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  1. pity, we badly need one
  2. i understand your point, but i doubt has the stamina yet to last out more than a qtr of afl footy.
  3. or better still, just leave tyson out if your 3 word player analysis? solved
  4. no, no, mandee, definitely not a gridiron helmet. for starters it is a hard helmet and effectively a weapon, and there are other reasons. it might be good for bone fracture, ear eye and nose protection but not designed solely for concussion minimisation. it's also bad for all round vision
  5. LOL and demonland's reach again amazes me. who'd have thought we had a coconut tree expert in our midst
  6. you can judge speed from statistics? impressive
  7. very disappointed in kent. i had him marked down as an important fwd cog this year
  8. lol, i did read that and was totally flummoxed. it was also so badly explained i couldn't make head nor tail of it, quite farcical, reminded me of some of kevin rudd's best work
  9. i've also seen that in other games recently where the ball has gone to the very edge or just over the circle advantaging one side and it has not been called back. i was getting the impression it might be another of these rule re-interpretations on the run the afl are so good at telling the umpires
  10. well there was a new anti-concussion head band discussed (forgot name but in brayshaw thread) which at least deserved a look at
  11. and we should request the afl not to appoint a certain umpire,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but we won't
  12. how does a very recently retired player like bartell get on the mrp when he has so many 'best mates'. still playing?
  13. do clubs submit an umpires report after each game? i have a dim memory they did at one stage. if they don't i think it should be standard practice. how else are they going to improve without exterior performance rating from the major stakeholders
  14. can't see it flying. the argument is too flimsy, but full points for creativity heck, we couldn't even upgrade a rookie to replace an already retired lamumba because of concussion, just because his contract hadn't run full term\ nor could we get a temporary replacement for melksham whilst bummers could for their suspended players (same for port (2) and bulldogs)
  15. there are a lot of other inuries that force people out of the game. sp you just can't single one injury type fpr special compensation