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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    This morning. Interviewed on SEN
  2. Peter Jackson on SEN this morning

    Caller stated that Jordan Lewis “Gave us nothing” was it someone on here?
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    P.J ”1 Club made 1 offer” Jeelong made enquiries...
  4. Farewell Jack Watts

    I am just glad he went to Port., so that we don’t have a weekly commentary on his “new” career very little Port Adelaide news makes stories over here that said i wish JW no ill feelings at all, and expect to see him supporting the Demons in a few years..he had many chances to redeem his career...
  5. Poll: Rate our Trade Period

    The club had an ageda and fulfilled it. Now make it work.
  6. Trade rumours

    I meant another club usurping us on Draft night F$&@ Mitch Clark We got the deal done early and it was worth it
  7. Trade rumours

    Imagine if Lever had walked into the draft and been picked by another club, because we had hard balled a deal? The Clubs planning would be in disarray. We got the player we wanted, a gun 21 year old
  8. Trade rumours

    The MFC wanted him out, there was more to it than we know. It has to be that. We didn’t deal. The coach and FD wanted him out We better recruit a good forward as a replacement!
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Where did you hear this said? I would like to find it he won’t last a month at Alberton with those words..
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Great. The Jack Watts Game!!
  11. 66 is a great result Well done on that one MFC
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    Of course there is... there has to be. The club have paid Port Adelaide to take him away
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Yes he was. I have no problem with that. But the down side is we know longer have a player with elite kicking skills on the forward line. We better recruit well in the off season
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    Absolutely. From 2018 onwards...
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    Can’t argue with any of that, it is just sad that we were prepared to get rid of him for almost nothing, and pay a wage to an oponent to do it. We need to find another forward who can use the ball because the FD have just given one away... It may well be a masterstroke and i hope it is, but if it isn’t... time will tell all