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  1. layzie

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 10

    6 - Brayshaw - The guy gets better each week. Works so hard. This is what we waited for 5 - Hogan - An impossible match up right now. Does damage anywhere. 4 - Jones - Another Nathan Jones game. Rarely wastes a possession 3 - Viney - Back in a big way, accelerating out of contests 20 contested possessions. Not 100% match fit yet but getting there. 2 - Hibberd - Always uses it. Responsible for many good plays off half back. 1 - Lever - A man possessed! Frustrated Crows attacks repeatedly. A lot of guys were stiff. Maxy was sensational, would back him in against Simon Madden right now, Nibbler is back and lethal where it counts, and Milkshakes who is just a score involvement merchant.
  2. layzie

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    Honestly well done Dees. That was almost the perfect performance. We are really starting to look like we belong and have the professional consistent 100% effort mixed with the execution to die for! That was the best performance in terms of ball movement by anyone this year. Votes will be impossible to choose once again but I think there’s a guy in a helmet who needs a big mention, worked his butt off on the outside and was incredibly efficient. Jesse put on a clinic in front of goal (seriously how confident is he looking now in set shots!). Jones is just Jones as always, Clarry an extracting machine. Seriously could go on all night this was the ultimate team performance.
  3. layzie

    Post Match Discussion - Round 10

    What’s that Tex? You don’t like players bailing on success?
  4. layzie

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    Let’s just keep trying
  5. layzie

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    We turned a corner in the Gold Coast game. We’ve developed the ruthlessness to bury teams. They are hungry
  6. layzie

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    Stunning stuff Demons! Expected the Crows to come in that quarter but we nullified them. Keep it up
  7. layzie

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    Lever is a man possessed!
  8. layzie

    Wallace Urges Adelaide to Target Lever

    Also, big fan of Balls. He made a lot of our guys walk taller.
  9. layzie

    Wallace Urges Adelaide to Target Lever

    I’ve got lots of respect for Plough and respect his opinion here. What I have to say is that I’ve been pretty surprised at how much talk there has been this week about Lever playing against his old side and ex teammates getting into him. Players change clubs, it happens. The only thing that this suggests is that it was a terribly bitter split and all the crap he had to go through from people like Tex has added to the bitterness.
  10. layzie

    Round 10 Non MFC games

    With this win and a bloopy for Collingwood next week against Freo they’ll be 7-4 by QBH. Pretty nervy already bout that one. The dogs are just nothing on the team that won it in 2016. And honestly they wearn’t elite back then either, they had a great month.
  11. layzie

    Etihad to be renamed Marvel Stadium

    What a balls up of a stadium name at first glance. I like Marvel but geez. I guess it will be good for the kids.
  12. layzie


    Proud to say I’m now a DL subscriber! Well done guys with all the work you do to keep this machine ticking along, keep it up!
  13. layzie

    Shaun Smith's Concussion Issues on Open Mike

    Was really sad to hear about the concussion issues. I knew he had a few but that was insane. Makes you put things in perspective and see where they are coming from with eliminating the front on and sling tackle stuff from the game.
  14. layzie


    Not a decision I’d be making after Round 9 of the season. Yes he’s been playing some good footy but I’d rather decide end of season.