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  1. Bonkers

    Sam Weideman

    Had around 15 touches and contested in the air well. I think he gave us more of a contest in the air than what Hogan has been giving over the last few weeks. Today was a good step for him and you can see the effort and desire is there. The rest will come with time hopefully.
  2. Bonkers

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    You can have all the talent in the world but if you don't apply it your just a waste of space. I'd prefer a talented player who works hard over just a hard worker. But if the more talented player isn't working hard you take the hard worker everytime. At least you know the hard working player will be accountable and play a role defensively. It's something you can never guarantee with Garlett, he picks and chooses when he puts in defensive effort. He has been like that his whole career. It was ok for us when we were a bottom side but it's not enough for a finals team.
  3. Bonkers

    Trade HOGAN

    He has kicked 42 of his goals this year against the bottom 10 sides? Barely averaging a goal a game against the top sides.
  4. Bonkers

    Jesse Headed for Scans (13/8)

    Said it was a fresh injury during the sydney game and he will get results from the scans tomorrow. He mentioned all players have niggles throughout the year. I have no idea how to read the situation and whether it is serious or not, seemed to have a pretty blasé reaction to question but maybe that's just his character. Judging by his comments on all players having niggles I am hopeful that it is just that and that it can be managed.
  5. Bonkers

    Casey Demons v Sandringham - Round 19

    Richmond lost today, we need 1 win from the remaining 2 to take top spot.
  6. Bonkers

    Casey Demons v Sandringham - Round 19

    7.11.53 - 8.6.54 ? 1 point in it.
  7. Bonkers

    Casey Demons v Sandringham - Round 19

    Casey Radio suggested it was a dislocated finger?
  8. Bonkers

    Round 20 - Non MFC Games.

    Roughhead is contracted for next year.
  9. Bonkers

    ROUND 19 - Non MFC games

    I guess the answer to that question is how optimistic are you about winning 3 - 4 of the last 4 games? The Swans winning could put us into the 4 next week if we beat GC and other results go our way.
  10. Bonkers

    ROUND 19 - Non MFC games

    A couple of tough games for Essendon and North. The way Sydney is playing at the moment due to injuries Collingwood are a more than a chance. Collingwood are also in more injury trouble after this week. It's hard to know how much effect that will have, they've coped well so far this year with injuries.
  11. Bonkers

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    West Coast were without Shuey and Kennedy today, I'm not sure how long they're out for? But they make a big difference to the way they play.
  12. Bonkers

    Changes v Gold Coast Suns

    Goodwin said in his presser not next week, maybe the week after for the swans.
  13. Bonkers


    Pretty proud of the Dees tonight. I can't think of too many passengers from tonight's game. Overall our game wasn't the best for the year but they fought hard when things weren't going their way and then bulldozed the Crows in the 3rd in some of the best footy I've seen us play away from home. The last quarter wasn't pretty but they did show learnings from last week and somehow ground out a result. I think we still suffer from a case of nerves in big games but they took a big step tonight. The coaches have done a great job getting the players up for this game after last weeks game which could have been mentally draining. I know I was feeling pretty terrible about last weeks game still before the game. So to get their minds right after the disappointment of last week, to win against adversity away from home, to hold out under pressure and last but not least to stand up and honour a great of the game in Jordan Lewis it was a massive night to be Demon. Looking forward to see how this group of players will perform over the next 4 weeks and whether we are good enough to play finals.
  14. Bonkers

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    Hope they've reviewed footage of last years GF to prepare. High pressure is how to beat the Crows.
  15. Bonkers

    Ladder predictor

    I don't think it's damning. We've lost to 3 top sides (geel x 2 and Port) all by very close margins. It could easily have been 3 wins from 4 games against top 8 sides and we'd be sitting second on the ladder. I'd say it's frustrating that they aren't where we'd like them to be. Frustrating that they haven't taken the next step in the close games and evolved to be able to get the job done. The attitude is there just not the right application. They haven't matured to the level they need to, to be taken seriously as a finals contender yet. If they make finals from the position they're in at the moment, they will have earnt the right to be considered a threat. The next 5 games will tell us everything about this group. I hope that they make it because I don't know how many more chances players like Jones, Lewis and Vince will have left to give September a shake. Replacing them could be difficult and may take us a step backward.