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  1. Sir Why You Little

    Glen Bartlett Post Season Update

    It was a good 25 minutes. Kept me interested the whole way. Kudos to Clint as well, he asked the right questions to get Glen talking. A very important requirement.
  2. Sir Why You Little

    Training - Friday, 7th December 2018

    Thanks to all who braved the heat today to write reviews. The Players and Staff get paid....
  3. Sir Why You Little

    Gary Pert?

    I thought Pert Came to The Filth with Eddie and Malthouse. If i am wrong i stand corrected time flies!!
  4. Sir Why You Little

    Gary Pert?

    No Pert was only at GTV for a very short time. I think that is where he and Eddie met up, but it could have been Austereo as well. Pert has run big organizations. That is what we need right now. Josh Mahoney will be an excellent candidate in years to come. But he is very smart to keep learning right now.
  5. Sir Why You Little

    Gary Pert?

    Suit yourself. The Filth were on their knees and in massive debt when Pert was bought in. They are now living in thebuilding we should have taken... We the MFC need to grow into the club we always should have been. Pert has the CV to do that
  6. Sir Why You Little

    Lewis Giving It Everything in 2019

    Some really crap comments in this thread. 4 time Premiership player who wants to give it his all to get a 5th Cup at a 2nd Club The exact attitude we need to cultivate thankyou Mr. Lewis
  7. Sir Why You Little

    Gary Pert?

    Yep. It’s all about winning... it should become a standard the entire club adheres to every season. Win, and when we lose find out why and rectify it.
  8. Sir Why You Little

    Lewis Giving It Everything in 2019

    I like what he says. Makes sense, has moved on from Perth.
  9. Sir Why You Little

    2019 Membership

    I always just update both in late August Credit Card takes the Wack Go Demons (last year i didn’t even get to a final, we were just too popular and i didn’t have the opportunity to pre book a seat), easy money 💰 for the MCC, But it is our home and i want it to stay that way
  10. Sir Why You Little

    Gary Pert?

    It amazes me that there is any negativity at all. Pert was CEO to the biggest Sporting Club in Australia, now he is our CEO We will get bigger and stronger....
  11. Sir Why You Little

    Lever to undergo minor procedure on injured knee (5/12/18)

    Bit of loose scar tissue. Nothing major...
  12. Sir Why You Little

    Gary Pert?

    Pert spoke very well on Radio. This club will grow. By how much, is determined by the amount of wins we have against opponents and of course how those wins occur We make our own history Remember that there are around 2,000 people per week moving to Melbourne, to make it their home. This City is growing at an incredible rate, the Club must utilize this... Get a presence in the CBD and the suburbs We have the name no one else has...
  13. Sir Why You Little

    2019 Membership

    As far as i know it is only an MFC arrangement. The MCG is our home. The others have a spiritual home elsewhere, they rent...
  14. Sir Why You Little

    2019 Membership

    It is around $800.00 for the combined MFC/MCC Full package so if Pert can lift those numbers significantly, he is doing some serious heavy lifting. Winning games early next year is paramount. Winning is the only way to get results. The rest is just cheap talk. The first 2 weeks of this years Finals proved that. The passionate MFC Supporters ARE out there. They just want to see wins now. We have seen 3-4 lifetimes of losses. Enough.
  15. Sir Why You Little

    Gary Pert?

    Will love to see Pert and Jako have a Beer 🍺 together down the track, celebrating a victory. Gary Pert has the opportunity to make the Melbourne Football Club a “Big” Club, as it should be. It can be done, if it is built properly, it was in Bartlett’s original speech to the members.... i think he will succeed