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  1. Why not 10 and 20 for lever?
  2. Next year is a superdraft. Must not trade that pick
  3. If it's under control it shouldn't have any effect.
  4. You can get quality without giving up quality. We aren't going to get lever for 10 and a pack of chips. Tyson is replaceable with Maynard who hardly played this year and looks like being a similar style of ball magnet. Yes, we need more midfielders but we are very strong inside and rather need outside class and speed (which Tyson does not provide). He's a good but limited player in an area where we are well served. Btw, belittling what is a reasonable suggestion reflects idiocy towards you, not me. Thinking that Tyson's deficiencies can be fixed easily adds a bit of delusion to that too.
  5. The main point I'm trying to make though is that I think Tyson and 10 is a reasonable trade for Lever (and something small back) and that Adelaide should take it if Tyson can be exchanged for something reasonable. He'd be worth an early second round pick (late first at a stretch) I would have thought.
  6. Carlton giving their second round pick to Adelaide would help but they traded it out last year. Gibbs is worth a lot though - he's only 28 and is in the top 50 players in the AFL. Adelaide could definitely use him
  7. The contrasting form of Maynard and Tyson in the second half of the year has made Tyson very expendable. The best way to get Lever without giving up too much would be to get Tyson to another Vic team. Something like... Melb - out: Tyson, pick 10 in: Lever, pick 38 Adel - out: Lever, pick 18 in: Gibbs, pick 10 Carl - out: Gibbs, pick 38 in: Tyson, pick 18
  8. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    I haven't heard that. What did they say?
  9. Clarence Oliver

    Agreed. They were clearly the 3 best on. Hibberd 3, Boak 2, Gray 1. Port had a lot of passengers, whereas we had a much more even team performance where pretty much everyone had a decent game except Watts
  10. Round 12 AFL Team of the Week

    Exactly. Watch the 'all the goals' video and see how many goals Howe was involved in. Carp defender

    Weid and ANB travelled. Weid hasn't regained any form in VFL yet so it would be crazy to bring him in. Go small in forward line. Give ANB the tagging job on Laird. Watts leading up at CHF. Petracca from goal square. Hannan also deep-ish with Kent and Garlett hanging around. It would require a fairly significant change in the way we have been taking the ball into F50 (no long bombs) but our recent strategies have been working appallingly anyway. On the Adelaide board on bigfooty they were worried about being too tall and slow in the forward line. Let's go for broke with a small and fast team, play with dash, take risks from defence. I think its the only way we can win. Oh, and tag Sloane with Vince!
  12. Changes vs Hawthorn

    Out JKH In Hogan or Weid

    Just wanted to highlight this. He is not AFL standard because of his hands. Needs to be dropped, don't care who comes in
  14. GAMEDAY - Round 6

    No late changes to either side
  15. Changes v Richmond R5

    Pedo won't have to give us much to produce more than Weed. Our expectations are not high! (No criticism of Weed - he's just too young/not ready). I just want someone who will compete in the air and lay some tackles. The added benefit of pedo is that he can give some ruck relief instead of Watts.