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  1. bush demon

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Anthony Ingerson.
  2. bush demon

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Bennett was one of them, maybe Jakovich another? I'll look it up. 1989 semi final. Geelong 22 18 Melbourne 12.18. but only Bennett. Must be thinking if another game.
  3. bush demon

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Does that mean we all have to get fit over summer as well?
  4. bush demon

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Was it Bennett Schwartz and neitz lining up in a final in early 90s v Geelong where we got thrashed. The three amigos shook hands at the start of the game but when it came to game time we didn't function well with an overloaded forward line. Jesse's only option was to pplay his final year as a CHB.
  5. bush demon

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I couldn't give a navicular. Freo gave up a lot to get H. = Neale out. Onwards and upwards the two sharpshooters, Weidemann and McDonald and into a big season for us. The real losers are Gold Coast, and their parent club, the AFL. GC needs to be merged with Brissie forthwith, and GWS merged with Sydney to become The Greater Sydney Somethings.
  6. bush demon

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    The Age reporting Hogan/May deal imminent.
  7. bush demon

    Would we take $cully back?

    Fantastic runner, and accumulator but can't hit a target and doesn't kick goals.
  8. bush demon

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    He was happy to Let Ron go. And Big Bob Johnson just seemed to walk out of the club when we needed him . There he was, starring for East Fremantle and Oakleigh in the 60s when we needed him.
  9. bush demon

    Who did the Pies beat to secure top 4?

    Probably karma for Wayne Harmes in 1979.
  10. bush demon

    Would we take $cully back?

    Any AFL players stupid enough to read these childish would just have a laugh. One of the great traditions of our code is the mateship which transcends club loyalty. You only have to watch the players having a friendly chat post-game to see this. The Jimmy stuff should be left in the past.
  11. bush demon

    Rumour File

    Leigh Matthews got a statue.
  12. bush demon

    Brownlow Medal 2018

    Smith's ethos was team first.
  13. bush demon

    St Kilda

    Pretty sure I was at that Hawks game. They had something special brewing that day with dazzling movement out of the centre. Got a big break in us early and took us totally by surprise.
  14. I think some of our boys need to bulk up is Weideman, Fritsch, Brayshaw. Jones needs a role, small forward anyone?
  15. bush demon

    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    No dilemma: it's Victoria v an AFL interstate franchise.
  16. bush demon

    The Other Preliminary Final

    1. As they say, there can be only one loser in football. 2. Having said that, Richmond cheated by system, byes and fourteen days breaks are a penalty on the top team.
  17. bush demon

    MFC - the original owner of the MCG

  18. bush demon

    The SANFL Preliminary Final fiasco

    Gives a new meaning to +1.
  19. bush demon

    Our supporter stereotype

    Ian Cover and Champs (Coodabeens, ABC radio) have got some gripe with Melbourne, they cannot save themselves from making snide remarks. Cover was shocking on Saturday morning, don't know what his issue is. Fortunately they have a young guy on there now, "Andy" who remarked to Cover that they (Melbourne supporters) wouldn't be driving Range Rovers, they would be driving Teslas....
  20. bush demon

    1964 memories- calling our older supporters

    Too young, and living in the country. But we had just bought a TV and ABC 2 scrolled the football and racing updates and on some kind of typed rolling sheet. The score updates showed the lead fluctuating until, "final score... etc with Melbourne winning. a few years ago i purchased from ABC archives the radio commentary of the game ($70) and then mixed it with the rothmans video and grainy tv footage to provide some sense of the last few minutes. in a scrappy game, amazing how barassi, townsend, and bourke combined to give Mann a shot at goals from directly in front (which he missed). amazingly, the kick-out was a very markable drop-kick which Brian Dixon duly marked. Ron Barassi, unable to mark seems to bring the ball to ground - in front of Crompton - who then purposely slots it through. the radio commentary later tells how Barry Bourke later took a telling mark in the last line of defence to repel Coillingwood. the footage shows how collingwood COULD have been paid one or more free kicks in the dying moments... but as they say, the whistle is usually thrown away by this stage. I know this is not direct memories of the game but hope it is helpful.
  21. bush demon

    Perth flights

    Reported in The Age that the club is looking at chartering buses to Perth. www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/better-safe-than-sorry-fans-camp-out-to-beat-ticketek-meltdown-20180916-p5043o.html
  22. bush demon

    Eddie shows love for Dees

    Our finals record agaibst them since war years is simply amazing, something like 15 out of 16. Didn't do Hawthorn any good though.
  23. bush demon

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    Hopefully you were kicking against the wind
  24. bush demon

    Why we hate the Hawks

    Matthews, Dipper.
  25. bush demon

    Finals Tickets

    So can make a family booking as one of the 2 allowable ticket purchases which entitles two adults plus two children. Not completely clear.