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  1. Kumamoto_Ken

    Threat to runners

    Is there any doubt?
  2. Kumamoto_Ken

    GAMEDAY - Round 15

    Doing Dry July in support of the wife. Demons will most likely test my resolve. Is it against the spirit to pay for a cheat day on the very first day?
  3. Kumamoto_Ken

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Bit unfair on most five year olds....
  4. Kumamoto_Ken

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    "Spot on" also gets a good run.
  5. Kumamoto_Ken

    GAMEDAY - Round 14

    Mine called me at work to see how many to buy while she was at the bottlo. Silly question really, nice of her to ask though! Tomald to kick six.
  6. Kumamoto_Ken

    Go and get Gaff!

    He has a more suitable head for radio I reckon.
  7. Kumamoto_Ken

    Travelling over next week for the game vs PA

    The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Thebarton is well worth a visit for the spectacular range of beers if that's your thing. It's in the free tram zone too, which would get you back to the Casino/Train Station in 10 min or so to walk the rest of the way.
  8. Kumamoto_Ken

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    I hope that censored phrase was [censored], if so I agree.
  9. Kumamoto_Ken

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Been for a run and made the kids breakfast, about to hook into some bacon and eggs myself. Real estate photographer coming around tomorrow morning as the house is going on the market...musn't leave celebratory empty tinnies lying all over the place this afternoon/evening. Dees by seven goals.
  10. Kumamoto_Ken

    Robert Flower - Demon Legend

    Flower is the absolute Demon hero for our clan. My dad played for Murrumbeena in the late 60's and when he was 21/22 coached the Murrumbeena Districts U11s. One of his charges was a young Bob Flower. Dad is the 'adult' at the back left of the photo. Young Bob is in there too. No idea where that scorched earth wasteland is that they had the photo taken, but whatevs. As it happens after my years of meandering through Rosebud junior footy, then Monash Rugby (more of a drinking exercise) I played a season of footy at the 'Beena before heading overseas. I tried hard but was just an honest backman in the Magoos. Anyway, playing for that club where my dad was a premiership player was a great highlight.
  11. Kumamoto_Ken

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    They might have never said no to him...strikes me as that type of kid.
  12. Kumamoto_Ken

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    Broad is a pretty annoying plonker....maybe Wattsy will snot him?
  13. Kumamoto_Ken

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    "Just bounced off the big broad chest, eh?". Yes Bruce he dropped a sitter.
  14. Kumamoto_Ken

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    Bruce sounds confused...his world is being turned upside down.
  15. Kumamoto_Ken

    Round 12 Non-MFC

    Wouldnt mind seeing Dixon pants Rance tbh.