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  1. drdrake

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    My Take on Pert leaving Collingwood is either Pert or Buckley had to go to keep the supporters happy. It is easier to replace Pert than Buckley. On the Peter Jackson being excluded from the call, his job would be to present options for the board to choose, the end of the day Jackson isn't the one that has to work with his replacement. Is it a good or bad appointment we will know in 3 years time,
  2. drdrake

    Dean Kent on the move... ?

    Sorry, the bloke hasn't been able to get his body right to play extended periods of games let alone get fit enough to run through the midfield. I like Dean Kent as he has two attributes that we are crying out for speed and a penetrating kick, he kicks the ball hard and fast over distance. Would like to see him get his body right force his way into the senior side and stay fit and in form for the last 6-7 games. We need him and Gartlett in our forward 50m with speed and pressure
  3. drdrake

    Watts Dropped from Port

    I am a fan of Watts, understand he had to go and really wish he would do well at Port. He looks lost out there, like he needs to get out of Dixon and Grey's way. I wonder how Jack Trengove is going and if he is pushing for selection
  4. Interesting that most have Adelaide as our best win, only one so far has the North win, I would have thought considering Norths form line this year that was a much better win than an undermanned Adelaide that are struggling. Great to do this, but essentially we haven't achieved anything as yet except have a healthy win/loss. The next 10 weeks will define the season, we can either show we have improved or show we haven't
  5. drdrake

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Agree with this, and we went to ground way to easy. I know Collingwood had little pressure on them, but they kept their feet, we constantly went to ground and throw out hail Mary handpasses
  6. drdrake

    Shaun Smith: Joel can fill Lever's Role

    There was zero pressure through the midfield, you play 2m behind Collingwood would have hit him lace out on a lead every time. The only chance he had was to get in front take his space and if he is to big so be it. Smith was let down by the midfield and lack of forward pressure. I thought Smith and Salem helped keep us in the game till half time
  7. drdrake

    Changes v Port

    I find this thread a little amusing today. We get absolutely smashed in the midfield and everyone's changes are forwards and backs. I think Vince either plays as that stopping midfielder or doesn't play. His best games for the club have been when he has had a job. Salem was playing well in the midfield but back to Half back and can't understand why Brayshaw wasn't in more center contests. We have the grunt in the middle but no class
  8. drdrake

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    False hype, we are pretenters
  9. drdrake

    Fat Ed wants QB as a Collingwood home game.

    Who cares, Collingwood games aren't the be all and end all any more. You have clubs like Richmond, Hawthorn, Essendon(when playing well) that draw crowds. The better we play the better the draw becomes, the more people that will jump on the Melbourne Band wagon the less reliant we become on deals like this. They didn't care about this game till you get one like next Monday both sides up and about 80K should attend
  10. drdrake

    Clarry vs Cripps

    It is interesting with Cripps that no one links him with a return home to WA. Either or both are outstanding players wish they would both kick the ball more
  11. drdrake

    Bring Back the Place Kick???

    Just on the drop kick, this is the best kick to use to correct flaws in kicking. You have to get the ball drop right or you can't kick a drop kick. When I was a lot younger I had a high ball drop pretty close to a two hand drop. six weeks of kicking nothing but drop kicks improved that, same as learning left foot as soon as the kicking action has there, on to the drop kick to get the ball drop right.
  12. drdrake

    Jake Lever - Demonland Player of The Year

    He will only be as good as our forwards and mids let him. If like we have seen so far this season there is no pressure out of our forward 50 and through the middle he can't get into the intercept positions. If however we can slow the ball movement down he will be an extreme effective player for us.
  13. drdrake

    The Game, the Press and the future

    The game style will evolve, a few years back the Roos/Malthouse years it was team defense, it has changed to more focus on defending and winning the ball where it is so teams get scored against as soon as it clears the scrimmage. What will happen is a club will work a way and it will most likely be Hawthorn to beat the pressure. This will be drafting kids that have high skill level that will kick the ball low and hard over 20-30m. It will change at the moment at U18 level they are testing for athletes this will evolve to kids that actually have the skill set to play at a high level and clubs will back themselves to make them fit enough. The game is being played the way it is today because clubs want the ready made player, you need to be able to run and jump first, kick and mark second and clubs are backing themselves to teach players how to kick once they get them. To me if you can't kick at 18 your bad habits are already there and it is impossible to go from a average kick to elite, you can improve a little but not a lot. Fitness you can always improve
  14. drdrake

    The Game, the Press and the future

    Funny, the game is better to be watched on TV now that live at the ground. Take away the atmosphere of the crowd, watching the game is like watching an U9s local game of football with 36 players within 60ms of the ball. Your last point changing Holding the ball rules, they don't need be altered they need to be enforced. You get the ball you need to dispose of it, soon as you take a couple of steps your done and if you don't handball or kick the ball pay the kick no matter where abouts on the ground it is.
  15. drdrake

    It's D-Day already for the Dees

    If we play the same style of game this week Essendon will get us by 60+ points, they are a front running side that love open space, we want to keep the ball safe in confined space if it gets outside we will be done very quickly. That is our issue we haven't been able to stop sides getting the ball outside