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  1. Bonkers

    Dylan Shiel

    Scully might be lucky to play consistent minutes again so his worth is diminished. Who knows how banged up his ankle is and if he will ever reach his peak form again. Shiel is worth a first and second rounder I'd say, good luck to the Giants in trying to swindle the Dons.
  2. Bonkers

    Rumour File

    On current form I would agree. I watched him in the VFL GF closely. He had a lack of awareness assessing his options down the field. Pretty much every disposal out of the backline was terrible and the wrong option. When he first burst onto the scene as a senior player he was our only line breaking defender. His attack on the man and ball was pretty inspiring footy to watch. I'm hoping that he's been out of form due to injury and confidence rather than ability. However his disposal has always been somewhat tunnel visioned.
  3. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Right at this time it's hard to have any respect at all for Fremantle. The Age has reported that Fremantle assured Hogan's manager that pick 6 would be included in a deal for him and that was then promised to Melbourne. MFC may not have even entered into discussions if this was not promised. If this is the case they have gone back on their word to Jesse, they have stuffed everyone around. I find it hard to respect anyone like that.
  4. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Mahoney has stated earlier today that if we don't get currency for Hogan we can't trade for May.
  5. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Barrett called Rosich and Bell novices and out of their depth. Operating in positions they are not familiar with and wasting everyones time (AFL community).
  6. Bonkers

    Rumour File

    Sam Rowe is out of contract & Schoenmakers is a free agent. You could argue making a play for either is not taking your list forward long term. Both could be list cloggers. However they could also give us some insurance and flexibility if we were to get injuries. Schoenmakers is capable of playing back and forward, would most likely play at Casey for the majority of the year. Does anyone think either of these players could fill a spot on the list ahead of someone like Tim Smith?
  7. Bonkers

    Rumour File

    I find it hard to see how they will fit Beams into their cap when they can barely fit a player like Langdon in at the moment. Also how will they have the trade currency to bring Beams across? What picks or who would they be looking to ship out to fit Beams in?
  8. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I don't believe this is the case. Adelaide were in a situation last year where Lever was out of contract and wanting to move. They still got 2 first rounders as they said they would from the start. If Freo don't cough up what we want then Jesse can stay next year and we will be at the same place we are now asking for 2 first rounders with potentially more interest from WCE to drive up the price when they are looking to replace Kennedy.
  9. Bonkers

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    I would need to look at who we bring in after the trade period to judge. If we lose our depth players and can't bring players back the other way....potentially yes.
  10. Bonkers

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    Rucks are in demand. I agree that they may not be a straight swap but can see why the clubs would do the deal. Dom is a 30s or 40s pick perhaps. In the past players like David Hale have moved for a late 20s pick and swap of late picks from memory. Preuss certainly is not David Hale but I think he showed enough in 8 games to suggest he was capable of replacing Goldstein if they persisted with him. Most outsiders can't figure out why Preuss wants to come to us as there is a perception of him being good enough to be a number 1 ruck at AFL level. He'd get more chance at that elsewhere. I think based on that speculation I'm happy for the club to take a gamble and swap him for Tyson if it improves our list. If we do play Preuss and Gawn in the same team it would hopefully provide our mids with first use for 4 quarters. If Gawn does get injured we have insurance as well.
  11. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Not much of a player manager if that is the case. He will have to decide to move this year or next if he doesn't want to re-sign for a long term deal. There is no point dragging it out, we will just be here next year doing the same thing again if he doesn't move on this year. WCE may have a better hand next year as well. We will demand the same deal next year as we are now so there is nothing to be gained in waiting it out for Freo or Hogan. In fact Hogan has something to gain by moving as he will get a pay rise. Personally I think whats playing out in the media is a bit of a charade. A deal is probably close to being agreed and they are waiting on the Neale deal to go through for picks to be freed up. Meanwhile Freo will beat their chests demanding more for Neale and drag it out until they get more out of Brisbane. So we wait.
  12. 8 delistings or retirements so far I believe, with one of those from the rookie list. 4 players are currently on the trade table. We have 4 picks in this years draft. Edit: I believe the poster was proposing to give up two picks for one first round pick which would be used on a trade. That would leave us with 2 live picks. We may get picks in return for Kent, Hogan and maybe Tyson so perhaps not an issue.
  13. Interesting if that did happen we would be running out of picks to use in the draft? We'd need to get some picks back somehow to fill the list spots?
  14. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Yes everything is possible and that may be the case, personally I wouldn't take the risk. A bird in the hand and all that.
  15. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    The poster discussed Jesse signing on again until 2021. Yes we can trade him next year as well. If we were to extend his contract to 2021 that would be a bad outcome IMO.