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  1. How true. But how Sweet it was
  2. Refused to lie down. Long time since we have seen that at this time of year...
  3. Outstanding!!!!!
  4. Pressure the Meth Coke and they will fall like a deck of cards. If we are contesting in the middle we will win. Big test for Simon Goodwin ( he has had a few i know) Top 4 is up for grabs tonight. Demons by 30
  5. Aah yes. Well picked up...!
  6. I think you are spot on dc Jack put a fork right through them...
  7. The Weid will be a player in about 12 months. Make him hungry... don't play him too early in the Seniors i want him to Dominate at Casey...
  8. What happens in Asia.....
  9. If the Players are setting new Standards i am all for it. If Tom has a big ego, fine. Walk the walk. For years all the MFC has done is talk hollow rubbish Jason Akermanis had a huge ego, but he walked the walk and got 3 flags. If this is how Tom wants to operate, cool we need some arrogance. But it has to be backed up with Victories on a reguliar basis
  10. Bit expensive for me Fire. I tend to go away for 2-3 month stints!! that is a Weekend splurge (looks great!)
  11. The Big V
  12. Next time i land in BKK i will give you a yell, probably be next year
  13. I am jealous. My greatest experience was in a little bar on Koh Samui in 1999, where i saw Essendrug lose the Preliminary Final with 2 Arrogant Bomber supporters who had already bought GF Tickets online ( when the internet was brand new) cost them a fortune! i laughed...
  14. Oh yes. I read that yesterday! you are in Phuket permanently?