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  1. DaveyDee, you are extremely dedicated to the Dees. Are you saying that we can't win a flag unless we throw a heap more cash at our Football department? Didn't we already get a truck load of cash chipped into our club by loyal supporters Foundation Heros?
  2. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    You cant test for mongrel and determination, you watch kids you see the most skilled and talented kids stand out at junior level you draft them to find out that there is nothing else. That was our issue with drafting we picked kids that stood out at Junior level, unfortunately most off them didn't have mongrel and that real determination.
  3. 2008 Redrafted

    I think Phil Davies and Jack Zeibell should stay at 9 and 10
  4. No White for MFC Clash Jumpers for Season 2018

    It all about Essendon, we don't play home games against them because their clash jumper really isn't a clash jumper and me a small club that is bullied by the AFL to have a white jumper because the AFL don't have the courage to upset Essendon, same as Collingwood at least they have tried to this year and I think that is more on the back off Richmond having great success both on and off field with the Yellow clash strip
  5. Team Melbourne

    It's time to reignite Team Melbourne. The concept was good the timing wasn't. I read in The AGE AFL clubs are looking at NBL basketball clubs, this is on the back off Netball doing this successfully this year. It is really turning the clock back to local sporting clubs where you could go and find a sport you like and have a real social environment, much higher level but really sets the platform for community clubs. Melbourne Demons Men and Women, Storm, Victory men and women, Vixons, Rebels, United(not sure if there is a Melbourne named team in WNBL). All teams home grounds are within a stones throw MCG/AMMI or Tennis Centre. Maybe start with something like mega clinics, a combine membership would love this I have Demons/United/Vixon memberships at the moment, then look at back office and wouldn't it be great to have the Melbourne Centre that is the state of the art training centre that housed all clubs staff playing and off field and for us supports a function area we can call ours. Never going to happen but it is a good concept
  6. Team Melbourne

    Along with most other AFL clubs. Lets revisit in 5 years when other clubs are hitting 100000 members and we are stuck on 42000 playing less and less games at the mcg.
  7. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    I think BP was hard done by Cameron, he left him with nothing on the list
  8. Team Melbourne

    Sorry, massive difference between Trengove and Garland, firstly age, one has had a full year back from injury and the other is a lot older and still in rehab after knee reco. Trengove wants to play AFL who wouldn't VFL is a development league you are either developing or waiting to be delisted, our powers to be believe he is not good enough to get a game and contribute at Melbourne, Port are willing to give him a chance. Just like the Glass House that Collingwood snatched from us, we had this idea of Team Melbourne but I bet another club makes it happen and we will be sitting back with our 45,000 members wonder how we let this slip.
  9. Team Melbourne

    Correct, others will do this add layers to their club that will see their supporter base grow.
  10. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    Sorry, how did he do a brilliant job at Melbourne, all I can recall is a large number of failed draft picks and recruiting errors, and continued this form over at Richmond
  11. Team Melbourne

    I went Victory but maybe you go City for the $$$$$
  12. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    He stuffed our recruiting moved to Richmond and stuffed theirs, GWS should be celebrating that he has gone.
  13. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Our first all red jumpers were the best, I still can't understand why we can't have the all red instead of white
  14. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Don't agree with this, if you can't kick the ball no point getting it. The pressure part for sure you need to balance but if you don't have the ability to hit targets you will struggle at AFL level
  15. 2018 Membership Thread

    There will be a lot of members that would have opted out of dedicated Demon program, that will explain the difference between this time last year to now. Will be a few that will be wait and see how preseason unfolds and you can't blame them, all we have heard from the club over the past 11 years it the hype of youth and potential, you know what a lot of members aren't buying in on that anymore, we are a laughing stock of the AFL, even the AFL treats us like that. I have lost my kids to other clubs so really for me no point renewing as I won't go to the matches with out them.
  16. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    The Bulldogs get us after both Darwin and Alice springs trips
  17. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    Trust me it is all about the clash jumper and Essendon is the main reason why we had to change from the red clash jumper to the white.
  18. The 2018 Fixture Thread

    There is a reason why we always play as the away side v Essendon and it all has to do with clash jumpers and the failure of the afl to make essendon have a real clash jumper
  19. The Liam Ryan thread

    Wouldn't like to see this kid in the West Coast Forward line he would dominate playing with Kennedy and Darling
  20. Trade rumours

    We can judge this at the end of the 2018 season, we completely stuffed up our list from 2000-2013 so lets see how good our players can be now with 2-4 years under there belts, to me we have to many NQR players getting games
  21. Trade rumours

    Sorry we have been addressing our list issues since 2006 with no real progress and by giving up 2 first round picks the likelihood of us addressing what we need is not good.
  22. Trade rumours

    We got the two players we wanted agree but I reckon what we had to spend to get them and what we got in return for Watts was a fail. I hoped to be proven wrong but unless Petracca turns into a star next year we will get more of the same
  23. Trade rumours

    Very much so, may be this is a flow on from the last 5 games and a club that had covered winning a premiership. Just don't think we have addressed what we need
  24. Trade rumours

    You need to look at what we lose, agree Lever will strengthen our back line, doesn't address O Mac is a mile off, Frost is hit and miss and T Mac is needed up forward. Our mids are one dimensional with no speed and we lose one of two players that I would consider elite kicks in our side. I'm sure Hogan will love T Mac kicking the ball to him he is one of the worst field kicks in the AFL, great set shot but cant hit a target. So tell me how does this trade period improve our list
  25. Trade rumours

    Yep, when Hogan goes to the Dockers we will get back in the first round. The premiership team has got 3 picks inside our first pick, the Eagles have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds, 2016 years premiers have 2 first round picks and paid peanuts for a pick 2. We have zero midfield depth, we are banking on a key defender becoming a key forward and a young forward who can't get a kick to improve out of sight also hoping Pederson can play at the same level. Don't believe the hype we are a mile off