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  1. Misson's Time Up?

    I wonder whether our lapses are less to do with fitness and more to do with opposition changes to which we are slow to respond. Probably a bit of both. Probably also to do with rotations putting wrong players (lesser and less intense players) in the wrong places. Hopefully we are weeding out the lesser and less intense players. All it takes is one weak link in a full court press and the opposition can stroll through to get "out the back here". This occurred late in the year, but hardly at all early in the year when we were in good nick.

    It gets right up my goat that in a season where several teams may pinch a premiership, we got slaughtered by absences while the Tiger Sash Trash are virtually scratch-free.
  3. Let's be frank about GWS

    I'd prefer to see the Tiges beaten in the Prelim. after the siren.
  4. Let's be frank about GWS

    I don't like GWS, I don't even think they should have been started, but I hope they beat Richmond.
  5. Tomas Bugg Opens Up

    These days footballers certainly go over the top. There is an enormous pile of garnish on that article. He punched him in the head, got suspended. Move on.
  6. From what I saw last night, Coniglio.
  7. Russell Robertson

    What? Why? Ummm... carry on.
  8. Actually, that bench looks pretty ropey. Might squeeze him in.
  9. I wouldn't have Petracca in that side.
  10. The Jake Lever Thread

    Collingwood is chasing hard for Lever.
  11. I went to a posh school where there were lots of Melbourne supporters, but there were almost as many Richmond supporters. The Tigers have a very well heeled supporter base.
  12. Richmond have always been my most hated side. I will be shattered if they manage to pinch the flag; especially in this even year.
  13. Goody sings the blues

    "Lineal improvement" is management speak for "Linear improvement" which is management speak for "improvement".
  14. Goody sings the blues

    "Linear improvement" is management speak for "improvement".