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  1. Gorgoroth


    Seattle game is huge! Seahawks scare the bejesuz outta me. Oh they are def still a massive chance, especially if they secure the #1 seed. If they don’t then I think they are gettable, going to be a good couple of weeks
  2. Gorgoroth


    Tbh Macca, I thought that KC were good, but it was more some amaz8ng plays from Mahomes than good offensive drives. With both teams down to their 3rd string RB it added a different element to the game. But the team I saw vs the Rams isn’t what I’ve seen the last two weeks. Watch for teams to start clamping more on Kelce again, Hill isn’t as effective without Hunt.
  3. Gorgoroth


    Enjoy the holidays. I haven’t had any in just over a year and am counting down to mine in Aug!
  4. Gorgoroth


    Texans Seattle Pats
  5. Gorgoroth


    Chargers win on last play. No Allen for most of the game and. rivers got hammered all game long. Ballsy call going for 2 instead of tying but it paid off. I was very tempted to tip them but chickened out.
  6. Gorgoroth

    2019 Membership

    That’s a mighty big IF...
  7. Gorgoroth


    C’mon Carolina!
  8. Gorgoroth


    I have no idea what Wade is doing. Me I would stop their run, Trubisky wasn’t playing well and stop the run, get Fowler to blitz of the edge, but stop the inside and make him throw to our secondary. We ran two jet sweeps in the third or fourth... we use to run them every third play pretty much, I thought the play calling was very poor.
  9. Gorgoroth

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    How is Stretch tracking? He finally looked like h3 had hit the mark when he got injured, so I’m wondering where they are looking at him play and how he looks post injury. Thanks
  10. Gorgoroth


    My take on today’s debacle Goff is terrible under pressure. Terrible. Goff is horrendous in cold weather. McVay and Goff are becoming too smart for themselves. Watch our offence early in the year compared to know and it’s more long throws into coverage and less shorter to open space and for some stupid Fukien reason less carries for Gurley... FFS you would think hand the ball to #30 would be high on rotation... not anymore. This loss will hopefully mean they re asses. I still think we will get belted in the playoffs, since the saints game I’ve thought that and nothing has changed my mind yet. Kupp is a massive massive loss and outside of Donald our big name D players are not worth their money at the min. They triple teamed AD today numerous times and we still couldn’t get to their QB Wade needs to stop the run more... how many times have I written that this year.
  11. Gorgoroth


    Dallas won in OT!!
  12. Gorgoroth


    Some great finishes to the early games with boys v eagles into OT! TB missed two early FG meaning a 14-3 instead of 20-3 score line before saints whacked them around. Raiders... wow
  13. Gorgoroth


    Just saw a pathetic call by the refs in the ind v Hou game, on the goal line the receiver gets hit, it is a little high but the safety is on his knees and didn’t lead with his head, the receiver is also on his backside, this leads to an interception which of course doesn’t count, next play Hou get a TD. What more the safety could do other than slither on his stomach? Refs had no feel for the game in that instance.
  14. Gorgoroth


    Saints, Lions, Pats
  15. Gorgoroth

    2019 Membership

    But you would have to get a membership that granted you a GF even if your club wasn’t playing. His idea was a standard gws membership and I think they had 10k members at the time, so chances of getting a ticket if GWS made it was pretty good.