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  1. Language warning - "Bowels of the Devil" sums us up most of the time.
  2. Even took his mouthguard out to ensure Goddard heard every word of it.
  3. Watch Joe Daniher bring his kicking boots too. That bloke terrifies me, and I'm not just talking about his face.
  4. This would be a good fit, nickname-wise anyway. If we didn't already have AHG, and if they were going to export these into Australia, which they're not. http://www.dodge.com/demon.html
  5. Some high praise indeed. On Cam Smith, I do remember years ago reading that the strength and conditioning man at the Storm at the time (it might have been Rob Jackson) used to call him 'The Accountant' because he thought he just didn't look like an athlete.
  6. That's an excellent likeness.
  7. YEP, MINE'S ALL CAPS TOO. Oh, just had caps lock on...soz!
  8. Fence more of a cloud shouter I reckon...esp if the cloud reminds him of OMac.
  9. Not surprised at all. If either or both were to be genuinely concussed today, and if schadenfreude could somehow be harnessed to generate electricity, then mine would have the potential to power the lights at the 'G for about three weeks.
  10. All grain or kit?
  11. Missed the start by two lengths and still got up...happy days indeed!
  12. Arrived home yesterday morning after a couple of weeks o/s. Was wide awake at 2am this morning which gave me a chance to get up and watch (and delete) the recording of last week's win. Foxtel also had a the 2015 R12 game on at some ungodly hour in the middle of the night...happy days! Could be sound asleep by half time. Ed: Ken's Dream is the favourite at Caulfield (R6). I'm loading up.
  13. I agree, just working my way through this thread well after the fact. Carlton are a bunch of [censored] [censored]. Ed: felt good just typing those swears, despite the filter!
  14. I didn't even see the game and that's still funny. Assume there's no need to chase up a replay?
  15. Where is stakka (Curry and Beer) anyway? On topic: Jack Watts