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  1. Tippett has as much value as Jack's left index fingernail. Laughable.
  2. Let's be frank about GWS

    What I like about it is he doesn't mince words and as he said, he's not re-writing history. GWS was born as a result of North not going to Gold Coast and the AFL having to go "bang bang" in adding a 17th and 18th team to the competition. He paints a very true picture of the shenanigans the Giants played up in NSW and the insults that followed. And Sheedy can GAGF.
  3. VFL Semi Final - Casey Demons v Richmond VFL

    Good for you. I'm seeking positive outcomes; not seeing it yet Binman. I think it will be 7-8 months away tbh.
  4. I don't see it. They have re-signed McGovern and they may look to get Gibbs in. They may come to the realisation something has to give, they have quality defenders and probably not a lot of room to move given what Lever may command.
  5. Too much imo. Just pick 10 should do it.
  6. Help Needed - Collingwood/Buckley Jokes

    I'd let it go if I was you, he may unleash on you again. They knocked us off in the last round and they re-signed Bucks for 2 years - he'll get the last laugh on you. Perhaps save it for after round one next year...until then let it burn.
  7. Bucket List........Until Full

    • 16+ wins minimum in 2018 • want players and fans to understand that making finals is NOT ENOUGH, that it hasn't achieved anything (it shouldn't be celebrated). Premiership IS the ultimate achievement and ultimate satisfaction. You don't see any of the top clubs or fans celebrating they finished in the 8...
  8. Trade rumours

    He polled ok elsewhere, I'm not surprised he took out his 4th B&F despite only 14 games. They were a shamozzle with no standouts bar G.Ablett.
  9. Trade rumours

    Only thing looking likely going North is his paypacket at the Tigers. Norf on the other hand now have to look elsewhere with their war chest.
  10. Frost signs and they all go running ..... Just because he signs, doesn't necessarily mean we are out of leverage... Could be that the Crows aren't interested in him (could be another player and/or just pick 10), or we require some depth down back, and we're not prepared to let go of him - he's required...
  11. Thanks for pulling the lever on this...
  12. 2018 - Minimum 16 wins EXPECTED

    The reality check is ...and it will fall on deaf ears as usual because mindsets are sometimes set in stone around here ... is that there are at least half the competition and it's supporters 'expecting' to make finals and be a Premiership contender - not with 'hopes and dreams' - expectations. It's these supporters that help drive their clubs and their players to achieve high standards...unlike the impotent and insipid display on Saturday when the stakes were at the absolute highest.
  13. Sledging Fail

    Yeah i do. Finals were never confirmed all year. Particularly during the St Kilda clash. Theyve not only been drinking their own bath water, but they've been bathing in it for months.
  14. 2018 - Minimum 16 wins EXPECTED

    If you want to see a Premiership, more than likely a top 4 finish will help. Therefore 16+ wins. I think you do care.