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    I like it. Dumb half, come out and do the same [censored]. Very innovative.

    Bugg has no [censored] idea. At all. And an uncanny knack of his fumbles never ever luckily going our way. Seen enough. This has to be one of the dumbest overall displays in a long time. Bunch of fumbly idiots over handballing in the wet. Then when they do kick it’s dinky sideways [censored] that skims along the grass. Goodwin needs to correct this, now.

    Defence is a shambles when the ball hits the ground. Dumb, fumbly players. They’re gunna score all day.
  4. Round 4 Non MFC games

    I really like the look of Jack Silvagni. Especially because he plays for Carlton.
  5. Round 4 Non MFC games

    I’m sure Carlton will be better when they don’t have the gale force wind.
  6. Round 4 Non MFC games

    It just gets better and better. Netflix will be the real winner.
  7. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Time is going so slow, I just want North v Carlton to start already! So pumped.
  8. Werribee Tigers v Casey Scorpions - VFL Round 2

    Can someone keep an eye on the bench please. I want to see whose fitness goes up.
  9. Round 4 Non MFC games

    Aliir looks lost across half forward.
  10. Round 4 Non MFC games

    This has to be the worst tackling I’ve seen from any team this year. Pies waltzing through 1 on 1 tackles.
  11. Match preview and team selection - Round 4

    You moan about selection every week. In fact moaning is about all you do. Then we don’t hear [censored] from you when we win and the selections were fine. Until the next lot of selections, rinse and repeat. Download yourself a football manager game, be Lord of the selectors and spare us the whinging and exclaimantion marks.
  12. Lyon on Brayshaw

    Nothing builds fitness like sitting on a bench.
  13. Max Gawn not in Top 8 Ruckmen according to The Age

    Leave out the clear best, and almost universally loved ruckman in the league - accidentally on purpose. Get people talking about your article, apologise, fix it, job done.
  14. Match preview and team selection - Round 4

    None. I’m just a big fan. Weid relief for Max also makes sense. Just save the Fritsch.
  15. Lyon on Brayshaw

    [censored] up, Garry.
  16. Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    Last time, with Gawn out, O’Brien took about 84 marks from kick ins or that get out kick between half back and half forward. (It was also a frustrating trend in all games with Gawn out). So hopefully that doesn’t happen again. I too, am worried about the cheapies out the back to their smalls. But that’s really my only main worry, along with Isaac Smith who’s the type that kills us. But it’s all upstairs. I watched round 1 with my Collingwood supporter mate, and they just didn’t take them on. Too much respect. This isn’t the Hawthorn we think of when we hear the word Hawthorn. They still have the footskills, but that’s their main weapon. They’re not as organised, they don’t have all those great leaders controlling the game, and they don’t bat deep through the middle. Just take them on. I’m going to predict we’ll lose because I’m a superstitious idiot that thinks if I say we’ll win, we’ll lose. Go us.

    Some absolute garbage written in this thread. I don’t know what people are watching. Kid who has struggled to string blocks of footy together, for numerous reasons, hasn’t found consistency yet, isn’t that shocking? Anyway, his hit on Majak after Majak nearly knocked Lewis’ wig off made me smile. Onwards and upwards for Salem
  18. The Soccer thread

    What a night in Europe. Absolute scenes in Rome. What a win that is. I got a tad nervous when City scored so early. But with the greatest front 3 on the planet it was never in doubt. Now I’m nervous Pep will buy our whole squad.
  19. Dees article in The Guardian.

    I’m so sick of being mentioned in the same sentence as them all the time.
  20. "Lapse or Lethal Dees"

    Also 2 of the first 4 goals shouldn’t have happened. Salem’s tackle was fine, shouldn’t have been a free. And Lever was elbowed in the head, didn’t know blocking with your face was a thing.
  21. 3 Good Things Vs North Melbourne

    1. Gawn. 2. Kent (got a coaches vote) 3. Sportsbet’s 24 points up , you win.
  22. "Lapse or Lethal Dees"

    I’m more worried about the Hawks. I’m hoping we learnt from the Geelong game. The Hawks would’ve seen how easily Geelong chipped the ball short through our zone when they controlled the game. Hawthorn are well equipped to do the same. I hope we’re ready to shut that down. Adelaide are no quicker than us and they dealt with Richmond easily. I think Richmond find us a difficult match up. Can’t wait for that game.
  23. "Lapse or Lethal Dees"

    Exactly. Not to mention the overall standard of footy this year across most games hasn’t been great. There’s been momentum swings in most games. Our defence has been all out whack. Better in the 2nd half on Saturday. Yes the Hawks and Richmond could punish us if we have lapses. Just like we’ll punish them if they have lapses, like they have had. It’s usually what happens in every sport.
  24. "Lapse or Lethal Dees"

    There’s still momentum in sport? I’m shocked.