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  1. Wrecker45

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    A bloke who has suffered from cancer and lost his old man within a short period of time is looking at his options to move home. i have good mail on this and can say for certain that Hogan loves the club and the boys. He might go but make no mistake there is no I’ll feeling towards Melbourne.
  2. Wrecker45

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Melbourne want Hogan we have offered him a 5 year contract. The person who said Melbourne don’t want Hogan and Fremantle are cooling on him was Tom Brown on mmm and he said he formed that opinion through the language of both footy clubs. It is a load of [censored].
  3. Wrecker45

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    He has done some kind of medical with Fremantle. I know that for certain.
  4. Wrecker45

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Take 5 years or leave now is what I have been told. Player manager telling him to do neither.
  5. Wrecker45

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Melbourne have asked Hogan to either leave now or re-sign with us for a longer period. His manager is telling him to hold out for a better deal next year. Hogan is torn.
  6. Wrecker45

    Viney on crutches

    Isn't nice to be worried about post season operations rather than draft picks.
  7. Wrecker45

    Electrifying Aboriginal forwards

    That is not what I said. Drafting is a complicated art. We need fast skilful players but they have to meet other critearia and be obtained at a fair selection / price
  8. Wrecker45

    Electrifying Aboriginal forwards

    And every one of us has been lamenting taking Toumpas (a running outside mid) over Wines (the slow competitive type we are stacked with) for years. We can’t have it every way.
  9. Wrecker45

    Where will you be watching The Big Game

    With family who have stuck by thick and thin. when you are passionate Melbourne and have copped grief for a decade wherever you go because you are Melbourne now is your time. I will be watching with loved ones who have suffered through a decade of misery. Have been laughed at for wearing their Melbourne jumper to school / work to raise money for charity on wear your footy jumper day. Lets paint this town red and blue.
  10. Wrecker45

    Camp wars

    Dieter you should be better than that. If we went to the camp we might have finished on top and won the minor premiership. It is pure speculation.
  11. Wrecker45

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    The outcome should not influence the process.
  12. Wrecker45

    Dom Tyson - what's wrong?

    GOTO I always appreciate your perspective but I am puzzled by this? He always takes his opponent to the ball because he reads it well and is first to the footy?
  13. Sorry my post above is fake news. A number of posters have correctly pointed out that the Tigers finished top 4 last year and to completely debunk my theory they won the first final and got the bye following that. 2 byes in short succession and went on to win the premiership.
  14. @Whispering_Jack I think you may have missed one mathematical advantage we have. Since the AFL changed the fixture to give all teams a bye to refresh the week before the finals it seems to disadvantage the top teams that get a bye the following week for winning. No team finishing in the top 4 has won since, whereas, previously you almost had to finish top 4 to have a chance.