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  1. Added incentive to play on the MCG in the indigenous jumper I suppose.
  2. Saty, out of interest was Dion Johnstone training with the main group?
  3. Warms the heart. Here come the Demons!!!
  4. If we can get through the next 6 games and only drop 1 game we could slip into 4th spot. Best result then would be for the Cats to finish on top and we play the first final at the MCG.
  5. I note that North have lost 2 players for the rest of the year too. Jacobs ans one other.
  6. Heading to a 40th. Not sure if there'll be a tv on. I almost hope there isn't otherwise I won't be talking to anyone until after 10.30.
  7. Great news. Future star
  8. Has anyone heard from his Grandmother?
  9. I have a gut feeling Maynard will debut.
  10. Hogan, Hannan, Tyson and Viney were the noticeable absentees at the Kids Clinic.
  11. Garlett will have a test on Friday. He seemed confident he'd get up. From the horses mouth.
  12. Defensive Forward on Kade Simpson. Neither are quick and Jack is excellent overhead.
  13. We win by 5 goals.
  14. I predict the grand old flag will be sung at the end of this game...