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  1. another great game by #pedomyths
  2. someone needs to invent a good-muslim scanner or biopsy test, biffo
  3. that's now 3 low scoring games this week. let's hope we pile on a massive score
  4. he could become the outside classy mid we have been waiting for
  5. by the way luci, check out story on tipungwiti's (sp?) journey in today's hun. His foster mum seems a real tour de force. good story too.
  6. she certainly speaks more sense than most of them, and she's had much less opportunity. expect bigger things in the media for her in the future
  7. think it is just a message to jack to extract the digit
  8. given this is in alice springs, this game could be a line in dee sand ok, i'm going
  9. given swans are 3 and 7 i'd expect the supporters are being super critical of most of their players and riightly pizzed off. not surprising, so i wouldn't build too strong a case on a lot of demented swanny hysterical emotions
  10. geebus, how many one kick games this year?
  11. it happens, let's see how he goes for the rest of the game
  12. i couldn't believe hinkley defused the situation. there are just far too many grey areas in this "rule". you could drive a truck through the holes. despite this i'm still surprised others in the media didn't make a fuss over it but i suppose they are just too vic-centric in this case dunno why it worries me with mfc not involved. i just wanted to see that smug scott's face when they lost, so i felt cheated
  13. i'm still confused, i'm sure the ump doesn't do it by stopwatch so he must just guess it or someone is communicating to him by earphone. also seems unclear when the clock starts overall though i didn't think he was slower than heaps of other times this year (esp norf's brown) where there was no play-on. why start to enforce it all of a sudden without warning and at a critical time in the game. this is the first time i can recall play-on being given for a set shot in any game. surprisingly there has not been any real fuss in the media. sure it would be different it was a geelong set shot and they lost or if another vic team. haven't checked a port forum (assume they have one) but expect they'd be livid
  14. well normally i would say g*d but you being an mfc member..........