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  1. Corey Maynard

    How do you measure a person's strength? There are a number of ways you can do that in a gym - e.g. the bench press. On a football field you can tell it by the way players can burst through packs, shrug off tackles and lay hard tackles on opponents. I don't think it's all that difficult to make an assessment as to whether a player is strong by observing how he plays. It's probably more difficult to determine the relative strengths of two players. Physical strength is an attribute of both Maynard and Tyson and of course, we've had more opportunities to see the latter in the pressure of an AFL game. Mental strength is another thing altogether and that's where Jack Viney comes into it because he's shown that he's up there with the best in both departments despite his size.
  2. STABBING IN THE DARK by Whispering Jack

    Then there's Jack Viney.
  3. Guide to the Draft

    There's an interesting guide to the draft in The Age that looks at where each club's list is at and what their needs are in the draft: 2017 Club by Club Guide MELBOURNE Draft picks: 29, 31, 36, 47 DEPTH CHART KEY DEFENDERS: Jake Lever, Oscar McDonald, Sam Frost SMALL/MEDIUM DEFENDERS: Michael Hibberd, Neville Jetta, Jayden Hunt, Christian Salem, Joel Smith, Josh Wagner, Pat McKenna MIDFIELDERS: Clayton Oliver, Jack Viney, Nathan Jones, Dom Tyson, Jordan Lewis, Bernie Vince, Angus Brayshaw, Alex Neal-Bullen, Aaron Vandenberg, Harley Balic, Billy Stretch, Tom Bugg, Corey Maynard KEY FORWARDS: Jesse Hogan, Tom McDonald, Sam Weideman, Cam Pedersen, Tim Smith, Declan Keilty SMALL/MEDIUM FORWARDS: Christian Petracca, Jeff Garlett, Mitch Hannan, Jake Melksham, Dean Kent, James Harmes, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Dion Johnstone RUCKS: Max Gawn, Mitch King, Lachlan Filipovic Melbourne have brought in most of their trade targets in recent seasons and still kept a reasonable draft hand, even though many of their fans had concerns about giving up former No. 1 pick Jack Watts for selection 31. The Dees have done the hard yards at the draft in recent seasons and have nailed enough picks in the last few years to ensure they have a very impressive young core, with few clear weaknesses. To nitpick, most of their best midfielders are primarily inside bulls, so while they have some good movers off half-back they could probably do with some more run through the midfield. Looking at who might be available when the Demons have a glut of picks from 29 to 36, Jack Petruccelle's pace could well be an option, while Ryley Stoddart and Zac Bailey are expected to fall in the second or third round. The Demons have also been linked to Oskar Baker, formerly of the Brisbane Lions' academy, another known for dash. The delisting of Jake Spencer leaves them a little short in the ruck, even though Tom McDonald and Cam Pedersen did decent jobs during the year with Max Gawn injured. It wouldn't be a surprise if Melbourne plucked a mature-age rookie ruck to provide further cover.
  4. Preseason Training - Week commencing 20/11/17

    What time is Monday's training?
  5. Permission to train list?

    Good to see that we're not going down the path of trying to recycle mediocre footballers. We have four vacancies - give the youngsters a go.
  6. Seb Williams

    Pity - His grandfather was a legend of the club.
  7. Zak Jones

    We have a CHF. His name is Jesse Hogan.
  8. Bye Round 11 - Non MFC Games

    Watching Hawthorn's pathetic effort on Thursday night and Fremantle the weekend before makes me despair about the valuable 8 premiership points that we pizzed away earlier this year against those two.
  9. Casey Demons v Port Melbourne

    I see they've brought in former Essendon listed ruckman Gach Nyuon to give King and Keilty a hand in the ruck. Casey has struggled so far in the ruck department. Does anyone know how tall Nyuon is?
  10. GAME DAY - Round 3, 2017

    Hallelujah brother.
  11. Max Viney query

    Why not 2017?

    Really? And what was my point?

    Curnow is not a midfielder now and would need a lot of work and maintenance put into him before he could ever be a regular in the midfield. If you think we can pick him up and make him a midfielder, you're kidding yourself. It might happen but the percentage chance is low. He's more of a third forward now and might never be more than that.

    I don't understand the sudden interest in Weideman. He was injured for most of the season and even now isn't highly rated in the latest phantom drafts. He was pick #14 in the TAC Cup Future Stars top 20 and #16 in the Bound for Glory Phantom Draft released this week (comparison: Levi Casboult). Really? We have the opportunity to nail the best two genuine mids in the draft in Parish and Mathieson to add to the young mids we already have and this could possibly give us the best young midfield in the competition in two year's time. We need to stay the course and go mids ... mids.
  15. Brisbane boys behaving badly

    The AFL is having a bad run with players from different clubs getting into hot water. Investigations are continuing into claims of rape by two Hawthorn players on a teenage girl in a taxi a week after the grand final. This week footage on A Current Affair emerged of Jake Carlisle apparently snorting a line of white substance and now the story of two of the Brisbane men charged over the rape during an Australia Day party being members of the Brisbane Lions academy squad - Lawyer for one of four alleged Australia Day rapists says incident was a youthful prank I don't think we can discuss the case while it's before the court but I wonder if this is going to affect the upcoming draft?