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  2. j a y d e n
  3. well that is what i was suggesting too (not saying) raising the arm after being collected helps it to slip up around the neck i'm not saying that, but the frozen photo shot adds a slight suggestion of that in normal motion, it just looks like a clumsy high tackle
  4. don't you mean the 1c question?
  5. well it was pretty cold on sat night at casey, so i suspect it kept him nice and warm
  6. maybe raised the left arm just just enough.......cleeeevvvver
  7. Will be 2 weeks with 1 week added for bad record, making 3 weeks. Will then be offered 2 weeks for a guilty plea same as vince. effectively a 1 + 1
  8. no but he sure hopes it does
  9. wayne harmes says hi
  10. West Choke Eagles - lol
  11. i think his excess use of blank space says something telling about his brain
  12. you need to take that up with eddie
  13. everyone gets a weeks rest before finals and that's only 5 weeks away if he's crook then that's different
  14. lol - i like it TuGR
  15. 58 f'n free kicks given in toiges (25) vs pygmy's (33) game. seems a bit of a trend lately maybe maggots get big bonuses for free kicks?