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  1. whatwhatsaywhat

    AFL.com.au Dees Best 22

    when will these journos learn that jetta MUST be #1 player named when going from the backline?!??
  2. whatwhatsaywhat

    Andrew Brayshaw

    looks quicker and a better kick than gus
  3. whatwhatsaywhat

    2019 Ladder Predictions

    rough first guess...pre-fixture release at the end of the month... the scum the filth meth coke crowbots peptides us poos&wees shinboners handbaggers the pear gw$ cola the jokers bears footscray carltank the aints gc17
  4. whatwhatsaywhat

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    1: Preuss - Strawbs to Max’s Jimmy 16: KK - one K replaced by double K 27: May - tall defender continues the Rivers, Ingerson, Wight legacy
  5. whatwhatsaywhat

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    post trade... key defenders: lever, frost, o mac, petty, keilty, may mid-sized defenders: wagner, joel smith rebounding defenders: salem, lewis, hibberd, hunt, fritsch, baker, jetta, kolodjashnij inside midfielders: harmes, brayshaw, oliver, maynard inside-outside midfielders: jones, viney, stretch, jkh hybrid half-forward / midfielders: petracca, hannan, vandenberg small forwards: spargo, anb, garlett key forwards: melksham, t mac, weideman, tim smith rucks: gawn, preuss gotta say, i'm really worried about our midfield depth - i think we've over-indexed for defensive options, and we're reliant upon hybrids pushing up and rebounders going thru the wing positions i'm really curious to see how we adjust with the new 6-6-6 format, as we basically played a 2-5-6-3-2 formation for the most part of 2018 at this stage, i expect that preuss will line-up up in round 1 - we'll try and stretch teams with three genuine tall targets, and try and give max relief ruck straight away - and the big benefit of having him and max able to swap from ruck / forward / bench is that it leaves plugger mac and weed as permanent forwards, not relief ruck...it's gonna be pretty important as we need to find 50 odd goals, and plugger, weed, melksham, petracca and avb are going to have to make up for the hogan slack best 26? B: Jetta - May - Lever HB: Salem - O Mac - Hibberd 😄 Jones - Brayshaw - Viney HF: Petracca - T Mac - ANB F: Preuss - Weideman - Melksham Foll: Gawn - Oliver - Harmes I/c: Lewis - Spargo - Hannan - AVB Emerg: Frost - Hunt - Fritsch - Kolodjashnij rd 1, 2019 (presuming lever ain't ready for resumption) B: Jetta - May - Hibberd HB: Salem - O Mac - Lewis 😄 Jones - Brayshaw - Viney HF: Petracca - T Mac - ANB F: Preuss - Weideman - Melksham Foll: Gawn - Oliver - Harmes I/c: Spargo - Hannan - AVB - Fritsch Emerg: Frost - Hunt - Stretch - Kolodjashnij
  6. whatwhatsaywhat

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    other than corey wagner, what sort of players are all these dudes @WERRIDEE? how many will make an impression in 2019?
  7. whatwhatsaywhat

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    atrocious deal
  8. whatwhatsaywhat

    24 hours to go - closest to the pin

    yep, i'm ready to get really angry when we lose hogan and get may and kk and next year when we win the premiership i'll forget all about how angry losing hogan made me
  9. whatwhatsaywhat

    Jack Scrimshaw

    his eagles and under 18s seasons were fantastic, and i thought we had an absolute gun with pick #4 alas...
  10. whatwhatsaywhat

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    it's just bizarre, isn't it hogan keeps getting talked down and ryan burton keeps getting talked up; meanwhile hawks are giving up a pick in the mid-50s for $cully i find the whole thing such a net loss as far as i'm concerned, the bigger winner out of the trade - neale / hogan / may / pick 5 - is freo, as they get hogan when it comes to transcendent talents, he's the standout of the three existing players
  11. whatwhatsaywhat

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    It’s all being set up for the live telecast on Wednesday All deals will have been signed off and will simply be ratified on the live telecast Whole thing is so tedious
  12. whatwhatsaywhat

    Would we take $cully back?

    Couldn’t think of a more appropriate club for him to join tbh
  13. whatwhatsaywhat

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    on what planet is watson 'more respected than langdon, nixon, and others?' he swims in the same sewers as them
  14. whatwhatsaywhat

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    me either @GCDee but it seems that this is where it sits from my perspective i wanted 5 and 6 for hogan instead we're losing him for...not a great deal
  15. whatwhatsaywhat

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    i'm guessing the deals essentially hinge on beams trade happening my guesses are: - beams and 2018 third round pick to pies for 2018 first rounder (currently pick 18) and future first - 5 and pick 18 from bears to freo for neale - 5 and pick 23 to melbourne for hogan - 5 to crows for 8 and 13 - 8 and future third to gc17 for may and kk - may and kk for pick 5, future 3rd rounder net results: - pies get beams and the filth's 2018 third rounder - bears get neale and pies' future first - freo get hogan, pick 18 - crows get pick 5 - gc17 get 8 and mfc's future third - melbourne get may, kk, pick 13 and pick 23
  16. whatwhatsaywhat

    Rumour File

    don't believe everything you read on toot toot's twitter
  17. whatwhatsaywhat

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    hogan was named at chb in the 2012 u/18 all oz, but he played forward for wa and was dominant in several matches he's an absolute jet and i for one hope we don't lose him
  18. whatwhatsaywhat

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    this the only caveat i'd add is that speedy wingmen / ball-carriers like gaff, polec, jj, etc. just became worth their weight in gold
  19. whatwhatsaywhat

    Would we take $cully back?

    hawthorn just continue to add talent whilst seemingly giving up very, very little
  20. our forward line has the capacity to be pretty tall HF: Hogan - T Mac - Petracca F: Preuss - Weideman - Melksham then ANB, AVB, Hannan, Spargo rotating through as 'smalls'
  21. whatwhatsaywhat

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    i read it, and agreed with it tl;dr: jesse, his management, and mfc have been respectful to one another, mfc was only going to let jesse go if it facilitated bringing may in, but peter bell has acted like a little napoleon and stuffed up what should have been an easily done deal basically on his first week on the job what's more, it's set an absolutely awful precedent for his tenure in his FIRST WEEK on the job - now fremantle are going to be perceived as difficult to work with by the vast majority of the afl industry, and treated like a pariah accordingly it's a monumental [censored] up from now the plan is: - win the premiership with jesse starring all year long - sign him up midyear after a massive victory against freo over there - get may as a free agent at the end of next year what's the bet freo fans boo him when he lines up against them at their home ground next year?
  22. whatwhatsaywhat

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    freo are a joke of a football club
  23. whatwhatsaywhat

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    this was my initial expectation too board members said they were blown away by pert tho