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  1. Wrecker45

    Misson Leaving at End of 2019

    I know they are flying at the moment but Collingwood have had atrocious injuries over the last 3 years. They are the last club we want to follow.
  2. Wrecker45

    Sam Weideman

    I hadn’t seen that game at Casey. If he can take marks strongly where he has jumped and has his arms at near peak he will be a weapon. unfortunately, I think he is an average over head mark. With his body shape and pace he needs to be a Carey like mark and he is simply not. unlike other posters on here i’m not going to spend the rest of his career hoping he doesn’t make it because that was my prediction. I’m desperate for him to succeed.
  3. Wrecker45

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    We were spent by the west coast game. This year will be a different story. Those blokes with an interrupted pre-season are being managed correctly. The rest of the crew that have done a full pre-season started late to peak late like the other top teams. injury is no excuse in the last decade hawthorn, Geelong and Sydney kept getting up despite their players playing more games, having operations later and getting less of a pre-season.
  4. Wrecker45

    Sam Weideman

    I’m going to be very unpopular here and say i’m not convinced. He is good at ground level but in the air I don’t see it. Even in that final the marks he took fell to him and he didn’t take them cleanly. i’m hoping it’s a strength thing and he proves me wrong with a greater upper body.
  5. Wrecker45

    Do not believe the Hype

    I’m happy the hype has shifted towards team performance and away from our next draft pick,
  6. Wrecker45


    I’m concerned Petracca is going to come back out of shape from this mini break.
  7. Wrecker45

    Impact of rule changes

    From what I understand the umpires had a trial with the new rules last weekend and it left more questions than answers.
  8. Wrecker45

    Farewell Dean Kent

    Not a chance.
  9. Wrecker45

    Jack Watts video

    I think this might be like the time Deryn Hinch was caught drinking non-alcoholic wine.
  10. Wrecker45

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    We should build the facilities and make Collingwood pay for it.
  11. Wrecker45

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    I’ve always thought our early call to get of gaming and state government support on this facility are linked.
  12. Wrecker45

    Round 1 team 2019

    The footy department rate Omac over Frost and Omac clearly wins in the footy IQ stakes. I do wonder though if Frosts furious pace suits our manic game style more. In combination with May we could have two massive bodied backs who are lightning quick and highly aggressive.
  13. Wrecker45

    TMacs Toe .... Again?

    He should just cut it off and then spend his days loading up on drugs to take his mind off it like Daniel Chick did.
  14. Wrecker45

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    I thought Preuss was a good kick?