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    Go and get Gaff!

    Good, if North want to pay him 1mil+ per season they are stupid he is a wing man that clubs don't tag and when they do he goes missing, he will improve your side but not to the point where he will have a massive effect on the result. Would rather save the coin and have a red hot crack at Kelly next season, this guy has super star midfielder written all over him
  2. drdrake

    2018 Contracts and List Details

    Didn't we also sign a cricketer as a Cat B rookie
  3. Should buy tickets for Freo supporters to Barrack for Melbourne, they hate each other and Freo supporters would love to go and watch the Eagles lose.
  4. drdrake

    Why we hate the Hawks

    Yep, and they have no respect for us what so ever both on and off the field, smug players and supporters. We have been their bunny for 30 years
  5. drdrake

    Has OMAC surpassed his brother? (The Age)

    Wouldn't mind him signing a contract. For such a young player to be playing as that key role, imagine him in 2-3 years times when he gets some real strength.
  6. drdrake

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    The game moves and the AFL is looking at ways to get it back looking like it was 20 years ago with 6 6 and 6 set ups. Hogan and McDonald are endurance beasts, you will need these guys going forward as hit up forwards to transition the ball from back to forward. They will work hard up and back, I see Weiderman as more of a marking inside 50m forward. I have no issues with the three in the same side three blokes around 196cm that are mobile and play different styles of games. Would love to be in Spargo's shoes over the next 5 years they will either mark it or bring to ground.
  7. drdrake

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Semi Final

    Hawthorn has treated our club with disrespect for the last 30 years, round 1 2008 sticks in my mind as the start of the our clubs worst period in some time. They just absolutely smashed us. Their supporters are arrogant, they are arrogant when they play us. Time to wipe their smug smiles off their faces.
  8. drdrake

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    Yep, their justification was that kids from a Multi-cultural or indigenous background didn't have the same opportunity to play the game and develop. Load of political hog wash, it kept the southern clubs happy as they got something and the AFL didn't want to go back to the full on Zones the once had.
  9. drdrake

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    The next Generation academy's are a little different for the southern clubs. Clubs outside NSW and Qld teams only have priority access in the drafts to indigenous and kids with a parent born overseas. The Qld and NSW teams have priority access to all kids in their academy's. It is an unfair structure not only to the clubs but also to kids that don't fit into those 2 categories. I'm involved in a Junior Club that is in another AFL clubs region, we had kids miss out on getting selected into the NGA that are absolute guns and deserve the opportunity to be a part of the program and we had kids that couldn't get a kick in a stampede get selected because of their multi cultured back ground.
  10. It is pretty simple to fix this, every player that goes as a free agent gets a points allocation like the Academy and Father son picks, this is assigned by the AFL, example Tom Lynch I reckon pick 5 is his value what ever the value of that pick is the club getting the player must give up. If Lynch goes to Richmond and assuming they have Pick 18ish it will cost them First and second round pick. The club he is leaving still gets the band pick which in Gold Coast that will be a first round pick after the first pick.
  11. drdrake

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    Was he falling over?
  12. drdrake

    Just Chillin

    Hotter than Hell, Demons 1998 season, just fast forward to when we beat the Eagles in WA and then when we destroy Richmond in the last round, Adelaide first round of finals, St Kilda the following week. The Richmond and Adelaide games are some of the most exciting football you will see.
  13. drdrake

    Sam Weideman

    He has long arms and takes the ball at the highest point. Hoping to see a few contract announcements over next few days, Oscar, Frost and this bloke
  14. drdrake

    The Mitch McGovern Thread

    He will be going to Fremantle, they missed on Hogan and with Melbourne making the finals they see getting Hogan a long way off. Freo have a lot of cash to spend, it will cost them their first and second round pick and in return they will get this bloke and pick the second round pick from Adelaide. Adelaide will package up picks for Carlton to get the Number 1 pick.
  15. drdrake

    Go and get Gaff!

    Gaff isn't a match winner, he isn't a key position player he sits out on the fringe of the contest and can use the ball well. If he nominates us he should come as a free agent only no kicker back to West Coast. I don't mind Dom Sheed as well, has struggled a bit this year but looked good on Sunday
  16. drdrake

    Go and get Gaff!

    West Coast don't need Kent, they have a couple of handy small forwards
  17. drdrake

    Losing Jack Viney

    Needs to play at Casey over the bye weekend, he can't go into the finals with out a run
  18. drdrake


    Great Win, one player who impressed me from the Eagles was Dom Sheed, would he be worth a look at years end. Must admit when Elliot Yeo took that mark I thought we were done, but to the sides credit we stuck in there and over ran them. Really surprised late in the last quarter that Melksham and Hannan were able with ease to get out the back.
  19. drdrake

    James Harmes take a bow.

    Making him a run with player was really improved him. He always competed well for the ball, now he is running with the best mids in the competition they are taking him to the ball so he is getting to more contests and winning a lot of footy. I reckon he would be an easy guy to coach, would do exactly what he is told to do.
  20. drdrake

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Thats why you have 3 small forwards at there feet, we need to mark the footy are bring the footy to ground, to many intercept marks of recent and the Eagles love that attacking from the backline of the interception.
  21. drdrake

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    I think we will see this now, we aren't going to change our game style so we need 3 talls up forward to compete in the air. Frost gets Darling and Pederson is basically in to play on Mcgovern no matter where he goes In Melksham, Hibberd, Weiderman, Kent Out Hogan, Hunt, Garlett, Spargo Line Up Jetta Frost Fritsch Hibberd Omac Lewis Jones Oliver Salem Petracca Pederson Vandenburg Melksham Tmac Weiderman Gawn Brayshaw Harmes ANB Kent Tyson Kennedy Harris
  22. drdrake

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Those dims wouldn't be to far off our favorite ground Marvel Stadium.
  23. drdrake

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Didn't he mention on Monday night that he now has more family in Melbourne than he does in Perth and although he likes to get back to WA every now and then desire to get back isn't near what it was. If you are Fremantle and West Coast you would be mad to trade for him, there is so much uncertainty with this type of injury. This is the least to be worried about, getting him over this stress fracture is main priority.
  24. drdrake

    I'm going to Perth ... Am I crazy?

    Enjoy the trip, I remember standing on the hill behind the goals at Subiaco in 1998, famous game we had to win against the odds and we did, started us on a run of great games into the finals, in fact best football I've seen Melbourne play. Hopefully you have the same experience, the best thing is if the game is won by half way through the last the West Coast supporters will walk out to leave a few thousand Melbourne supporters to enjoy the victory.