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  1. *DeesGal*

    The boys can play - Bailey

    Hi Alpha, I don't have a problem with Bails' approach here; it's taking a firm business-minded approach yet not pushing them into playing if they are not ready and giving them the time to take if needed... From all accounts, if you take Watts for example, he already seems somewhat mature for his years and holds himself in such a confident way, even compared to some of the players who have already been around for a couple of years and can't quite face the media side of things confidently... He seems to have a great family support base and friends and as the Dees Management said in the media is a total package... I support Bails on this one, and it's kinda exciting to think what could happen from here... Go Dees!
  2. Did you really go to a private school CB?.....
  3. Well done HT, well it has worked for Father Xmas, so when you're on a winning thing, may as well stick with it........... Just think of it as doing them a favour, in a few years time they will appreciate following a team that they have in common with their dad, and it will mean so much more having that bond.
  4. *DeesGal*

    Blueprint for Jimmy and the Demons!

    It was interesting to hear during Alistair Clarkson's speech after the GF actually saying that they had modelled their team on the Geelong team model four years back.
  5. *DeesGal*

    The Footy Show

    thanks for the tips guys. seems like another case of marketing (ie calling itself the "no 1 footy show") hype not matching the actual content. i shall need to be more careful with my viewing habits (or at least my expectations) not to get "trapped" in future on the topic of the variety aspects, i did also happen to catch robbo's singing the other night - i give him points for his voice and appearance, performance confidence will grow over time, song choice not so good but perhaps the market audience thought otherwise... go dees!
  6. *DeesGal*

    The Footy Show

    I have noticed that whenever I watch the thurs night Footy Show, they always start the show saying how huge it will be but I still find myself feeling dissatisfied by the end as it doesn't have any substance or teach much about the actual AFL game. This week I was in Sydney and watched the Footy Show rugby league version which I haven't seen in years. While I am not saying it is any better, but would make the following point... Apart from it dragging out over a long time, some token interviews, men in drag jokes etc, there were actually a couple of interesting subjects and discussions raised that did relate to the integrity of the game, which were (1) about one of the key reasons why some of the younger players have issues is that they don't have the "old and bold" players to clip them around the ears like the previous generation and (2) they had some welfare officers as a panel to discuss such issues. I just observed that the AFL footy show had not actually delved into such issues, but when they did it was just an interview say with someone like ben cousins and then that was it. Any thoughts on what the Footy Show is missing or am I over-stating the obvious?...
  7. hi choko, that sounds great!... funnily enough i watched a grand final there one year. will try and get there, make a booking etc... i'm hungry already..... go Dees!
  8. *DeesGal*

    So I got a phone call from Jim Stynes today...

    couldn't agree with you more nugget, putting aside his football career, as a leader jim stynes has a presence, is present, has the fire in his belly for the club and keeps it well stoked.... which in turn keeps us all fired up... he is inspiring and displays true leadership, we couldn't ask for anyone better. go the mighty demons!
  9. *DeesGal*


    don't suppose any of the album sale proceeds are going to debt demolition?.....
  10. *DeesGal*

    The Melbourne Football Club Culture

    wow supreme that is deep, and spot on... i agree with you, we definitely need to get some "mongrel" about us and stop being so delicate on the field. it's a bit like we have a litter of labrador pups, eager to try and running around aiming to do the right thing, but what we need is more like a rotweiller and a couple of dobermans who will dominate purely with their presence before they even get their hands on the ball. what we don't want is to become a team of prancy poodles... Go You (Mongrel) Demons!!
  11. *DeesGal*


    don't sweat it titan, just stop off at the pub for a drink to celebrate our win and by that time the bombers fans will have been shuffled out of the station
  12. *DeesGal*


    ok dazzles, thanks to your dad you are off the hook... go Dees!!
  13. *DeesGal*


    dazzles can't you send someone along in your place?.... a long lost aunt, a grandma, a neighbour?........ when 06 said no excuses, i think he really meant it.
  14. *DeesGal*


    I'll be there 06, you can count on that! just about to book the tix... am bringing along a bombers fan who has even promised to wear red and blue. you have a point, after last week we really need to get out there and support. and best of all, it's a SATURDAY GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Dees!
  15. *DeesGal*

    Three Games Left in 08

    onya hightower for hangin in there on such a cold and rainy night, just hope you were at least undercover I think nugget might be onto something and even though I would love to think we could get two wins, I will go conservative, hope for one and then have an excuse to celebrate like crazy. jaded has a point about away games, look at what happened when we played freo, should have won that one at least. I just hope bails is out there right now training with them and getting them to practise those ball skills, we have to get an edge somehow and why not through hard work and perseverance?....................