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  1. INFINITI announced as Major Partner

    Yay! We got a new sponsor a week away from Round One. Better late than never. I assumed the "Big Announcement" was that loyal, paid-up & p'eed off supporters were launching a class action, (through one of or favourite legal firms in Melbourne that love this stuff), against all our boards that continually over-rated our list and potential year after year. And yeah, I've heard all the tripe first-hand. We have eyes, we saw what happened. Big Announcement will actually be us cracking the top four this year. And if you give a fig, I'm backing them. We finally have a settled board and exciting team.
  2. Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

    Dealing with it. All good here. Have you actually watched RR's interviews post-match? Not sure he's the right person to conduct the interviews. How about a female? Embarrassingly, he had NFI what actually happened on the ground.
  3. Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

    Dealing with it. All good here. Have you actually watched RR's interviews post-match? Not sure he's the right person to conduct the interviews. How about a woman? But got stick him somewhere? WTF. Has NFI.
  4. Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

    Understand the criticism, stand by my post. Deal with it.
  5. Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

    Always admired Robbo's endeavour as a player but I'd like to see a detailed job description of "Club Ambassador". I cringed when he interviewed Lily Mithen and Bianca Jakobsson after the Crows game. Continually referring to his notes as if he'd paid no attention to the game in front of his eyes. Ambassador Role = soft job for loyal servant. We have to be smarter.
  6. Current TAB odds Demons season 2018.

    There's a difference between finishing top of the ladder and winning the premiership. Unless you're new to AFL.
  7. $13 Premiers $7.50 Make GF $15.00 Top of ladder $3.50 Top four $1.75 Final 8.
  8. Scott Selwood could miss round 1 V Dees.

    Who cares who's out? We come out to play and it doesn't matter. Bit over "Ooh, look who's out" stuff. Fire in the belly Demons!
  9. Jack's like a young bull at the gate with an attractive heifer in the next paddock atm. Can't wait to get going. Captain or not I hope the club lays it down clearly and firmly to him that he has to meet the requirements that every other player has to meet. No exceptions. Fully recovered, couple of games at Casey just to prove fitness and match-readiness. Time we stopped shooting ourselves in the foot so to speak by rushing players back before they're ready. It's a long season.
  10. Classic! One for the vaults.


  11. Remembering Troy Broadbridge

    As Deemania said above, Troy was a quickly developing player who at the time I thought would definitely make it. Still clearly remember the memorial match at the G. Teams united and the game played accordingly. Just the way Troy would have wanted it.
  12. Nasher..."alleged sexual assault". That's it right now. It's alleged. Foot off the pedal until any legal action is initiated which I think is highly unlikely. The AFL can't act like a kangaroo court without investigation, verification and charges laid from the responsible jurisdictional authority in Indonesia. Of course it's a bad look for the MFC and smoke/fire etc. But let's follow due process as I've said previously.
  13. Just checked replies. Congrats on close to the most garbled post I've ever read on this site Wolfgang. (And tx for trying to summarise my observations). Now [censored] off.
  14. Couple of points. (some already noted). There was an incident in Indonesia according to the claimant and now acknowledged by the MFC. So far unsubstantiated in law and fact. This is the salient point. The media might be all over it but it doesn't matter a whit. It occurred outside any jurisdictional aegis of any Australian authority. Tell the Victorian police all you want, true or not. It doesn't matter. The claimant can pursue absolutely nothing unless a complaint is lodged with the Indonesian police. Evidence will be required, hard evidence and believe me the Indonesians are used to dealing with this particularly in Bali. It's a serious allegation and not what we need on our (for me brief )holiday break. I will welcome due process but hanging anyone out to dry at this stage is way off the mark.
  15. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    I'd say we are a maturing team which collectively now has a more acute idea of where they are and what it will take to improve next year. As if they don't talk to each other all the time. They don't always need a whack from the headmaster. I see it as a positive. They're taking some responsibility and initiative. They're not slacking off. Quite the opposite.