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  1. PJ_12345

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    HB - obvious question, but do you know if it will be owned by the MFC? (I.e. not by the State Gov or AFL?)
  2. PJ_12345

    Go and get Gaff!

    There goes my sleep tonight. Thanks mate - it took me 3 months to grt over that movie.
  3. PJ_12345

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Their window started and finished when they paid for an extra seat on their return flight for the cup, before they even played the game. I hope Tex is enjoying all the success which Lever left.
  4. PJ_12345

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Ive heard of some pretty full on corporate team building sessions. I had one two months ago with a smaller team. Whilst they are intrusive, it relies on everyone participating and overall I find its good for team building. However, if its not done correctly people will feel singled out and it will erode trust. Sounds like the latter may have happened here, but more seriously. Wouldnt surprise me - Adelaides culture seems shocking.
  5. PJ_12345

    Round 13 Non - MFC Games

    Pressure from Hawthorn was great tonight. Structured well, 2nd efforts and had some serious pace. Polar opposite of us last week. Accuracy is the only thing holding their performance from being clinical.
  6. PJ_12345

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    North Melbourne has been doing it for some time...
  7. PJ_12345

    Dean Kent on the move... ?

    *Bailey powerhouse Both Trenners and Watts there were recruited under Bailey, and were already 3 years in by the time Neeld got there. I'm not nit picking, but I reckon Neeld gets painted with too much, and Bailey too little. If we had Roos instead of Neeld I doubt there would have been a different outcome. Sure he was a B-grade coach, but so was the list he inherited.
  8. PJ_12345

    Playing with no ACL??

    I had an old coach who won a few world cups skiing. As a kid he had a tear and got a knee operation. His coach told him it was fixed, but following an op as a retired adult he realise they cut it completely, so it wouldnt niggle and he would continue to ski! Good old eastern europe.
  9. PJ_12345

    Hunt out for 4 to 6 Weeks

    @Lord Ivanhoe the speed list just got a bit smaller!
  10. An oddly specific thing to point out DS... do I perhaps detect some jealousy?
  11. PJ_12345

    Petracca in a rut?

    I can think of a few worse players today (Jones had some absolute shockers). More game time and a bit of polishing and he will be elite. He is only 22 after all?
  12. PJ_12345

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    First post in a couple of years... but hey, today's game will do that to you! Couple of comments: 1. Too many players sucked into the contest. Doesnt take 3 blokes to tackle. Allowed Collingwood to overlap perfectly. 2. Lost everywhere. Mid, forward and back. 3. DeGoey unmanned for 3/4 hurts. Should have been shut down. 4. Pedo should have gone to Cox, and told to play in front. 5. Felt like we had the wrong team. Too tall forward, so small down back, not enough support in the ruck. Bye will do them well. Need to step it up from here on.
  13. PJ_12345

    2015 Demonland Dream Team Comp

    DeeVoted. Ive dropp the ball and forgot to sign up again - any room for Nixon'sChicksU18s?
  14. PJ_12345

    Melbourne makes financial profit

    I think Jackson is far better than Schwab. But, to sit there and say the debt demolition was "poor management" is rubbish and if I'm not mistaken; isn't the Heroes Foundation still going?? Must be a really "soft option" if PJ is still doing it...
  15. PJ_12345

    How do you see the 2015 team?

    Not forgetting Roos said he wouldn't play Salem all year when he was drafted. For Salem to actually play and show some promise is a good effort. Lets just hope he doesn't get second year blues...