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  1. pitmaster

    Changes vs Adelaide

    Bull did a huge amount of work in packs and bringing the ball to ground. He will stay in. Those suggesting Pedo for Bull are mistaken - teams that win so well don't change unless it's absolutely necessary to cover injuries. Besides, Roos was interesting on Pedo during the OTC discussion last night. Said he could not maintain form at the highest level (although not in those precise words). Pedo will still get his chance this year unless we have the Tigers' golden run with injury, and based on what Roos had to say, Pedo will be OK for short spells but not a sustained run in the seniors.
  2. pitmaster

    The Curnow Brothers at the Tribunal

    Classic AFL inconsistency. AFL is a bogus organisation.
  3. pitmaster

    Neeld gone (from Essendon)

    No, that's not likely. Neeld is talking about moving into sports administration. He can read the writing on the wall. I think part of his failure at Melbourne was the really fundamental failure to understand that not everyone can be taught or inspired in the same way. Different players (people) respond to different forms of support, challenge or encouragement. Neeld misread Watts completely for example. It was too much my way or the highway, too much hard man and Roosy saw through that. I feel for the bloke because I think coaching us took years off his life. I still remember him tearing up in the rooms after our surprise win over Essendon. No one can say he meant us harm, even though that was result of it.
  4. pitmaster

    Neeld gone (from Essendon)

  5. pitmaster

    Neeld gone (from Essendon)

    Just quit as one of Worst folds' assistants. He did us enormous damage but I still feel for the bloke.
  6. pitmaster

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    Rapt with the way we finished off and with the way the team is developing but keep a lid on it. With the exception of the Roos all our wins have been in the shallow end.
  7. pitmaster

    2018 Membership Thread

    That should mean there's still plenty of value for those who sign up midway through the season (a form of behaviour I cannot understand at all).
  8. pitmaster

    2018 Indigenous Guernsey

    Agree. Last year's was brilliant. I have an earlier, predominantly blue indigenous jumper which is OK but the design is too muted whereas last year's was a statement. This is not as good - looks a bit like a carpet. Perhaps if it held closer to the design of the original yoke rather than spreading the red all over the jumper it would have worked better.
  9. pitmaster

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Precisely. That is what I meant about rotating them forward. They rotate through the forward 50 while Hogan plays up to the wing and TMac does both that and play up into defence. This does leave the possibility of retaining the Weed who drifts forward and is a marking option as long as he does not have to go body for body since he is not built for that yet...now wait for Hogan and TMac to work Rance over and run him off his legs.
  10. pitmaster

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Nope. We are going rotating talls forward. They are midgets. Now TMac is back you'll see our style.
  11. pitmaster

    Collingwood vs Melbourne

    The Pies performance against Rmond was aided by really deplorable goal kicking from the Tiges in the first quarter who could have led four goals to zip but instead made it four points to zip. The Pies always looked up against it, as we did, and worked hard, as we did. The post game hype had more to do with pre-season expectations (and selling the Hun).
  12. pitmaster

    Free Kick Differential 2017-2018

    It's not hurting Richmond.
  13. pitmaster

    TMac our biggest loss

    Feeling vindicated about this today especially that line in italics: Goodwin is trying to ingrain a method of play that will work once T Mac returns. Of course, we'll only know as the year unfolds but as TMac gains more match fitness I suspect (hope?) those panicky posts about game plans start to disappear. Add Viney into the mix and anything is possible. I am amazed at the lack of recognition TMac's absnce received in the media, most recently from W Carey's piece in the Hun on Friday. BTW bush demon, Clarkson was only an example of a more experienced coach; not for one moment was I suggesting he would come over to the red and blue.
  14. pitmaster

    It's D-Day already for the Dees

    I rate Carey as a commentator. He is articulate and usually insightful, but this article lacks anything but the obvious. He is just going through the motions. There's more to learn about the team from this website than that article, and considering some of the fly-off-the-handle material on here, that's not saying a lot for the Duck's effort.
  15. pitmaster

    TMac our biggest loss

    Pre-season I thought Viney was our biggest loss in the first third of the season, but the past two matches suggest I was wrong. Running Hogan far beyond forward 50 is robbing us of forward structure. It worked last year when T Mac was playing forward even though he seemed to be missed from defence. The strength of the strategy is that both T Mac and Hoges are running machines that can alternate in the forward 50 with the other pushing upfield. With O Mac growing into his role and Lever at his fifth attempt really contributing it's apparent that T Mac as permanent forward is a real prospect. The weird thing is that with our forward line not working at all that we keep playing as though we have serious targets up there. My guess is that Goodwin is trying to ingrain a method of play that will work once T Mac returns. Unfortunately that does not explain why we played down the line against Richmond, but it's my optimistic guess that this season will recover once we regain our structure. Maybe a more experienced coach (Clarkson) would come up with a strong alternative short term approach but I hope what's going on is what I said above...teaching the players an aggressive forward approach that will hold up long term.