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  1. secretly id like to know...reality is 13's the go ( I reckon ) .We'll be safe
  2. I know we berate the maggots ( as they deserve ) but its really quite worrisome in that it really is obviously atrocious. Last night, last week , today, tomorrow it's all rubbish. God knows how anyone plays the game when it's roulette out there..fmd !!
  3. it certainly gladdened the heart. Today was a good footy day...all round
  4. Faulty i actually reckon today he ( JW) was somewhere in the middle of that. A lot of polish was missing but the substance of his role I feel was carried out. Not his shiniest day for sure.
  5. already chalked up as a win....obviously...get with it !!
  6. The Milkshake's uncurdling !!
  7. I could hear yelping from Footis-scray.... some poor fellow called Bevo....bugger bugger bugger !!
  8. so....forget darwin.. bring on Tassie !!!
  9. got to be at least even money fav for the Bluey ?
  10. always considered him to have high footy no exception. THAT"S his prime quality
  11. might take the panic out of needing players to return too soon possibly eh ?
  12. But....but....this is Demonland !!! lol
  13. member ?? membership ?? Im confused
  14. pretty solid without setting the world on fire. Didnt look out of place and genuinely added to the pie..Pass