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  1. Rocket Eade Sacked

    Thank God Tassie never had home team in the sixties/seventies. Spine of Verdun Howell Barry Lawrence Ian Stewart Royce Hart Peter Hudson John Greening on a wing with Darryl Baldock and Brent Crosswell alongside Hart. Percy Jones in the ruck. Unbeatable
  2. Rocket Eade Sacked

    Gold Coast Suns and Titans floundering in Australian sport's Bermuda Triangle On ABC Website - can't do the link thing but ratifies what I mentioned above re: itinerant, fly in fly out lifestyle. And drug use.
  3. Rocket Eade Sacked

    Gotta be part of the GOLD COAST thing. No social fabric, no leafy Eastern suburbs. Everyone running away from something; failed marriage, failed business, failed whatever Built on Joh's graft, cultural events are schoolies and [censored] flashing at car races. Institute of excellence honours convicted swindler.
  4. Places not to go as a dees fan

    Windy Hill
  5. Where was everyone?

    Working in Vietnam 30 C watched on afl app on phone. Mentally draining. Go Dees
  6. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Held firm with so many injuries. "contained" the Swan/Crow losses not blowouts.
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 18

    Mentioned on Ology too. Ports BEST 22 Compared to our injury list returning from Darwin five inclusions - gotta pick up the pace
  8. M f c getting. Ahead of itself

    Forget media, forget everyone else. Dont wanna be "rated" or care. Win what we should and add another coupla eight pointers. Let September do the talking.
  9. What was it about their wives that drove them to this behaviour? Shouldnt the women involved have more respect for their wives?
  10. NT disaster

    We beat Port there once when Trenners punched it through on the siren.
  11. Clayton Oliver incident

    Heap of those funny meme things with Robert on Big footy. I can't do the link thing - but it'll make you chuckle, riding in a tank with Putin etc. magpie and bomber fans in amongst it - universal contempt for Carlscum supporter.
  12. Clayton Oliver incident

    Imagine the outrage if other players "incidentally" gets manhandled.
  13. Clayton Oliver incident

    Seinfeld did a sketch about comedians being heckled - it was his work place. Turned it on an interjector - what if I stand outside your office door tomorrow and yell, "Hey Doris, you're not much of a secretary". Clarrie gotta learn to turn a deaf ear ...touch or handle is another (security) issue and AFL/MCC gotta investigate and make example. Last week ABC journalist videod 3 guys giving her constant abuse at Qld fight. Got them banned for few years - no touching. Abuse Manny or Horn - see how tough they are.
  14. Clayton Oliver incident

    Or the John Snow incident after Terry Jenner... this "incidental touch" business needs CLARRIEfication.
  15. Front Bar Footy Show

    Article in AGE. TITLED, "Can it kill off GTV 9 Footy Show." Implicit in the article is hope that it can. Goes on to remind readers of Sam's misogyny and outdated "humour". In comments section I wrote about slur made by host of the the new program. This slur was made about female ALP candidate. It went to Court and she received a large sum of money. Interesting to see if comment is published.