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  1. Bonkers

    Casey Demons: 2019

    As others have mentioned in other threads the key forward depth is pretty thin. I'll be interested to see who actually does play forward this year for Casey and also what the drafting and trading strategy will be in the coming seasons.
  2. Bonkers

    The Irish

    I have no idea if he was catholic or Protestant but I have Catholic friends who are from Glasgow with Irish heritage. They identify with being both Scottish and Irish.
  3. Bonkers

    Gary Pert?

    First of all I'm not having a go at you here, but have the reports been verified by anyone? Further to that does the AFL need to be consulted? Why would internal staff know who is being selected if it is a board decision as far as I'm concerned they have nothing to do with the process unless they're on a selection panel? There were reports this was less a board decision and more a Bartlett decision? How is that even possible, there would be a selection panel and surely through that process the applicants are assessed by more than just Bartlett. I'm assuming the applicants also needed to be assessed and voted upon by the selection panel and then supported by each board member ? The club has come a long way and I really struggle to see the club letting one man appoint a CEO, perhaps that is the reason Caro was arsed from her speaking duties recently?
  4. Bonkers


    There's a good bit?
  5. Bonkers

    Macro - 2019

    The prelim showed some weaknesses in our list which may or may not be addressed in this trade/draft period. I think the game style is fine more so the composition of our list is still coming together. Going into the trade period I saw the following weaknesses: - second ruck - key position defence - wing x 2 - half forward flank / forward pocket speed and skill Bringing in May & Preuss goes halfway to addressing the weaknesses. The jury is out on KK, he may become a good wing player, I have my doubts whether he can slot into the midfield. I think he'll end up on the HBF. Gaff would have been ideal but it wasn't meant to be. So we are left with two areas of weakness IMO. 2 wings that can also play in the midfield rotation and cover good ground, as well as a skilled small forward type player with speed. Perhaps Stretch can become one of the wings but he's no gaurantee. It will be interesting to see who Taylor drafts with the picks they have as I'm not sure we have the players internally to fill those roles. Jones and Tyson filled the role at the end of the year however they are both not suited to it IMO and teams will look to exploit this. It's been mentioned elsewhere on D'Land, I'm of the opinion that the Hogan trade needed to get us more in return than what it did to strengthen the list. May will be a good player but what happens with KK and 23 is anyone's guess. Easy to be critical from the cheap seats I guess.
  6. Anyone got an idea of how many Km's KK covers/runs in an average game? Or should I say how many he is capable of covering.
  7. Bonkers


    My understanding is that he has elite small forward traits, however like you said he doesn't get enough of the ball or hit the scoreboard often enough. If he did then he'd probably be in the first or second round of the draft not the 3rd. His short comings can be worked on and developed. If his attack on the footy is good then it's just a matter of getting to the ball more often. I'd back the development staff at the club to help elevate his game, he could be a rough diamond. I think his ability is superior to Dion Johnstone by the way.
  8. Bonkers

    Dylan Shiel

    Scully might be lucky to play consistent minutes again so his worth is diminished. Who knows how banged up his ankle is and if he will ever reach his peak form again. Shiel is worth a first and second rounder I'd say, good luck to the Giants in trying to swindle the Dons.
  9. Bonkers

    Rumour File

    On current form I would agree. I watched him in the VFL GF closely. He had a lack of awareness assessing his options down the field. Pretty much every disposal out of the backline was terrible and the wrong option. When he first burst onto the scene as a senior player he was our only line breaking defender. His attack on the man and ball was pretty inspiring footy to watch. I'm hoping that he's been out of form due to injury and confidence rather than ability. However his disposal has always been somewhat tunnel visioned.
  10. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Right at this time it's hard to have any respect at all for Fremantle. The Age has reported that Fremantle assured Hogan's manager that pick 6 would be included in a deal for him and that was then promised to Melbourne. MFC may not have even entered into discussions if this was not promised. If this is the case they have gone back on their word to Jesse, they have stuffed everyone around. I find it hard to respect anyone like that.
  11. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Mahoney has stated earlier today that if we don't get currency for Hogan we can't trade for May.
  12. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Barrett called Rosich and Bell novices and out of their depth. Operating in positions they are not familiar with and wasting everyones time (AFL community).
  13. Bonkers

    Rumour File

    Sam Rowe is out of contract & Schoenmakers is a free agent. You could argue making a play for either is not taking your list forward long term. Both could be list cloggers. However they could also give us some insurance and flexibility if we were to get injuries. Schoenmakers is capable of playing back and forward, would most likely play at Casey for the majority of the year. Does anyone think either of these players could fill a spot on the list ahead of someone like Tim Smith?
  14. Bonkers

    Rumour File

    I find it hard to see how they will fit Beams into their cap when they can barely fit a player like Langdon in at the moment. Also how will they have the trade currency to bring Beams across? What picks or who would they be looking to ship out to fit Beams in?
  15. Bonkers

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I don't believe this is the case. Adelaide were in a situation last year where Lever was out of contract and wanting to move. They still got 2 first rounders as they said they would from the start. If Freo don't cough up what we want then Jesse can stay next year and we will be at the same place we are now asking for 2 first rounders with potentially more interest from WCE to drive up the price when they are looking to replace Kennedy.