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  1. Best of luck to Michael Hibberd in his first official game for the dees. I'm looking forward to some elite ball use off half back. Dees by 30+
  2. And that was number 1000. Good on me!
  3. I hope if it does rain heavily, the players and coaches are smart enough to go to a simplified more direct game style. In the past we've been exposed in slippery conditions by over possessing the footy.
  4. I'm very confident. I think we'll bring our best pressure for 4 quarters and the Tigers won't be able to handle it. 5 goal win.
  5. Goodwin confirms that Hogan and Hibberd will play. No mention of omissions on the MFC tweet.
  6. I always thought Melbourne Bitter would be a good partner for obvious reasons.
  7. He has played 18 games and is showing good promise.
  8. Yep. Zac Smith came in, Stanley out
  9. That wasn't fun for anyone other than you.
  10. It's been a similar trend through the JLT games this year and the pre-season games last year. Play well, get challenged, tweak things, get the result.
  11. He is big and fast. If his skills can get up to scratch he will make it. Trouble is it's a strong midfield he's trying to break into.
  12. If he plays really well, I think it's Vandenberg's spot in the team that is in doubt.
  13. Midfield from memory
  14. Instantly be nervous we'll drop the next game against Freo.
  15. I'll need to take some royalties for that.