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  1. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I'd like to see him switch to a man on man system at times and make the players accountable to themselves. So much footy these days is zonal and marking space. When you're getting touched up on the scoreboard bring it back to basics as ask your players to beat their opponent. I know it's simplistic but it couldn't have been any worse than what we witnessed today for 3 quarters. Other coaches have worked out our game around the ground away from the contest. Our game is focused on winning the contest but we are committing so many numbers to the contest that if we don't win it clean and retain possession we get touched up.
  2. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    You raise a good point. If we were mentally stronger we probably play finals last year, we wouldn't have dropped that Rd23 game. We couldn't go with the Hawks for the whole game today after having them on the rack early. To me that indicates we are capable of beating them. That fade out can't just be down to game plan, some of it has to be mental application and lack of belief after the Hawks gained momentum. It seems this team is yet to believe or they doubt when it gets tough at times.
  3. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    We win enough of the ball and our structures were ok for 1.5 qtrs today. But we are inefficient moving the ball forward. We are getting more of the ball and more inside 50s most weeks yet fail to do anything with them. Some are saying we are a good team/ have good players but I beg to differ. We have some good players but a lot of our players skills under pressure are ordinary and or theyre getting coached to bomb the ball vs hitting up a target. Our spread / running was non existent today after the 1st qtr. Is that laziness I'm not sure? Defensively our structure has massive holes in it due to our running and positional set up. We get scored on too easily whilst at the other end we are fighting for every score. The game plan is inefficient and it relies on us winning the clearances. We aren't that good around the ground using space. Clarkson pulled our game plan apart in this area. For the latter part of the game it looked like they were feeding off Max Gawns taps as well. Most supporters can see it unfolding in front of us. If the coaches don't make changes I can't see us playing finals. Hopefully this is a lesson for Goodwin.
  4. Match preview and team selection - Round 4

    It was interesting to hear Dermies thoughts on this game (something you can't always say about Derm). He was pretty confident that the hawks can knock us off if their young backline holds up. I wasn't really aware they're that young as they have Frawley and Sicily who is relatively experienced. But if that is the case that they're young/inexperienced let's hope that's an area the coaching staff have reviewed and can try and exploit.
  5. Coburg Lions v Casey Scorpions - VFL Round 1

    Sounds like a great day for Weideman and Balic. Two players who are a different type to who we have in the 1sts ar the moment and could develop into handy AFL players. They would add a lot to our team if they keep developing.
  6. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    We rely on our contested ball/inside ball winning and pressure to keep the game in our favour. There are a lot of calls for Pederson or Weideman but I'd rather keep the small line up. I think part of the reason Pederson is out is due to his lack of speed which can leave us even more exposed in transition or when trying to lock the ball inside 50. He's been average in the Ruck and around the ground also. If Tom McDonald was available I'd probably change the opinion of bringing in another tall as I think he brings more to the team, but Weideman and Pederson don't bring enough for mine at the moment. Like you said our game is channelling the Tigers almost and there's nothing wrong with that. It's playing to our strength and as the Tigers showed in the GF it can nullify a more skilful and or quicker team when you get the game on your own terms. The problem is when a team like the Hawks who are very skilful and relatively quick can manage to match that intensity around the contest. Our inside mids will be really important next week.
  7. Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    Of course, I think almost everyone sees it. Sign of getting old I think. He will still leave a gaping hole when he hangs up the boots though. Unfortunately he is probably the best player at the club in terms of waiting for an option to open up before disposing of the ball and he almost always hits a target with his kicking. We could do with a few more players that are composed with the ball in hand that don't blaze away.
  8. Match preview and team selection - Round 3

    I think you are onto something there DA. We will play a back 7 with Lever playing as the loose man. Then play with one player short in the forward line with occasional stints of Max Gawn resting forward and Hogan pushing into the midfield. It will leave us short of one tall forward obviously but they are trying to put a bit of extra leg speed into the forward line and midfield by bringing in Kent. Hopefully this will result in greater pressure across the forward half proving they can defend well as a team.
  9. Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    It was a bit of a roller coaster ride again. There are elements of our game that are very good and when the game is on our terms we are capable of beating any team. On the other hand it seems we are switching off defensively at stoppages and allowing teams to run off us outside the clearance. I believe that this is happening partly due to running our players off the back of the square and hitting the inside contest but leaving the outside of the contest open for the oppenent to control the outside space. The other issue is Lever. He's a 3rd man up tall defender and that can add a lot to our attacking game. Having him to try hold down a key tall is taking away from his game as well as leaving us open defensively. Someone also mentioned we are a slow running team, I think there is truth to this and we might have to look to address this to give some balance to the side. Would love to hear some theories from others about how Goodwin can prevent teams getting a run on us. Apart from that part of our game we are looking good.
  10. Personally I think the game style is out of balance with the players we have at our disposal. Currently it's really inefficient going forward unless we are going to have more forwards that run and chase harder to lock the ball in harder than Garlett, Fritch and Hannan. Richmonds game style works when they bomb it forward because they've got 6 forwards that will work there backsides off to lock it in. We don't have that so we can't afford to bomb the ball in the way we are at the moment and turn it over. We can go toe to toe with any team when it comes to attack on the footy. But and it's a big but we don't have the players to run into space and hit up targets that expose teams the way we get exposed going the other way. That's probably our biggest weakness at the moment that we lack polish when moving the ball by foot. When we score it seems like it's a lot of hard work, in comparison the opposition scores very easily. Perhaps we have to look at locking the game down a bit and playing stoppage footy a bit like the old Paul Roos style of football to stem the tide in games when we are off balance like the first half yesterday.
  11. Anyone for cricket?

    You make some good points. Leadership and direction starts from the board and executive level. Things like this don't usually happen unless something else stinks in other parts of an organisation. Warner and Lehman I've never been particularly sold on as leadership figures. Those decisions to put these leaders in place have been endorsed by higher up. The thing is Cricket Australia just had a review a couple of years ago so it doesn't fill me with much hope that the right decisions will be made for the ongoing good of the game in Australia.
  12. Anyone for cricket?

    Smith has been playing cricket his whole life and should know better. I find it hard to shift blame, but you are right that there needs to be a shift in the culture.
  13. Anyone for cricket?

    Well we don't know how much of a collective it was whether it was Smith, Warner and Bancroft or whether it was more than that. It'd be even worse if there were more involved than those 3 as we then have a systemic problem and pretty much no worthy leadership in the team. Smith has to be stripped of the captaincy and at least face a ban. Bancroft whilst he is stupid is not as culpable as smith IMO. I also wonder whether Lehman is involved in this. He will be leaving as coach after the next ashes anyway so won't be a huge loss if he's implicated. Looks like a time of change in leadership & direction whatever way you look at it.
  14. Anyone for cricket?

    As a CEO what can you really say? He has to go through due process and then hand down findings. He basically said he wasn't happy about what happened and was shocked. He can't go and shoot from the hip, if he does that just makes the sutuation worse. I'm neither here nor there about his leadership but he's between a rock and a hard place on this one. Don't envy him being in this position.
  15. Round 1 Non MFC games

    Tom Mitchell 54 disposals. Great to see Buckley put a hard tag on him to try and limit his impact.