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  1. Not to mention Viney's broken jaw by a Geelong player cuppla years ago playing for Casey. Geelong player got off.
  2. Have lived through many false dawns: 1. Norm Smith's mass recruitment, 1966. No big names to emerge, we got smashed nearly every week. 2. Fight our way to 7th (out of 12) 3. Tiger Ridley gets us on fire in 1971, and i lap up Sunday Observer write-ups how we are back in town. Get demolished by CWood on Q Birthday with Len Thompson marking everything. 4. 1976 see us flying to finals under Bobby Skilton only to narrowly miss. 5. Return of Ron. 1980 yields promise but no pudding. 6. The John Northey phenomenonon. Absolutely amazing, but always faltered, maybe didn't have enough belief. 7. Balmey in 1994. Fabulous year with Schwarta but undone in the west. Cruelled by injuries. 8. Neil Daniher - from 1998. A lot of respect but maybe just didn't have the cattle in 98 and 2000. 9. Roos/ Goodwin. Would say there is heaps of belief now and we are becoming consistent. Never seen such a game as Saturday night, shows we mean business this year. Can realistically hope for success, hope it's sooner rather than later.
  3. Our first four point win (against Collingwood) on the G. since that day?
  4. "The o.p" internet translation = over-inflated pap.
  5. I see the same people +++ing Whelan's hit on Hird.
  6. An absolute ripping video which will keep Melbourne in the public eye through the years to come. I always felt that part of our demise in the 60's was because there was no video record of our greatness, whilst teams like richmond collwd carlton essendon and hawthorn got endlessly played and replayed on television through the decades. as a result we lost many potential supporters andd those teams gained supporter armies whose kids went onto follow the same teams.
  7. Doug Koop?
  8. I played for Springvale under 12's and 14's with Bill Lonie, coach. the team song:Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrŕ.... Razza Razza Razza whiskers on ya tazza. who are who are who are we? we are the boys of the S.F.C. Springvale Springvale ra ra ra. S P R I N G V A L E!
  9. Cameron Bruce's goal v Carlton 2000 elimination final was magnificent, crowd went berserk.
  10. Darren Bennett kicked a massive goal into the wind at windy hill around 1990 when we chased down a 30-40 point deficit.
  11. We are shunted to the backblocks, whilst TV money follows the old clubs. we are a pioneer club. Pioneering in the 1850's and now running with the dingoes miles from nowhere, spreading the word.
  12. part of that has been on YouTube for a while. almost unwatchable game due to poor playing surface. good luck with the Fitzroy game!
  13. Yes. In the games i have been to there is far too much showboating and "i'm a top ten draft pick, watch me" attitude. ATM we seem destined for the same drop off as happened under Bailey. Then (again) there was all the meaningless talk about our new draft picks and how we were going to destroy the competition.
  14. On the bench as back-up we could have john Clennet, John Gallus, Ted Lees, Graham Wise, Gary Baker, Strawbs and Maxy Walker if things get rough.
  15. Now just got to get the MRP heroes to protect the ball-carrier, it's a no-brainer.