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  1. wish the ferals would just get off our ground lets give them a good send off
  2. uncle bitters turned his scrunchie into a mankini it was only a small scrunchie
  3. wish the ferals would go back to their roots
  4. might not be much rain after all looks like most of the rain clouds will pass to the south of the mcg, heading to the south east of course could change, it is melbourne
  5. as long as bruce doesn't get aroused by dusty i suspect the mute button will get lots of use
  6. misogynist surely, wrecker?
  7. a modern fatboy should do the trick. earl a fatboy for fatboy has a nice ring to it
  8. quite........need to play wet weather footy
  9. weather not good Forecast for the rest of Monday Summary Max 22 Showers increasing. Possible rainfall: 2 to 8 mm Chance of any rain: 80% Melbourne area Partly cloudy. Medium (40%) chance of showers in the morning increasing to high (80%) chance of showers at night. The chance of a thunderstorm this evening. Light winds becoming northerly 15 to 25 km/h in the middle of the day.
  10. they do make some strange scheduling decisions some clubs do take some of their own videos, but not multiple views, good positioning or good quality, generally more long shots too
  11. ninthmond are a 40% better side with vickery out
  12. stoppit! that's doing my head in
  13. kochy's daughter eh?
  14. don't have much, if any, video for most vfl games