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  1. NFL

    5am start, then gotta long drive to pick up anew Queen bee and then gotta replace the old queen. Prob won’t get to watch much of the games, might take me until Wednesday night to catch up if I get shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  2. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Yes history shows that it has mattered, if you want to promote a change in this then of the whole MFC you put up players who have had a good year or we sponsor etc etc. Nev should be there not because he is Aboriginal, but because he had a cracking year. Same as Oliver, Hibberd, Daisy, all had great years for the MFC and prob deserve a spot on the banner. If you add a player simply due to race then we need a much bigger banner as why have an Aboriginal over some one with Italian background and so on. I understand and what you are trying to say, but for us as a society to move on we need to see all players (people) as equal. If Jetta, Garlett and JKH have great seasons next year then all 3 would deserve a spot. I’m against tokenism.
  3. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Race should have zero to do with it. Same as Gender.
  4. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Put the number 9 up there
  5. NFL

    I was waiting for them to miss the pat and go to ot.
  6. NFL

    What a crazy ending to this game.
  7. NFL

    Tipped by McGill straight into Wilson’s hands for a TD... wow, just wow. That should have been intercepted everyday of the week.
  8. NFL

    Yeah super dumb by Lynch. Such a great offensive game. Neither D, seems to be playing bad it’s just some crazy long passes.
  9. NFL

    Wtf was Lynch thinking? (Or not thinking more like it)
  10. NFL

    Bloody entertaining game so far. Halfway through the second quarter.
  11. NFL

    Hopefully they move like 80 year olds.... ha ha
  12. NFL

    45 Home wins, 46 away wins Is what I counted.
  13. NFL

    Its been an insane year. Wouldnt surprise me tbh.
  14. NFL

    Monday nights game is the one I’m super keen to watch. I was worried about our game being in London and giving away home field, but we are 1-2 in LA and 3-0 on the road... go figure...
  15. Trade rumours

    Just about. Not through yet but looking like it.