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  1. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    pedo does the instinctual things - marking, quick booming kicks into space, attacking the contest - so well but every time he has a single moment to 'think' about it he generally mucks it up pretty badly
  2. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    hannan does all the hard work to create a goal, and it's back to 93-78 some 4:20 into the last
  3. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    i tipped north, but didn't think they'd be anything like this dominant
  4. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    yeah, but then his kick i50 was terrible weed is there to play forward / relief ruck - haven't seen pedo play in the ruck once; his role is more akin to hogan when he's playing forward, but without the midfield rotation it was a classic hanger tho
  5. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    pedo with a screamer on the wing! shocking kick i50 tho
  6. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    pedo misses a tough set shot and it's 86-66 midway through the third their speed and ball use by hand inside the contest is leaps and bounds ahead of the demons
  7. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    tigers dominant since the 20 min mark of the first term hannan and bugg both know how to find the ball; neither has any idea how to use it both have handballed multiple times directly to the oppo in attacking positions; some really bad decisions by hand and foot
  8. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    dominant term thus far for casey angus scott save charlie spargo's blushes and makes it 4.0 to 0.1 hannan absolutely dominant down the far wing - he's sort of playing more the kent role than the fritsch one, where he pushes up and is a link man btw defs / mids coming out of the back line and those responsible for delivering i50 i think bugg is playing for caseya and as i type pedo gets his second and it's 5.0 to 0.1
  9. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    baker has casey's third
  10. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    the whole port side were average, not just watts - although i thought he had a classic watts game in that he almost nearly but not quite did some very nice things, and then stuffed up too many some other dees and pear supporting mates have a guessing game in which round he'll be dropped to the sanfl - i said by round 13; he's been dropped by every senior coach he's had, so it's bound to happen unless he gets the equivalent of jake melksham's free pass from simon goodwin from ken hinkley this season is so unpredictable at this point in time - every team has ups and downs except for wretched hawthorn, who're looking good AGAIN
  11. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    port-geelong should, in theory, be a cracker what's the bet it's a dour slog and freo-dogs a fast flowing speed fest? such is the topsy-turvy nature of afl season 2018!
  12. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    saints are giving their all against gw$
  13. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    Hannebery looks crocked
  14. Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    Sydney don’t play the SCG as well as the power or the crows
  15. Where to play TMac?

  16. Richmond VFL v Casey Demons - Round 3

    So Hunt and Stretch are into MFC, and Balic is injured?
  17. Freo poised to pinch 2

    Except Thompson was significantly better He played regularly in his last season with before breaking his arm, I seem to believe Brayshaw has more in common with Toumpas at this stage
  18. Come back to me when Grundy has had two or three knee reconstructions He’s a great player; Gawn is far superior
  19. Angus Brayshaw

    Brayshaw not Hogan, obviously Pretty sure that Hogan will be a free agent at the end of 2019, which is a bit scary
  20. Angus Brayshaw

    If we can get a first round pick for Brayshaw I couldn’t sign the paperwork fast enough Just don’t rate him
  21. Roos: "They’re so easy to score against"

    Roos came in with one foot already out the door He had the cushiest job going and was able to skate through without much criticism; simply get Melbourne back to being routinely ‘competitive’ Goodwin doesn’t appear to have the capacity to organize the team as Roos did however - out defensive mechanisms are all over the shop and the injection of two effectively three new players to our back seven formation - Lever, Wagner and Frost replacing T Mac and Hunt - effectively making it a defensive eight has been a massive issue At several stages today we had seven forwards and seven defenders; we played without wings The net effect was Hawks wings we’re able to immediately impact the contest coming off the side position much more quickly that our f7 (Harmes) as they had a better read on the play We were a complete structural shambles today
  22. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 4

    6: O Mac 5: Jones 4: Gawn 3: Hogan 2: Oliver 1: Kent
  23. Be Patient with Lever

    i was a massive advocate for getting him but geez his defensive positioning is atrocious he loves to play behind or off his man...good coaches like clarkson have worked it out and because his players listen to him they follow his drill of playing thru lever's man our entire defensive structure is horrible at the moment o mac: winning his role jetta: horribly out of form hibberd: looks a shadow of 2017 lever: same frost: vfl-level footballer wagner: good ordinary football lewis: can't bend over, he looks and plays like an old man vince: legs can't keep up
  24. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    I tend to agree Chappy is a lovely fella but his history in backlines - Port, Richmond and now us - leaves a lot to be desired Our whole game plan is predicated on winning contested ball; we absolutely failed at that for an extended period today We have failed at it in patches of games but today we really stunk it up at our core game plan
  25. GAME DAY - ROUND 4

    That was an absolutely pathetic quarter Sunny side of the street: only 8 points behind Rainy side: we have no reliable route to goal