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  1. The Trac!!!!

    Can’t find a non firewall version, summit up for us?
  2. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    The games is 1000 times quicker, there are more people around the ball at all times and it’s much easier to see quickly at th3 ground and in person. Until the mid 90s the game was more kick to kick. Easy to tell people apart.
  3. NFL

    Sullivan was our centre that people talked about a fair bit especially on NFL Live, Webster was doing well in our secondary until injury put him out for the year. Barwon was decent as well. But yeah prob only know that being a Rams fan 🙂
  4. NFL

    Add in woods, Everett, Webster, robey-coleman, Barwon and Sullivan. All played big parts in our games but McVays play calling and how he set the team up to take advantage of the communication with the QB. But as stated, we will all see this different to each other 😊
  5. Preseason Training Week commencing - 05/02/18

    Nah, the players called it off...
  6. What’s happening inside AFL House

    Did they finally realise the "Gil is a Dil" isnt some cute rhyming joke, but the truth. FFS the best thing he has done for the game is lower the cost of food...
  7. NFL

    Yeah the f!og is useless! Donald is much deserved, Gurley had a great year but there were others that were as good and I think if Antonio Brown stayed fit he wins it. As for the coach... I think he deserved it, was he the best? Hard to quantify, but in one single season he got a horrendous team to the play offs, beating the Jags away, saints, pushing the eagles. Went from worst scoring to nearly the best etc etc all in his first year. And he rebuilt the tea in one off season. Pretty impressive for a rookie coach. As I said to another mate when he said DP should have got it, easier to say now he won the SB, would people still have said it if they lost? Don’t get me wrong, DP deserves the award as much as McVay, I think the fact McVay is so young and a rookie coach helped get him over the line.
  8. Are we ready for 580 Brownlow votes?

    Get Bugg to knock them all out. Game over.
  9. NFL

    Hey @Dappa Dan you seen the unedited Kelce speach? Its 6mins of awesomeness. You must watch it. Hell, all NFL fans should.
  10. NFL

    Massive call. If teams work him out a bit and he doesnt perform...
  11. NFL

    Holy [censored]! Jimmy G got a 5/$138m deal from 49ers!!
  12. NFL

    Just re watched the hit on cooks, man that was a massive hit. McDaniels turns Colts job down. Seems he will take the reins ar NE when B.B. is done.
  13. NFL

    Going to be fun to watch all the speculation over the coming months.
  14. Preseason Training Week commencing - 05/02/18

    Are the forwards lining up with a 2 tall, 4 small style set up like the tigers or staying with 3-3 as we did last year? Cheers
  15. Un-sportsman like conduct

    Cant umpires pay a free if they hear something towards another player they deem over the top? Ie unsportsmanlike?