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  1. Why I won't be heart broken if Richmond bomb out in the finals

    That'd be the effluent supporter base... Edit: To stay on topic, hate the Tiges, hate all the others too. Not interested in this finals series one whit
  2. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    I was feeling a bit left out, but ours arrived today. And just to add a little more insult they sent two (just in case one got lost?)
  3. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Every game?
  4. Demonland Podcast - LIVE Wednesdays @ 8:30pm

    It's been a great run of podcast guests...it had to end at some stage though.
  5. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    He's got a bit of John Cazale about him I reckon, and that ain't a good thing. I liked it better earlier in the season when I didn't know what Fisher looked like and he was just a rookie on my SC bench who I hoped would get a game and make some cash...he didn't even do that properly.
  6. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Worst Saturday night of footy ever...Wallabies, GC/Bombres, Blues/Hawks. Highlights have been Sicily losing his [censored] and the wife finally believing me and discovering youtube evidence of Gerard Healy calling the Suns the 'Gold [censored]' on live TV a few years back. Huddos reaction still makes me laugh.
  7. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Assume your work colleagues deal with it well Ethan?
  8. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    I can't believe the thing Jesse Hogan had cancer of is censored.
  9. Round 22 - Non MFC Games

    Conflicted: can you barrack for GWS and still hope $cully gets some super-painful injury (ruptured [censored] is my go-to favourite for young Tom...I've never ruptured one myself but I assume it hurts)?

    Use your man purse satchel.
  11. Max Gawn

    Not the right thread, but WTF I might as well bring up my 300th post as off topic as most of the others... Cam Mooney on Bounce (kids made me watch it I swear) made a special effort in referring to Tom Dyson. If I was a teammate i'd be calling him Tom for the rest of my days.
  12. Clarence Oliver

    All above board my cycloptic friend (this is the AFL afterall) ...check out those biceps...secure!
  13. Game Of Thrones thread

    Didn't BenJen say he couldn't go south of the wall? If so, doesn't that rule apply to the other wights and White Walkers? Or can they just not pass through the wall? My recollection of the original dagger used in creating the Nights King was that is was Dragonglass...could be wrong though. Re the annulment, I think you're correct. Ol' Sam was too distracted by talk of steps, windows and bowel movements to pick that up...I wonder if it's in his subconscious though? On Sam, I assume he's head of House Tarley now...does he still have his old man's sword that he stole?
  14. Game Of Thrones thread

    A gloomy castle like Winterfell is the perfect backdrop for Baelish peering around corners in the semi-dark. Arya to wear his face at some stage? Or just slice him up? Happy to see Gendry back, and agree [email protected] that's an iconic crew heading north of the wall. Has the potential for some superbly profane and insulting chats around the campfire led by the Hound.
  15. Sandringham v Casey Demons

    Thanks for the write-ups guys. Very informative for those of us interstate that can't see Casey live or on the telly (when they're shown). Much appreciated.