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  1. I think the side playing the at Wagga are just plain old 'Giants Reserves' sue. The academy team will be U18s, no idea who they'll be playing though.
  2. From memory the Demons Cheer Squad are usually at the Northern end of the ground. The Hill Stand usually results in some pretty bad sun glare later in the day (at least you'll be in the sun)...that's where my mob are sitting though.
  3. Did the same last year with a fractured hand as well, didnt he? Traded him out of my SC team and he was back a week later...legend (spewing on the burnt trade though).
  4. Stalker Alert! Charlie Dixon is in the Virgin Lounge at Tulla. Looks lonely. My wife wants me to walk past and yell "Ow, Charlie bit me" and assures me that's an interwebs thing...
  5. Bernie Vince to be guest speaker at the Interstate Members function. I assume that's a club-imposed punishment.
  6. The wife and I have palmed the kids off onto their favourite PANK (Professional Aunt, No Kids) and are flying down today for this one. Any other 'landers attending the Interstate Members function pre-game tomorrow? I went to one a few years ago at the Duke...had a rollicking good time until the footy started and Geelong gave us a touch up on grey Melbourne day. Hoping for a much better outcome this time.
  7. Surprised to see Mitch McGovern with the second highest top speed. I assume he wore his guernsey and GPS unit back to the Hotel in the bus. Edit: Thanks for posting @Rafiki
  8. Had a bone sticking out of his leg didn't he? My favourite character in the show. I've always hoped he and the Mountain would have some huge face-off at some stage, but his vision now has me worried he'll end up meeting his demise at the hands of the White Walkers. Clegane Quote of the Week: To Dondarrian: There's no divine justice, you dumb [censored]. If there was, you'd be dead and that girl would be alive.
  9. Was that Schofield that just took a dive? What a [censored]!
  10. Not that I saw. My wife watched it on the AFL website this morning and they also showed a side-on view, like Petraccattacks still shot above. Amazing kick, really took off, like Blight's.
  11. [censored] milkshake...
  12. Commentators driving me spare...admittedly it's a short trip.
  13. Carey you [censored]
  14. Just (well 10min ago) had a fair whinge to my wife regarding Derm and his anal-ysis...had to get onto 'land to find other like minded individuals. Good work as always 'stroy.