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  1. He made David King cry. Crying that he didn't get suspended for annihilating Hurn. Boohoo Kingy, boohoo.
  2. For being the opposite of great.
  3. These outs would beat our 2013 team by themselves.
  4. Please be true.
  5. Leave your jaw slightly ajar, give yourself a little uppercut. We'll see if I'm guessing.
  6. You're not serious, surely? If you are, your logic is seriously flawed, especially being an American Football fan. You don't fend someone off by flailing your left arm around. If he wanted to fend off he would've turned his body right and pushed off with his right arm. Fact.
  7. He elbowed him in the chin. That's not sweet [censored] all. And saying Oliver overreacted is a guess. You don't how anyone would or should react. Watch it closely you see his jaw move in and up. It's half time so Oliver has no mouth guard in, he's been clipped on the jaw and his teeth would've clattered together, hence him feeling his top teeth in the aftermath.
  8. So elbows are worth 0 and clean KO's just the 2. Tommy Bugg, go to work on Kennedy and Franklin, you'll be back way before the finals, have fun.
  9. The Stretch one was absolutely there. You can see the clear hold in the live vision, not the replay. The replay shows them near contest, the hold was earlier as Stretch was trying to run in. The one Tom got 48m out was the only truly dodgy one we got. Nothing in it.
  10. On 360.
  11. That's the bottom line. Lewis 3. Houli 2. How?
  12. Wtf does character have to do with anything? You're on a footy field and you pretty much coward punched a bloke unconscious. At the start of a game too, so it's now an unfair playing field as well as a kid being KO'd violently. Your character should have [censored] all to do with it. Just the action at the time. Just ridiculous.
  13. Over at Punt (typo) Road End someone reckons ASADA should investigate us because we "never stop running." Well Richmond, that's just what you have to do to run out close games. Secondly, how refreshing. I remember when we didn't even spread in the first quarter not so long ago.
  14. If we could find a way to make Demonland threads legally binding contracts, we're in business.
  15. The latter I would say. Unless he had the best 15 minutes of training ever yesterday.
  16. Wasn't his debut AFL game on Heatherley as well? That guy will be glad if he never sees him again. Love the booming kicks.
  17. I love how harsh our penalties always seem to be. Except for Viney. Kills 2 blokes and nothing. Just give the MRP a Tony Soprano look and they nod and send him on his way.
  18. Was he in the fish section?
  19. As for Garry, diving into your best mate's missus' bed is a tad more questionable. Pull your head in.
  20. Ironic that it was against the most ducking and diving team going around too. Bit rich them getting up in arms about it whilst Darling and Shuey are flopping about like dying fish all year. Chew a bag and get over it [censored].
  21. His running has really won me over. He never stops. I've always thought him way too vanilla. But if he can improve his skills he'll be a very handy player, he's quite handy already.
  22. Good that it will be hard for him. All the athletic gifts in the world, if he earns his way into this side he'll be a seriously good player. And I like what I've seen already.
  23. The grimace wasn't from pain, he just thought about something stupid he said 7 years ago.
  24. Yes, and? I was saying he did nada wrong.
  25. This solves dieter's problem!