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  1. Bonkers

    Go and get Gaff!

    If he wants to come home and we don't have to give anything up for him but his wage (in balance with the rest of our list) it would be crazy not to sign him. If WCE match that offer and we have to trade for him then it's a different matter. I'm pretty sure the WCE would want a first rounder or a player we aren't willing to give up so it could end up being a bit of a stand off. We might have to give him a long contract and or front end his contract so that we can ward off WC. I'd say WC would be offering anywhere between 3-5 years, don't know about 6 or 7. Interesting times ahead, good to hear we are at least in the running/discussions for McGovern & Sloane too.
  2. Bonkers

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    I don't know if we have a dormant supporter base or not, research and numbers alone seem to indicate that we don't. I think what we do agree on is that our supporter base is not big enough and something needs to be done about it.
  3. Bonkers

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    I'm not so sure of this huge dormant supporter base that you speak of. Our club punches above its weight with supporter to membership conversion. However Roy Morgan research has the MFC as the lowest supported club outside of GC and GWS in the AFL. http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/7345-roy-morgan-afl-supporter-ladder-2017-201709210118
  4. Bonkers

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Currently the club is in a stable position, however the club has just made a big decision to give up a cash cow (pokies). Over the next couple of years the club is going to have to raise revenue significantly. The club might be purring like a well oiled machine now but it's going to take a good operator to replace the revenue we have chosen to relinquish. From what I can tell Pert has a good network in the media through TV and radio. I'm hopeful that he'd be able to leverage off that to raise the clubs profile and in the process drive revenue higher. Hopefully he can help negotiate a better fixture for more exposure through free to air games and then raise more through sponsors and the onflowing effects.
  5. Bonkers

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    If Mahoney wants to be a CEO surely he should be willing to spend some time in the business side of the club rather than just the footy side which he currently operates. I know he has been to uni and has various degrees, but at the end of the day they are just bits of paper. Nothing prepares you to do the job other than being involved in doing the job. He's got no experience in business as far as I am aware other than being in the footy department. I'm all for promoting from within but appointing Mahoney ahead of a candidate like Pert would be close to stupidity in my opinion.
  6. Bonkers

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    He has an outstanding record with Channel 9, Austereo Network, SEN and Collingwood. I find it hard to believe that there are rumours about his character or standing amongst his colleagues when he has been a successful operator in business for such a long time. On appearances he is an outstanding appointment and the rumours about why he left Collingwood is just noise at this stage. I believe the current board and PJ would do their thorough homework before pulling the trigger to hire him.
  7. Bonkers

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    We got touched up in the clearances against the Dogs as well. Two weeks in a row we've been shown up. I'm more concerned about that area of our game than the defensive 6 players. I thought the defence did a reasonable job when the midfield allowed the ball in there so easily all day.
  8. Bonkers

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    That's a good point. Brayshaw has been amongst our most important players out of the centre over the last month of footy. Disappointing that they would use one of our most influential players out of the middle in a negating role.
  9. I don't believe they need to be a giant but they've obviously got to be able to hold their own in the air. Also they have to have the strength to go one on one or have the strength and power to impact and spoil in the air. If you are going to be played as the intercept defender you need footy IQ to choose the moments when or when not to run off your man or where you are protecting space. Personally I think that is where Frost has been pretty bad in the past and gets lost ball watching. You need to know when to go to a certain contest, when to drop deeper behind play, how to hold your position in the zone and not get lost by ball watching or following the play. If it was just about Frost being accountable and locking down one on one I'd assume he'd be capable, but it's not just one on one defending which I believe is the problem. Also I think the intercept defender needs to be a safe set of hands so to speak and Frost is far from safe with the ball in hand. Hibberd can probably play the role but it will take away from what he is good at in my opinion. His strength is his distribution and running off half back as well as winning the ball at ground level. I'm not sure he's our best option in the air and I don't know if he plays tall so to speak.
  10. Lots of people advocating for Hibberd to fill Levers role. Personally I don't rate him as a one on one defender in the air. He has greater value to the side running off his opponent to provide rebound/drive and winning the ball in ground level contests. Take that away from our game and we have a lot less attacking drive moving the ball forward. We have no one to replace Hibberd adequately either, Hunt could be that player but right at this moment he isn't based on form. Frost as a lock down defender has value in One on one contests. The problem is he loses positioning too easily and gets sucked up the ground too often for mine. He also doesn't seem to have awareness, reliable foot skills or footy smarts / game sense. Based on that info it's everything that Lever has got but Frost doesn't. Lever has been able to act as the defensive general, I can't see Frost fulfilling those duties either. Frost could move to Oscars position, but based on his decision making I wouldn't like to see it happen. That would leave J.Smith, Keilty, Petty and then a big roll of the dice with someone like Weideman. I can't see Weideman playing there without playing that role in the ressies first. Petty is too inexperienced perhaps at this stage and needs more development. Then it's a coin toss of J.Smith and Keilty. I really haven't seen much of either Smith or Keilty. Smith was impressive last year before he was injured. He may be able to play Lever's role if he just focuses on keeping things simple, might have to leave the backline general role to Lewis though. Keilty is an interesting one, hasn't banged the door down for selection but has size and relatively dependable with skills and decision making?
  11. Bonkers

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    It was pretty innocuous. Changing direction at relatively low speed. Hoping for the best.
  12. Bonkers

    What’s really changed since our last loss?

    Brayshaw playing in the midfield rather than off a flank has had a major impact. I think it was the saints game that we made that move. As you noted we have set up behind the ball better, this has helped us hold momentum. Obviously when you are hard to score against it has a multitude of different effects. Confidence and momentum being two that come to mind. Having TMac in the side has really stretched the opposition defence. This makes it easier for everyone else as there is most likely more room to move around in behind as someone has to go with him and Hogan up the ground. This can pull the structure of the opposition around makes it hard to settle. BeforeTMac came back in we were still winning the contested footy in each game however he has made us more potent and created match up headaches. This has resulted in us being able to capitalise on our midfield dominance I believe.
  13. Bonkers

    Post Match Discussion - Round 9

    When was the last time the seniors and reserves sides both recorded 100 point plus wins in the same round of footy? That was an impressive total team performance that had been brewing for a few weeks. Today they hit the scoreboard and were rewarded for all their effort. Bring on the Cows next week, hopefully we can keep bringing the intensity and defensive pressure that's made us hard to play against. I don't think this team should fear any side with TMac and Viney back in the side.
  14. Bonkers

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    I wasn't at the game but one of the Drongos on the radio gave him votes. I don't think that can hold much credibility. You'll have to wait for one of the more educated write ups here ??.
  15. Bonkers

    Casey Demons v Box Hill Hawks - Round 6

    Certainly did