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  1. If our pressure is at its best we will win.
  2. I would go after Whitfield. Not sure I'd do it at the expense of Gus.
  3. Get Lever and we'll have the team to win a flag. I like our backline and I think the Mac boys and Frost will be solid. Jake Lever will be a champion. With him we will have champions on every line.
  4. Tim Gossage just reported that he'd be amazed if Kennedy plays. Said he thinks he'll miss at least 2 more matches.
  5. Josh Kennedy in doubt.
  6. I thought and still think he'll be useful for the first 2 years. The third year was always going to be a battle for Jordan IMO. Bernie is in a similar position. I wouldn't be expecting anything useful from Bernie in 2019.
  7. 1st round pick and ANB
  8. I would appear that Josh Kennedy of the WCE variety might struggle to get up for next week. Will miss this weeks game and apparently Is yet to train with that calf injury. Very handy out.
  9. Not sure if it's been mentioned in the thread but Boyd, Morris and Clay Smith likely to return this week for the Dogs.
  10. How did Christian Petracca train. Looking for a big game from him, his knee looked to have been giving him some trouble. Hopefully the week off has given him a chance to recuperate ready to hit the rest of the season hard.
  11. He's a baby, playing Key Position Forward. In reality it shows how special Hogan's first couple of years were.
  12. Goldsack was in a lot of trouble. Wouldn't have played out the game if they weren't down men already. Highly doubtful IMO
  13. I'd love to run into Richmond in the finals.
  14. That's him.
  15. Who was the bloke that played for Adelaide in the late 90's did it a couple of times. Absolute no-name player won them a couple of finals. Shane someone.