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  1. I'd like to see Bitter But Optimistic give Houli a character reference at the the appeal. He'd get 10 weeks and a jolly good flogging.
  2. Interesting. I don't have the the breakdown but think that increased population growth leading to a pool of slaves is a very slanted way of looking at it. I'm guessing unskilled immigrants from more disadvantaged countries would find the wages a massive step up to what they are used to. Yes it is a boon for bosses but again I think capitalism makes the rich get richer but drags the poor out of poverty at the same time. Any skilled migration that is meeting a need can only be good for our society. Population growth scares me because of the effect it is having on our culture and crime not because it could be making bosses rich.
  3. I've had a read of the link and tried to take it on board. I agree with a key argument that the Climategate emails don't prove or disprove climate change one bit. If Carbon Dioxide is driving the climate, regardless what those chain of emails say, it will continue to do so regardless. I don't have time to check the terms of reference of each of the six official investigations quoted in the article but I do know what I read in the Climategate emails. Even if I give the benefit of the doubt on the use of the word "trick" and the "hide the decline". Which investigations and those close to the Universitited involved seem to argue vehemently that they were just common terms and there was no malice there. There are still email after emil showing the Universities were colluding and they were preventing any alternative view from their own been publishes in "peer reviewed" journals. This was damning at the time because the argument back then was that climate sceptisim was just witch science because it couldn't be peer reviewed. We know from reading Climategate that no matter how scientifically perfect a sceptic piece on climate change was it had no chance of being peer reviewed at that time. The argument has moved on since then but clearly demonstrates how the science was being stymied at the time.
  4. When i watch footy on youtube i watch uplifting moments. But that's just me. I'm not self loathing.
  5. Melbourne having their best season in a decade and you want to look elsewhere. Glass half empty doesn't even come close. Perpetually miserable maybe.
  6. Nathan Jones (c), Jack Watts, Jesse Hogan missing. Salem, Garlett injured and restricting our interchange numbers. Umpires crucified us. Yeah we were really lucky to win. You must be a fantastic bloke to have a beer with... I'd shout but the beer would be flat or something wrong with it
  7. You are an A grade idiot. We have the best player in a generation and all you can see is a stager. Did you miss the bit where he got up and tried to retaliate with the otherplayers trying to hold him back?
  8. Goodwin said Watts should play. Out: Salem, Garlett In: Watts, Kent Weid to play in the VFL until he kicks bags consistantly. I love Kent but he doesn't contribute emough consistantly to our immense pressure game. Hopefully he kicks a few and increases his trade value.
  9. Hurn got Viney. Viney got him back. Is it the first case of Viney made me cry reciprocation?
  10. It's funny how Lewis keeps playing for teams that get up in close losses.
  11. Ha,flattery can't excuse you from a poor argument. Prodee can argue for himself just fine,but I feel embarrassed to be associated with him. He is one of the great football contributors to demonland. I love a bit of political banter on this site. You and choke provide the left wing argument. I like it. Some of your mates are hopeless.
  12. The sad thing is all the lefties will refuse to watch it because it goes against their confirmation bias.
  13. Sole captain today for the first time. He seemed to handle it pretty well.
  14. Pedo was very quiet when we were playing well in the first half but when we needed to lift in the last quarter he was instrumental.
  15. Salem - effective before injured Hunt - many aerial surprises Omac - Now so important Garlett - quiet but brave Lewis - visible when counted