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  1. Get my butt ready for a good night of sitting somewhere to watch the final on TV when I realise I can't afford a flight
  2. The Final Finals Poll

    We darn well better. A coming of age performance where we leave no question as to who was the better team on the day. That's what I'd love to see at this point.
  3. Changes versus Collingwood

    I think its really important to reiterate this. Team first, individuals second. Which 22 gets us the win? That's all I care about
  4. Opponent in finals

    Its a tough situation for the excited people. If we win on Sat they will only have a short window of discussion on who they want to play so I understand they want to discuss now.
  5. Worrying Stats

    Stats don't lie but don't get bogged down in them.
  6. The Jake Lever Thread

    I would imagine our 1st rounder would play some part in this deal
  7. Hand in your membership

    Haha what an ad!
  8. The Jake Lever Thread

    Pretty much. Do miss him though. Probably the only one we've let go where that is the case.
  9. The Jake Lever Thread

    I'd still have him back in a heartbeat!
  10. Buckley's Demise

    Love the idea of scenario 1 but I can't see a board like theirs and a president like Eddie doing things like that.
  11. Clarence Oliver

    I wouldn't mind putting a sneaky tenner on him but I just feel the umps love goal kicking midfielders. Really do feel its Dusty's medal
  12. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Those words are music to ears. I will always acknowledge when credit is given because it doesn't happen enough. Kudos to Josh Mahoney and co
  13. The Jake Lever Thread

    No doubt about it. Someone who can guard the big guys but also judge the ball in flight and take a good grab. Crucial if not more important in the modern game.
  14. Changes versus Collingwood

    I would say he kicks more set shots than he misses. Probably about 60%, might be wrong but he's pretty reliable.
  15. Hand in your membership

    I don't mind that from time to time. The replacement home games are good for that, but I do like being with hardcore dees fans