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  1. pitmaster

    2019 Membership

    Admirable aim but with eight premierships since we last won one there is a huge potential for Carlton to join the big clubs like Richmond should they climb off the canvas. We just don't have that reservoir of support the Blues have. We would need two or three flags to compete with them once the find the way out of the cellar.
  2. pitmaster

    2019 Membership

    Saw both our MCG finals and enjoyed queuing with other crazy supporters who just left work or didn't bother going in. Arrived each day at midday for gates to open at 4.30pm (from memory). Try it next time SWYL, great choice of seating for the game.
  3. pitmaster

    2019 Membership

    I had the same issue LDC. The problem is the MCC wants your money and will then pass it on to the footy club. I don't know why the MCC is being difficult but it's been this way the last two years. The simplest thing is to pay your football club membership when you renew the MCC in August but it's a huge whack on the bank balance. The club will send you to the MCC to renew.
  4. pitmaster

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    The support the State Government has given other clubs is a precedent for some help for us...Yarra Park or elsewhere. The Age is today reporting that the Bulldogs have reported a profit of...wait for it...$18 MILLION! That's not increased jumper sales,; it's mostly the value of the freehold of the Western Oval which has been assigned to them as part of the WO redevelopment. In other words, either the State or the Council has handed them this asset. Geelong has been looked after over 20 years starting with Bracks and it's depressing to think of the help given to other clubs since. I hope something comparable is coming our way. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/western-bulldogs-record-18m-profit-20181128-p50izu.html
  5. pitmaster

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    Seriously? Looks like he'd need verbal instructions on how to breathe.
  6. pitmaster

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Maybe that, but damo is right...Howe left because his manager shopped him around for much bigger money so aggressively that Howe effectively talked himself out of the place. Joined the Pies as a forward..lasted about three weeks there...then returned to the same role he had with us on about the same money. A fiasco on manager Ben Niall's part. Those saying Hogan did not feel accepted need to consider that Hogan clearly was not as invested in Melbourne as some of us invested in him...playing footsies with Ross Lyon 12 months ago FCS. We're better off the next 12 months without the distraction. It seems the refusal to extend is key here to the club's attitude.
  7. pitmaster

    Jason Taylor Resume

    Some of us are starting to understand what trading is about. It's not what you give up but what you bring to your list and how you build that list that counts. On that score Mahoney's done as well as anyone - no make that better than anyone - since the draft was introduced.
  8. pitmaster

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Like many others here I am OK with this trade, although 12 months ago I would have been appalled. Hoges has much more to offer but clearly we were faced with a player who was determined to go home. Weideman showed enough for us to take a punt on him and TMac supported by Jake M and maybe Frisch to go back to attack as our forward structure so that we could let Hoges go. We at least got a monster defender for our trouble and if KadeK comes up trumps it's been a pretty reasonable return. Well done to the footy department in difficult circumstances. Hoges farewell message showed some class too. On another note, I don't actually think Hoges has done himself any onfield favours. Ross Lyon is not a coach that fosters much loyalty or confidence. Has all the warmth and charisma of a tiger snake.
  9. pitmaster

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Nice try but not enough for the Crows to play along.
  10. pitmaster

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Agree with the sentiment, I think. But wrapt? No 'w' in enraptured which is the word you're abbreviating. Here endeth the lesson.
  11. pitmaster

    Would we take $cully back?

    Really, the reason I don't want him back - and in any case the little #@%$ wants to go to Hawthorn whose colours could not be more appropriate - is that he has not been an impact player to anything like the extent you'd want. And there is the injury cloud...so the hell with him. It's significant also that the Giants are willing to let him go and have other much higher priorities.
  12. pitmaster

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    'Did" good things, but otherwise you're right. He was good for Freo and did alright in his first stint with us.
  13. pitmaster

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Delighted to keep the big fella, but let's sign him to an extension for three more years asap. Freo, on this display have no trade credibility at all and Hoges should burn his bridges there. They have treated him appallingly and hopefully he will dismiss them in future,
  14. Plucked from the obscurity of ACT football at age 22 and seven months and given the opportunity to realise his dream of playing at the highest level, manages well for a season and then is supported financially and medically for almost two full seasons of rehabilitation, during which time he is paid...at a guess, something in excess of $300,000... Yes, I say he does owe the club at this point in time. People, members, supporters, team mates, coaches have invested in vdB, supported him morally and physically and seven comeback games is not enough return. He clearly feels the same way now there is nothing between the Sydney and MFC offers and has chosen to stay. All football clubs are a community of shared aspirations and experiences where the journey together counts for plenty. Belonging to those who take that ride with you is what gives the experience meaning. It is a sterile place you inhabit, Cards, where the only loyalty is to oneself and one's close relatives. I won't be joining you there, or even applying for a tourist visa.
  15. Wonderful news. He owes the club for the support he has had, but it's great that he wants to stay. Good news for the hardness of our list. Hope he makes it to 100 games.