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  1. wayne harmes says hi
  2. West Choke Eagles - lol
  3. i think his excess use of blank space says something telling about his brain
  4. you need to take that up with eddie
  5. everyone gets a weeks rest before finals and that's only 5 weeks away if he's crook then that's different
  6. lol - i like it TuGR
  7. 58 f'n free kicks given in toiges (25) vs pygmy's (33) game. seems a bit of a trend lately maybe maggots get big bonuses for free kicks?
  8. anyone put a bid in yet for any of james' memorabilia - lpl
  9. viney would if it happened to him
  10. given i don't watch tfs i dare say i won't notice any change seems hutchy and newman didn't get along reading between the lines in the media
  11. now i'm not saying it's relevant, wrecker, but there is such a thing as thermal layers in the ocean. didn't you watch red october? and i'm pretty sure thermal layers wouldn't be found in a dinky bathtub of course the mere existence of oceanic thermal layers doesn't give any proof to "missing heat" playing hide-and-seek in the ocean.
  12. forget 42k 41,748
  13. dunno what happened to me, od, must've been a senior's fart
  14. "everyone is a minority"
  15. they could always put some of their millions into grass roots footy, but i suppose that would be too radical