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  1. radar

    Play of the Year - 2018

    Viney run down and “spooking” a rampant Gunston. Resultant Coast to coast team goal - Melk, Spargo to ANB. Two goal turnaround. Used to happen TO us.
  2. radar

    Last Flag Ladder

    Barbers shop had one of those.
  3. radar

    Best of 3 Grand Final

    Play Wimbledon in Switzerland for Federer
  4. radar

    Best of 3 Grand Final

    I believe there be no more Drawn Grand Finals. Now extra time - like all other finals. That was snuck in with very little public discussion. Don’t see the issue with a replay given it’s a one in 40 year event.
  5. radar

    Best of 3 Grand Final

    There’s A Saturday in September unless you play all 3 on the last Saturday, Pies could quickly add to 26 lost GFs.
  6. radar

    Best of 3 Grand Final

    Another Americanism. Thanksgiving next.
  7. radar

    Last Flag Ladder

    Can recall every. Single. Season. Be fantastic when Carlton are wooden spooners there as well.
  8. radar

    One more “Demon” to conquer

    Lost Mitchell, Hannebery, Kennedy now in Selwood territory - occasional cameos. Jack OTW out Always uncover a gem from Riverina, but yeah, gotta do them twice
  9. Miss the GF - hopefully watch the win on TV. Made same call on smaller scale this year - forgoing Week 1 for wedding in Canberra. Pretty sure we’d win when I knew I’d be away. Rather watch a win on TV than witness a loss
  10. Interesting. Recall discussing same with Cat mate early 2000s. What would it be like? Last few years I’ve realised some lifelong ambitions - as the psychologists say - after a while you tend to incorporate them into everyday life. Like we catastrophize our losses and gloss over our successes. In life and football. Have Carlton mate - tells me he’s seen 8 flags - not doing so well in terms of relationships/bankruptcy/alcohol/institutions/ etc. I knew three Pie supporters who took their own lives, few years after 1990 break through. I feel a little cheated in footy terms cos I switched from Hawthorn in 1965. Meanwhile my Hawk brother cannot remember all the Premierships he’s seen. I think if we won I’d shed a tear for the young fella who trained it (Tait carriages) all over suburban Melbourne with 3KZ transistor and beanie to witness another thrashing. Geezus, my heart was pumping - as I listened here in Vietnam- as Dean Kent lined up in Perth.
  11. radar

    Jumper Revamp

  12. radar

    Jumper Revamp

  13. radar

    Jumper Revamp

    Stood through many a late foggy winter afternoon at Junction Oval etc - last quarter both sides caked in mud and everyone wearing dark shorts. Never any problem distinguishing our boys from the not dissimilar attired “Maroons”. Current jumper is spot on and should never be changed. If we gotta concede to City Hall for away strip, Swoop Northey’s colour TV outfit will suffice. Always think of Robbie when Jones has it.
  14. radar

    2019 Ladder Predictions

    10th back to yo yo years. I suspected Adam Simpson would also be first coach axed in 2018.
  15. radar

    2019 Fixture