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  1. Roost It

    Changes v Port

    VIney hasn’t played to his best or even that close to it since his foot injury. He is however one of our best players and will continue to improve
  2. Roost It

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    If Pert wasn’t a good get he wouldn’t be coming, it’s that simple. There’s no way Jackson or the AFLwould allow us to employ a Muppet. For you quoting Collingwood sources saying he’s no good you’re probably the same clowns who said the same about Jackson. HE has a simple task, get 50,000 members and increase our revenue
  3. Roost It

    Go and get Gaff!

    Carlton want Gaff the most atm. Richmond and Lynch lol good atm McGovern and Sloane will be playing in Victoria next year. MFC heavily into both but along way to go
  4. Roost It

    The Game, the Press and the future

    The game suffers from not enough pure footballers. For us guys like Neale Bullen, Hannan, Harmes, et al wouldn’t go close to a game at the power clubs of the 80’s. Nowadays every club has these guys just look at the last two premiers. Add to that complete media saturation and it becomes boring. I’ve no interest in any games involving GWS, GC, Carlton, Brisbane , Saints, North, Freo , that’s almost half the league. Add to that the fixture, the bland stadiums and Foxtel and its no wonder people are switching off. It’s just a giant corporate circus with little of the romance some of us once loved. I stay interested because clubs like Sydney are so good to watch
  5. I think they’re better players and we’d could do with the pace of the first two. Whilst winning by a lot has been fun it hid weaknesses that were exposed on the weekend
  6. Roost It

    Jordan De Goey

    In a team lacking a bit of dash Id play Hunt and Garlett. Too good for the seconds in my opinion
  7. Roost It

    Jordan De Goey

    Hunt was our pace but instead of teaching him to lower his eyes we dropped him and now his season is over right when we need him
  8. I also think we should of been playing Hunt, Garlett and Tyson ahead of Harmes, Spargo and Hannan. But that's just me.
  9. Depends if we get beaten easily or just pipped. Realistically our best footy is ahead of us but you've got to take your chances ala Hawks 2008. Beat Port and we're in the hunt. Lose and I think we're out.
  10. Roost It

    Watts Dropped from Port

    This is tongue in cheek right? I liked him but he’s not in the seconds of my favourite Melbourne players, he’s not even on the list. The pressure of the best clubs has ruled him obsolete and Ken hinkley has just ruled a line through his name
  11. If we can’t beat Port after this weeks loss we won’t of beaten anybody. Yes we’ve played some great footy and I’m not disappointed but if we want to be respected then this is our season defining game. I’ve no doubt Goodwin understands the importance of it
  12. Roost It

    Changes v Port

    Weideman and Frost sound good to me
  13. Beat Port our season is 8.5/10 lose to Port it’s a 2/10
  14. Roost It

    Changes v Port

    If we don’t win our season is shot, that’s just my opinion though 🙃
  15. Roost It

    Changes v Port

    If we beat Port our season is right back on track. It’s a final for us, plain and simple