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  1. Gee, I hope he does make it again. Hopes with him for accepting the challenge, rather than playing "What if ??" Long term this is Port's gain because they get a quality person. Good Luck <JT
  2. If Jack Trengrove does not get picked up by another AFL Club, is there any chance he could Captain Casey in 2018. He would be a sensational role model for younger players coming into the game at a higher level. It would be a pity to lose a person like him from the Demons, although I could fully understand if he wanted to start a new life outside the "Goldfish Bowl "of AFL. EDIT: As of 3/11/17 Jack Trengove was signed by Port Adelaide as a Delisted Free Agent.
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    The Club expects a player to honour his contract , yet railroads publicly a currently contracted player. I just cannot understand the logic of throwing the Southern Stand at a 4th year player who was not, has not been an AA and getting rid of someone who the selection panel have picked to play for MFC over 160 times. What happens when Lever wants to go somewhere else, then we will see what loyalty there is.
  4. Trade rumours

    Can somebody tell me why we are chucking the Southern Stand at a 50 game player and paying him more than anybody else in the club. He seems to be good player, but not in superstar class. Plus we have a few we will need to spend a bit just to keep them in a year !! Who is he going to kick it to.and what value is it if we do not fix our delivery into the Fwd line . Or is the theory we get rid of our best deliverer or trade a kid who has been injured over the last two years. (he was still a no 3 draft pick and played all the first year.). The mind boggles. And the main thrust of this thread is complicating the deals. At this rate we will not be able to go to the draft next year because we will have no picks higher than 92
  5. Do Melbourne supporters dislike hard players?

    Agree, he would be one of the hardest 1 on 1 players in AFL
  6. Jack Trengove wins Casey B & F

    We need loyal quality people like JT to develop culture in our Club. Well done JT ,you could have sulked at what could have been, but you have contributed with all that you have.. We cannot aford to lose him.
  7. Trade rumours

    Honestly, this thread is showing too many people have more time on their hands than brains.
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    The difference is that Adelaide play through Lynch
  9. Trade rumours

    Have heard that we are getting Lucas Cook ( KPD), Myocek (KPD) and Brody Waddell ( Back up Ruck) from Port Melbourne for Spencer and Oliver. Got it on good account from Etihad.
  10. Cotchin out?

    I do not barrack for TIgers , BUT imagine the hue & cry if Cotchin had laid off on Shiel and he turned it into a goal. We want players to attack the ball and now the AFL books them, sorry the media. On Outsiders they highlighted a contact between Shiels and Ellis(??) late in Q1 which could have been the real cause as my impression was that Shiels problem (post Cotchin was his shoulder .
  11. Tiger success and luck

    There is no doubt about it, whenever the blame needs to be apportioned, we turn on JW. Some people have forgotten his efforts in the first part of season (pre injury) playing in a role that did not suit his skills or body type.. He( Gawn & Viney )did not return from their injuries really well, so do not apportion 100% blame on individual players. Let us look at this positively. If JW had 5 more possessions every game we would be on Ticketek now instead of bleating about what if.
  12. Steven Motlop

    He does have that extra bit of class. It is the consistency that sometimes goes missing. If the rumours are that he is getting $500 plus , I reckon we would be mad to go too high especially when Petracca, Brayshaw, Oliver ,Salem etc are in recontract zone soon.
  13. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    So many times we are reminded of the turnovers by our players and see3mingly intimated that thew McDonalds,Tyson,Salem, Viney etc etc are the worst in the AFL. Last night I counted 4 distinct occasions that Toohey turned the ball over with poor kicking and yet he is lauded as a very good disposer. Furthermore the handballs and kicks that were intercepted by Crows BECAUSE THE DISPOSAL DID NOT HIT THE MARK lead to their scoring 18.5 from Turnovers I think that shows that the McDonalds are not the greatest butchers of the ball like some posters think. ( I also assume that Watts was not playing so could not be blamed for Geelongs loss plus it makes you appreciate the value of people who dispose of the ball well and should not be moved on willy nilly ) Lever did not set the world on fire. No better than OMac.

    Gee, i wish there were more comparisons of Tyson and the "two wonder men" We certainly have high expectations of Dom which is probably a little hard on him. At times when Dom gets time he lowers his eyes and really nails his disposal. However there are many times the hooray punt seems to be the option. I too, was surprised at Dangerfield, Fyfe and Martin leading the clangers section because we have so much criticism of single mistakes our players make. I suppose their ( DF&F) good bits over compensate their mistakes. I am definitely not a tigers fan , but as soon as Guthrie went off last week Martin turned it into a clinic. That is how fine a line they tread on.
  15. Angus Brayshaw Neck Injury

    I think some people need to grow up in relation to this thread.