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  1. drdrake

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Thats why you have 3 small forwards at there feet, we need to mark the footy are bring the footy to ground, to many intercept marks of recent and the Eagles love that attacking from the backline of the interception.
  2. drdrake

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    I think we will see this now, we aren't going to change our game style so we need 3 talls up forward to compete in the air. Frost gets Darling and Pederson is basically in to play on Mcgovern no matter where he goes In Melksham, Hibberd, Weiderman, Kent Out Hogan, Hunt, Garlett, Spargo Line Up Jetta Frost Fritsch Hibberd Omac Lewis Jones Oliver Salem Petracca Pederson Vandenburg Melksham Tmac Weiderman Gawn Brayshaw Harmes ANB Kent Tyson Kennedy Harris
  3. drdrake

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Those dims wouldn't be to far off our favorite ground Marvel Stadium.
  4. drdrake

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Didn't he mention on Monday night that he now has more family in Melbourne than he does in Perth and although he likes to get back to WA every now and then desire to get back isn't near what it was. If you are Fremantle and West Coast you would be mad to trade for him, there is so much uncertainty with this type of injury. This is the least to be worried about, getting him over this stress fracture is main priority.
  5. drdrake

    I'm going to Perth ... Am I crazy?

    Enjoy the trip, I remember standing on the hill behind the goals at Subiaco in 1998, famous game we had to win against the odds and we did, started us on a run of great games into the finals, in fact best football I've seen Melbourne play. Hopefully you have the same experience, the best thing is if the game is won by half way through the last the West Coast supporters will walk out to leave a few thousand Melbourne supporters to enjoy the victory.
  6. drdrake

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Nasher, something is causing this, stress fractures in feet are rare but we seem to have a number of these, we have 3 out now. To me it is foot wear, surface and training loads that cause these types of injuries.
  7. drdrake

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Bloody Training Oval takes another victim. It is like training on a road, footy boots aren't designed for training on rock hard surfaces, Asic's is the only boot which half resembles a running show. Be interesting to see with the guys who have suffered foot injuries with Melbourne which boot manufacturer they wear. Hogan is Adidas, no more Adidas wedge to soften the impact.
  8. drdrake

    The Blowtorch on Jordan Lewis

    I think with Lewis and Salem we are trying to make them play positions that don't come naturally to them. Salem in the last quarter playing in the midfield was the best player on the ground for that quarter. Lewis, I reckon he has been told stand off the contest they want him to be the out the back handball to set us up. If Hibberd is ready and I reckon Wagner, we need to move Lewis and Salem into our midfield, these guys need to be kicking the ball into our forward 50m not Jones, ANB, JKH.
  9. drdrake

    Bartlett: Dees Not Mentally Weak

    See this is the cultural thing we discuss. Acceptance of failure, difficult for a president to be critical of the coach or sides performance, especially when it is between the ears, no player wants to be told they are mentally fragile and the game was lost between the ears. He should say as a club we can't accept these loses anymore. What ever the reason we lose these close games and struggle against top 8 sides we need to sort out quickly as the next 2 weeks define our season. We know we have the ability, we show this through patches in these close games, we just lack something when we are challenged. I'm sure Simon and his team will be drilling down on this with the players.
  10. drdrake

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Sam is developing nicely, he has averaged 2.5 goals a game at Casey and takes around 6-7 marks a game. The games he played for Melbourne he didn't dominate but he took some nice grabs and looked more comfortable. Is he a regular AFL player yet no but I reckon he will be in 2019 and will play his role if needed over the next 2 weeks.
  11. drdrake

    Bathwater = Bust?

    Next two weeks will determine whether we have had an improved year or not, to improve you need to better your position on the ladder, I don't care who you beat to do this, at this stage we are looking at 9th and out by a game. last year 9th out by percentage. Our ability to score has improve, but our ability to defend has gone backwards
  12. drdrake

    Bathwater = Bust?

    No we haven't at this stage we will finish in the exact same position on the ladder as last year unless we can get a win over the next 2 weeks, which I reckon our only chance is this week as GWS will smash us.
  13. drdrake

    Bathwater = Bust?

    Off field agree we seem to have that sorted, the on field is an on going concern and if we cant get this right the off field can turn just as quick membership/attendances fall, corporate dollars drop out, we have such a small window to capitalize on the great off field work done by Peter Jackson and his team. They have built us into a sound business, but when the core of you business is under performing the whole business will suffer
  14. drdrake

    Bathwater = Bust?

    If our current CEO couldn't change this underlying culture not sure if Pert can. As much as I like Josh Mahoney is he the right man?
  15. drdrake

    Bathwater = Bust?

    We have seen it for the past 18 years, when we play on our terms we look a million dollars when the pressure comes on we go to water. I don't understand why or how but this is in the fabric of our club, we can keep blaming coaches as they are easy to blame. It is a culture thing we just aren't a ruthless club with high expectations, not the bull, fluff that we here from our players, coaches that we will hear it this week. I have posted this before, our club goes to play footy hoping to win, good clubs expect to win. Goodwin should however look into the recent past, his coaching style his similar to Dean Bailey, attacking mindset, buddy buddy with the players, Dean Bailey was a good coach until the players started taking easy options.