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  1. Play him in the back pocket and let him see everything in front of him while sweeping up easy touches.
  2. Best ask Martin Riggs.
  3. Without a camera on Kent full time it's impossible to make a solid call on the Demons' treatment.
  4. Did Fox show the goal from any other angle than behind Hunt at ground level?
  5. Wallace knows what it's like to barrack for Melbourne so he should know not to talk us up.
  6. How's everyone coping? Well, Demons prospects are one the up, so I'm not coping well. I'm too far out of my comfort zone.
  7. Hard to believe Frosty didn't pinch a vote on Sunday.
  8. Simpson is not used to playing on an opponent.
  9. We love to emulate the Yanks, except in one significant aspect of sports broadcasting - the Yanks almost always use a trained commentator to do the play by play. They even have university courses for sports casting. Hence Joe Buck, Howard Cosell, Pat Summerall, Al Michaels, Dick Stockton, Bob Costas, etc are trained to call the game, or they are already journalists. The ABC is a pretty good training ground for callers, but all too often we elevate the likes of BT or Drayne. Match a trained caller with a good voice with a former player who knows his onions.
  10. You now need pace off half back, otherwise forward pressure will close you down. Hibberd is quick enough and strong enough to run past the pressure and find space. Not sure Rich had the same ability.
  11. He's always had trouble breaking a tag, and he's slow. Nevertheless, his left leg is a cannon and if he can be one of a fleet of on-ballers he'd be handy.
  12. Bugg should get the same as Houli. High impact, high contact, intentional. 4 weeks. Unfortunately for Bugg it looks like the AFL's media flunkies are drumming up a lynch mob. Make a statement, make an example, that kind of filth. Hall got 7 weeks on the back of a dreadful record. Should Bugg get 7 also? No. Six? Why two more than Houli? Five? Well, no one yet has ever accused the AFL of being consistent.
  13. Moaning about non-existent problems has become rife in the media. That (and straw men) is what deceitful issue-mongers all too often hang their articles on.
  14. Speaking of the VoN. Last Saturday night, if I were a neutral supporter I would have been pretty confident Melbourne would run over the top of West Coast. But I'm not a neutral supporter, so while I had a gut feeling we may get up, the VoN told me we wouldn't.
  15. The AFL had to overturn the Schofield decision. If they hadn't and he'd been bumped up from one week to two weeks, he would have had the same penalty as Houli, which would have been insane. Now that the AFL is appealing the Houli penalty, they should also bump Schofield back to two weeks.