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  1. dimmy

    Trade HOGAN

    Why is it ,that when we get a good to excellent player we seek to trade him. That just throws all the development work that has gone into that player and it goes to someone else and then we have to educate the incoming player.( how much development (and rehab) went into Scully and then he went off to the AFL team in Sydney. What type of player are we crying out for now ::: A Scully. What is standing out is the way in which sides are not working to have 20 stars, but a few stars and plenty of players with heart. i feel we are at that stage and have the advantage of having a lot of stars who are developing together.
  2. dimmy

    My 3 word player analysis V West Coast

    I reckon some people have been a bit harsh on ANB. He has been one of our real improvers this year. He still has a bit of upside and that will come with confidence. His role is to be the everywhere man who covers as much ground as possible. At times his disposal is ordinary ,but a lot of times he places the little kick to a leading fwd quite well. He would be pretty hard to match up[ on because of his aerobic capacity. I also think some have been hard on Gus as well. Yesterday, I admit he made some disposal errors, but his clearances and tackling were first class. Plays with real heart He is a bit like ANB in that he has the knack of being available when the heat is on. We need players like that. The midfield has improved out of site since his second half injection in the Essendon game and the 15 minutes against Footscray (with Gawn, Petracca and Clarrie) was sheer class. Just think how good things will be if ANB Gus, Clarrie and Harmesy improve 10-15% ,and Spargo, Fritsch & VDB improve 15 %
  3. dimmy

    Chris From Camberwell!

    Probably from the Coodabeens. A cousin of "Pearl from the Peninsula"
  4. dimmy

    CH-7 footy telecasts

    The reason I have Foxtel (and forfeit eating for 2 days a month is to watch Footy ad free while it is on AND to see Melbourne play, because Ch7 onl;y know the numbers and players of the big 4 (memberwise in Melb) i.e Cwood,Toiges, Essendon and Carlton. I think they are actually warming to Hawks too, probably because of their Triple Pships.(It has just taken a while for the penny to drop.
  5. dimmy

    James Harmes take a bow.

    I had my reservations about Haemes, but the last 6 weeks has showb me how wrong I was. He has formed part of a strong (and young) midfield with Max, Clarrie, Gus. They all work very well together beit taging clearing or protecting one another. He has been on of my arguments against the chasing of Big targets, because there is so much improvement available in this team . They are playing with a degree of confidence in each otherand that is showing in the way they all are improving. I bet the Coaching staff cannot get the smiles off their faces ,because they are the ones who have developed the cohesion and compatability of our playing group. There is still rom for improvement as there is in any side. When you consider the current Premiers early last year, they were carrying some B- players but have developed them in side their club. Maybe it is a model. When you consider that today we had Viney, Lever & Hoges out who we would all of them as our A graders. I f this was a year ago we would have really struggled woithout them.
  6. dimmy

    Changes v GWS Giants

    I have had reservations about Dom Tyson, but since his return he has been very effective. Even to say he is part of our midfield for finalS. If I had to make a choice I would bring Viney in for Spargo/Kent ( and only if he is fit !!!!). I feel for Spargo, but Viney is C0 Captain. However I feel our midfield setup is going extremely well with Gawn, Clarrie & Gus. As such I would play Viney as a small fwd and pinch hit in the middle if we are getting slaughtered.
  7. dimmy

    My 3 word player analysis V West Coast

    Oliver : Best phonebox footballer ever ( Never ever thought I would quote BT)
  8. dimmy

    My 3 word player analysis V West Coast

    The defence : Magnificent Midfielders : Gave a lot Forwards : Very good. Weiderman : Best game ,provided marking/competitive option. Lewis : Cool Head Luke Jetta :Build a statue Brayshaw : Leave your hat on. You are too essemtial to us .
  9. dimmy

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 22

    6 Harmes 5 Oliver 4 Brayshaw 3 Jetta/Omac 2 Tmac 1 Anyone I missed !!!!
  10. dimmy

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    We lack experience, simple as that. Goody talks that we need to learn. Either that starts tomorrow ,next week or next year. Do not know
  11. dimmy

    Get SHORTY

    Too late by the sound of it. But it would be a lot cheaper to be chasing some of these "hungry"middle tier players than clogging our list with more midfielders who cost us the Southern Stand (already sold) Northern Stand.
  12. dimmy

    Go and get Gaff!

    Have heard one scenarion ( from a Geelong supporter) that Geelong could get Gaff. I said they would have trouble with Salary cap. His reply was Kelly wants to go home (do not know why when WC & Freemantle did not want a bar of him over the years). Taylor may be retiring , Ablett is not costing then much and Menzel wants out. So by throwing in a Trade may swing a deal. Far fetched !!!, but it is amazing how some clubs work their way around things. (Like being a promotions officer for a large sponsor)
  13. dimmy

    Viney MUST be sole captain 2019

    Personally I feel TMac is the outstanding leader. No nonsense ,can lift, speaks well. Let Viney get right without pressure. (Plus he may have to learn a new playing role to prolong/maintain his career.) Nothing against Max, but : You do not make a fast bowler captain and Max is too busy coming a media star.
  14. dimmy

    What the Fritsch

    The big advantage is that he is 8th on the tagging list for opponents. He is a real find and his mental capacity to absorb and learn new roles makes hm a terrific prospect. p.s. Maybe he could look after Buddy on Sunday. Reason : Quick enough, Left Footed so thinks LH . Any wins he has will ensure we score at thew other end because Sydney t6hink it is all over when it goes into Budderitory