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  1. highroller

    Where was everyone?

    i reckon there was more than that at the ground anyway - i had my kids with me and their kids memberships wouldn't scan properly - the guy just let us in anyway but it obviously wouldn't count towards numbers.
  2. highroller

    Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    don't worry i think I'm clearly getting carried away with them pumping Freo on the weekend - basically Hawks have to win everything from here and hope results fall their way
  3. highroller

    Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    So with the Sydney thing i have them losing to Hawthorn Friday night (not that crazy), Geelong @ Geelong and Adelaide @ Adelaide... Would think all 3 are definitely possible!
  4. highroller

    Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    all fixed up for you lol
  5. highroller

    Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    so i just ran a finals predictor and had us losing the GWS game and that's it from here on out and assumed most of the games were relatively close with the exception of Brisbane @ the G and i came up with the wacky finish which has Sydney missing the 8 and the Hawks and Dogs getting there. Maybe I'm overrating Hawthorn but i put them down as a win against the Swans this week and tipped the Dogs over the Bombers for this weekend as well.
  6. highroller

    Demons premiership?

    i just hope everyone is cherry ripe come finals time (I'm assuming we make it of course) at the moment all the injuries are still within the range of being able to get back and have a full squad when September rolls around. I'm usually a cynic about our chances and wait for the Melbourne moment to happen after so many false dawns but something feels special about this run. Our players on the fringe of the team (15-22) aren't spuds they are actually all very serviceable good players - take say Harmes, ANB etc and even say this week while it sucks we are missing so many players the guys that will come in are all half decent - like Wagner. Our best has been amazing this year its just a question of whether they can keep it up and make sure they don't have those lapse periods during games - if those are now gone then we can seriously beat anyone on our day so why the hell not. If we somehow snuck into 4th for a double chance we are a serious chance of causing problems. Again like a few others have mentioned we could lose the next two and be back with the pack. The Sydney game worries me a bit just because of the injuries but you just get the feeling we will get first use of the ball and the incoming players will still play to the Goodwin gameplan - intense pressure at all times (Think the QB game when we made our comeback) When we play like that we look SOOOO good!
  7. highroller

    MRP for Hogan and Lewis

    on the plus the 2015 game down at the Cattery we had no Lewis and no Hogan ----no worries
  8. highroller

    JLT Round 1: Dogs at the Kennel

    anyone have a stream site for game? if not ill just watch the replay later but fooked if i am signing up to some half tablet size subscription thing.
  9. highroller

    Who's in your top 8 for 2017?

    time for everyone to start taking Hawthorn out - they will miss Rough, Lewis, Mitchell. Who even knows if Jaeger will play but he isn't any of those premiership stars and neither is the new Mitchell
  10. highroller

    Jesse Hogan re-signs to end of Season 2019

    wow even happier with Jesse now under 800k is an absolute steal
  11. highroller

    Jesse Hogan re-signs to end of Season 2019

    has Mahoney been on yet?
  12. highroller

    Changes vs Carlton

    also i used to have Bugg in the same category as these guys but his set shots the last two weeks have really surprised me he was butchering it everywhere earlier in the year
  13. highroller

    Changes vs Carlton

    Early 2016 Ben Kennedy would be a nice addition for someone like Harmes - same level of pressure and intensity and uses it better
  14. highroller

    Finals 2016

    so whats a rough points differential for what we have to make up now? I wouldn't have thought it would be much more than us winning by 2 goals each week and them losing by roughly 2 goals the next 2 weeks? I'm already thinking if we win 2 and they lose 2 its finals time baby! How heartbreaking would a Geelong win be followed by a North win against GWS I
  15. highroller


    If we are winging about a 40 point win at port then we are going places everyone. Whether it starts this year or next doesnt matter we are relevant again its been 10 years!