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  1. PJ_12345

    Grand final Gameday

    Read this morning that WCE cleaned their rooms before they left after the GF. The only other club I know that does this after every game and training is the All Backs - arguably the most successful sporting club in history (~80% win rate?!) This is part of their culture - that no task is too small - and they always recruit character over talent, as talent can always be improved. We've had a great season and set up a really good base for next year. But I hope we are looking to instill a long term successful and winning culture.
  2. PJ_12345


    Had a family dinner so could only get back home with 5 minutes left in the 3rd. Amazed to see McDonald on Hawkins. I thought Frost would have been a shoe in. Cost us 3 goals. This loss is on the coaches.
  3. PJ_12345

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Told you mate. What a joke.
  4. PJ_12345

    Changes vs Geelong

    Smith in please. I need some mid cover in my supercoach team. Dropping like flies.
  5. PJ_12345

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Yes, but Tuohy coming back on means he passed a concussion test. So whilst it was high contact, its not considered as bad. Tex is insufferable - so would prefer him to be out long enough for Adelaide to just miss finals. Means he can enjoy all the "success" Lever gave up.
  6. PJ_12345

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Not that he'd be a big out - but Tex's hit on Tuohy should be 2 weeks and therefore misses our game? He is lucky that he came back on, but had only eyes for the ball and still made high contact.
  7. PJ_12345

    Lewis on AFL360

    Will be interesting to see how we play over the next few weeks off the back of this. These are must wins to play finals, and will importantly show how well Goodwin can manage his team, and how the leadership group and players execute it on game day. Hoping for a couple of team changes and some big results. Bring in the Frost. Go dees.
  8. PJ_12345


    Agreed on Oliver - but my point is, if he is gettinf tagged out of the game, then shouldnt Goodwin change his position? Bring him forward like Martin or Dangerfield. Petracca could easily be drawn into the mid and draw a defender out. Second point, you have to play finals. QB game it showed. We were too edgy and keen. We need a finals game for experience.
  9. PJ_12345

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I saw that too, and couldnt help but agree. For example, we get punnished too easily when the ball comes out. Smith missed a tackle in our forward 50 in the last quarter, and we got progressively beaten all the way down to an opposite goal.
  10. PJ_12345


    TMac's block was nothing different
  11. PJ_12345


    I was there today. Gawn was unbelievable, and Viney single handledly willed us into the competition in the last quarter. I stand by my comments over the past couple of weeks - the team still doesnt feel right. OMac was slow, Petty doesnt seem ready yet, and the overall skills have taken a dive. I would have like to have seen Oliver and Petracca draw eachother and swap positions more. It could have been a good opportunity to bring the tagger foward and a defender in the mid. Instead, Oliver for the last quarter spent most of the time falling for a free at the bounce. In two minds at the moment. If we make finals and play like that, we will 100% be be beaten. But, we have to play finals for experience. Come on Dees.
  12. PJ_12345

    Changes v St Kilda

    No thanks. I am a big fan, but the game had well and truely passed Garland towards the end.
  13. PJ_12345

    Umpire Report

    WCE/Essendon game was just as bad (if not worse) than ours. The AFL deliberately put 3 local umpires on to test the noise of affirmation, and the 16 differential affirms that there is a bias no matter if the umpires are a mix of local/interstate, purely interstate or purely local. Also, there were a lot missed frees for Essendon than reflrctive in that differential. The AFL need to pull the finger out and umpires need better training. Their inconsistency is having too much on an influence on the game.