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  1. Petracca needs to take the set shots within 35 meters with little angle.
  2. Decent article. It will be an intetesting year.
  3. WRECKER!!!!!!!!
  4. Is it free for telstra customers?
  5. That's a massive lots of revenue this year hoping to get people to stay on board in the following years. I'd be asking the club for a refund if I'd paid full cost prior to this day.
  6. Cheers for the updates!
  7. OMG!!! Seems like forever ago. Can't wait to read the posts.
  8. NFL

    Just reading that they believe Kenny Britt will leave the Rams. He is a free agent. So our one half decent reciever is going... sigh...
  9. Getting smashed in the centre, really need to resets here they stand.
  10. People mentioned Trenners gettingbtye ball alot, how did he look moving across the ground? Have the sprint work they have done with him make a difference? What about Stretch, was he in the contest much? Where did he play?
  11. NFL

    Not official yet, but if we get him out seems a good get.
  12. NFL

    Falcons QB coach looks like being the Rams new OC.
  13. NFL

    on the plus side mate,... You don't follow the Rams...
  14. The bad thing about getting good is longer lines and parking...
  15. NFL

    The best thing in the Falcons favour is how bloody young they are. They have it in front of them.