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  1. Good night for programmed maintenance on the Hursty line.
  2. Is this the right room for an argument?
  3. Send the MRP to Syria or North Korea. Sorted.
  4. Do you know that we have played 13 times against Freo on the MCG, and Freo lead 7-6. Says it all, really.
  5. Maybe the reduced numbers in some categories and the increased numbers in scoring indicate a change of emphasis.
  6. Clearly. Which makes Nev's journey from speculative pick and third best Jetta to possible AA nod a great story.
  7. We'd have to overspend to get him, and while he's pretty good, he's not anywhere near that good.
  8. Jezza is not Italian. Ian Stewart would be in my top 5 Italians players.
  9. Another Italian, SEN's Andy "Radar" Mario, also went to Marcellin.
  10. McCartin copped a bucketing at half time on the radio yesterday.
  11. I'm 55 years old, old enough to know better, but the explosive levels of frustration and anger cannot be good for me.
  12. Know that Hogan and Lewis are redundant.
  13. I could handle the Hawks' pain after a trio of flags.
  14. Yes. Neville Crowe was suspended for an open hand slap at John Nicholls in the 1967 preliminary final and missed the grand final. That wasn't the only miss. Footage proved Crowe's slap clearly missed Nicholls, who put on a massive act, then refused to admit it at the tribunal. No tv evidence was admissible back then and Crowe's suspension stood.
  15. When Dennis Jones didn't know how to use the interchange.