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  1. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Red...i could tell you why....but it's not pretty. Someone has to think of the children .
  2. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Fmd Fritsch had how many days from the Hawks ? If he needs a restbit ought to have been against Ess. He actually has some footy nous. He tries all game. Hes fairly clean of hands and can kick. Doesn't seem adverse to the wet etc. He's far from magnificent but would have been very handy last night when we desperately lacked finish. Who givesva flying fig about the Ess game in that context. No point protecting tomorrow when we're fvcklng useless today !!
  3. Changes Vs Essendon

    Ernest...it already IS a miserable season.
  4. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    It seemed , to this humble observer, that our game style ( note i haven't said plan...as i can't discern one ) was simply pressure on the ball/man. It was very British Bulldogs really...just stacks on the mill and with a fairly inventive copy of a rolling scrum we got it ti our end and got a bit lucky...scored a try. Then, Richmond working intelligently utilsed our desire to concentrate manpower and used the resulting open spaces, and lack of effective opposition to run amock. We were still playing a very dumb game. It works for at best a quarter. Why were we not switching ? That HAS to be instructed. Why do we often have the wrong players on at crucial moments ? That's direction. Why do we continually have poor structure. Why do we just bomb away? Why do other teams find it so easy to score out the back door ? Why are we going backwards ?
  5. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Keep this up and don't be surprised if those not already locked in start looking around. We talk of Coach-killer players....we here have a Player killing Coach(s) He's starting to lose them.
  6. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Last night answers that other threads question for mine. Need someone up that end whos MORE than useful. I actually thought Weed wasn't too shabby. But hes more icing ( if that ) than cake currently. We simply need goals kicked.
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Edited for clarity. 4-6 anyone
  8. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Its not who we played Its how we played.
  9. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    His presser sums it up. He has a losers mentality.
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Actually Red i totally agree with ADC You're missing the point entirely. Camps arent about skills or gameplans... they're about mindsets, building resilience, building a relationship between themselves . The comradery, the trust , the belief is borne out of these experiences. Here we have a group aloof from such ideals and they play like it. We're a rabble and we'll never be any good...well..not quite but almost. Not quite but almost ??? Sums up our Brand absolutely. NQR should sponsor us as that's us to a T We're an absolutely embarassing shambles. Skills ? Plan ? Cohesion ? Nous ? We can't win a Premiership to save ourselves, hell we couldn't take a trick at a Bingo night playing like that. Think we're favourite to win the Laughingstock of the League trophy though. We just pretend we play footy. We go and get supposed Coaches. We get all these 'talented' players and put on colourful garb and dance around like the Easter Bunny at a kindergarten. Can we be more inept with a ball ? How many fresh-air kicks does it take to make a team ? How many Too-many up for a mark does it take to make a circus ? We must be the best team at Spotting up opposition...i mean fair dinkum we excel at it. About the only thing we do. We're Pretenders. We have Coaches pretending they have the slightest idea of what they're doing coupled with players who pretend they have ability. Had Richmond been on target earlier we'd have been annihilated instead of simply dismissed. I don't mind losing. That is if you've applied yourself to the task 100% . We just turn up....to turn it up. Houston, we have a problem.
  11. GAME DAY

    I say chaps .. Who's up for an Honorable Loss against the Prems eh what
  12. GAME DAY

    He's a genius eh 🤔
  13. GAME DAY

    Hard to soar like Eagles with so many Turkeys in your jumpers
  14. GAME DAY