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  1. Just been reported and will miss a few
  2. NFL

    Weird having day one of the draft and the rams not having a selection.
  3. Greene was no where near as good as he is now back then. He looked one punch from going right off the rails.
  4. Gratz Jets!
  5. I hope the club (and I'm sure they will) will give him all the time he needs, I just hope they make it clear he isnt letting anyone at the club down if he needs multiple weeks off.
  6. I'd tell him to take minimum 3 weeks. I was 38 when my Dad passed away and its a crap time.
  7. Not a great kick. Bombs it quite often, but early on so did Nate so that can approve. Tbh, if we get him for a third round pick sure.
  8. True. But a few years ago I just wanted them to compete and be in games, I know have that and want more but I must also remember this is the first year of us playing attacking football and we are doing I well of big periods, soon that will be full games, I think we will go on a winning run of 4-5 games this year.
  9. Well if he was we will never know unless it's a third strike.
  10. I think we are playing some great football and without the injuries and suspensions we would have more wins. Having Viney, Jones, Tyson, Vince all playing below their best bodes well. Concerns are Hogan still sooking to the umps whilst the ball is still within meters of him. Minimal on field leadership is a massive worry. We have no Selwood type leader and it shows every week we get into trouble.
  11. Should concentrate on playing football and not sooking to the umps.
  12. Milkshake won't be dropped the week he is playing his old side.
  13. Good effort by most. Especially Watts, Hibbo and Clarry. Still zero leadership out on the ground. Games in the balance and who steps forward???
  14. Spencer injured?
  15. Early call. JKH... casey.