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    In that clip his kicking looks ordinary. It included one sliding off the side of the boot as a set shot, one out on the full along the boundary and another finger breaker down the line out of the backline. It looks like he's got an ordinary kicking action, hard to see how he's going to make it at AFL level kicking like that.

    Looks like he takes as many hangers as Jeremy Howe! What's his overall game like? All his highlights are marks so it's hard to get a read on what his strengths are.

    I know they are only highlights but he looks like he'd slot in straight away. Hopefully he's still there at our first pick.
  4. Great interview, it was fantastic reminiscing on that era of his career and our club. You could really sense his passion for the club and he seems like a great bloke.
  5. The Bayley Fritsch Thread

    I can see where you are going with this but he has also been in the system for 3 years? The first 2 years he was injured which is noted.
  6. Trade rumours

    The initial offer was this years first rounder and next years second. They insisted on 2 first rounders.....
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    For those sh*t canning the club this is what Chris Pelchen had to say about our drafting(apologies if this has already been posted): https://www.sen.com.au/news/2017/10/17/dees-deserve-big-tick-says-list-guru/ Melbourne supporters should be pleased with what the club has done in trade period, despite letting go fan favourite Jack Watts and giving up two first round picks for Jake Lever, says Chris Pelchen. He believes by signing their number one trade target, and maintaining four selections in the top 50 for this year’s draft, the club is in a very strong position. “If you look at it, they’ve picked up a key target in Jake Lever, he’s a player who should be able to play for the next ten years barring injury, he was clearly their target coming into the trade period, (and) they’ve secured it. They get a big tick,” Pelchen said on SEN Breakfast. “They do lose Jack Watts, and I think most people would admit Jack’s had every opportunity at that club under several coaches, nothing to do with person’s character, he’s a good young lad, but ultimately his game style or willingness to adapt to a game style hasn’t been there. “Ultimately they’ve given away pick 31, and I think what people are losing sight of is Melbourne have four picks inside pick 47, and they’ve got their key target in the draft, so I think they’ve done extremely well.” In obtaining Lever, the Dees currently don’t have a first round pick in next year’s draft, which has been tipped as a bumper crop. However, Pelchen believes they are capable of redressing the situation. “The biggest or most significant loss is next year’s first round draft pick, but they’ve got 12 months to rectify that,” he said. “They can go into next year’s trade period knowing the key target is to get another first round draft pick, and they trade accordingly.”
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    I hope you are aware of the long list of stars that Sir Alex moved on because they didn't have the desire or focus to do their job. David Beckham was one of them and I doubt he had the same issues that Watts has.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    I agree to a certain extent. However he got handed a new contract during/after one good season(can't remember the timeline). The club expected him to continue where he left off after 2016, it didn't happen. Without being inside the four walls it's hard to know how jack of Jack they really are. Next year Dahlhaus, Gaff, Sloane and Lynch are all free agents. I'd be more disappointed if they weren't already taking a long term view to try and get one of those to the club without having to give up a pick for them. I'd hope they have a deal lined up already. If they can land one of those players and be paying a small portion of Watt's salary I could live with it. I wouldn't like it but I could live with it.
  10. I think Gaff may be a free agent next year. I get what you mean though that we could use the pick in another trade.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    You can assess it in many ways. If he's on $500k a year I'd be expecting more out of him than what he's currently providing on and off field. Perhaps that is what the club is thinking as well. They may be able to free up some Cap space to bring in a free agent next year.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    How many jumper sales and sponsorship $ do you think Jack brings in?
  13. We got a second rounder back. Pick 35 was the Cows second rounder this year.
  14. This is taken directly from the trade radio/afl trade news feed: The future is looking brighter for wantaway Adelaide defender Jake Lever, with Melbourne confirming productive talks with the Crows on Monday. It's been reported all has not been rosy with Crows after the third-year backman declared he wanted out of his first AFL club to return home to Victoria. But, Melbourne football manager Josh Mahoney said talks were "amicable" on Monday, with both parties working to get it done. The Crows then confirmed via list manager Justin Reid there had been some "good dialogue" between the parties regarding the 21-year-old's wishes.