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  1. Why the drought will end

    My fear is we do the Cats in a thriller - then drop the Brisbane game
  2. Brisbane round 2

    If you have a Gabba ticket for the game - it's free to come up by train from the Gold Coast, right?
  3. Brisbane round 2

    Other way round. Do the Cats in pressure thriller - drop our bundle.
  4. Brisbane round 2

    You go to Romblon? Lady in my pic originally from there?
  5. Brisbane round 2

    Do you go to HOWZAT in Makati? i put the Demon Sticker on the poster near rest room there.
  6. Fenceology Predicts the ladder

    Umpiring calls, last 30 seconds, fixture, injuries, MRP. Clean sweep all "five" anything can happen. Woulda got good price 2 years ago on Footscray/Richmond double.
  7. Invited to my nephew's wedding on 8 September. We will play first final for 12 years on 8 September
  8. Let's be frank about GWS

    Prelim prolly first time I ever gone to footy to watch the crowd. Kinda noticed GWS more skilful but Tiges more workmanlike Champion TEAM ....
  9. Guess the Crowd...GWS v Eagles

    Shoulda put it on before VFL game as curtain raiser
  10. Guess the Crowd...GWS v Eagles

    Visit brother in ACT NIECES friend actually supports GWS Must be another 49
  11. Goodwin: Cats Must Play Menzel

    Should be focussed on one club. Keep opinions on other clubs behind closed doors of match committee. Too much chance of seemingly innocuous comment coming back to bite.
  12. Where is Allen Jakovich?

    Logistics mate in Manila has confirmed its legit
  13. Where is Allen Jakovich?

    Emailed the flyer to Eagles mate working in Manila. Girlfriend (aviator) is in Makati
  14. Bucket List........Until Full

    Ya, season too long. Play everyone once. Their ground this year. Our ground next year. Footy should be first weekend in April to last Saturday in September. Bring back the Police horses.
  15. Aliir Aliir

    Turnover merchant. Dont need or want anymore of his type.