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  1. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    tigers recruiting has been inspired, and i for one love the way they've reconstituted their side to become a grand final team they are great to watch
  2. because he doesn't have anything like the same work ethic - lynch runs and runs as well as kicking well and putting continuous defensive pressure on jack, on his day, does two of these three key attributes; more often that not, just the one if he's part of the deal netting us lever / another quality player, move him on
  3. Aaron vandenBerg Re-signs for 2018

    has never been dropped for form, simply missed games with injury, i believe? he strikes me as the sort of player the coaches must just love because of his worth ethic the potential is there to form a wicked partnership with petracca as a mid who moves forward / forward who moves into the mid
  4. The Jake Stringer Thread

    Barrett hates Beveridge since he belted him at the Brownlow a few years back Dont believe a word that purple muppet says
  5. Trade rumours

    You gotta give to get The only players of ours with any value to clubs are those with upside - other clubs aren't going to want our scraps, and we are not going to want to trade the likes of Trac or Oliver(as Crows opened with for Lever) so instead it's those next tier of importance of players that we will need to look to move on if we want to bring in the likes of Atley, who would benefit our side enormously
  6. Trade rumours

    I would do that deal too, but I’d still like to get Gaff in if he’s available Atley is a fine player with a good bank of experience and a good kick on him Has there been any talk of Atley leaving? I can’t imagine the Kangas wanting to let him go
  7. 2017 Player Reviews: # 11 Max Gawn

    I maintain that if you’d told me Gawn would miss 9 games, Jones 6, and Viney 5 and we’ll still finish outside the 8 on percentage I would be amazed... There can be no underestimating the importance of Max for our side - you can point to stats of hit out percentage to advantage and blah blah blah all you want, but those sorts of numbers don’t include the sheer inspiration that he brings to the side He is a man mountain and we were able to cobble together a ruck division without him...but we are so much better with him in the side I think he was significantly hampered by his injury but such is his work ethic and determination that he was able to return to the field and perform to a solid but not outstanding standard I imagine he is the sort of player who will be attacked the 2019 pre-season with gusto
  8. 2017 Player Reviews: # 12 Dom Tyson

    make no mistake: tyson is a vitally important player for us he's regarded internally as one of our 'smartest' players around stoppages, but unfortunately we don't have the players capable of being the next link in the chain part of the reason he is denigrated is because he gets it 30 times a game, so the dodgy two or three kicks really stand out; what's not noticed is the excellent inside work that he does where he's winning the contest like a lot of our players, his capability of overcoming and playing through injury is a concern - he often can't get a clean run of health to maintain consistency of football one thing that he was doing a few years back that he is not so much any more is impacting the scoreboard - that 5 goals 9 would look a lot better at 9 goals 5, meaning he's be averaging a goal every second game, which would be more consistent with his average across the course of his career thus far i wonder if that is because we have more players capable of hitting the scoreboard - e.g. petracca, anb, melksham - meaning that he's rotating forward less or whether he's simply not playing in front of the contest so much? i rate dom highly - he's frustrating at times, but (like salem, viney, oliver, petracca, brayshaw, et al) if we are going to go from being a good side to a very good side i think he will play a huge part in it as he's not yet cracked 100 games and is only 24; his best years are ahead of him
  9. Bernie Vince Re-Signs for 2018

    feel the bern! he'll be best 22-28 for us, easy
  10. The Jake Lever Thread

    Mark Coughlan maybe? 10 and 27 for Lever for us - I like it Carlton need to clear Gibbs to afford Rockliff presumably
  11. Trade rumours

    Isn't one of the things going against Meese that he's just not that tall or particularly mobile? Good ruckman at stoppages etc but limited otherwise Watching him destroy Spencer at Casey match up he looked like Pedo in the ruck - too smart for the lumbering opposition No one will go near Goldstein as he's reportedly on $800k a year and North are only prepared to pay up to $300k of his contract AND want a decent pick for him Whats happened to Jack Hannath?
  12. The Jake Lever Thread

    Oliver is a freak and the idea of trading him for anything 'unknown' (as draft picks are) frightens me Fortunately it ain't happening
  13. The Jake Lever Thread

    My Crows supporting mates rate Lever as the best young defender in the competition and think he's worth every bit of a straight swap for Petracca, or two picks in the first round minimum I don't know any Crows supporter who doesn't rate him super highly They are also cognizant of the fact that what they want for him and what they get will probably not match...
  14. The Harley Balic Thread

    Fourth rounder, at best Has down SFW, and shown nothing
  15. 2017 Player Reviews: # 4 Jack Watts

    dal santo on afl tonight said he has no respect from anyone in the afl industry - he can't believe that the same conversations had pre-season are coming up again now in terms of his presentation and preparation