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  1. Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    Yeah, perfect comparison.
  2. Training 19/4

    So he will do a Kent Kingsley and kick 10...
  3. NHL

    Thanks for that tip. Helped whikst i watched the jets vs wild. Taping todays game so will watch it when I get home. Nearly 100% settled on a team after a few years of just watching 😃
  4. Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    They said on the telecast that Hawks are the best 2nd quarter team as Clarko sees what they throw at him and he adjusts.
  5. NHL

    Always thought these guys had amazing eyesight, I can never follow the puck.
  6. NHL

    I like the NHL, dont follow it much but when i see games im always interested. Watched the flyers yhe other day due to mate who follows them. It's such a frantic game.
  7. NFL

    So the Draft is soon, think the rams are just coming for day 3...
  8. ANZAC game jumper

    Just saw our jumper (and the tiges which was also well done) on AFL360 and I think they have once again given a great image. I always worry with things like this that they end up looking poor, but my kudos to those who designed/signed off on it. Its subtle but I found my eye drawn to it.
  9. The Last Time they Met

    Dont forget we have JKH playing... well on the field... dropping marks, missing targets.
  10. Changes v Richmond

    Lewis out, Tyson in. Bugg out, Stretch in. Frost out, Hunt in. I'd be tempted to play either Garlett or Petracca one out from the square and push all others to the 50 arc.
  11. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    The whole leadership of the club should be all the time.
  12. Gameplan

    Still over handball and to people in worse situations and still don’t shepherd... sigh.
  13. I'm surprised at the hate for Nibbler. I think he will become a solid weekly contributer. I see him playing more the Bugg/melksham role when Tyson and viney are back.
  14. NFL

    Good foil for Jefferies... Where do u think he goes?

    Sure, we might respond to a horrendous loss and have a good win, but it's not the bounce back game, its the weeks after where we regress back to the same ol crud that worries me. We are a yo-yo.