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  1. layzie


    Yeah another 3 years or something like that. It's a bit of a punt at 31, yes he's brilliant and could go a while yet but still a risk. Some new off field issues don't help. I'd welcome him of he came but still not convinced he's a perfect fit. Would rather a decent long threat and some serious pass rush this FA. The Raiders have serious cap room and are desperate for a big fish. Gruden is a fan so would make sense.
  2. layzie


    Yep, it’s official. Still no obvious reason why but he seems keen to move on. I feel like the Raiders might make a cannonball splash in this pool.
  3. layzie

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Thanks for the training update, always appreciate these.
  4. layzie


    Browns sign Kareem Hunt. Never afraid of a circus that lot..
  5. layzie

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    It raises the eyebrows, not saying it is not a good idea but it is certainly unorthodox. I think stability and knowledge that we have the coach is a powerful message to send, not to mention this still is a developing list. Offer Goody a 3 year deal and back him in.
  6. layzie

    The Soccer thread

    City wipe Chelsea off the park, Spurs looking good again and should have Kane back soon. Very exciting league and really no other way it's going than down to the wire.
  7. layzie

    Richmond membership banner ads on Demonland

    I think when you consider the time and efforts that go into running a website like this one it makes sense to subscribe or donate. I've been on DL a long time and although I've had on-off periods on here it's always been there and I'm grateful for that. The site is run by great people and we are getting more and more brilliant content all the time with things like the podcast which has become a staple for me during the week. Every bit counts, doesn't take much.
  8. layzie

    High Flying Shaun Smith

    Magnificent timing. I vaguely remember an interview with her on The Footy Show or a similar program, would be good to see that again if possible.
  9. layzie

    Jack Watts video

    Alas that is true.
  10. layzie

    Jack Watts video

    Getting tired of this same old re-hash. The guy has talent but never the mindset of an elite AFL footballer. Not once or twice this has been shown but over and over and a lot of people including myself chose to ignore it for a long time. I’m constantly having opposition fans tell me rubbish like “I heard somewhere if Watts had gone to Hawthorn he would have been one of the AFL’s best players” and “It wasn’t Watts’ fault, he went to a basket case of a club” turn it up. Some of it is true to an extent but doesn’t hold any water when explaining the guy’s entire career.
  11. layzie


    Rough way to lose. Was really hoping they could make some big plays late and bring it home for you @Gorgoroth. Tough to take.
  12. layzie


    If the Rams can just get a bit of production on offense they are right in it.
  13. layzie


    Still a game. If the Rams can crank it up and move the chains they are very much in it.