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  1. hells bells


    Alex Silvagni has been at Carlton for the last couple of years not Fremantle. Retirement correct club incorrect
  2. hells bells


    The footy classified one was pretty good too.
  3. hells bells

    Put your hand up if you started crying...

    I had a few tears and a lump in the throat.
  4. hells bells

    The song that describes how I'm feeling - Round 22

    Everybody Hurts - REM
  5. hells bells

    Training - Thursday 16 August, 2018

    Glad I'm not the only one. Agree with all the points and I think point c) is very important.
  6. hells bells

    Training - Thursday 16 August, 2018

    A question 000. Do the players do any goal kicking practice running into goal and having a shot from 55m to 45m out? It frustrates the hell out of me that we have players that are good kicks for goal trying to pin-pass a low bullet to a leading player, when they could potentially run an extra 5 meters and have a shot. I can only really think of a few occasions this year where we’ve had shots on the run from about 50m. Lewis (x2) v Crows, Salem maybe another couple. It seems to me that the odds of stuffing up the pass & mark & shot for goal would be higher than having a single shot on the run. It may be a distinct tactic that the players are being instructed not to do but Jesus it annoys me.
  7. hells bells

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    Excellent changes. If you thought Bernie was safe after last game take a good hard look at yourself. He was horrible. Flexibility in height and speed. Go Dees.
  8. hells bells

    surprised at odds

    Personally, I reckon the Dees by 40+ are the better odds...
  9. hells bells

    Demons Player Rankings

    I know the AFL player rankings are a strange beast and IMO seem to be about 6 months behind actual form, but I thought I’d have a look at the Demon players to see where they sit. What I found was pretty interesting (I thought). The Demons have 7 players in the top 100 (Oliver, Gawn, TMac, Jones, Petracca, Melksham, Lewis) and amazingly 17 in the top 200 (Lever, Harmes, ANB, Jetta, Viney, Salem, Hibberd, Hunt, Garlett, Tyson). Hogan (202) and Brayshaw (226) on current form are arguably low and OMac (225) isn't too far behind. I compared this with the other top 10 teams to see where we sit, see below the list: Richmond – 7 in top 100, 10 in top 200. Butler (201), Ellis (212), Rioli (217) and Short (220) just outside WCE – 5 in top 100, 11 in top 200. Cripps (235) GWS – 7 in top 100, 13 in top 200. Taranto (209), Haynes (210) just outside. Demons - 7 in top 100, 17 in top 200. Hogan (202), OMac (225) and Brayshaw (226) the next best. Hawks – 6 in top 100, 10 in top 200. Henderson (221), Impey (224), Burton (233) next 3. Pies – 8 in top 100, 10 in top 200. Thomas (206), Maynard (207) just outside. Port – 8 in top 100, 13 in top 200. Powell-Pepper (203), Watts (215) just outside. Swans – 4 in top 100, 10 in top 200. McVeigh (205), Rampe (213), Mills (219), Rohan (229) Cats – 6 in top 100, 12 in top 200. Stewart (230) North – 5 in top 100, 8 in top 200. Tarrant (204), McDonald (211), Macmillan (216) As you can see 17 players in the top 200 is a considerable achievement. GWS and Port the next best with 13. I was surprised to see Harmes (130), ANB (134) so high. Going into this weeks game: We are missing Melksham (91), Lever (108), Viney (164) and Hibberd (178) so we have 6 in the top 100, 14 in the top 200 (if Hunt plays). The Swans on the other hand have 4 in the top 100 and 9 in the top 200 (Zac Jones missing). As an aside, Bayley Fristch has the 2nd highest ranking of a first year player behind Tim Kelly. If we can get Melksham, Viney and Hibberd back for the finals we'll be well placed to make a charge. We have the cattle. Hells Bells
  10. hells bells

    surprised at odds

    The punting majority don’t suffer from MFCSS. We are a better team than Sydney and are in better form.
  11. hells bells

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    Remember that last year, we were coming off 4 x 6 day breaks. You could see the players were stuffed by half time. Amplified in the 2nd half by Viney going off at half time and Bugg being rattled after belting Mills. im expecting a far different result. Dees by 6 goals.
  12. hells bells

    Goody Presser (9/8)

    Don’t they have a “captains run” the day before every game? They certainly do for interstate games.
  13. hells bells

    Rd 22: Opposition Watch vs Eagles

    JK just told 6PR that he'll be pushing for Brisbane (R23).
  14. hells bells

    Changes vs Sydney

    You make some good points DV8, but if Aliir goes forward who will play on TMAC/Hogan? Grundy is out. I didn't see all of the Swan's v Pies game, did Aliir take his spot? Where and how did Alex Johnson play?
  15. hells bells

    Changes vs Sydney

    When I wrote that I thought to myself that it just didn't quite sound right...