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  1. Welcome Johnnie Walker (we all need you!)

    Keep on Walking, we have all heard that from opposition supporters over the past 12 years, I'm sure some copped this on Sunday
  2. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Easy response Hawthorn smashed us and showed us how to play wet weather football, plain and simple we where shocking. We have an opportunity next week to show our response on the ground, our supporters don't want words they want action and we need to deliver week in week out.
  3. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Playing in big matches makes no difference, when a team delivers garbage on the field they cop it regardless. Both Melb and Carlton were expected to improve this year and both are well behind on what they delivered in 2017. The Bulldogs copped it for a couple of weeks and bounced back, Essendon copped it, we cop it regularly because we show so much then let ourselves down with insipid performances. We all can cop losing it is part of the game, but the way we lose on a regular basis is like we give up when it gets hard. All I want is players/coaches and officials to shut up and perform, we talk to much and this goes both ways.
  4. Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 5

    Can this be the Shut up game. Every 3-4 weeks after a game like we played v Hawthorn our players and officials face the media, with the same garbage, Not Melbourne Football, we went away from structure, we let of supporters down, hurt our Brand, mentally beaten. Shut up, its ok if you hear that once a season, we have heard it every 4-5 weeks for the past 11 years. I know we have to do media, some of our players have media contracts but enough excuses, shut up and perform
  5. Colin Garland steps down from VFL women's role.

    Hope he has another role as defensive coach for Melbourne
  6. I reckon this is Bernie's best role for the club. He tags really good but he is a terrible back man
  7. Freo poised to pinch 2

    Freo's big brother will swoop on Hogan. West Coast will be looking at him to replace Kennedy, they will want him at Melb for another 2 years then say thanks very much for developing him welcome back to WA. The only way we are keeping Hogan is by playing finals and not just a side that makes finals but a side that can contend in finals. There is nothing more important to our club than breaking our finals draught
  8. Changes v Richmond

    Time to play to our side and stop trying to copy Richmonds style. If we are going to continue to kick long to a contest we need tall forwards to compete, bring in 3 quickish players and 2 talls In: Pedo, Weiderman, Hunt, Hannan, Stretch Out: Lewis, Milkshake, ANB, Bugg, Vince All Vince and Lewis do is fall over. To me the below is a more balanced side. Jetta OMac Lever Hibberd Frost Hunt Stretch Oliver Brayshaw Kent Weiderman Petracca Garlett Hogan Pederson Gawn Jones Salem Harmes, Hannan, Fritsch, Wagner
  9. Backline Setup and Structure

    We are trying to defend the forward half of the ground and we are to slow to get into our back half. Teams can see you get over own forward press and you will score
  10. Shepherding the man on the mark

    It takes smart players to do this, which we don't have. They need to stand behind the player on the mark and can only Shepherd when play on is called. It enables the kicker to turn a 50m kick into a 60m play that puts pressure on defensive zones. Easy to defend against man up the man that is going to shepherd, try to stop is where the ball is rather that 60m down field
  11. Roos: "They’re so easy to score against"

    It is an easy fix, our defenders are playing to high up the ground, the ball is coming out of our forward line that quick that as soon as it does we are done, a 50m kick clears our defenders we are scored against. Jetta played the role last year as that last line of defense 20m behind the last forward. This year he is running in quicksand. We need to defend deeper, all teams are doing it against us basically having 4 defenders across Half Back we push ours forward of center when the ball is forward. Mids need to work harder to defend between to 50m arcs and our forwards can't allow the ball to get out of our forward 50m so easy. We play our best football one on one we are garbage when we are out numbered up forward, it worked a couple of times last year Adelaide game was the example but we are missing Tom McDonald who gives a good contest.
  12. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Plain and simple we are scared of success and failure is easy this is the culture of our club. It doesn't matter what coach is in command, our club has serious mental issues
  13. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    We can go back for 15 years pretty see sure this site was live then plus demonology, it is the same every year mentally weak dumb footballers. Our players are robots programmed to play one way. The conditions dont suit our players cant change
  14. GAME DAY - ROUND 4

    It is wet you cant play over possession handball football. Dumb plain and simple
  15. Gaming - we are out!

    Thats what i posted i reckon we need a certain amount of cash to fund a new admin training base we need to contribute so the afl local state and federal governments will chip in.