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  1. Tony Tea

    I barracked for Collingwood today.

    See what I mean. "Fvcken biast Collingwood one because of the umpires nothing else!!! Port played better all day but time and gone again got screwed, port must make a stand against VFL! Let's sit out a year and just play SANFL, that'll teach them. We e the moat successful!!! #aflpiespower #pAfc 🍐"
  2. Tony Tea

    The Elephant in the Room

    The connection between Melbourne's cancelled camp and Melbourne's on-field performance has one significant upside: it is a perfect example of a non sequitur.
  3. Tony Tea

    I barracked for Collingwood today.

    Port fans are much worse than Collingwood fans.
  4. Tony Tea


    We clearly struggle most with Clarko Footy. Surely we could learn about finding a way through a zone defence with one of Clarko's senior assistants.
  5. Tony Tea

    Go and get Gaff!

    Robbo thinks it is WC or North. (I have heard it is WC or Melbourne.) "All-Australian Gaff clearly is in demand. The Kangaroos believe it’s between them and West Coast and while St Kilda is making noises about wanting to talk to Gaff — and any player who has a pulse, for that matter — they accept he isn’t going to call Moorabbin home."
  6. Tony Tea

    Bathwater = Bust?

    Too many people went into Sunday's game expecting Melbourne would roll Sydney just because. Look at the facts. Sydney has an organised defence. Melbourne struggles against an organised defence. Ipso facto, Melbourne would struggle against Sydney.
  7. Tony Tea

    What is the point?

    On the upside, we are almost always in games against top sides. Only a few years ago, top sides almost always reamed us.
  8. Tony Tea

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I like what Goodwin is trying to build, but it could be that he (and Roos) have done the hard work, but someone else will get the cream. Goody needs an outside runner (Gaff?), Lever, and to sort out forward entries.
  9. Tony Tea

    Roosy on Dees vs Swans

    That's because the media is too busy talking up Collingwood as potential premiers. Even when the Pies lose, they win.
  10. Tony Tea

    vanders: The Return

    Yes, but if Spargo can improve his power and strength over the ball (as you would expect from a first year player), he will be a very good footballer because he has all the requisite natural talents.
  11. Tony Tea

    Premiership Points Ladder 2000 - 2018

    Wallowing in filth is allegedly good for the soul. I beg to differ.
  12. Tony Tea

    What they're saying over at West Lakes

    First time we've ever beaten the Crows twice in one season.
  13. Tony Tea

    State of the game

    Like electric wicket in back yard cricket, the AFL should introduce electric goals so teams can score at both ends of the ground.
  14. Tony Tea

    Post Match brawl

    I always though Luther clicked the bottles too fast. Cats fans on that terrace are a bunch of bumpkins.