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  1. Dee tention

    Jakovich Brothers on The Front Bar (20/9)

    Classic Jakovich! 🔴🔵👍🏻 V 🍋🔵👎🏻
  2. Dee tention


    There resting you for the Granny Bayley! 🔴🔵#31
  3. Dee tention

    Where will you be watching The Big Game

    I’ll be behind the east end of the goals at Optus Stadium throwing Toby Greene fly kicks! West Coast better use the stadium sponsor and phone all there friends... Because there going to f..king need it! Go the Mighty Demons! Bring Hell! 🔴🔵 🔥🔥🔥
  4. Dee tention

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Smith is going to play second up and intercept... He will be fisting everything! Lol 👊 Bayley is really stiff! He can play wing and go forward and kick goals. Or need be back on the back flank. He has flexibility! Dom should be counting his lucky chickens! 🐓 He is one dimensional and can only be played on the wing... Interesting selection committee next week for the Granny. We are going to beat the Weagles! Haha Both the Tigers and Pies have smaller forward lines... So does this mean Bayley comes back in for Joel? Interesting!
  5. Dee tention

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    So who plays on Yeo? He needs a hard tag... Yippy Yeo cannot be let of the leash. He will run wilder and let all the other animals out. He needs a tranquilliser quick smart! Nev to the rescue with a nice bump or Viney with a crunching tackle! Either one I don’t care... I still think Harmes is the one. Harmes can beat him going the other way.
  6. Dee tention

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Massive upside for the Dees this week is Jack Viney! He played 60% game time v the Cats and 66% v Hawks with great impact... I expect he will play closer to 80% v Eagles and go h2h with Shuey. Viney 7# will crush him! 🤫7#🔴🔵 A hard Harmes 4# tag too Yippy Low Yeo!
  7. Dee tention

    Go and get Gaff!

    Leave your address here... I will send you my blood. I will be keeping my testicles anyhow! Gaff#🔴🔵 Yes it is a gut feeling! I cannot understand why he would have already ruled out the Dees... That’s BS! Angus maybe? Surely not! We are still in play! He is a Free Agent and we don’t have too trade for him. Gaff will be on board the Saturday afternoon flight with his new team mates! His locker is already empty at the Eagles Nest!
  8. Dee tention

    Go and get Gaff!

    He is coming to the Dees! 🔴🔵 I could almost put my testicles on it... Dees have been into him for a long time! And his heart beats true for the Red & Blue! Expect Gaff & Preuss in Dee colours next season!
  9. Dee tention

    The moment you know when you’re going to win

    The moment was when Viney & Jones run out the race and through the amazing banner the cheer squad put together! 🔴🔵
  10. Dee tention

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    I’ll have to agree to an extent... King likes Melbourne and this is a rev up for us to re-focus! On ya Kingy! 🤴
  11. Dee tention

    Perth flights

    We need to align with the New England Patriots... We can use there plane! They don’t need it this week. They are playing at home. 🙃
  12. Dee tention

    Perth flights

    The AFL need to step here with Virgin being a sponsor... Capped prices for members. And more planes!
  13. Dee tention

    Perth flights

    I wonder if the MFC can book a plane(s) for members only and cap the price...
  14. Dee tention

    Who's going to Perth?

    I was there in R22 and will be there again... Flying over Wednesday and coming back Monday. 🔴🔵
  15. Dee tention

    James Harmes take a bow.

    I would play Harmes on O’Meara this week... Harmes has some toe and will keep up. Then outrun him going the other way! Viney or Jones to take Mitchell and tackle him hard (pulverise) every time he goes near the ball. Aka Vince on Dangerfield. I like Viney here! Rattle Mitchell early and don’t think he will cope... 🤕