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  1. web page has same issue, sometimes it takes an eternity. afl's video links been very flakey lately, desktop or phone
  2. thread title should be a ludlum novel
  3. 6 hmmm....that's interesting and quite unusual these days....hadn't really noticed that many
  4. skerrik?
  5. finally some good signs but lets not get ahead of ourselves. still a long way to go, but looking brighter
  6. i'll put my money on jonesy beating that prediction
  7. yeah, just hate that over-correlating variable syndrome (ocvs). drives me crazy.
  8. yeah, reasonable effort i suppose
  9. injury update - good news - read for yourself http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2017-06-26/rd-15-injury-update-david-misson
  10. but......"strong medical report" and "low impact" don't exactly gel i wonder if "strong medical report" is just a bit of reporter's colouring. strong is a strange word to use here.
  11. bit unfair calling darwin a dump
  12. wow - the mrp actually rubbed out someone for hitting a melbourne player. gobsmacked (npi)
  13. maybe because it means f'n log?
  14. doubt it. he's not a good enough player to worry about - lol
  15. probably both, given it's basil. he should have stuck with fawlty towers and given commentating a miss