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  1. layzie


    They aren’t quite the same team without Hunt. I still think hey can be a genuine shot though but hey do lack some X-factor in the running.
  2. layzie


    Texans, Seahawks (again), Patriots
  3. layzie


    If you thought Steelers and Raiders would be game of the week, then you are seriously special.
  4. layzie


  5. layzie


    Steelers, Pats, Broncos
  6. layzie


    Looking forward to this game today. Both teams are banged up and it looks like it will come down to who can stay toughest the longest. Hopefully the Eagles get it done and if their D can force a few extra possessions I think they can. Sproles back and a line that is getting healthier will help as well. Though Colt McCoy has done it before on Monday night so don't rule him out.
  7. layzie


    Takeways: Barkley is something else. Turning on a dime and impossible to take down. The Chargers are a force to be reckoned with in the AFC. There is so much all round talent on this roster, maybe not quite as much as the Rams but not far off. While I remain sceptical on Baker Mayfield (and all rookie QBs for that matter) I have to say he’s on track. He sees he field very well and his awareness in the pocket very high level. Jags offense not any better with Kessler but the D sure as heck stood up The Broncos? Could they? Nahhhh. Well they have got the hard part of their schedule out of the way and are now battle hardened so you never know. The straw that broke the camel’s back in Green Bay. Fingers should be pointed all over the place but McCarthy takes the bullet and it’s probably the right call although the timing is pretty poor. A good coach but he’s run his course with the Packers. Ryan Clark on ESPN feels that he hasn’t really evolved as a coach and that his play calls have largely been the same for many years whereas Sean Payton has progressed and has let Brees do his thing. Hopefully they get the best possible guy for Rodgers and the offense which could use a lift. On the flip side while not being spectacular Josh Rosen showed good resolve. He seems like the kind of QB that can forget the last play. Speaking of long term coaches, will Marv Lewis serve the second year of his contract or is it time to start fresh? The Bengals do look stale. And the Niners, absolutely terrible. First half of the season we’d at least play with heart but it’s like they have gotten worse each week. Worst performance of the season bar the Rams game. I like Shanahan but I’m still not sold on him as a head coach, brilliant OC though. Have to give it more time yet again.
  8. layzie

    The Soccer thread

    All good DZ found it on The World Game site. You couldn’t make that up, ridiculous!
  9. layzie

    The Soccer thread

    City walk in another. Watched the Optus Sport mini match of the West Ham and Toon game, thought the Hammers were very good and Hernandez and Anderson were lethal. How about the Victory last night? Scintillating stuff!
  10. layzie

    The Soccer thread

    Darn, blocked by UEFA!
  11. layzie


    Rams, Bears, Chiefs
  12. layzie


    Not bad from the Cowboys I’ll give them that. Loving D Lawrence at the moment and Prescott did no harm to his contract leverage.
  13. layzie


    Welcome mate! Always good to see people getting more into the NFL and the Rams are a great team to get on board. Good times ahead on field and will soon have a stadium that will be the envy of the league! As for watching games it’s not easy without the game pass which is amazing if you can afford it, don’t have it this year unfortunately. 7 Mate does 3 games on Monday morning and fortunately for you the Rams should feature in a few of those from now till the end of the season. Failing that the NFL channel on Youtube is good for 10 min highlight packages of each game, last resort but it’s better than nothing. Just make sure if you don’t know the final score that you squint when you start the video because it shown at that moment!
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    James Jordan - His Airness Toby Bedford - Peter Aaron Nietschke - Ray
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    Tom Campbell

    I guess time will tell.