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  1. I think it was in 1940 Melbourne had apoliceman tagging Jack Dyer.
  2. bush demon

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    In 1967 we finished 7th, not quite good enough to make the four but a good recovery from the Smith/Barassi debacle. 50 years later we are still 7th. Plus ca change?
  3. bush demon

    Go and get Gaff!

  4. bush demon

    "Records: Oldies but Goodies Being Superseded"

    I think we donned about ten in the first quarter v north when Brian Dixon was coach of roos. About 1971.
  5. Toeing the line etc...
  6. bush demon

    What they're saying over at West Lakes

  7. bush demon

    vanders launches long bomb from the middle

    Jaydn Hunt can get into them, but injured and in the twos.
  8. bush demon

    Greatest Finals Moments in Demons History

    1948 Grand Final quote, pt 2: "The crowd noise is unbelievable. There can only be seconds left. I'm beside myself with excitement that we could actually pinch this! I'm about 50 yards away from where the throw-in is going to take place, and the boundary umpire is still making his way to the ball. You're never tired in a situation like that, you get new legs. A I'm rushing over there, i make up my mind that i'll try to punch the ball through for a behind. no i won't just try, i can do this! i envision it happening. I'll jump on that bloke's back an go bang with my fist and we'll be premiers. But Norm Smith is standing there thinking he has to contest the throw-in, and he's got other ideas. i can almost read Norm's mind - he wants to grab it out of the ruck and kick a goal. but it wasn't necessary - we just had to score. I'm screaming Leave it Norm! Leave it Norm !because i've got the run at it and i can his this thing through for a point. but norm gets in front of me. i can't blame him through he can't hear me because the crowd is going absolutely bananas. i can hardly even hear myself. norm gets his hands to the ball and i hit it at exactly the same moment and the ball spills to the ground and comes within a few feet of the goal line. Norm makes another attempt at the ball on the ground but slips and Cec Ruddell of Essendon grabs it and kicks it, and then the bell rings From being a screaming match , there is suddenly dead silence... Melbourne went on to easily win the replay the following week: Oh the Demons they were great in the year '48 because we didn't just know how to lose and it was thanks to Norm and Jack that we won the flag back and gave it to Checker Hughes.
  9. bush demon

    Greatest Finals Moments in Demons History

    The 1948 GF may rank as our greatest ever victory because we beat a rampant favourite Essendon in replay. There was a play in the first game involving Norm Smith that nearly got a goal which would have brought victory but was unsuccessful. In replay the following week we thumped Essendon to win the flag, I think this was Norm Smith's last game. From Red Fox, pp160-2: "By time on in the last quarter the Demons had reduced the margin by just a point - the scores were Essendon 7.27.69 to Melbourne 8.9.57 - before a remarkable Demon fightback took the game into previously uncharted territory. The man who sparked the revival was Norm Smith, as Don Cordner recalled: Norm took a mark on the left half-forward flank about 35 yards out and he drop-kicked a goal - right through the middle. Drop-kick it. Mind you, he was a very accurate drop-kick, but thinking back, with the state of the games as it was and it being a Grand Final of all things, it appeared a gutsy decision to use that type of kick. Norm kicked only one goal in that game but it was one that really mattered. Moments later, the Demons rushed the ball forward from the centre bounced and Spud Dullard marked at half- forward, seemingly outside scoring range. Spud didn't look for anyone, he just launcheed into this torpedo-punt - he couldn't have struck it any better in his dreams- and it sailed through for a goal, Cordner marvelled. Sud wasn't all that bright and to his dying day i don't think he realied what he actually did. He'd levelled the scroes. We didn't know how much time there was left, but we knew that the next score wins.Melbourne again won the ball and this time Norm Smith - who had been one of the best afield gifting Mueller at least three of his six goals - marked 50 odd metres out. Insted of wasting valuable time by going back for his kickn, and risking not covering the distance, Smith played on immediately and blazed away at goall, his kick drifting across the facce of gaol and out of bounds just afew metres from the behind posdt. Cordner has such a vivid memory of thee frantic final moments that, at 85 years of age, and almost 60 years after the event, he relived the experience as though it awas happening before his very eyes...
  10. bush demon

    Robert Flower - Demon Legend

    Players like Flower would have been umpired out of the game in the modern era. Players are routinely impeded before and after they take possession of the ball, and ball-carriers are routinely 'tackled' by the player grasping the player's hand or falling into his back with one or both hands over the shoulder or across the face.
  11. bush demon

    A run for the record books

    Is this our highest percentage since '64?
  12. bush demon

    Wallace Urges Adelaide to Target Lever

    We melted like butter when Green and Snake got sniped in 2000 GF.
  13. bush demon

    Wallace Urges Adelaide to Target Lever

    A dog act, not to be celebrated.
  14. bush demon

    Last 2 Minutes: 88 Elimination Final

    Melbourne played atrociously first half and Sean Wight was swung forward which made all the difference.
  15. bush demon


    you must dislike the war in syria more. i dislike nothing more than would-be supporters treating players like expandable swap cards and offering their cheap speculations on who could be dumped from the list. no wonder players are well-advised to keep away from such social media by managers who value player welfare over the baying crowd of internet typists. ps if you ever met Bernie Vince (or others for the chopping block) would you offer up your 'opinioin piece'' in person? i doubt it. safer at the typewriter.