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  1. Party boys don’t fear the AFL’s illicit drugs policy, writes Jon Ralph
  2. i don't think that's true a bat/pad noise (or bat/ground) can be the same as a bat/ball noise. they are generally separated by the synchronising of the video with snicko as it is rare that both occur at exactly the same sub second (i.e. video frame) and of course cricket has hot spot to further clarify
  3. yes and no. I'm sure when a doctor examines a possible acl injury he/she doesn't ask the player for permission to tell the coach what his/her diagnosis was. So, somewhere there is a line drawn where he/she would ask for permission
  4. it's not just crowd noise, players close by will make noise and even hit/touch the goal posts........but we shall see. i hope they have better slo-mo cameras to synchronise with the audio as in cricket. the current camera frames per second (and resolution) wouldn't seem to be adequate
  5. with all the other surrounding noises, good luck with that one bound to be contentious a controversial, but i think contrived conflict is the latest media trope and let's face it the media run the afl now
  6. and let's not forget all the drama of cam mccarthy standing out for a year to get to the wanchors only to fizzle on the field since
  7. vale ian and condolences to ethan and family will be long remembered and revered for his contributions to the mfc legend
  8. you mean his mates have mental health problems too?
  9. on first reading there i thought you said "Gil featured wearing", then my senses clicked in.....phew
  10. so what is he? web search has come up with 176cm, 177cm, 180cm and 183cm. is he rubber-man?
  11. i thought it was a play on drinking own bathwater (with the donkey laughing)
  12. maximus and gus next would make sense, to keep the midfield together
  13. it's not a new 2019 rule.....just a one off crap interpretation it hinged mainly around high contact, medium impact medium impact has meant an injury (concussion etc) or could not play on.....but not in this case....go figure
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