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  1. Know that my hard earned will be well spent on $26 for Premiership.....at least for a week thereafter.
  2. Really, I could give you 30,000+ other examples of equally insignificant boulder-dash posts tripe..
  3. King is right. Take the lid off and enjoy the footy with expectation.
  4. From memory, 1989 Princess Park in the mud v Hawks - GF replay. Kicked from 55m-58m mark, sailed through. Heavy track. I think just before or on qtr time siren.
  5. I recall a topic and rant like this back in 2012-13. Terrible isn't it. Yet the Bulldogs were a kick away and probably should have beaten them if not for poor kicking. Imagine that..
  6. Have another dabble on Ollie; nibble away at those odds.
  7. The jungle drums last season linked Roos to the Pies. But I don't really know if Roos will coach again. But money talks.. My guess, is that a coach like Ross Lyon would take on another job. Ie. Suns or Pies. I think he'd take on Pies. Only because the rebuild at Fremantle IMO will require a lot of energy, and Eddie needs to find someone to replace his 'apparent' blunder and boot him out of bed if things go pear shaped in season 2017, which they could well do over the next 3-4 weeks starting with Sydney this week. (0-3?) PS. And given Ross dealt directly with the Freo board - unbeknown to Craig Kelly - I dare say Eddie would have no hesitation in ringing his mate Kelly on the quiet.
  8. Go straight to the fixture, and re-analyse everything.
  9. They stuck with OMac last year which left egg on the face of many here when the agonising calls for his head fell on deaf ears, and I can't see the Dees hierarchy chopping him here again either. The more he plays, the better he gets. The more confident he will become. He'll need to come to terms with the errors he made - he'll brush up on those.
  10. Let's up the price with several wins then..
  11. Round 2 v Bombers 2016?
  12. Hogan v Casboult
  13. May our thoughts go to those suffering the low pressure system which was Cyclone Debbie at the moment. From where it crossed the flattened land and to today where parts of Sth east Qld can expect up to 500mm. thankfully the banana plantations remain mostly okay unlike the damage inflicted by cyclone Larry and Yasi. So the good news you ask? Banana prices to remain steady for the time being unless supply is affected by transport - which could be likely, given this storms nature.
  14. Careful, they'll see red.