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  1. Freo bringing the lols in week 1 of the season
  2. i am in two minds about it can see preuss coming in with both avb and sos missing; we need that big body throwing weight around, plus another marking target forward match committee will be a big one!
  3. there'll be more peptides board members there than there are rusted on gw$ oranjes the scum v carltank - very interested to see if carltank are more competitive in 2019, but think tiggas will be too good the filth v puddy tatts - should be us not the cats playing in a big friday night game, expecting eddie's mob will get it done our game - who knows, i remain positively hopeful / hopefully positive the cows v poos&wees - can't underestimate little napolean, but expecting crows to be pretty strong this year footscray v cola - fully expecting swans will do a number on the dogs, buddy or no buddy bears v meth coke - everyone is expecting bears to climb this year, but i'm less certain tbh aints v gc17 - wow, talk about a sunday 1pm game...toss of the coin, i'll go for the franchise in a quasi-upset gw$ v peptides - not sure about either of these sides ahead of this season, but think the franchise will be too strong jokers v the future tassie - reckon ben brown could boot a bag here, even without jacobs to take care of fyfe
  4. you wot m8? don't you realise it's the week of round 1 and nothing else matters?!??
  5. Bennell getting punchy with bikies Freo having a ripper offseason
  6. Not hearsay, no Dunn needed a kick up the bum - he got it when he got jettisoned when he was a leader at the MFC who failed to follow team rules Howe’s transformation was slow - who can forget the frisbee fiasco - but he has matured markedly at the filth in the last 18 months You’re wrong re Lewis but nothing will change your mind on him
  7. i'll go... B: Jetta – Frost – Hore HB: Lewis – O Mac – Hibberd 😄 Jones – Brayshaw – Salem HF: Petracca – T Mac – Viney F: Melksham – Weideman – ANB Foll: Gawn – Oliver – Harmes I/c: Spargo – Stretch – Hunt – Fritsch Emerg: Sparrow – Petty – Keilty – C Wagner but basically it's throwing dartboards at the wall in terms of players 15-26
  8. howe was not a leader at melbourne, unless you were counting beer snakes on boxing day dunn failed to follow team rules lewis' leadership has been vital
  9. jon ralph is running with the getting belted in the carpark / broken ribs angle too, at least on twitter
  10. brad crouch and smith are like new recruits for the crows, and walker was clearly hampered last year, and was jacobs plus the whole camp fiasco clouded their entire year i think they'll bounce straight back into the top 4 too that list is quality
  11. won't they also both the biggest winning margins of each weekend of their finals? obviously we were involved in the biggest margin in the third weekend too, sigh i don't disagree with mick, although i think it's less about drinking own bathwater and more that we seem to go into 'coasting' mode when we're on top, which allows good teams to come back at us, and then when we do get beaten we have a tendency (hawthorn, richmond, pies on qb etc.) to turn up our toes and just look like we aren't interested i also would hazard a guess that the only games mick watched us in last year was queen's birthday walloping and then three finals
  12. i think it's interesting that our players have said that they actually aren't huge on 666, primarily as it's a different way of playing for us, where we've been used to having one or two come off the back of the square i guess it'll take some adjusting, but really it should help us centre clearances are going to be vital
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