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    Robert Flower - Demon Legend

    Players like Flower would have been umpired out of the game in the modern era. Players are routinely impeded before and after they take possession of the ball, and ball-carriers are routinely 'tackled' by the player grasping the player's hand or falling into his back with one or both hands over the shoulder or across the face.
  2. bush demon

    A run for the record books

    Is this our highest percentage since '64?
  3. bush demon

    Wallace Urges Adelaide to Target Lever

    We melted like butter when Green and Snake got sniped in 2000 GF.
  4. bush demon

    Wallace Urges Adelaide to Target Lever

    A dog act, not to be celebrated.
  5. bush demon

    Last 2 Minutes: 88 Elimination Final

    Melbourne played atrociously first half and Sean Wight was swung forward which made all the difference.
  6. bush demon


    you must dislike the war in syria more. i dislike nothing more than would-be supporters treating players like expandable swap cards and offering their cheap speculations on who could be dumped from the list. no wonder players are well-advised to keep away from such social media by managers who value player welfare over the baying crowd of internet typists. ps if you ever met Bernie Vince (or others for the chopping block) would you offer up your 'opinioin piece'' in person? i doubt it. safer at the typewriter.
  7. bush demon


    Burt some people get ahead of themselves.
  8. bush demon


    Whether "Vince gets another year" or not surely has nothing to do with the illuminati of a footbaling website.
  9. bush demon


    Jay Viney fairly lucky.
  10. bush demon

    Changes vs Gold Coast

    It did the day Wodjinski (sp) wacked him.
  11. bush demon

    Bring Back the Place Kick???

    Was that a torp or a flat punt?
  12. I remember George Bissett and Ricky? Spargo often carving up the Dees in the 60s. Sad for FFC that they missed this bloke.
  13. bush demon

    Lever Quits Social Media

    It's one thing to say Lever had a bad game, quite another to conclude he's no good after a handful of games. And why do admins allow players of our club to be called spuds or potatoes anyway. And why do demonlanders continually reference such sledging as OP's, they are not OP's, they are one-fingered typists.
  14. bush demon

    Taking out the fend-off

    Why is Dusty given free reign with his arm-blocking tactics when it is barred as a strategy in ruck contests (Big Maxy). Why doesn't our club, any club - employ some martial arts dude to teach players to grab Dusty's wrist and draw him forward so he loses balance. Really embarassing watching his triple fend off last night. Take away the don't argue and dusty is just another player.
  15. bush demon

    Which Team can we beat on current Form?

    We are about level with the Bailey/Scully/Trengrove renaissance, unfortunately. Probably decided on the last kick with either team missing from directly in front.
  16. We were a good team in the 50's, pity people don't drive Ford Zephyrs any more.
  17. bush demon

    TMac our biggest loss

    Clarkson coaching Melbourne is just the Messiah complex. Clarkson is just a naughty boy. We absolutely need TMac, Jay Viney, Jack and Todd Viney back on the pitch.
  18. We just don't have the cattle. And if players like Oliver and Petracca do become genuine A graders they will be 'recruited' by Hawthorn or Manchester United. Plus ce change.
  19. bush demon

    Angus Brayshaw

    Tinker's cuss
  20. bush demon

    Red and Blue Champions.

    I had these cards once. I haven't been able to purge these rich red, blue colours despite 50 years of towering disappointment.
  21. bush demon

    Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    Would have got it on 2nd attempt but for bad interference from Davis. Carlisle's only offence not wearing a hawthorn jumper.
  22. bush demon

    Red and Blue Champions.

    I had these cards once. I haven't been able to purge these rich red, blue colours despite 50 years of towering disappointment.
  23. bush demon

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    The Hawks smelt fear when we kept missing easy set shots early - Gawn, ANB, Bugg. Thankfully only a 250k round trip on the Vline bus. Won't make that mistake again, and again ... and again.
  24. Ha ha, so Max Gawn not in the top 8 ruckmen in AFL. Now you have got that published why not move onto other sports and see what other insights you can share. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/tap-and-go-nic-nat-proves-the-afl-ruckman-is-relevant-again-20180411-p4z922.html
  25. bush demon

    Lyon on Brayshaw

    Gary Lyon is an all-time great of the MFC and he can errrr, say what he likes.