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  1. New Forum Software

  2. 17-5 fixture

    I'd like one minor change where a basketball ring is suspended at the top of the goalposts. If you get it in (via kicking, of course) it's one million points. Other than that, and maybe trampolines in the forward 50, leave the damn rules alone.
  3. New Forum Software

    Good work Demonland, I like it. Loads like a flash on my phone.
  4. New Forum Software

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  5. The Zak Jones Thread

    What are you talking about, you can practically see him signing a contract with the Dees. And in the background you can clearly see Nev Jetta ducking as Dixon collects him.
  6. Barrett Article on AFL.COM

    Wasn't the term Barrett used "scattergun"?
  7. The Jake Lever Thread

  8. Casey Demons v Essendon VFL

  9. Barrett Article on AFL.COM

    I liked it when it was announced. Jack is born to captain this club. I started to question it when I heard Jones was a bit shocked by it, then seeing Viney mic'd up against Richmond and no one seemingly listening to his (correct) instructions. But Goodwin obviously got it right. If there was ever anyone to follow it's Jack Viney. He's already proving to be inspirational.
  10. Our Failure to Crush Teams

    The Port win should've been a 123 point win. We should've been up by 80 at half time without the god awful umpiring. And continued the domination in the 2nd half if Gawn wasn't injured and on and off.
  11. Our Failure to Crush Teams

    Too disciplined is my theory. We don't have many "cheats" that leave the contest early running forward of the ball. Like Port, Bulldogs WC for example. That's usually what leads to big scores once a team is on top. You never see our core mids leave the contest early.
  12. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Some [censored] put a saddle on Gawn and rode him for 8 seconds, most blatant in the back free on the ground free I've seen... play on. Also when Jetta was smashed from behind in the last quarter marking contest, no contact with the ball... play on. Simply baffling umpiring last week.
  13. Demonland Podcast - Jayden Hunt Interview

    Who'd win a 100m sprint between him and Frosty?