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  1. don't forget they didn't do drugs either ...
  2. Ollie Wines

    i think you might find Frawley got closer to 750 a year , he was one of the highest paid players at Hawthorn . in the top 5.
  3. Ollie Wines

    this is the problem , when Like Crows they low balled some players time will tell but Wines has to be worth as much if not more than most you have mentioned he will get way more if he returns to Vic ... time will tell
  4. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    we have all been let down and feel scared to dream of success ... well thats how I feel , I want to believe , I need to believe but i need to see wins , I need to see finals I believe we can do it but won't tell myself that yet !
  5. Trade rumours

    funny you had me , as I was thinking that ! well done , made me laugh after i choked on my ice cream !!!!

    Done deal: Lever joins Demons Adelaide will receive two first-round draft picks in exchange for defender Jake Lever after a trade deal was struck with Melbourne on Thursday morning at Etihad Stadium. The Crows will get pick No.10, a future first-round selection and a future fourth-round selection from the Demons and send Lever, pick No.35 and a future third-round selection to Melbourne.
  7. Trade rumours

    he won't go interstate , thats for sure and yes , but North will have to pay a %
  8. Trade rumours

    Todd won't move interstate , he had a young family and already knocked back one the biggest offers to go to GWS last time dogs have shown interest yes
  9. End of year delistings

    for me a little harsh on a few . last 4 i would keep , unless a good deal was offered but I think we might add someone from left field to try and really improve our list.
  10. Pokies income - up slightly

    no one forces anyone to play these poker machines , but sadly the old and low income earners lose all , well lots of money on them. if we didn't own some , another club would, I know thats doesn't make it right we do it because hawks do it and so on, but people need to say no . i myself have never seen the interest in them.
  11. Reality Check

    funny i thought we had more chance of beating GWS than North so far so good , i guess we lost again to North , a game we should ave won. now we have 50/50 chance of playing finals, but beat GWS and it all changes again they say a week in football is a long time well try being a Melbourne supporter......
  12. Player Sponsorship BBQ today

    the question is does your daughter know that you have arranged her marriage yet ??;)
  13. Player Sponsorship BBQ today

    Once Brock finally started , he went up to all players , the kid has more front than Myers ,
  14. Player Sponsorship BBQ today

    yes but after about a hour he was walking fine....
  15. Player Sponsorship BBQ today

    Jesse Hogan , and yes the kids had a ball. and put a smile on my face too Jesse wasn't there today but we had other players come and sit with us and talk.