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  1. We are very close to being contenders, I don't think we are quite there yet, but it is tantalizingly close.
  2. I recall this too. I seem to remember similar discussions about Nev. he's going pretty well now. Trust Angus and the Doc's. He'll be back, I have little doubt.
  3. This season could start to get pretty exciting, if we win the next 3, get to 7-4 and hit the back half of the season with Max and Hogan coming back in, J. Smith and potentially Brayshaw pushing for spots in the side. BUT - we must win 2 of the next 3 IMO.
  4. Logical matchup for Waite this weekend, who has stitched us up a number of times in the past. I felt the backline looked as strong as I could remember against Adelaide. Long may it continue.
  5. Interesting on SEN last night one of the commentators said that Max would be back in 6 weeks, and I think it was The Ox said, "don't be surprised if it's sooner than that." So maybe Max is traveling better than originally thought.
  6. I'm beginning to have similar fears.
  7. I can't see us winning, but I don't think it'll be a blowout - maybe 3-4 goal loss.
  8. I'd be happy to hear that we are going after Steven May or Jake Lever. They are big enough fish for my liking.
  9. I'm guessing you've answered your own question...
  10. If Wagner comes in, do you think they'd experiment and put Hunt up forward? I'd love to see him and Jeff chasing and harassing in the F50.
  11. Best thing to come out of the Max interview is that he is ahead of schedule. He mentioned 9 weeks. But I couldn't work out if he meant 9 weeks from now or nine weeks from the time of the injury.
  12. For the record I think he is going very well - don't get me wrong. I think his selections and in game moves have been proactive. We need to be able to play 4 quarters though.
  13. I want to see us play 4 full quarters. It hasn't happened yet.
  14. While I know it won't happen because he is dominating as an inside mid. I'd like to see him roll forward at some stage. I seem to recall reading about him kicking some big bags in junior days.
  15. Best of luck to Michael Hibberd in his first official game for the dees. I'm looking forward to some elite ball use off half back. Dees by 30+