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  1. Terrible. Delist him.
  2. Spend the 2 hours getting home vowing to stop going to games only to show up at the next home game. But seriously, not an easy game tonight. Going to be wet. Going to be a slog.
  3. NFL

    http://m.therams.com/videos/videos/Inside-the-Rams-Schedule-Call/5ba3f1dd-2d4a-446c-ba24-2a059d3ca6dc Vid on when the rams get their schedule read to them from the NFL. We have a horrible 5 week period where we are on the road 4 out of 5 weeks including a London game.
  4. Yeah I wouldnt have been against him playing this week instead of kent/harmes/Hannan.
  5. Unless you intended to play bugg in the back half it's not a like for like swap. I think kid we weren't playing tigers this week with their brigade of smalls he may have been dropped.
  6. WTF does channel7 playing a gane on what ever channel have to do with this topic?
  7. Good half by the Lions. Doggies missing as many easy goals as we did V the cats.
  8. NFL

    Ironically. People are tipping us for a fisher year... 8-8
  9. NFL

    2017 schedule released, Rams isn't too bad.
  10. I only ask as they always seemed to b together and I wondered if Bradshaw would benefit from such a close training buddy again.
  11. Saty, does Brayshaw have a close relationship to Jones as he did year 1?
  12. Yeah I thought it was strange, the one thing I think Harmes has been good at was his chasing and pressure. Pretty sure he said harmed, he may have meant Hannan?
  13. On afl360 ladt night they said Harmes is averaging .5 tackles per game, I would have guessed higher than that. Mentioned others but I would have guessed theirs.
  14. Wonder what he was betting on...
  15. Keep the beard FFS.