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  1. Deemonic

    Jack Lonie

    How many of the Richmond small forwards would we take based on talent. It's all about forward pressure and what you do when we don't have the ball. This is why Watts is deemed expendable.
  2. Deemonic


    Our standards are pretty low if you think Watts couldn't have got two hands to the ball to mark. Ever thought of diving and taking it on the chest. It was a lazy typical Watts attempt. Unfortunately he knows no other way.
  3. Deemonic

    1990 - The season that could easily have been ours

    Agree that this was our best chance under Northey to win a flag. Strawbs lost us the game by colliding with Garry Lyon at training and causing Lyon to miss the game.
  4. Deemonic

    AFL 360 - Focus on MFC

    Yeah let's trade out talented players for more high end speculative draft picks. Worked for us in the past. King is an idiot. We should do the opposite and follow the same strategy as this year and trade early picks for ready made talent. That's being bold
  5. Deemonic


    He will be a delisted free agent and able to sign with whoever he chooses.
  6. Deemonic

    Wrong call

    David King became irrelevant as a respected analyst last night with his comments. Especially the tripe he peddled about us being on the right track with Bailey. He was one of our loudest critics last year carping on about how we didn't press etc. Someone should embarrass him by finding the footage from AFL360 last year and getting him to admit he just loves the sound of his own voice.
  7. Deemonic

    Coach appointment timing?

    Who cares how Collingwood feel!
  8. Deemonic

    The Tom Scully Saga

    Never let facts get in the way of a good rant WYL Spalding, Jolly, Byrne were traded by the club. Bad trading but trades none the less. They then were lucky enough to be traded to clubs that won the flag. Both Farmer and Thompson wanted to go home for family reasons. Which flags did they play in?? Alves and Wells were getting to the end of their career and we were never going to win a flag and the club agreed to sell them so they achieve the ultimate success
  9. Deemonic

    The Tom Scully Saga

    Only 1 big difference Demetriou conveniently omits is that we traded Pick 2 for White. If that was the offer from GWS I could live with Scully's decision either way. But of course that's not on offer is it?
  10. Deemonic

    Dean Bailey

    Unfortunately Matthews was coaching Brisbane and you can't be serious about Garry Ayres.
  11. Deemonic


    No Dappa Dan. Just too early in the morning.
  12. Deemonic


    I can't believe I've just read 2 pages of comments about the game and yet there is not one mention of the fact we played the best team in the league at the moment. The Saints have built their year on defensive pressure all over the ground and we were going to crack at some point. We have struggled to kick goals against teams that play a heavy zone like the Crows so I'm not surprised we only kicked 6 goals. I'd imagine that Lyon gave them a serious bake at half time and told them to tighten up. We look ok skills wise when there is little pressure but they fall apart against the very best sides. We are on the bottom for a reason. We are making process it's just slow. To lose by 6 goals to the Saints is a lot better than most sides have gone this year. date='May 31 2009, 04:31 AM' post='233827'] That may be the only interesting post so far in this thread since the game ended. I'm not sure I agree that we "fundamentally" play negative football though. A phrase that's been creeping into footy since the WC vs Swans days is "You can't win a GF without a great defence." And the longer I go the more I think fixing your defenders FIRST is the best way to go. Then midfield, then polish it off with forwards. Could it be DB is doing this? Get the defenders all set up and working well, (which he has, to a large extent, done) then move into the midfield and recruit like a nutcase. Then look at your forwards and make sure it's not your running mids and flankers doing all the scoring work. We may be playing negatively right now, but that could just be part of the plan. Works well for Lyon and the Saints. Someone has to cop it. PJ is still playing good footy, but is making errors. Simple as that. I think he's going to be ripe for a bit of a spray from DB. There is one criticism I'll agree with from this week and that's that his free kick tally is a slight concern. He's giving away more than he's getting. As it stands right now he's 3rd in the league for frees against, with 18. And he has 9 frees for. This isn't criminal, but it's an indicator that the footy department should have picked up on by now, and I'm sure if they're not addressing it now, they will be soon. The best thing is, we know he can play better, and the problems are very fixable. What would be of greater concern would be if he wasn't getting it at all. Personally I reckon if he had 4-6 weeks where he stopped playing the footy he's been playing since the West Coast game, then have him take a spell and bring Spencer in (you'd assume he'd be right by then). As it stands right now, he's in the side for good reason.
  13. Deemonic

    Old habits die hard, says McDonald

    Essendon seemed to have no trouble with a new game. It's just another cop out!
  14. Deemonic


    Yep. Was in the 88 prelimanary final at Waverley. We went beserk in the 3rd quarter and this was one of the goals!!
  15. Deemonic

    Michael Newton

    There in lies the issue. Miller has played ok an we are 0-6. He doesn't hurt teams on the scoreboard, can't take a contested mark, and we will never be more than a middle of the road team with him as a centre half forward. We simply have to be trying other options. We all admire his endeavour and if AFL football was simply about how hard someone tries then Godfrey and Miller would be two of the highest paid players in the league. He is either a defender or nothing. Newton may not be the answer but last week with another key forward other than Neitz we would have won.