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  1. I was talking about Trenners banging down the door for Tyson. Not sure how Wagner went but would be interested to hear.
  2. He has had more than one off field incident. And the one i assume you are reffering too is where he was injured and got in a fight outside a pub where he used his crutches to belt the other bloke. That is taking stupidity to a whole new level. l have heard a few stories about Greene over the years because i know someone who went to school with him. I'm no advocate for recruiting robots but Greene is a trouble with a capital DH.
  3. Jack Trengove.
  4. I really rate Dom Tyson but despite our depleted injury stocks he is the only player we have with someone banging down the door for his spot. I guess if Mitch White has a couple more good games you could say the same about Melksham. Except the i really rate him part.
  5. WJ the VFL tribunal are every bit as baffling as the AFL MRP. Have a look at the incident i posted in the Casey v North Ballarat thread. Tim Currie from Williamstown got 4 weeks for an incident where he marked the ball diving forwards with a half twist that happened to clip the bloke behind him.
  6. If he marked it diving forwards, landing on his back and managed to get that elbow in on purpose to the bloke behind him that he couldn't see because his eyes were on the ball he should quit footy and become a ninja.
  7. He's just going to cop it.
  8. He appealed and it went from 3 to 4. He and Williamstown are astonished.
  9. What a joke. Tim Currie for Williamstown who is a ball player, never been reported before and actually had eyes for and marked the footy got 4 for this during the week. https://mobile.twitter.com/7VFL/status/855683748876005377
  10. What did the bloke who hit brayshaw get?
  11. Don't get reported! I caught up with one of the Williamstown players before their clash with Casey round 1 and he told me they had been specifically told to target Pedo because he is proan to silly retaliations.
  12. Cale Morton
  13. I have followed the career of Daniel Currie very closely because i know him well. He was number 2 ruck to Goldstein at North for a number of years and was simply dominating at VFL level but unable to get a game due to being behing Goldstein who was All Australian at the time. North offered him another contract but he sought opportunities elsewhere. He told his manager not to bother speaking to Melbourne because they had Gawn. He ended up going to the Gold Coast and cementing the number 1 ruck position last year only to break his hand 3 times in a row each in different spots each in different freak accidents and all requiring surgery. Gold Coast have now recruited Witts and he is back to 2nd ruck. It can be a cruel game. You simply can't recruit mature age AFL or borderline AFL quality ruckman if you have a dominant ruckmen. They want to make their own luck elsewhere.
  14. I think we're going about this the wrong way trying to find a ruck replacement. let's just take out everyone else's ruckman.
  15. It was heavily Melbourne in the MCC.