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  1. dimmy

    Gus 12 months on ....

    You could feel his joy and relief on Sunday in his interview. He is just showing that class that was always going to come with a maturing body. It is noticeable that he is ambidextrous with his kicking , which gets him into some really good position to move the ball well. Seems a great young kid to fight back the way he has. A credit to him ,MFC and parents.
  2. dimmy

    Etihad to be renamed Marvel Stadium

    Last week we were fauning over some taxpayer funded wedding. ( Some people watched it instead of the footy) and now we are becoming a subset of Disneyland. Stand up Australia ,this is our national game. We are fast becoming the 52nd state !!!
  3. dimmy

    Dylan Shiel, anyone?

    I would say we need to look after a few people currently at MFC and aim on keeping them considering the development work that has gone into them .( i.e. T@OMac, Hoges etc who are key players. From all accounts we have sold the Southern Stand for one of our "newies" Is Gaff better than Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw, Petracca ? Plays a different role than Jones . ANB , Hannan could develop into a 2020's Jones.( Remember that Harmes is probably just as good a player as Jonesy back at the same age. Our immediate problem is replacing Vince & Lewis in a couple of years.
  4. dimmy

    My 3 word player analysis V Carlton

    and a broken finger !!!! What will he do when fully fit ???
  5. dimmy

    Key Defensive Pillars

    Agree wholeheartedly. Admittedly everyone has a right to express a view but the way some campaigns have been waged against some "Whipping Boys" e.g. Watts, TMac, Omac, Lewis, Tyson , Nathan Jones (yes early on the knives were out) does not really bring much credit to the discussion of what is our favourite team. The players are human.
  6. dimmy

    Is Brayshaw more rounded than the Trac?

    Trengove WAS NOT a disgrace. He had a horrid run with injuries which seriously hindered his development. No one could question his efforts for MFC. A Quality young man who got dealt some bad cards. Scully still rankles me (as does O'Meara). Goes to a club in draft. Shows potential, gets injured and the Club gets him back on the park patiently and then they up & leave .( Partly the AFL's fault though
  7. dimmy

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    Taylor is the worst. Because of Ch7 doing the fixture he only has to know the names of Carlton,C;wood, Essendon, RIchmond and he could get by. However he cannot even do that. Last night Ch 7 "Commentators" carried on their own ïn house discussion"and forgot to even call the footy. Turn the sound off and it was marvellous. The biggest problem with Footy currently is the wall to wall commentary/analysis with an entire cohort of people trying to get their minute of media time and fame. As a result the Sport itself (grass roots) gets no coverage because it is swamped by AFL
  8. dimmy

    Tim Watson anti Melbourne

    Honestly the tone of this whole thread is akin to us getting flogged by St Kilda kicking 10 goals in the last Q. Tim Watson and Jimmy Bartels did not cause any Melbourne players to make mistakes today or any day for that matter. If this how we win , then we would be better off losing and obviously some people then can find someone to blame.
  9. dimmy

    Angus Brayshaw

    Would have to agree. He is starting to get some confidence in his game. Worth noting in the last couple of weeks that we have l;ifted when Gus has been in the middle and up & about.
  10. dimmy

    Tim Watson anti Melbourne

    This is absolutely crap !!! These two footballers have been Greats !! Get the chip off your shoulders and learn to accept criticism. I listened to his broadcast after i got home from the game and found his and Bartels comments quite constructive.
  11. dimmy

    Post Match Discussion - Round 6

    Positives today: TMac is back : gives us competitiveness Brayshaw: one of the instigators in turning game around OMac : Getting pretty ********* good Nev : Geeaaaaaaaaaaat !
  12. dimmy

    Jake Melksham

    I was a knocker, but the last couple of games have changed my opinion. Well done to him.
  13. dimmy

    Come on optimists, sell me hope

    Does this mean they actually read Demonland posts in the rooms at half time, because that is what they fixed. You are a virtual genius Bizkit!!!!
  14. dimmy

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 6

    Good to see young Gus figure in voting !!! Class coming through.
  15. dimmy

    My 3 word player analysis V Essendon

    Tmac : Thank god he is back Fritsch : Something to work with Spargo ; YOuthful Enthusiasm : Loves contest Jetta : The Great !!! Lever : Improving Melksham : I was wrong : Confidence is a terrific thing. Tyson: Still bombs alot Brayshaw : gaining confidence OMac : AA Gawn : AA Jones : Heart & Soul Hibberd : He is back Weidermann : Developing Hannan : In mix with Fritsch, Melksham, Kent, Bugg, Harmes, ANB as small forwards, but is a footballer !!! Jack Watts : Did not get many kicks