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  1. pitmaster

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Nice try but not enough for the Crows to play along.
  2. pitmaster

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Agree with the sentiment, I think. But wrapt? No 'w' in enraptured which is the word you're abbreviating. Here endeth the lesson.
  3. pitmaster

    Would we take $cully back?

    Really, the reason I don't want him back - and in any case the little #@%$ wants to go to Hawthorn whose colours could not be more appropriate - is that he has not been an impact player to anything like the extent you'd want. And there is the injury cloud...so the hell with him. It's significant also that the Giants are willing to let him go and have other much higher priorities.
  4. pitmaster

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    'Did" good things, but otherwise you're right. He was good for Freo and did alright in his first stint with us.
  5. pitmaster

    Jesse Hogan Trade to Freo

    Delighted to keep the big fella, but let's sign him to an extension for three more years asap. Freo, on this display have no trade credibility at all and Hoges should burn his bridges there. They have treated him appallingly and hopefully he will dismiss them in future,
  6. Plucked from the obscurity of ACT football at age 22 and seven months and given the opportunity to realise his dream of playing at the highest level, manages well for a season and then is supported financially and medically for almost two full seasons of rehabilitation, during which time he is paid...at a guess, something in excess of $300,000... Yes, I say he does owe the club at this point in time. People, members, supporters, team mates, coaches have invested in vdB, supported him morally and physically and seven comeback games is not enough return. He clearly feels the same way now there is nothing between the Sydney and MFC offers and has chosen to stay. All football clubs are a community of shared aspirations and experiences where the journey together counts for plenty. Belonging to those who take that ride with you is what gives the experience meaning. It is a sterile place you inhabit, Cards, where the only loyalty is to oneself and one's close relatives. I won't be joining you there, or even applying for a tourist visa.
  7. Wonderful news. He owes the club for the support he has had, but it's great that he wants to stay. Good news for the hardness of our list. Hope he makes it to 100 games.
  8. pitmaster

    2018 Premiership ramifications

    Interesting to note that 2015 onwards no grand finalist has reappeared the following year: 2015: Hawthorn - West Coast 2016: Bulldogs-Sydney, 2017: Richmond-Adelaide, 2018: West Coast-Woods. Agree we would not have stood up under the Pies' early onslaught yesterday but we grew through this year and there's no reason to think we can't advance next year to the big one. Genuine pace through the middle with quality disposal is the missing element. Imitation of the premiers happens but it's smarter to devise a strategy that works for your list. That's what the Dogs and Tigers did. And the Eagles.
  9. pitmaster

    Grand final Gameday

    I agree. And what's great about it is that in 30 years' time Pie fans will still be complaining about it the way they do about 1979 (Wayne Harmes) and 1964 (Ball up rather then Pie free in front of goal with seconds left).
  10. pitmaster

    Grand final Gameday

    Relieved that the Pies blew it. They were outplayed for three quarters and it just needed the Weagles to put it on the board. Happiest mostly because J Howe does not get a medal. He and his manager made it impossible for us to keep him, and we were screwed as a result so screw you Jeremy.
  11. Clearly not enough people read the papers regularly. This story about him running the family business from Melbourne was explained before our first final. Totally understandable conflict here. Hope he stays.
  12. pitmaster

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    While it's unfair to lay into any one individual when the team effort was so poor yesterday showed us that Lewis is almost finished. His lack of discipline - thumping an opponent off the ball while the ball is in our possession near the opponent's goal is so monumentally dumb it is beyond words - and then his feeble misdirected handpass that sets up an early goal for them, and his lack of run says he should serve out his final year as part of the coaching panel. If he is on the field for more than half a dozen games I'll be surprised. Tyson, plenty of others have marked his papers and I am not one to disagree. Trade if anyone bites, otherwise depth only. For the off-season - Spargo into the gym to put some strength into his legs so he can kick beyond 30 metres, Max to kicking class - it's appalling that he replicated his Geelong miss yesterday, and how about a new team rule that allows players to take a shot themselves when they are running directly towards goal, rather than attempting a dinky 20 metre pass to a team mate with two opponents? I mean really, that has to be a rule? FMD. Recruit, either draft or trade, for some outside run. Our inside game is great when our heads are in the contest but we need to bring some dash. Maybe Hunt can be developed to bring that but it is our greatest need. The shame of yesterday is that we embarrassed ourselves and this is what will be remembered. Brayshaw was terrible and Petracca well below his best but they will improve. There is plenty to be positive about. The Weid next year will be less weed-like after another preseason. He was simply forced out of contests yesterday and monstered by men with very mature bodies. J Smith will get better. I was impressed that he stuck at his game after being moved forward. Clarry, Angus, Trac, Salem, TMac, Hoges, Lever, Max and Jack make up a powerful and youthful core that should be with us for a minimum five years barring mishaps. There is plenty to take out of this year and like WB, I don't have time for whining about 'we've had 54 years of this' the way some do on this site. Because for 20 years (1987-2006) we consistently made finals. Right now we have a group that's potentially better than anything we have seen in that period. It's not the time to focus on yesterday, but to learn from it.
  13. pitmaster

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Priority One - that was easy. Good luck to the rest of you. Here's hoping we get there.
  14. pitmaster

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    Instinct - and Goodwin's record - says no change to a winning formula.
  15. pitmaster

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    And it featured that sniping [censored] Michael Osborne...no wonder even Hawk fans couldn't muster any enthusiasm. Osborne was always code for cheating, backhanding hack.