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  1. Oliver should probably make a brilliant Chess Player. He has a rare ability. Not only is he sublime of physical attributes but he can project where other ought to be , even before they seem to know lol. Very few ppl can read the play at his level.
  2. In game where games are played.. I'd love Gawn to be selected on the extended bench , subject to a fitness test that morning. Would have Eddie's lads in a lather wondering, second guessing and sweating.
  3. It's interesting to note the various camps we posters reposit. There's an idiom..What is..IS This is my trunk to which i attach any branches. Scorelines , win, losses are only a projection of what is...not what might have been. If only Freddy had kicked that goal(s) if we'd had 5 mins longer..if we'd beaten the Whosawattits...then we'd be such and such on the ladder.....on...on...and on. All that is a form of denial. As PD purports the litmus...or the true currency is performance. If someone is fluffing it ...well, they're fluffing it...No point saying they are fluffing it 2 times a game less than last year.. A Fluff is still a fluff. It makes them a fluffer and not an accomplished or reliably able player. There are players simply getting a game, because..A) the FD has tried most everyone shining light yet and/or B) No viable alternative. It's moot to suggest ( imho ) that a player MUST be AFL standard as he is getting a game. There are roles to play in the game plan. Not all of any list are groomed for them. Suggest that as a player is selected he must be AFL standard is akin to passing someone with a D grade. Yes technically not a fail...hardly an accomplishment !! What exactly DOES AFL standard mean ? It's thrown around like a hot spud really. All it means is the bloke is capable of taking the field at that level. It really offers no qualification to what will happen in so doing. Without doubt players get gigs before time or as part of ongoing development. Opportunity is often the key to a players success. We all like the "stories" of that Bloke who sneaked into a team and ripped the game apart. Yeah I like them too but they are rare as hens teeth. More often players get a shot, another, and sometimes another because when the FD looks down the list there's no one behind said Bloke. I'm reminded of the way many subjects' exams are graded. Some are purely subjective ( don't you love the arts ) and the more technically orientated ones often have a pure result standardised. This to suit enrollments and fundings and agendas. What IS...wis you got 76/100 you got 43/100 you got 100/100 ( or even 105/100 ) . What happens is the more desperate to fill campuses take the 45/100 the 50/100 as that's invariably all there's to choose from. In some eye's view that makes them tertiary standard. Life will show otherwise. Footy isn't a lot different. Yes some do like to score performances entirely upon what they actually did...not colour it with excuses. Scoreboards don't understand excuses. A season is defined by the games and the games are outcomed ONLY by the score. ( arguably overly influenced by umpires' and league's agendas to 'rules' I'll allow )
  4. As a psuedo abstract , the teams that WILL make the 8 are thd the ones who have completed the task of winning the games they should as well as the odd pick-up against the tide. I currently struggle to include us.
  5. Adelaide Hawthorn Frost Omac Oliver Hibberd Unlikely unless we learn to play 4 qtr footy and string wins together. Reality is we haven't.
  6. The rumours have us linked ( or liking )Lever. Lyon wants us to get May
  7. Think we've got a keeper here
  8. May IS a good player..a normally very capable FB. Interesting game though yesterday. I still lean more towards Lever.
  9. Did well did Milkshake. That wing style role suits him much better. That time away has done him , nor us , any harm at all. Happy for him to repeat in a fortnight
  10. Dad..... Purple reckons Hogan's back for our game !!!
  11. Changes v Pies Have to see who's available.
  12. Changing to plan B....or C when needed...not 30 mins late. Against some opponents you might get away with it. As we get closer to September we probably wont be the only improvers. Blink at the wrong moment, you're done. The Box will need to act as ( or even before) the match requires. There's a lot of sliding doors in footy. Don't wont to be uttering ' missed by that much' !!
  13. Id like to single out one for the moment. He's been around a whiles and to be frank thought his participation at times over rated despite his enduring desire to be otherwise. As a leader quite frankly I didn't see it often on the ground as all i saw was grim determination not always accompanied by, though he undoubtedly wanted better , results from his efforts. They sometimes seemed more appreciated by the opposition receiving his tardy disposal. There was one crucial and mandatory ( for mine ) quailty i had yet to witness. It's where someone takes a very bad situation and changes it manifestly by their own efforts. Yesterday was the day, the 3 qtr was the moment. Enough is enough must have been the impetus as he stepped up. Not just his own game but for the first time for this observer it had a wave effect. His charges followed suit. I haven't always been your greatest fan but out there in the middle , of the middle, you found your Excalibur, drew it , raised it and took it to your foes. Well done Nathan Jones. You appeared to grow into a King, a General among your legion, not just in name but now in effect. There was much to cringe at especially the first half but you showed your team the right stuff. I often highlight the scoreboard as being essence of the story of a game but the prize of our torrid plight against the Coasters was not the win for me, though I'll take it happily , it was the arrival of something I as a Melbourne supporter haven't seen for a long while, affirmation. Dont drop the sword, it's yours. Weild it well.
  14. In all those games we came late to the game... actually we come late to ALL games. Why is that?