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  1. 2015 the hottest year on record

    Can you link to what you find useful? I've been to the site and despite trying, I can't find anything demonstrating how the world is heating due to man produced co2. You really need to highlight which part of this website you endorse.
  2. 2015 the hottest year on record

    Agreed. Sick of listening to the sky is falling in crowd.
  3. 2015 the hottest year on record

    Polar Bears are increasingly becoming the symbol for climate skeptics. Since Al Gore's fictional movie on climate change made Polar Bears some kind of victim their numbers have thrived globally. it is laughable that the socialist left leaning Fairfax media post a photo of a single Polar Bear as some kind of evidence of climate change. My bet is the Polar Bear has cancer or some other sickness,
  4. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    i think a few on here under-estimate Hutchy and his business acumen. He will turn SEN into a national broadcaster and continue selling content to it through Crocmedia.
  5. Best of Melbourne 2017

    Showed Hunt's electric pace, Viney's fierce attack on the ball and T Mac as a forward. We have all that to look forward to for a very long time.
  6. Best of Melbourne 2017

    THE highlight of 2017 https://soundcloud.com/user-967419456/demonland-podcast-jakovich
  7. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Hutchy definitely just bought SEN, not sure if he bought it through crocmedia or a seperate entity.
  8. MFC Advent Calendar

    Is that one of santa's little alfs? gee he is small but that makes me think we got quite the bargain with this pick.
  9. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    The truth and what you choose to believe (your words) are Melbourne premiership years apart.
  10. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    If what you say about the Herald Sun is true regarding the Muslim bank robber I would call that a dog whistle and condemn it. I say that assuming the Koran doesn't glorify robbing banks. When the Koran clearly advocates killing non believers and then Muslims kill non believers in the name of Islam I will point the finger.
  11. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    Imagine Donald Trump said that. You would have your left leaning knickers in a knot. You choose what you want to believe. I've seen what you post and I believe that!
  12. The adventures of President Donald Gump

    But but but Christianity is worse...
  13. 2018 Contracts and List Details

    Surely that is the nature of list management. You give fringe players short term contracts so they will always be coming out of contract more regularly.
  14. Passing on Stefan Giro

    Thanks for sharing napster.
  15. CHANGES 2017 - PART TWO

    For the first time I can remember I went into this draft not really caring about it. We no longer need saviours and we had late picks anyway. But I have this funny feeling we have nailed it and am really excited by all of them.