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  1. Wore my Melbourne jumper around England in 1965 (see me pictures at a Butlins Holiday Camp in red and blue.). Recorded kicks, marks and goals from radio commentaries as a kid. Lou Richards was the best commentator. In the old days we used to run round the ground each quarter so we could be at the end Melbourne were kicking to.
  2. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    The AFL is diluting the clubs' brand so that they become the brand. Typical Heysenburg.
  3. Tilbrook and Lever

    He better, cos we've leaked Howe and Frawley in recent times.
  4. Gawn vs Hogan

    Gawn is a giant. Hope he gets a premiership medal.
  5. Gawn vs Hogan

    Norm Smith and Ron Barassi were into table tennis big time and both hating losing.
  6. Gold Coast propped up by AFL

    We go to Darwin for 'home games' whilst on our ground and on the same day Richmond and Essendon play the heavily promoted Dreamtime game. The humiliation.
  7. AFL supporting the alleged victim but waiting till their people get back from holidays. Imagine this being the police line. Meanwhile the player concerned is also left in limbo. Unfair to both parties.
  8. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Just like the Kokoda/western Front days of yore, when the young enlistees were sent to the battlefront.
  9. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Send them all off to Port Adelaide, they are in the premiership window.
  10. Boot Camp 2017 cancelled by Players

    Players shouldn't be subject to macho stuff like this at Christmas time, there is a thing called tapering off. Athletes don't have to be robots for 12 months just to appease their boozy smartphone supporters they have to train smart and be respected. Gone is performance enhancement and gone is the special forces commando mentality.
  11. Preseason Training - Week commencing 27/11/17

    That's a protest against Donald Trump.
  12. Football Gods

    The Rory Sloane article in The Age gave me a moment of sympathy for Adelaide. But only a moment. Over the years we have been back-doored more than once losing top-line players when were in a high ladder position. We could have done with a Healey, a Thompson, a Farmer, even a Barassi over many a suffering season. So who cares if Jake Lever comes our way and helps to break this decades long pattern of losing top players when it counts. Perhaps it is a sign of the smartness of our new administrators that this failure has finally been recognised and acted upon. The article: http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/rory-sloane-in-no-rush-to-enter-contract-talks-with-adelaide-ahead-of-2018-free-agency-20171102-gzduf1.html
  13. Mindfulness and the mental game

    Sometimes you need to switch off in order to calibrate, and to assess the strength of your opponent. Witness Floyd Mayweather, and Carlton in the '70 grand final. You can't be 'mindful' the whole game it's just a buzzword.
  14. David Schwarz

    What a place to 'do the dirty' on us.
  15. The Fixture Poll: 2018 Edition

    Sunday, bloody Sunday.

    We'll never know. Norm was gifted some magnificent playing lists in the 50s, his time with Fitzroy and later with post Barassi teams it was a different story. Fire and brimstone less effective. Norm's genius with Barassi was finding a unique onfield playing position (ruckrover) where Barassi's eccentric talents could become effective. So I would see Watts becoming some kind of lead up/ decoy forward who the midfield would PASS to. Let the opposition worry when Watts was the go to man or the Norm Smith decoy. Watts would get his bags if 4 and 5 in his good days because Watts is a dead eye dick. Smith would be smart enough to know when Watts was having an off day and move him back to a wing where he could play his link man role setting up the forwards. Good luck to him at his new club and Jesse learn to kick.
  17. Farewell Jack Watts

    A charming, charismatic guy. A wonderful sportsman and good bloke. Earning top $$$ doing what he loves. But the $$$ stops with Goodwin and he has made a judgement call, that's what he's paid to do. Good luck to Jack,will always remember you icing it v. The pies, erasing the memory of your first game where you were put in before you were ready.
  18. Tim Watson's outrageous faux pas

    I once saw Tim ordering junk food at Longwarry servo. That's substance abuse.
  19. Will Brodie

    Will Qatar keep the World Cup? Will Suncorp stadium revert to sanddunes and tumbleweeds? The AFL needs to address Queensland football bigtime and merge the two Queensland clubs. That will free up Vic players to come home and allow all the remaining 'Fitzroy' players of these two clubs to have some dignity in their playing careers. What was Brodie's favourite Melbourne player, I wonder. Yes, I would take him.

    Totally agree. Thompson was jet in 2004 when we were charting.
  21. Trade rumours

    Not Diamond Jim?
  22. Feeling low but starving for Success

    When you have followed the dashing demons for decades in my case since the early 60s you have every right to feel negative!
  23. Feeling low but starving for Success

    Ditto ditto ditto. it is galling that we whipped Adelaide in 98 and this year but they look like slipping right past us (again) to pinch another flag. We continue to improve ladder position but there is the nagging feeling that we are mark 2 version of the MFC that was supposed to be bound for glory when Scully played for us. Getting beaten by North and Collingwood shows how badly we flatlined.
  24. Farewell Jack Watts

    Very fair comment, but on the lead he doesn't get the yips, it's when he's in a pack. His lack of confidence in this area has become entrenched. Noone better to dob the goal from a set shot a la Peter Mckenna.
  25. Farewell Jack Watts

    Jack Watts is a fantastic finisher and sets up play beautifully in the forward 50. His ice cool finishing goal v Colllingwood earlier in the year shows just what he can do. The chink in his armour are the numbers of would-be marks which still bounce off his chest. He may well go on to become a great player at Port Adelaide where teammates will look for him and let him beThe Distributor. He does not get this grace at Melbourne, as years of un-honoured leads on the forward line would attest to.