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  1. Invited to my nephew's wedding on 8 September. We will play first final for 12 years on 8 September
  2. Let's be frank about GWS

    Prelim prolly first time I ever gone to footy to watch the crowd. Kinda noticed GWS more skilful but Tiges more workmanlike Champion TEAM ....
  3. Guess the Crowd...GWS v Eagles

    Shoulda put it on before VFL game as curtain raiser
  4. Guess the Crowd...GWS v Eagles

    Visit brother in ACT NIECES friend actually supports GWS Must be another 49
  5. Goodwin: Cats Must Play Menzel

    Should be focussed on one club. Keep opinions on other clubs behind closed doors of match committee. Too much chance of seemingly innocuous comment coming back to bite.
  6. Where is Allen Jakovich?

    Logistics mate in Manila has confirmed its legit
  7. Where is Allen Jakovich?

    Emailed the flyer to Eagles mate working in Manila. Girlfriend (aviator) is in Makati
  8. Bucket List........Until Full

    Ya, season too long. Play everyone once. Their ground this year. Our ground next year. Footy should be first weekend in April to last Saturday in September. Bring back the Police horses.
  9. Aliir Aliir

    Turnover merchant. Dont need or want anymore of his type.
  10. Brian Wilson on SEN

    Haha. I played for Pioneers mid 70s. Geelong hoops but burgundy and white.
  11. Rocket Eade Sacked

    Thank God Tassie never had home team in the sixties/seventies. Spine of Verdun Howell Barry Lawrence Ian Stewart Royce Hart Peter Hudson John Greening on a wing with Darryl Baldock and Brent Crosswell alongside Hart. Percy Jones in the ruck. Unbeatable
  12. Rocket Eade Sacked

    Gold Coast Suns and Titans floundering in Australian sport's Bermuda Triangle On ABC Website - can't do the link thing but ratifies what I mentioned above re: itinerant, fly in fly out lifestyle. And drug use.
  13. Rocket Eade Sacked

    Gotta be part of the GOLD COAST thing. No social fabric, no leafy Eastern suburbs. Everyone running away from something; failed marriage, failed business, failed whatever Built on Joh's graft, cultural events are schoolies and [censored] flashing at car races. Institute of excellence honours convicted swindler.
  14. Places not to go as a dees fan

    Windy Hill
  15. Where was everyone?

    Working in Vietnam 30 C watched on afl app on phone. Mentally draining. Go Dees