by wife of course ) There is a lot of resentment to Essendon. A lot in my view quite justifiable, but the action of that wanquer was totally out of order.
  4. The Jake Lever Thread

    To be fair they probably ARE....after all have about 20 spots on their list to fill !!!!!!

    Read that too and wondered. Think its as supposed do with the RAP. Still...he's coming along nicely as they say.
  6. The Don's delusion!!!

    Frost has surprised just about everyone, himself included...maybe/maybe not . He backs himself and grows with each outing. Sometimes the weight of that growth tends to make the tree bow....until next time. a not so rough diamond...still more polishing to happen...and then the brilliance will be blinding. Without doubt Milkshake and Pig are relishing their new surrounds. Both served their penance and are making a fresh and contributory reboot. You should really swap the black for blue and be done with it
  7. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    well, that's a bit Rood
  8. The 2017 Membership Thread

    4 days to crack 42 !! Carn Dees
  9. New Forum Software

    I ...LIKE it !!
  10. New Forum Software

    Good stuff Dland. Like the update. Gives a bit of choice now. Ought to be ....interesting
  11. Sniper Sheedy takes aim at Paul Roos!

    He's a narcissistic [censored] Daisy.
  12. The Don's delusion!!!

    Ash, I can fully understand that your good self would want to move on from that debacle of fiasco ( doubling up there for effect..I know ). I get it. It's your club. You barrack for them, you unlike a very great many from Windy Hill have uttered Mea Culpa. Here's the thing. Tim Watson is a sorry effort at a frontman. He was as immersed in that mire as anyone . His protestations are hilariously coloured and many in the wider community see him for the hypocrite he is. When he says "anything" it is in my estimation fair game for 'review". Ash..just for the record also. Until the day Essendon admit what they did, then they will be labeled as they are. Why should anyone else move on if they CAN'T. I dont hate Essendon. Despise is a word that does however come to mind. ( I still havent forgotten which team pushed and pushed to have us done for list managing btw )
  13. Barrett Article on AFL.COM

    The questions are leading and too narrow btw And from a beagle