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  1. layzie


    This will easily be the biggest mistake I make this week. Of course, may the better team beat the 49ers!
  2. layzie


    You really sell this competition well Macca! Could easily do an ad on SEN 😛 I was so certain that it was Packers @ Niners that your first post alerting me to it flew dead set over my head :s
  3. layzie


    Don’t suppose I can change it to Niners? Reaching a bit but it’s all I got!
  4. layzie


    Oh wait what! I thought it was Packers @ Niners! Oh my, I am a giddy goat.
  5. layzie

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    How about a current second round?
  6. layzie

    The Soccer thread

    Not bad! I usually fall asleep during international break but that was a good performance. Can’t believe Ryan Babel is still in the Dutch national team!
  7. layzie


    This is correct. I think they will get it done, maybe not easily but they’ll get us deep too often.
  8. layzie


    Seems like a few people are bang on with their tips! We were really treated to some brilliant football today. Pats and Chiefs spectacular. Still not sold on Mahomes (never am with first year QBs) but he had some very good moments.
  9. layzie

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Does make it interesting though how there is now another reason for this to fall over other than because of us apparently playing ‘hardball’
  10. layzie

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    It needs to be taken to the people. With a vote. Not some whizkid behind a laptop writing content for a hip blogging site..
  11. layzie

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Well it might be vanilla but people still like vanilla ice cream don't they? :p
  12. layzie

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Total nonsense. It's a non-offensive biscuit and its versatility is endless for instance crumbling them up to make rumballs, a famous Layzie family recipe. But hey by all means continue to twist your Oreos or any of the other cardboard on this list. Seems some people have a lot to learn about biscuits..
  13. layzie

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    That list is trumped up garbage and the author should be ashamed of themselves. Tim Tams are so overrated. Great to see in 2018 we still fall for stupid marketing ploys and when was the last time you had Tim tams with your coffee for god’s sake? Oreos can stick it as well. Honestly Anzacs and Mint Slice are probably the first good ones on the list, Tee Vee snacks aren’t bad but when I’m on my deathbed it’s safe to say with my last ounce of breath I won’t be uttering the line “I wish I had more Tee Vee snacks”. Milk arrowroots, found in just about every council office tea room and visitors hall don’t feature until #30? And Scotch Finger my word! Fallen to #18 in the ‘Biscuit Draft’. If my scout/biscuit shopper went into a supermarket and chose Scotch Finger after 17 other biscuits they would be fired. I like to keep the peace on here but forget it. I’m ready to fight anyone on this, just try me.
  14. Too many cast iron statements.