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  1. Yes i have heard that. No idea what happened. I have only ever seen "Newsreel" footage of '64. Which was shown in Cinemas. '58 i saw on 16mm Colour when at school
  2. Correct. 1965 was the first GF to be recorded on Videotape... the very beginning of the modern era
  3. Good decision. Brain injury is to risky and permanent...
  4. The first Q was weak. AFL is a brutal game. Mentally an Physically It's time that the MFC realized this on a weekly basis and not just on special occasions. Watch the '89 GF again
  5. My hatred of Arden St just went up about 30% (if that's possible!!) so angry. This was a deliberate exploitation of a flimsy rule directed at a "soft" MFC Target it's time to stand up MFC or i won't be renewing Memberships, grow some balls NOW!
  6. Satyr works for the AFL or would happily take such a position. No Doubts Just accept everything and move on...has always been his attitude Get Angry MFC Bernie and Christian got hung out to dry by that Scott Brother and Nought Anyone seen our President???
  7. 13 shots at goal in the first Q are pretty insipid to me. 6.7 could have very easily been 10.3 we cannot let teams own us for entire quarters momentum swings are a part of the game. But not for entire quarters IF we are to believe the team is improving to September levels
  8. Exactly. The pricks won the fight and took the points. I hate the way the club just silently cops it. 16 consecutive losses....
  9. Yes i know. Happens quite often
  10. Hindsight yes, but we could have kept Dunny for a year or 2 longer. O Mac is nowhere near ready for a key defensive post.. Dunny could have at least looked after the biggest player.
  11. Yes but how many games do they play down there. Not a huge amount...
  12. Sure. And it is entirely our own fault. It is above the shoulders, always has been for years. We have the talent, even without Gawn to win these games BUT the Application and will to hurt for 4 Quarters is not yet there, as a standard yet. I feel sorry for Pedo, he gave 120% yesterday, tried so hard but others made crucial basic errors when they were needed. That said Nought Melbourne would never have beaten the Crows in Adelaide, they did it on Neutral Grass, wwhich is why i am so frustrated. We can no longer defend on our own MCG.
  13. The MFC is not one of the Big Vic Clubs, i agree but with sustained good results we can get there ( some clubs never will) the old template must be thrown away. On FTA TV we rarely get to see a cracking interstate match, that is just plain stupidity. Richmond are another massive gamble. Yes they have huge membership numbers but their games are often turned off. Young adults now have much shorter attention spans, they will switch off if it's a boring game. When we were kids, we kept watching regardless because it was the only game on TV. (Sometimes Ch7 and ABC 2 had the same game on with different commentary!!!
  14. Your theory worked up until last year The AFL banked on Carlscums "Popularity" last year and got burnt big time. A crap game is always a crap game and last year a lot of Carlscum Friday and Saturday night games were switched off or not watched at all. The spread is wider overall this year, TV Stations only make profits during finals, which is why they are pushing so hard for an extra week in September. During the Home & Away Season the Broadcasters will break even most of the time, which is why last year they got burnt. Carlscum cost them a lot of wasted Nights