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  1. Can be. Nearly all of my hamstring issues were back related. Once I fixed my back I had 1/4 of the hamstring issues I'd had prior.
  2. Ha ha ha, it's so funny cos it's true.
  3. I'm trying to not look ahead too much. Got a big game v the Swans this week, then Carlton which scares the bejesus outta me...
  4. Choked.
  5. Stanley misses an absolute sitter.
  6. It was high due to the eagles player dropping his knees so it should have been a free to Jeffy.
  7. Freo have stuffed this up.
  8. The umps were ok fo a game in WA. since we expect to have 10+ less frees than the home team.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if Hannan is rested, hip can tighten up badly especially with a four hour flight. if not, then out: Garlett, Salem in: Watts, JKH JKH scares me as he was super terrible when in last but he has excelled at VFL and is perfect to replace Jeffy if his hammy requires rest.
  10. Who was the guy behind the goals when TMac kicks the winner? He goes nuts and I loved it.
  11. Might need a new missus... just saying...
  12. I've broken out Timboons finest Whiskey and absolutely loving life.
  13. I screamed so loud the cat flew out of the room. im still shaking and the adrenaline is pumping so hard I won't be sleeping for a few hours yet.
  14. Heart is pumping so hard I'm shaking...