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  1. whatwhatsaywhat

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    they're technically a 'not-for-profit'
  2. whatwhatsaywhat

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    i highly recommend sashi tharoor's "inglorious empire" about the british rule in india
  3. whatwhatsaywhat

    2019 Fixture

    rd 3 - friday night home game vs peptides!
  4. whatwhatsaywhat

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    Massive supporter base
  5. whatwhatsaywhat

    2019 Fixture

    if it's true that qb is the pies' home game in 2019, then we are looking at a big, big financial hole in 2019 with our two 'feature' games both being away contests
  6. whatwhatsaywhat

    2019 Fixture

    ah, but that's an away game i thought you were saying that there was a leak of a home friday night game carry on...
  7. whatwhatsaywhat

    2019 Fixture

    which leak? i've seen nothing in terms of our home games, other than round 1 i agree with whoever posted above - gimme 11x home games at the g on a saturday arvo
  8. whatwhatsaywhat

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    awful news best wishes to his family
  9. whatwhatsaywhat

    Jack Watts

    it has been a truly glorious day of rumours, screen grabs, and jack watts jokes
  10. whatwhatsaywhat

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    when will these journos learn that jetta MUST be #1 player named when going from the backline?!??
  11. whatwhatsaywhat

    Andrew Brayshaw

    looks quicker and a better kick than gus
  12. whatwhatsaywhat

    2019 Ladder Predictions

    rough first guess...pre-fixture release at the end of the month... the scum the filth meth coke crowbots peptides us poos&wees shinboners handbaggers the pear gw$ cola the jokers bears footscray carltank the aints gc17
  13. whatwhatsaywhat

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    1: Preuss - Strawbs to Max’s Jimmy 16: KK - one K replaced by double K 27: May - tall defender continues the Rivers, Ingerson, Wight legacy
  14. whatwhatsaywhat

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    post trade... key defenders: lever, frost, o mac, petty, keilty, may mid-sized defenders: wagner, joel smith rebounding defenders: salem, lewis, hibberd, hunt, fritsch, baker, jetta, kolodjashnij inside midfielders: harmes, brayshaw, oliver, maynard inside-outside midfielders: jones, viney, stretch, jkh hybrid half-forward / midfielders: petracca, hannan, vandenberg small forwards: spargo, anb, garlett key forwards: melksham, t mac, weideman, tim smith rucks: gawn, preuss gotta say, i'm really worried about our midfield depth - i think we've over-indexed for defensive options, and we're reliant upon hybrids pushing up and rebounders going thru the wing positions i'm really curious to see how we adjust with the new 6-6-6 format, as we basically played a 2-5-6-3-2 formation for the most part of 2018 at this stage, i expect that preuss will line-up up in round 1 - we'll try and stretch teams with three genuine tall targets, and try and give max relief ruck straight away - and the big benefit of having him and max able to swap from ruck / forward / bench is that it leaves plugger mac and weed as permanent forwards, not relief ruck...it's gonna be pretty important as we need to find 50 odd goals, and plugger, weed, melksham, petracca and avb are going to have to make up for the hogan slack best 26? B: Jetta - May - Lever HB: Salem - O Mac - Hibberd 😄 Jones - Brayshaw - Viney HF: Petracca - T Mac - ANB F: Preuss - Weideman - Melksham Foll: Gawn - Oliver - Harmes I/c: Lewis - Spargo - Hannan - AVB Emerg: Frost - Hunt - Fritsch - Kolodjashnij rd 1, 2019 (presuming lever ain't ready for resumption) B: Jetta - May - Hibberd HB: Salem - O Mac - Lewis 😄 Jones - Brayshaw - Viney HF: Petracca - T Mac - ANB F: Preuss - Weideman - Melksham Foll: Gawn - Oliver - Harmes I/c: Spargo - Hannan - AVB - Fritsch Emerg: Frost - Hunt - Stretch - Kolodjashnij
  15. whatwhatsaywhat

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    other than corey wagner, what sort of players are all these dudes @WERRIDEE? how many will make an impression in 2019?