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  1. The McDonalds really really really need to work on their kicking. Deplorable is putting it nice. Oliver was immense, Jetta all class, Hannan fit right in, big Maxy just rolling on from last year. Jeffy looked like he had all the zip. enjoy having Lewis in our colours.
  2. If they sign a deal that includes more money for attendance to home games or they might sign a one year deal and want lots of numbers to show me potential sponsors. Also lots of numbers look good on tv. Most of or games shows massive amounts of empty seats.
  3. Prob more wanting big crowds at home games for leverage in better time slots, to take to potential sponsors etc.
  4. Ask me in round 4. Then I'll worry.
  5. Opt out of the messages. Then you get none.
  6. Disagree. Most I speak to think wet are on the up. Look how many people have is making top 8.
  7. What is disappointing is this happened a few years ago. If I remember right we had reach as our "sponsor" for some games. We should have companies jumping at the chance of riding a team on the rise. It's disturbing to day the least.
  8. NFL

    Stoked with Whitworth. Also just signed Connor Barwon, FA from the eagles. Was good a few years ago, not so good once they moved hom from OLB to DE. In Wade I trust.
  9. Hawks have been tapping it on for years.
  10. Night GF isnt wanted by players or AFL. twighlight has "proven" to be the best time slot for channel 7... I mean the game...
  11. Even to do that for one or two games would cost the company. TBH, as a good will guesture I hope we run out with AHG on the back until a new sponsor is secured. They came on board when we were the pits. Give some back.
  12. Def leaving it late to get them printed up.
  13. Is Hibberds sprints at full pace or 3/4?
  14. Hence why I'd be surprised.
  15. Be surprised. This is the sort of game we will find a way to lose.