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  1. Murdered in the ruck goes without saying. FWitts is 9 feet tall. Witts took 3 marks around the ground. Pedo 9. You're right in that he took no marks up forward, but he wasn't outmarked like Watts and whatever Tom was trying to do. He was quite good old Pedo, check that tape!
  2. Bog ordinary? I think he took the most marks and was the only one that hit every target in the first half, bunch of tackles too. Was as good as he's been just minus the goals. Bog ordinary is a fair stretch.
  3. Time, place, know your limitations and risk v reward. I think we need to take more risks having no marking forward at the moment. Hitting a small leading forward from the corridor is much easier as seen yesterday. But dumb risks drive me crazy. Any time Bugg looks into the corridor I look away. That idiotic kick from Lewis to Jones in the back 50, the reward for the risk was going to be minimal anyway, had Jones marked it he had 2 blokes marking him so he'd have to go back and slow down anyway. Instead it was way worse, Jones got crunched and they kicked a goal. Watts kick into the corridor against the wind, just far too risky in the conditions. It's the more exciting way to play, I just wish we had a better set up behind play as insurance for when the risks don't pay off, because we get burnt way too easily.
  4. I love that ANB is even calling for the 20m handball over the pack. Yeah no worries, here you go.
  5. Good thread! Best game so far: Adelaide. I gave us no chance. 3 1/2 quarters of great footy and we looked like big bad bullies for most of it. Loved it. Worst game so far: North. The predictable let down. After smashing Adelaide we looked like wet lettuce in this one. The ease in which they scored made me [censored] sick to my stomach. The ease in which we scored for the mini patches we bothered trying made me feel even worse. [censored] that game. Most improved player: Garlett. Elite small forward territory and looks a new man. Special mention Pedo. A player who needs to lift: O Mac. Do you even lift bro? Who is currently leading the Bluey?: Oliver. Didn't put him in most improved because he's played 20 games and on a natural improving curve. Best recruit: Hibberd. Gun. And I can't think of a better Dees half back flanker in my time. Will we make the finals?: I hope so. I'd like to think so with Hogan and Gawn in. But who knows with this team. It'd be great to make it because anyone can give it a shake this year.
  6. Skuit is the goods. I agree DemonAndrew should step it up too.
  7. This is a weird one. We won comfortably, but the first half was that bad most of us have cracked the shits. But was it really any different to nearly every other game this year? We've been bog ordinary for patches in all games. It was a wind effected game and we kicked like [censored] when we first had it. I think now the dust is settled I'm pretty happy with the win. It could've been another loss where we're trying to peg them back and they just counter with easy Chinese-checker goals and finish us off. Instead we changed the style, hit lead-up targets (shock horror) and pretty much blew them off the park - with no ruckman and no marking key forward. Crisis averted.
  8. Is that the McDonald bros. trying to give the kid the ball back now?
  9. I'd prefer it in my hands rather than Lewis'. And are we mentioning how soft he is? I was actually embarrassed.
  10. I think I like him. But why is his ball drop like a first day auskicker?
  11. He was very good in '14. But from memory not this good. Had a down 2015, understandably I suppose. Essendon would've won with him tonight for sure.
  12. Not sure I've seen a better HBF for us.
  13. 7 - Sportsbet 6 - Jones. Thought his teammates made him look like [censored] in the first half. He killed the 2nd half 5 - Garlett. Perfect small forward game and racked up touches. 4 - Oliver. I'm confused why he wasn't in the middle/on the ground more. 3 - Hibberd. 2 - Harmes. 1 - Pedo. For effort and for being the only bloke that could hit a target in the first half. Special mention to ANB for playing footy like Dane Swan for 10 minutes and driving momentum.
  14. I jinxed him last week. Welcome back. That goal off the outside of the right boot, lol, gitfarked.
  15. Ah well, can't have everything I suppose. False hope back at Tigerland tonight.