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  1. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    I had us playing Port at Adelaide, winning. Then playing the Tigers in a Semi Final at the MCG. The Tigers lose their first final to GWS. We beat the Tigers, then have to beat Adelaide in Adelaide in the Prelim to make the Grand Final.
  2. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    Jeez we're quick to hang our own players on here. Salem does things on the field that not many players in our side can do. Importantly he can hit a target. Sounds like he's made a mistake today, but for god sake now he should be traded. unbelievable.
  3. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    The guys coming back from the seniors should be used to the conditions. For those not in Melbourne It's very windy again today.
  4. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    I heard Salem is being rested.
  5. Any chance we're "Tapering"

    For the record I don't think we are, but I was wondering whether it could be a reason why we have dropped off so dramatically.
  6. Any chance we're "Tapering"

    This thought occurred to me this week after a couple of really flat performances. A few years ago it was common for top teams to go off the boil for a few weeks in the lead up to the finals. This was often put down to the players being put through a heavy load of training so that they would be primed for action in September. I seem to recall both Adelaide teams that won flags went through a flat spot close to the end of the season. Noting that Goodwin was very much involved in the success I wonder if it might be a reason for the apparent lack of energy displayed, particularly in the last 2.5 weeks. In addition, Goodwin keeps repeating that it only matters where you finish after R23, maybe the coaches expected a drop off. Although its noted that if they did they have cut it very fine 🤔. Anyway, it was just a thought. Have any regular trackwatchers noted any heavier than usual loads?
  7. Lack of Finals = Failed Season?

    At 10 wins and 7 losses with only 1 game of the 5 against a top 8 side. To not make finals should be seen as a failure.
  8. GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Finals start today.
  9. Casey Demons v Coburg

    Hey Drunkn167 did Joel Smith play? Haven't seen him mentioned anywhere.
  10. GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Duke of Wellington on flinders street.
  11. Clarence Oliver

    I wonder if Clarry could be one of the rumoured outs. Was definitely very sore after the game last week and didn't train on Tuesday (according to track watchers). I didn't hear anything mentioned regarding training on Thursday, so it might be nothing. But noting the inclusion of Maynard, it makes me wonder if he might miss.

    Its a good opportunity for him to go through the warm up with the team. Get a feel for preparing for a senior game. He'll be available to play for Casey on Sunday so no loss in game time. Win-win

    If it's wet I'm worried that our heavy reliance on handball could become a problem. Must keep the ball moving forward at all times.
  14. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Swans would play Hawks first round. If the Hawks win the Swans would be out.
  15. The Elephant in the Room

    I used to watch nearly every game on tv on a weekend but now I only really watch Dees games and will occasionally flick on the Friday/Saturday night from time to time. My issue isn't with the standard of the games or the congestion, I just cannot stand to listen to the god awful bombastic [censored] artists that call themselves commentators these days. 10 years ago if you wanted to listen have a bit of a laugh and put up with a bit of schtick you could put the radio and listen to Rex Hunt on 3AW or Triple M, but you always had the option of getting a fairly simplistic but informative coverage on the ABC. The critical point here is that you had a choice. On free to air TV coverage you just have to sit and take whatever collection of misfits CH7 throw at you. Bruce has completely lost perspective, BT is just about unbearable and the special comments are barely special, mostly more blokey chest thumping. The shining light at the moment is the new guy Jason Bennett. At least he calls the game and knows the players names. RANT OVER... i feel much better now.