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  1. demonique

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    So, what about Infiniti? Have I missed something?
  2. demonique

    Membership packs

    My pack is God knows where .. no faith whatsoever in Auspost
  3. demonique

    Membership packs

    Sadly , this could very well happen with Auspost. Certainly not the best service from that mob !
  4. demonique

    Membership packs

    Does anybody have an idea when the membership packs will be sent out ? I seem to remember we had them pre Christmas in past years so they could be given as Christmas presents!
  5. demonique

    Wallace Rates Dees Trade Period

    Carlton have always looked and hoped for a Messiah in all that they do ! Doesn’t exist! its their buy success attitude.
  6. demonique

    Dylan Shiel

    Hopefully they don’t use Carlton’s self valuation of the said charter flight ??!! Would the AFL have a barcode re jet charters to go by ?
  7. demonique

    Dylan Shiel

    So greasy, so Carlton .
  8. demonique

    Go and get Gaff!

    He may prefer the MCG rather than Marvel and getting belted every week running around with the Saints ?
  9. demonique

    Finals Tickets

    I got this but id forgotten to put in the Member codes, then all was well . got 2 tkts P6 level 2a row D
  10. demonique

    Finals Tickets

    Ticketek waiving the transaction fee due to the ticket fiasco
  11. demonique

    Jimmy Toumpas

    I think he had groin issues when he arrived to us . Never got his pace back !
  12. demonique


    The best part next season we will have more prime time matches being the most dynamic and entertaining team around. Downside , members areas are going to be considerably more crowded with longer queues etc etc . With a flood of new premium members flocking to get on our bandwagon .But I’ll take that with pleasure !
  13. demonique

    Chris Judd thinks we celebrated too hard.

    I did notice that we didn’t celebrate each goal we scored as much as in the previous matches . It was more focused on getting the job and winning done . Staying in the moment . It was only those in the last quarter that they began to celebrate the goals with more zeal..
  14. demonique

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    What a booey crowd
  15. demonique

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    Here in London , got the alarm set for 6.20 am. If we get off to a quick start , ill probably wake the neigbbours . If we get off to a slow start , I’ll probably wake the neighbors——. Have positive feelings about the result , we win by 18 points 🙏🏻