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  1. The bye before the finals should help us. Having the premier ruckman fit & giving us first use in contested battles should also give us a huge advantage in hard fought finals games. Whilst it is hard to believe we can win the flag due to the club seemingly coming from nowhere. The reality is that but for a couple of injuries at the wrong moment we'd most likely be sitting 2nd on the ladder this year. Maybe that is how good we are? I'm starting to believe we can do it. I think it's important for the club to approach it with no ceiling or expectations on what they are capable of, they still have a lot of improvement in them & maybe this is our year where everything lines up. For now though I think I'll try to keep the lid on it & hope we make the 8 first.
  2. Goodwin mentioned that Garlett had hamstring tightness but its not a strain. He may come up for next week depending on how he recovers. I'd say Salem is more of a worry. Watts was touch & go this week so he should be ok after being rested. You would think Viney would play as well, general consensus seems to be that an AC joint is a manageable injury.
  3. At least we won't have to contend with going up against a dominant ruckman today. We should draw level or win the clearances. If we can do that we are a fair show.
  4. All teams push their players up the ground to try & lock the ball inside forward 50 which in theory results in more scoring shots. The result is there is a huge amount of space at the other end for the opposing team to run into. If the team transitioning manages to break the zone quickly it often results in a scoring chance. It's been the trend for a couple of years now. We are often on the receiving end of it as well.
  5. He's important in setting up structure behind the ball & provides almost an on field coach. It was noted last year by hawthorn supporters that he was slowing up & beginning to lose his feet quite often. He is clearly slowing up, but he was still good enough to come 2nd in Hawthorn's BnF last year. Calling time on his career after 1 borderline bad game is jumping the gun. He will get plenty of games this year & next year. How he goes in the 3rd year is an interesting question.
  6. I'm more worried about Kent than Weideman. Weideman's work rate is there & you can see he is presenting to the ball, crashing packs where possible & also doing things at ground level. Kent has looked pretty poor today from watching on TV anyway. Can anyone at the ground comment on Kent's work rate off the ball?
  7. Yes each to their own. I'm just really struggling to see his qualities as a footballer at the moment. Kicking & marking are two of the most basic skills but he continues to butcher them over & over again. Can that be rectified? I would have thought if you don't have the basics by his age then it's going to be hard to get much better than he is. He also takes an eternity to dispose of the ball or make a decision. Most of the time I'm pretty patient with younger key position players as they do take time. I can see the promise in Weideman as an example. Oscar obviously has some of the physical attributes & works to the team game plan when he doesn't have the ball. That's half of the game but it's when he has it that he is falling down. If Joel Smith wasn't injured we probably wouldn't be discussing it as Oscar more than likely would be developing where he should be in the 2's.
  8. At the moment he's just a very bad player. He dropped marks where he was under no pressure that then lead to goals. His disposal is a major liability that also leads to unforgivable turnovers & goals. I struggle to find how any amount of development is going to change him into a reliable player as the basics just aren't there. He's getting gifted games when it should be a privilege to play for the club. If he turns this around all credit to him & the club but I can't see it happening.
  9. At first he said it was the best performance in the last 10 years. Then when Gerard & Robbo began analysing later on Robbo revised that to be the best performance of the season by any team or something very similar. That's how I recall it anyway.
  10. Last nights win was largely about mental application. I'm not sure who first said football is played 90% above your shoulders, but they were definitely on to something. If we approach every game with that mindset from last night I have no doubt we'll win more games than we will lose and in the process make finals. The challenge for the coaches & club in general is for the standard to be set & for that application to become the norm. If we play like demons 4 quarters this side will go somewhere, it's up to them how much they really want it. We could be the next bulldogs story who knows.
  11. Interesting points. The only way we win the game is to control the midfield. The crows have the firepower up forward & across half back to tear us a new one. If it's possible we need to focus on slowing Adelaide down in transition as well as their exits from stoppages. We don't have the marking power down forward so there's no point dumping the ball or bombing long, we will have to possess the ball to score. I'm not sure we are up to it, in patches maybe but not for the whole game. The one area we can exploit them is around the contest, our inside mids are collectively better so maybe we can turn this into a stoppage type game & get numbers around the ball to control it that way.
  12. From memory he had a hip or groin operation during the summer & didn't start pre season until half way through? I would have thought that was part of the reason he has started slow. What I don't get is how people have been so quick to judge him after the season he had last year. I still remember his first game for the club where he was pretty much carrying the team on his back. If there is anyone on our list you can put your faith in with regards to effort & dedication it would be Jack. Not to mention not ever taking a backward step in any circumstance.
  13. Aliir Aliir has been withdrawn from the Swans line up due to missing a training session yesterday. Looks like there are reasons other than form for why he hasn't been getting a game this year if you read a bit more into it.
  14. I think you are getting a bit carried away with your knowledge of what has & hasn't happened. Unless you are in a position within the club you really aren't in a position to talk about facts when it comes to the decisions the club has made regarding list management, who is or isn't available & who we have chased. I'm going to ignore the Watts vs Boyd debate, I think it's pretty clear what I am saying & I think we are in partial agreement. Regarding the Ruck forward there is always an option. We could have gone after a stop gap solution like Petrie as an example as a short term cheap solution. It would have at least provided us with some insurance. I'm not necessarily saying I would have done a deal like that I'm just saying that in terms of list management we could have looked at filling the role of a forward ruck, whether the club did or not I am not in a position to say. I just see it as a glaring weakness on our list. Happy to leave it there. Cheers.
  15. Yes that is Watts current role & I'm saying it shouldn't be. There was an obvious need for a forward ruck, we didn't go for that player for whatever reason. Of course their role can change over time, I'm saying in this instance it shouldn't. If I was coach or list manager I wouldn't be playing Watts there, I would have tried to find a similar player like a David Hale to provide some flexibility. Whether a player like that was available is a whole different story.